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Dutch Authority Just Weeks Away From Gagging Health Journalists and Restricting Free Speech

'Under the new guidelines, any website making a medical claim will first require approval and second will be prohibited from making any other claim regarding, for example nutritional value, or identifying any other value (or detriment) of specific ingredients.
So a specific website will not be able to associate, for example chocolate, with any health benefit without approval. The same restriction will apply to any ads running on the website or any links that it may make to other websites making their own health claims regarding the benefits of chocolate. 

Can you grasp the amount of restrictions this type of regulation will attempt to enforce? I really don't think the people of the Netherlands have anything to worry about. Any piece of paper that attempts to enact control measures with this amount of fear and control in mind only head in one direction...down the toilet.' 


All Drugs and Vaccines Put Your Body into Debt to the Bankers

'People are catching on that the Bankers are creating the debt themselves.  Debt is a means of ensuring endless servitude to the Bankers by people and countries.  The greater the debt the Bankers generate, the greater the profit they make.

Interestingly, they are doing precisely the same thing in their other role as the pharmaceutical industry.  There, they depend on ensuring disease.  But the analogy to disease is not metaphoric but factual, for disease itself is also a system based on shortages.

Just as money is the central element missing if one is in debt, there is also a coin of the realm in disease – missing electrons.'


Black Cumin Seed Oil Hits Nutrient Research Headlines


'Centuries ago, black cumin seeds were used to treat digestive problems, fatigue, headaches, intestinal worms and parasites, infections, nasal congestion, skin problems, toothaches, the common cold and many more ailments. Since 1959, there have been hundreds of studies conducted all over the world and are still ongoing to determine the effects of nigella sativa on various conditions and diseases.

Many reports have been published based on these studies and trials. Here are some of the findings and the potential healing power of black cumin oil or black seed oil.'


Deadly New Pertussis Strain Linked with Whooping Cough Vaccine

'Whooping cough (pertussis) has reached epidemic levels in the U.S. -- the highest in five decades. Considering a majority of those who contract the disease are vaccinated, the absurdity of the call for increased pertussis vaccinations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is yet another example of our broken medical system. Even more disturbing, scientists now suspect that vaccines are actually causing this upsurge in whooping cough -- contributing to mutations of the original bacterium into more virulent forms.'


New Potent Prebiotic Found in Spruce Tree Bark

New Potent Prebiotic Found in Spruce Tree Bark

'Research from Finland's University of Turku has confirmed that a compound found in the bark of the Spruce tree and apparently other tree wood barks is a powerful and functional prebiotic that feeds our healthy gut bacteria.

The researchers determined that the compound, galactoglucomannan, is the primary component of the hemicellulose present in many softwood tree species. The researchers extracted galactoglucomannan from the Spruce tree (Picea abies), and then fed it to probiotic bacteria in the laboratory.'


The Effect of Electrosmog on Your Vibration

'We’re often speaking about the negative affects of electrosmog on our vibration. How it contracts us down and then disrupts higher consciousness connection. When I started to walk the path, benevolence guided me to investigate the relative affects of, for example, electricity in our homes, WiFi, mobile phones, TV and computers.

 Of course if we’re to still engage with society (in order to change it), we most probably still have to use various electro gadgets, but being aware of their affects, consciously balancing the degree of exposure, dissipating negative frequencies and connecting to the natural vibration of Gaia are all things that will generally reduce the negative impact.'

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