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The Truth That Is God

Everyone yearns for the truth
because the truth is God.
God being freedom,
the truth of His mercy sets you free.

Free in the truth
and true for the free,
God brings you closer
to Him when you realize
that there is no truth superior to His Love.

His Love being the crown of heaven's glories,
do not let the thieves of the night rob you
of your gratitude for His Glories.

Grateful towards His desire to reciprocate
with the truth that is in your heart,
balance friend and foe alike,
for the truths that they so generously
offer is not in any way ultimate.

Plagued by a love for falsehood,
the world accuses the son of God
of being too loving and too faithful.

Running for the hills of serene faith
and serene wisdom, the Christ empowers
those who love the truth as much as God.

Backstabbed by prejudice and lowly feelings,
man made divisions in church and state
are not and never will be natural
to the kingdom of heaven.

Soaring with the angels of righteous
justice, the chaos of sectarianism
is as minute as any other atomic living soul.

Freed at last and at peace with the world of sorrow,
the ascension that is eagerly awaited
is the ascension of the soul
into a non-sectarian form of faith.

Formed after the faith of God,
form yourself after His Love.

If not strong enough,
pray to God for the strengths of the angelic hosts.

They shall teach you how to serve the Almighty
while feeling less than almighty.

Aroused into action
by the Spirit of the Cross,
remembrance of God is what forgives us
of our stained hearts.

Serving the Absolute
with the truth in one hand
and freedom in the other,
the peace of the kingdom of heaven
is love of God and charity to the devotionally crippled.

Saved by faith, faith is the only door
that brings your soul to the truth
of an unending God who has unending Love
for friend and foe alike.

If you cannot love your enemies,
then you cannot love God,
for God is the seed giving father
of angelic compassion and angelic wisdom.

Fastening wings onto the seat of your soul,
be prepared to be lifted back into your natural position
as a servant of the Almighty, yet forgiving Lord.

Once you discover the secret of Love,
you discover the secret of God.
Once the secret of God is discovered,
the seeming plainness of faith
is exalted above the state of exaltation.

Ecstatic for the Lord
and ecstatic for the world,
the soul then begins to
eternally follow God in His pursuit of Royal Love.

Royally Blessed,
the servant of God becomes a King among men.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy


I am nothing that is something
I am something that is everything
I am everything that is anything
I am that i am
I am

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Learn More About Yourself 11-28-12

This is a turning point to change illusions about love and let go of your fantasies.
Your desires to grow and change are now at hand.
Opposing Energies: uncertainty, fears, doubts
It may seem as though you want to move or travel, however you can channel this restless energy into a commitment in the future.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: harmony, happiness, improvements
Learn more about yourself and deal with your resistance to change, and make progress with your personal goal of unconditional love.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Just Saying

We are given our gifts.. our talents and our blessings to INSPIRE. To inspire others as well as ourselves.
To uplift.
To shine.
To be Love.
To be Light.
To be.
We always have a choice.
This is the beauty part of being free. We always have the choice to be …



Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood
Transcribed by Paul Marwood
Audio file is available at http://www.akashahealingstudio.com/channeled-message-ascension-countdown-day-24/
Live Channeled event Tuesday Dec 4th 7:00pm-8:30pm http://store.akashahealingstudio.com/Live-Channeling-Akasha-Healing-Studio-p/0070.htm

