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Set Your Sails In The Direction Of Your Desires

The metaphor, “ No wind is favorable to the sailor, who has no destination in mind,’ clearly reminds us that setting the direction of your sails—your intent—into the great wind of your life is paramount.

If you have no idea where you are going and have no destination in mind, you cannot set your sails. You are thereby unable to set the rudder to guide your ship that is the vessel of your life.

What are the three most important issues in your life? If your life came down to these three issues, how would your life be? Set your sail—your intent—by these three important issues.

So what are the three most important issues to you? As you go through the day, if it all came down to three issues, what would they be? Set your sail --your intent --by those three important issues.

You are the only one who has responsibility to choose your direction. If you fail to choose where will your ship – your life – go?

No wind is favorable to those who fail to choose a destination.

Set Your Sails in the direction of your desires.

Soulmates Destined To Live Apart?

It's been a while since I've written a blog here. So many things have happened. Things that cause me some worry and fear of the future. I'll try to summarize as best I can so that this entry isn't too terribly long...I was living with a friend of mine up until a couple months ago. Someone I'm not sure I can still call a friend. WE lived in the apartment beside a group of people whom we quickly hit it off with over the summer. We spent time with them practically everyday and Had lots of fun, but drama did start to happen and now we're all separated and I don't know where I stand with some of them now...
Living with Nat was okay but there were things that she did that bothered me. Some of those things I didn't confront her about. Instead, I vented about it to our friends. There was Jesse, Al, Cliff, and Jill. But besides that, after a few weeks of hanging out with these people, I became convinced that they are soulmates of mine from a past life I've been learning about since middle school. I had this vivid dream about a man that I was in love with. It felt too real to be just a dream and I had prayed to receive a past life dream previously. I then wanted to know more so I got a book on reincarnation and used the script in it to hypnotize myself to learn more.
What I learned was somewhat negative. I saw myself in the Netherlands, wearing dutch wooden clogs, walking along a stone wall beside the man from my dream. He had long dark hair, tall, muscular build. Absolutely beautiful...and a girl walked beside him. a shorter blond with freckles. I playfully jumped off the wall and the man caught me in his arms. I was in love with this man and it was the happiest moment I've ever had. But the girl seemed displeased with something after that, and looked at us funny and ran off, leaving us behind. Then the pictures skipped to me working in a shop of some sort, and then the event of my death. There he was, the man I loved. It was night and we were alone, or so I thought. Then he suddenly puts his hands around my neck and strangles me to death.
I woke from the hypnotic state in panic. I was shaking and crying. I haven't hypnotized myself again since. Even though this man brought on my demise, I still felt that I loved him, and yearned to meet him again. And I kept wondering if I already knew the girl too, but no one I met as the years went on, rang any bells. And Brandy, another friend of mine who is psychic, told me some other things about this past life to fill in some blanks. She could do so, because she was there too. She received several impressions of she and her husband (her current boyfriend micheal) owning the shop that I worked in. It was a general store and that man, whom I later found out was named Samuel Jessop, used to come in all the time and ask for me. He was known for being flirtatious and loose with women. Brandy didn't like him and warned me to stay away.
The more I learned, the more I wanted to meet him. I loved him so much and I didn't know why.....I prayed and prayed to meet him. and something told me I would.
I can feel it in every fiber of my being. I met him again and all of our friends...but now I'm not so sure they're my friends anymore. The first day I saw him, Sam Jessop popped into my head. His name now is Jesse. His looks hadn't changed a bit. tall, long dark hair...and the girl that walked with him...I didn't piece it all together until weeks after getting to know them all, but Jill was the other girl. Johanna....they were like brother and sister. always together.
Bear with me, trying to give as much info. as I can without writing too much Tongue But I later found out that Johanna helped him organize my death because he was betrothed to another woman and I ended up getting pregnant with his child. I was killed to cover up the affair so that he wouldn't suffer the penalty...Grrr this is so much information. But everyone I met through Jill I felt this strong connection with. Nat and chelsea were there too. we were all reunited again.
I found out a little more about the past life later on. and the information ate away at me. It effected my time with them...especially around Jesse. He and I had a fling. it didn't last and I hate myself for it. He took my breath away. I couldnt resist, and some part of me wanted to believe that he could love me back.
As summer went on, Nat, chels and I were growing apart. Those two are always together and I felt like they ganged up on me sometimes. I just bottled everything in, and didnt say how I felt. Living with Nat became difficult. The past life information, work, living situation was slowly eating away at me everyday. And I ended up having a nervous breakdown and in the hospital for almost a week. I became paranoid that I was going to get killed again, among other things.
When I snapped, I said and did some things to Nat and chelsea that I shouldn't have, and let all my feelings out. But I didnt do it nicely. Everyone witnessed my behavior....after I got out of the hospital everyone seemed to forgive me for how I behaved...but we all slowly grew apart. Jesse got kicked out of the apartment because he wasnt helping jill and cliff with rent much, Nat and Chels barely came around the apartment to be around me. Then Al moved out to move back in with his parents. Nat and I went our separate ways and moved to separate places. Jill and Cliff were the only ones left there, and they seemed happy to see me still when I came to visit. and a few days ago Jill and Cliffed moved too. They have a new apartment and invited me to come hang out....but its not the same. I wanted all of us to be together.
I like my new place and the people I live with, but im sad Nat and I didnt work out as roomates. and I wish I would have controlled myself better around Jesse. He had his way again and now he's gone. I run into him sometimes, but he only says hi real quick and runs off to wherever he's going. What was the point of all of us reuniting? Did history repeat itself in a way? I'm so confused. Did I meet them again to learn how to let go of the past? I'm having trouble with that.
At least I got to tell Jesse how I felt about him. Idk. and I told him about the past life stuff too, but I'm afraid I shouldn't have. I feel so foolish.
I guess I'm writing to get some opinions. This was the hardest thing to live through. I've never lost so many friends all at once before...

