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Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

Breaking the Illusion of Limitation

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The Disease of Moralism -

Perception is Everything -

Free yourself, let go of fear -

Know your rights -

First song - Joga by Bjork

Second song - Goodbye Forever by Arovane

If anyone wants to write a transcript for a particular language to go with the video just let me know and I will mail you a version with the time codes in place.

You were born a small bundle of infinite potential

You loved and were loved unconditionally

The concept of lack was foreign to you

As you grew you started to question the world around you

But at school you were taught to repeat information instead of to think for yourself

You were ridiculed by peers when you challenged the status quo

And so you allowed group mentality to sway your actions and decisions

You did as you were told as you feared the consequences of what would happen if you did not

Do you like being ruled by fear?

You were judged and so you learned to do the same

Yet one has to recognise in ones self what he is judging in another

Be aware of what you are judging then change that part of yourself

Your opinions were formed through the use of television programming
(it's not called programming for nothing)

You were presented with continuous distractions to keep you from questioning the reality around you

You were deliberately kept ignorant as we fear what we do not understand

You sought news of world events but were fed propaganda

You were given hope with promise of effecting change through voting

But that hope disintegrated when you realised that both parties were played by the same hand

You were told by religions to worship a deity outside of yourself

Never realising that you were already part of the infinite consciousness of the universe

You joined the rat race as no other option was evident

You were trained to be a consumer with constant bombardment of corporate symbolism

Chemicals were placed in your food and drink to make you more passive

You grew unhappy with your situation but were told "that's life, get on with it"

You were taught to disparage others because of their differences

Which made you vulnerable when those differences you identified yourself with were in turn attacked

You repeat the same cycles of negative behaviour because you let circumstance dictate your mood

If only you were able to realise there is no good or bad, only perception

You let the past dictate your present and worry about the future

Even though the past and future do not exist, you only ever have the present

Living in the moment is all you can ever do

National pride was instilled in you at the expense of distancing you from the rest of the world

You only limit that which you label and ascribe terms to. The truth cannot be so easily forced into a box

Is it any wonder you feel confused and directionless?

The powers that be have been working very hard to make you believe you have no power, no control

But it's all just an illusion

Once you realise how powerful you are you will never again act against your will

All you have to do is remember who you are

You are the same soul that was born all those years ago

That same soul but with years of conditioning clouding your sense of self

As Bill Hicks said "You are the imagination of yourself"

So who do you want to be?

It's your choice, just start believing

We all come from the same source, we are all one

You realise this as the labels you were given no longer fit

You were born free and will die free but will you live free?

The choice is yours

You are infinite potential

Respect yourself and you will respect others

A world beyond war

5 Common Triggers of Brain Lapse

5 Common Triggers of Brain Lapse

Why are we capable of complex thinking one minute, and the next, our minds are thrown for a loop by the simplest of things?

Our brains balk at the thought of four-dimensional hypercubes, quantum mechanics or an infinite universe, and understandably so. But our gray matter is generally adept at processing sensory data from the mundane objects and experiences of daily life. However, there are a few glaring exceptions.

Here are five common things that unexpectedly throw our brains for a loop, revealing some of the bizarre quirks in their structure and function that usually manage to slip under the radar.



Do you ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind — to get something, perhaps? — only to completely forget what that purpose was? Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.

Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an "event boundary" in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next, just as exiting through a doorway signals the end of a scene in a movie. Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room, and prepares a blank slate for the new locale. Mental event boundaries usually help us organize our thoughts and memories as we move through the continuous and dynamic world, but when we're trying to remember that thing we came in here to do… or get… or maybe find… they can be frustrating indeed.



Which bugs you more: the whine of a digital alarm clock, the sound of a truck backing up, or the shrill reminders that your smoke detector is running out of batteries? Fine, they're all terrible. Beeps are practically the soundtrack of the modern world, but they're extremely irritating because each one induces a tiny brain fart.

We didn't evolve hearing beeps, so we struggle to grasp them. Natural sounds are created from a transfer of energy, often from one object striking another, such as a stick hitting a drum. In that case, energy is transferred into the drum and then gradually dissipates, causing the sound to decay over time. Our perceptual system has evolved to use that decay to understand the event — to figure out what made the sound, and where it came from. Beep sounds, on the other hand, are like cars driving at 60 mph then suddenly hitting a wall, as opposed to gradually slowing to a stop. The sound doesn't change over time, and it doesn't fade away, so our brains are baffled about what they are and where they're coming from.



Just as we didn't evolve hearing beeps, we also didn't evolve seeing photographs. Like your grandmother learning to use the Internet but never developing an intuitive feel for it, we consciously "get" photographs, but our subconscious brains can't quite separate them from the objects or people pictured.


Case in point: Studies show that people are much less accurate when throwing darts at pictures of JFK, babies, or people they like than when throwing darts at Hitler or their worst enemy. Another study found that people start to sweat profusely when asked to cut up photographs of their cherished childhood possessions.


Lacking millions of years of practice, our brains fail when it comes to separating appearance from reality.



Do you ever feel your phone vibrating in your pocket or purse, only to retrieve it and be met by eerie, black-screened lifelessness? If, like most people, you occasionally experience these "phantom vibrations," it turns out it's because your brain is jumping to wrong conclusions in an attempt to make sense of the chaos that is your life.


Brains are bombarded with sensory data; they must filter out the useless noise, and pick up on the important signals. In prehistoric times we would have constantly misinterpreted curvy sticks in the corner of our vision for snakes. Today, most of us are techno-centric, and so our brains misinterpret everything from the rustle of clothing to the growling of a stomach, jumping to the conclusion that we're getting a call or text, and actually causing us to hallucinate a full-on phone vibration.




Ever noticed how car wheels can look like they're spinning backwards in the movies? This is because movie cameras capture still images of a scene at a finite rate, and the brain fills in the gaps between these images by creating the illusion of continuous motion between the similar frames. If the wheel rotates most of the way around between one frame and the next, the most obvious direction of motion for the brain to pick up on is backwards, since this direction suggests the minimal difference between the two frames.


However, wheels can also appear to spin backwards in real life, too, which is weirder. The leading theory to explain the "continuous wagon wheel illusion," as it is known, holds that the brain's motion perception system samples its input as a series of discrete snapshots, much like a movie camera. So our brains are effectively filming their own movies of the external world, but not always at a fast enough frame rate to perceive the wheels in the scene spinning the right way.



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