“Greetings, Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.
Once again we welcome this time of being together and sharing messages that will assist you in your path in this accelerated time on your planet. For we are here to be of service, guide, impart knowledge and wisdom to ease the flow along your way. For it is the soul's journey that you are on not just an earthly journey.
There's much talk about Ascension. What it is. What it will be on a planetary level, on an environmental level, on the level of all your organizations and structures, and additionally for each of the individuals on the planet. Those individuals are humans, animals, plants, insects and so much more.
As many of you are aware, this ascension process has never been done in this way, so there are many unknowns. Then when you add in the beautiful gift of free will you add to the unknown factor. For each individual lives in that free-will zone and always has an opportunity to make another choice, and that other choice can be what would be termed “Good” or “Bad”. A choice could be made more from a human perspective and a choice can be made from a more Soul-Level perspective. It is hard to see a clear path when this ascension process is being guided within the free will zone.
Yet there are some certainties around this. And the certainties involve you, and only you. For those of you who are feeling skeptical, not even sure if this is real, we want to talk to you as well today. What we say to you is “What if there was a huge transition happening on the planet?” You can call it Ascension, you could call it whatever you want it doesn't matter. But what if there was this opportunity to really move in a new direction as an entire being on this planet, so that life is lived from a different place, from a place that many would say is a fantasy. But if you can imagine it, it is possible?
What if you're at this historic moment when all could shift to a place that more closely approximates what you would consider Utopia? Where the strife and the struggle, the animosity, the stress is relieved.

• What you do if your life was lived without stress?

• What would you do if you knew that your needs were being met and those around you respected you and always held you in the highest regard?

• What would you do if you held yourself in the highest regard?

• How would your life look different?

What we are asking you now is instead of worrying about “Is it ascension and what is it?” “Am I going to be hurt by an earthquake or tsunami or natural disaster?” “Are the trucks going to stop bringing food and will water cease to exist?” What we ask you to do is pay attention to yourself, for that's the only place where you have any potency in making any changes on the planet.

What are the things that you've been putting off?
What are the things that you're saying you'll do… when? “I'll start meditating and connecting, when my kids go off to school.” “I’ll pay more attention to the foods I eat, when I'm not so busy at work.” We could go on and on with the list, but you understand. What we ask you to do is seize this moment! For there is great energy in support of change and transformation on those levels that will uplift you.

We ask you to do what you need to do to take care of yourself right now.
• Do you have issues in your life that are holding you back?
• Are you hanging onto resentments and angers?
• Are there wounding’s that you've had from your past that you haven't let go of? Family members and friends who you're not speaking with?
• Are you walking around with a body that's not feeling as great as it could, and you've been putting off those changes to allow yourself to feel better?

What we're asking you to do right now is start paying attention to yourself. The world is going to change based on the vibratory rate of each individual on it. So what better place to pour your energy than into yourself, rather than worrying about what changes need (in your mind) to be happening elsewhere in the world.

“If only ‘they’ did this… then things would be better!” This is the time to look within and uplift yourself. Take a walk in nature if you feel guided to do so. Take up meditation if you'd like to do that. If you've always been wanting to read this series of uplifting books do so now.

Get the support in your life to release and heal those old wounds. Maybe you can do it on your own. Maybe you need to reach out to others who've been trained. But instead of waiting for something from without to shift and make your world better, we ask that you start shifting it now. And as you do in this “now” you get to experience a greater level of self-empowerment, confidence, joy, love, respect for yourself. As you feel that for yourself you look on the world with different eyes. You see those positive things happening around you. You see the self-empowerment in the people around you. You see the joy. You see the love. You start witnessing it in the news you watch, the things you're excited about on the Internet. You applaud those around you who are vibrating the same way you are. You inspire the people around you because you've paid attention to yourself. You’re uplifting yourself from your greatest place of change and transformation. As you pay attention to yourself and move to that place that you've always wanted to be, that you keep putting off, and you see the positive changes that come out as a result of it, you shift your vibration on the planet. Please don't underestimate the impact of that; the “ripple out effect” of you making that commitment to yourself to be the best that you can be. (Forgive the slogan. ☺)

Again, now is the time to seize the opportunity. Your air is ripe with potential and possibility. There's never been a greater time to support wholesale changes in your life. You do those changes one thing at a time, one place you feel resonant to do so. You do so with love and flow and ease, not adding more stress by saying “Oh my gosh, I have to change now!” Lovingly look at yourself and say “What do I want to do now? I have great support in being that person, in healing those wounds, healing the relationships, bringing those energetically fragmented pieces of you back to you in the here and now, so you are more complete, whole and able to offer the most you can to the planet at this time.

We bless each one of you with the Light and Love from the star system Orion.
Be blessed!!

We are the high Council of Orion.”

© 2012 Copyright Holly Hawkins Family Trust www.AkashaHealingStudio.com
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and website clearly included.

Coming from our Heart, even with things that “suck”… Everything is here to teach us…

Any time you’re feeling something that doesn’t feel “good” (sadness, anger, frustration, annoyance etc.), practice coming from your heart with love, and openness, knowing that everything is here to teach us. There is something to learn from every experience, and these experiences are given to us from our soul and are precisely what we need to learn the lessons that our soul needs and even wants, to grow.

Our ego-self (our name and person we identify ourselves as) often gets caught in the “stories” and dwells on the sadness, anger, blame, frustrations etc., feeling like a victim. That life isn’t fare, and that life is hard. Not to say that life is easy, though life can feel “lighter” when we shift our focus that everything is here to teach us. Instead of being swept away by the feelings, we can ask ourselves and the Universe, God, Great Mystery, etc., “What lesson(s) do I get to learn from this experience?”. We may not see the lesson(s) right away, but by having the intention of openness that there is a valuable lesson with all things, and doing our best to be in trust that all will reveal itself at precisely the right time for us, we can have some ease and contentment and added peace to our lives.

Our Soul, also called our “higher-self”, or core self, KNOWS. Our higher-self is our true-nature of who we really are. We where born into this world with the full limitless capability of our higher-self… though, we were born into a fear driven and out-of-balanced world and we learned fears and limitations which have held us back. Limitations are learned, and by being mindful of our thoughts, we can notice when we are having limiting thoughts and shift those thoughts to thoughts of possibility. Putting metal together in a particular way and making it fly with 150+ people in it, at one time this seemed impossible. Sending someones voice through the air carried by invisible electromagnetic waves, to then be received and heard from a great distance away seemed impossible, and this is a simple radio. We are now able to see and hear each other real-time from across the world, and even from outer space with video calling. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Moving forward…
So, when you notice undesirable feelings (sadness, anger, frustration, annoyance, etc.), before getting “swept away” by the feelings and stories, in that moment, take a deep breath of release and focus on your heart-center (your heart center is at the middle of your chest and inside the middle of your body, this is our Souls-Heart). Even if you don’t feel love when focusing on your heart-center, just by having your attention in this area of the body has great healing and a transformative affect on ourselves and situations. This is also a way to access our intuition and bring more grace and flow to life. Our heart-center is where we access our higher-self, and with practice we learn to live from our heart vs. from our thinking mind. The thinking mind becomes a tool for the heart to use when necessary to figure out task.

The “secret” of living from the heart has been known by some on Earth for thousands of years, though as a whole, most of us have forgotten. Heart-focused living isn’t make believe though to some it may seem like it is, or, that it is “woo-woo” stuff, though the power of the heart/love, is a natural law and is actually quantum physics, yes science. The power of the heart/love has been scientifically researched and proven and one of the organizations doing this research is the Institute of HeartMath.

Added practice…
A great practice to do when you go to bed and when you wake up is while laying in bed with your eyes closed, focus your intention on your heart-center. Breathe as you naturally are in that moment, however with your focus on your breathing, the feeling of your inhales going to your heart-center. When you notice thoughts, do your best to gently bring your attention back to your breathing and heart-center. Even if you had a difficult day, see if you can have the slightest of a smile as you do this. A barely noticeable smile like the Monna Lisa’s work wonders. This slight smile as we are breathing can help expand our sense of love. Beginning and ending your day with this, helps us to “come from love” and openness and willingness to learn in every experience that is presented to us. Also great to focus on your heart-center throughout your waking day, especially in difficult moments.

It is a practice to bring love and openness into every situation, so be gentle on yourself and each other and know that you are loved by the Universe (God, Great Mystery etc.) and the “Universe” wants the best for you heart

originally posted on my blog www.HeartCall.Net

The Columbia Hotel of Leominster Massachusetts

To my Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Clients-

This past Saturday night, November 24, a fire broke out at the Columbia Hotel building at 65 Main St. in Leominster, MA. This historic landmark, built in 1892, was once a ritzy hotel in the early 1900’s, and most recently underwent major renovations restoring it to its original beauty. As of last week the building served as home to more than twenty apartments and ten businesses, including a pizza restaurant, an arts center, and a branch of the Fitchburg-based Sentinel & Enterprise newspaper. The fire spread quickly, but thankfully all residents and workers were able to evacuate safely. The fire continued to burn into Sunday until firefighters were finally able to distinguish the flames. The damage was so severe that the entire building is loss.

Thirty-eight people have been displaced due to the fire and have lost everything. The owners of the building have generously put tenants up in a local motel until they can find new homes, but they are all at a loss. There is never a good time to lose your home and all your life’s mementoes, but during the holidays it is especially difficult. The Red Cross and the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency have been working with the Leominster Mayor's Office to ensure that every possible resource is available to the victims.

The "Leominster Relief Fund" has been set up to help these families and individuals get back on their feet. Donations can be made out to the "Leominster Relief Fund" and dropped off or mailed to Fidelity Bank, 9 Connector Road, Leominster, MA, 01453.

On a personal note, a very dear friend of mine is one of the owners of the Columbia Hotel. He has worked tirelessly these past several years restoring this landmark site to its original beauty and it breaks my heart to know the pain he must be going through to see his hard work go up in flames. He was so very proud to offer this magnificent building to the community and the tenants who lived and did business there. He and all the tenants remain in my prayers.

Please consider doing something to positively help these individuals. Any amount of money will help. If all you can afford is a dollar or two, then God Bless you. If you are so moved to give more then so be it. You will truly make a difference in someone’s life who so needs the support. If you are one to pray, please do. Your positive thoughts and intentions will go a long way.

Thank you advance for your support; your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jonas Cain



We are to

state of mind


Code of Conduct For Final Elevation

"Code of Conduct For Final Elevation", by Sree Sree Mentu Maharaj, from the book, The Truth Absolute, published by http://www.SreeSreeMentuMaharaj.org

To maintain the divine energy, the moral strength in life for spontaneous progress in spiritual life, the following code of conduct should be observed.

One should not deprive anyone from maintaining his life peacefully and enjoying his love for his beloved one.

One should not create any hindrance to the attempt of others to grow and expand with all efficiencies and merits.

One should not prevent any spiritual inspiration or the progress of another’s faith and spontaneous elevation.

One should not give any wrong advice to anyone and create more confusion in their lives.

One should be in the right frame of body, mind and spirit to be prepared for any eventuality, to be able to face and handle any situation and maintain balance and tranquility.

One should not hurt anybody’s sentiment for his object of love and so make him suffer depression, loneliness and varieties of frustrations that create suffocation of life and love.

One has no right to bite another’s personality and fight against his interest or faith. This creates conflict and chaos in the world of friendship and relations and forfeits the functioning of normal life, love and relations.

One should not burden others with all of one's problems, wants and worries when they cannot rightly solve them. This creates a tendency to self pity and confusion that ruin the strength of self confidence and willpower with which one could solve one's problems.

One should not land oneself in the field of friendship and relations by unhealthy discussions or unnecessary gossip. This ruins the spiritual potentialities of others, envelops them in clouds of doubt and depression and buries them in darkness.

One should not hurt anybody in any way to release one's revenge, frustration and disappointment.

One should not discuss anything that disgraces oneself or others. This brings distress to the mind and creates contraction in the being. Contraction is death. Expansion is life.

One should not forget that the sum total of wrong deeds and actions will withhold and pull back one's life to a condition where no other advice can ever work to rescue it. The sum of wrong deeds nullifies the reward of good deeds and permanently imprisons life in the world of darkness and depression where evil can play its role to ruin one forever.

0 mankind, be alert about karmic law and know what you should do and whit you should not do. Avail every opportunity in life to enjoy the effect of good actions, with the full co-operation of the angels, and enter into the kingdom of God in this life and life eternal.

Blessed are those who are aware of their moment to moment life and the result thereon to achieve the highest reward from God, burying all the past causes of suffering to enjoy Eternal Bliss.

Beyond Our Dreams by Ed Valentine!

I recently edited and published a book for my friend, Ed Valentine. The title is Beyond Our Dreams: Spiritual and Christian Adventures in the Astral World. Much of the book is the author's journal of spontaneous experiences in various non-physical localities. If you are at all interested in this subject, I believe you would find this book worth reading. The print book is available basically everywhere new books are sold and a Kindle edition is available on Amazon. To check out the book you can start here:

The Love Between Her Thighs

In the beginning was the womb, and the womb was with GOD, and the womb was GOD;

independent and unrelated to any form of matter.

stretched broad as the ocean floor, but the sea could not SEE, nor behold what she would conceive;

for betwixt her knees would arise kings among queens, miracles she bore between.

the sea knew her not because she had not yet perceived what would ultimately be;

how befitting that she would BEcome WOMBman, giving bearth unto nations;

billions upon billions would be bearthed of her brilliance.

her all inner-standing mind, embracing our UNIverse, her very Essence festering with Life;

bubbling up from the depths of creation, like lava in a nu formation, she IS creation.

Read more here>>>http://bradfordspeakslife.com/blog/the-love-between-her-thighs/

A Call To Service!

My Company, Bradford Speaks Life Management is declaring the Month of December a month of Service! Please join us in seeking out opportunities to Serve Humanity within your local communities! Here is a promo video sharing the details of the vision: http://socialcam.com/v/WKYz6lKp?autostart=true&fs=twitter&fsk=SgeuoqO5

...i write this...

...somedays things are clear...most of my days lately are filled with doubt, sadness and anger....as i write this, i see all around me that people are blindly going about their everyday lives without much thought to much of anything bigger than themselves...my mind is constantly spinning with new ideas and different ways of looking at my world...some days i feel elated and free like the truth is just around the next corner and i'm going to find out everything i need to know soon...then there are days like today where my mind is foggy and unfocused and i feel so far away from finding anything that will finally put my whirling mind at ease...somedays i wonder why some of us are made to suffer more than others who seem to have everything...so i write this knowing that i chose this life and that i must have been someone horrible in a past life, i know full well this is karma and that i have things to make up for...the emotional suffering i go through now is my cross to bear...it is mine until i can forgive myself and let my past and my pain go...it hurts like hell, that's for sure...so for now i feel i must endure feeling crazy-angry, misunderstood, sad, alone, confused...i write all of this knowing i must unlearn all the lies that were told to me intentionally (or unintentionally) to encourage this new way of perception...and i write this knowing that not everyone is on the same page as i am at this moment...i'm finding out very quickly who i can and cannot share my new ideas with...they either don't want to know and some are not even remotely ready to have that conversation...and this, saddens me...that i have no one to talk to about any this...it feels so crucial and important to me...so i write this as i'm left with my own thoughts and fears...to figure out why my unravelling life that once upon a time ago made absolute perfect sense is now in disaray...the mind that i once was akin to and knew very well is now like a complete stranger to me...i realize i must get to know and understand this "stranger"...make peace with my inner conflicts...overcome my faults and addictions...that horrible little voice in my head that keeps whispering i'm not worth a damn and that continuously is there to hold me back...i write this knowning that i hold some purpose here, in this life...until now it's been unclear (and remains partly hidden from me)...i'm given only a few pieces of the puzzle at a time...and now that i'm starting to understand how everybody and everything is connected...from dreams and memories...to events and accidents...how there is nothing left to chance and that there is a reason for all of it...and the deep down hope i have is that there is something more, bigger and better than what is happening now and how amazing it all could be...but for now...i feel very far away and disconnected...i write this knowing it will eventually pass and fade...that feeling of wanting to run away from here...finding that place where i know i rightfully belong...but it will only be at a when i am ready...a time when i can check my ego at the door...when i can finally let the pain and the hurt go...when my pride and selfishness vanish...then and only then will i see...that's when i will be better...because i've written this...

Clouds Of Doubt – What To Do

Doubt: –Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition: To be in doubt about (he doubts everyone's word). To be undecided or skeptical about: began to doubt some accepted doctrines. 2. To tend to disbelieve; distrust: (find myself doubting him even when I know that he is honest) 3. To lack confidence in.

"Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." - William Shakespeare

Doubts are like a computer virus that corrupts your files of possibility. When you look at everything that might go wrong, your doubt turns to fear, thus preventing you from taking action.

The key to letting go of doubt is paying attention to your thoughts that could be vibrations of doubt and choose to Stop and release them. Avoid letting your doubts have their way with you. Instead, focus on “the good you might oft win.”

Here’s to all the good you will create. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She facilitates Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression. She was a World Regression Congress faculty member in the Netherlands, India, Brazil and Turkey. http://www.drdorothy.net http://facebook.com/DrDorothyNed http://teamasea.com/drdorothy

All About Sound - Part One

The Energetics of Speaking Our Truth

What do you suppose goes on within us when we need to speak our truth but we freeze up and keep silent instead?

Conversely, what could possibly cause us to “react” with anger, resentment or other strong emotion when we bump into inner territory that makes us uncomfortable in sharing and speaking freely?

In both cases, something happens that disconnects us from our Inner Power, our knowing. Our Truth. The answer for both is simple – fear.

Without traveling too deep into the Freudian soup, think back – what curiosities lurk in those childhood experiences of yours that might have denied you the right to speak up for yourself? Were you told you were “talking back?” Perhaps you were punished for that. Or perhaps you were told to be quiet, leading you to believe you had nothing important to share. Perhaps someone told you you could not sing if you were part of a choir? If any of these experiences occurred as a very small child, they could have been particularly influential in your ability to express yourself freely.

Our voice, and our throat chakra that rules it, is the place we use to express ourselves, speak our truth, outwardly create our reality. It is our built-in megaphone that communicates who we are to the world. Our throat chakra is also associated with hearing and receiving, thus creating abundance. When we are able to hear our intuition unimpeded, our goals and desires manifest with little or no effort.

It is possible to carry into adulthood decisions we made in childhood about hurtful things we experienced. More often than not, these little tidbits are someone else’s wisdom that really don’t serve us. However, they can reside deep within and influence our beliefs and actions, sometimes in not the best of ways, until we actively release them. How can we be fully expressed and abundant if we are still toting around someone else’s old garbage?

In Sanskrit, the throat chakra is known as Vishuddha – the center of purification. This center rules higher discrimination, creativity and self-expression. When Vishuddha is closed, we “undergo decay and death.” When it is open, life flows easily and we gather wisdom and learning from negative experiences and then let them go. In the Ayurvedic tradition, life success or failure depends upon the purity of this chakra. Guilt is the most prominent emotion carried in the throat chakra, which blocks the upward movement of Kundalini Energy. Any old guilt floating around in there?

The Quantum Physics of Sound

There is a wonderful website that explains the Quantum Physics of Sound. http://www.wbabin.net/science/manzelli12.pdf. An excerpt from this site reads:

“Essentially our perception of sound is produced by the brain through external vibration transmitted and converted into information signals, by via the ears, specifically the cochlea.

Our brain is programmed to find and be synchronous with all frequencies that are similar to the spectrum of the human voice and their differences in tones and frequency before producing the effective sounds that we hear. “

Sound vibrations need to be transformed into informational signals to in order to be recognized by our brain’s pre-selection activities; which, as said before, actively seek out and recognize the human voice. What all of this scientific gobbledeegook means is that “tone deaf” is essentially that we have not “heard” or experienced specific vibrations before, or we have effectively blocked them from our consciousness, such as an individual who has experienced verbal abuse would do.

For us humans, our voice is the most powerful healing tool on earth. Its many resonances and tonalities cannot be duplicated by any mechanical means – or by any other human being, either. Our voice is as unique as our fingerprints, and while it holds deeply healing qualities on the collective “we,” it is MOST healing for ourselves. The scientific community is finally recognizing that chant, tone, and sound by the human voice help to aid ADD/ADHD, promote stress reduction and help heal depression and other emotional issues.

The “Research”

Even more powerful is the healing quality of OUR OWN VOICE ON OURSELVES!

Alfred Wolfson, a German-born singing teacher and pioneer of sound and vibration, was plagued by the horrible sounds of artillery fire and human agony he experienced as a soldier in the trenches in World War I. He cured himself of these hallucinations by singing the terrible sounds that haunted him. He went on to develop a therapeutic method that used an individual’s voice to heal. He taught his students to make spontaneous noises, including those of animals, birds and even machines. [1]

In the 1970’s, Alfred Tomatis, a jazz musician, began experimenting with the effects of the human voice when he realized that certain tonalities in music had a positive effect upon musicians and audience alike. Teaming up with Hélène Grimal, a senior researcher at the National Centre for Scientific Research in Paris, they devoted a year and a half to study the effects of sound on normal and malignant human cells. Initially using drums, gongs, flutes, guitar, bass and a xylophone, they investigated the effects of sound on healthy blood cells, hemoglobin, and a ‘Hela’ cancer cell from a tumor in a human uterus.

Their research found that sound as low as 30-40 decibels produced noticeable changes in the cells. And, as sounds progressed up the musical scales, cancer cells “exploded” at a certain frequency, with the sound frequency travelling outward from the center of the cell to its outer membrane. However, the most dramatic shifts resulted when the human voice was used to make these sounds.

Research with actual cancer patients produced astonishing results. Female breast cancer patients were instructed to tone the whole musical scale, using a violin to keep a base note for 21 minutes at a time. The patients continued with this practice for 31/2 hours a day for one month. As a result, measurable improvements were realized on most of the patients’ tumors, and one woman’s tumor disappeared completely. [1]

Experiencing the Healing Power of YOUR Voice

The healing vibration of sound, and most importantly our voices, affects every part of our physical body and energy field. We are vibrational be-ings. The sound of our own voice, when used intentionally, can shift deep patterns of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual imbalance within us, leading us back to full expression and opening the channels of abundance in our lives. Keep in mind, this is NOT singing. Rather it is “unlocking” the power of the energy governing our voice and aligning it with our Wisdom of our Heart.

How to open to this healing? Is freeing your Voice your “Final Frontier?” For some of us, our voices have been “unused” spiritually for years. The thought of “vocalizing” many times is equated to”singing” and can produce reactions ranging from discomfort to pure terror. Or perhaps you are going back in your mind to that botched oral presentation you did in grade school where the entire class laughed at you (and your presentation wasn’t meant to be funny)? Hmmm, could this be an indication that old beliefs are clouding things?

A good way to begin clearing this area can be to make soft, gentle vocal sounds in meditation. Using a Tibetan or Crystal bowl produces soothing vibrations that you can hum or sound to. Going deep into your Heart will help connect you to your innate Body Wisdom and gently guide you to the places within that are “stuck” and need shifting. Using our own voice to give expression to these deep places of trauma, blockage and old negative beliefs provides an unbelievably profound healing. If sounding alone feels uncomfortable, try sounding or chanting to music while in meditation to help open your voice and connect it to your Heart’s wisdom.

Sounding in water is also very healing. Try humming, toning or sounding in the shower or in a tub of water with sea salt. Water is a resonator and magnifies the vibrations of sound and intention.

Many healers are discovering the healing power of sound and are incorporating this into their own healing practice. Workshops are available which can assist using your voice to shift old energies and develop your own, uninhibited, powerful self-expression.

Here’s to joyful self-expression and being totally “in tune” with life!

Holiday BLISSings,

~ Myrrh

[1] http://www.positivehealth.com/article/sound-and-music/the-healing-power-of-sound
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Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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