The Perfect Storm WIthin

So. I'm here in my room writing my first 'blog' ever. And how cool it is for it to be this site! So here it goes:

Tomorrow we're supposed to get a major storm named Sandy. The storm is supposed to wreak havoc in the Northeast; flooding, power loss, etc. The forecasters are saying that its going to be one of, if not the biggest, storm on record.

This afternoon I went to the local big box hardware store (insert name) to get batteries. I was really alarmed at what I saw; people rushing about, being pushy and rude. It made me really think about the attachment that people have to creature comforts and how afraid they are of being 'off the grid'. And as for me, I had to take a step back and look at how or why I was in the store to begin with. It wasn't for 'survival' per se. It was to ensure that we had batteries and bread and milk and some of the creature comforts that will allow this experience to be as pleasant as possible.

I was standing on line when the thought occurred to me; what about the people that live in the Caribbean? What do they do when storms rip through their homes and cause massive flooding? Is there a National Weather service where they are? Is there a FEMA? Maybe after a few weeks there'll be a Red Cross camp established or some UN task force assembled to deal with the loss these people face on a regular basis. Or maybe they'll receive no help at all.

So now that the storm is hours away, I've come to the conclusion that we've been conditioned in this country against any suffering of any kind. Of course the storm is going to knock out power and cause flooding; that's what storms of this magnitude do! We may be without power for a few days or a week at the most (I was once without power for a week after hurricane Hugo passed over South Carolina in 1989). But eventually, our lives will return to normal and we can go back to our mocha frappe fancy coffee drinks and our fat free chicken strips and our SUV's but I sure hope that we start thinking about the things that matter.

I think of this storm as a good thing; it allows us to reconnect with and re-discover our most precious ally; Us. It allows us to take stock in our blessings. We may even reconnect our families since there'll be no distractions to keep us from communicating.

I say this; let's use this time wisely. Let's learn how to be in the moment and just be quiet and realize this simple truth; everything is happening the way nature wants it to happen. And there lies the perfect order in the 'perfect storm'.

Being Me

live for a day not being wanted
live for a day being dead
live for a day with tears down your face
live for a day with no saving grace
live on the day of everyone's wrath
live on the day of everyone's mat
live on the day of no clear path
live on the day of everyone's pat
always being blamed for others problems
always being blamed for others drama
always being blamed for just breathing
always being blamed for even eating
i am labeled crazy
i am labeled lazy
i am labeled snitch
i am even labeled bitch
think of me when you read this poem
think of me when you realize your at fault
think of me when you see no emotion
think of me when you see my burial vault


[A sannyasin, returning to the West, says that the joy and fun has gone out of his relationship with his girlfriend, though the love is still there.]

There is some misunderstanding in your mind. The joy is not gone, joy has never been there – it was something else. It is excitement that has gone but you were thinking that excitement was joy. Joy will come now; when the excitement subsides only their does joy come. Joy is a very silent phenomenon. It is not excitement at all, it is not feverish at all.

It is tranquil, calm and cool. But in the West that misunderstanding has become very prevalent. People think that excitement is joy It is a kind of intoxication one feels occupied, tremendously occupied. In that occupation one forgets one’s worries, problems, anxieties. So it is like alcohol: you forget your problems, you forget yourself; at least for the moment you are far, far away from yourself. That is the meaning of excitement: you are no more inside; you are outside yourself, you have escaped from yourself.

But because of this being outside yourself, sooner or later you become tired. You miss the nourishment that comes from your innermost core when you are close to it. So no excitement can be permanent; it can only be a moment’s phenomenon, a momentary thing. All honeymoons end, they have to end, otherwise you will be killed. If you remain excited you will go berserk. It has to subside, you have to be nourished there again.

It is just as one cannot remain awake for many nights. For one night, two nights, three nights, it is okay, but if you remain awake for too many nights you will start feeling tired, utterly tired, exhausted. And you will start feeling dull and dead too; you will need rest. After each excitement there is a need for rest. In rest you recapitulate, you recover; then you can move into excitement again.

But excitement is not joy, it is just an escape from misery. Try to understand it very clearly: excitement is just an escape from misery. It gives only a pseudo experience of joy. Because you are no more miserable you think you are joyous – not to be miserable is equivalent to being joyous. Joy is a positive phenomenon. Not to be miserable is just a forgetfulness. The misery is waiting back home for you: whenever you come back it will be there.

When excitement disappears, one starts thinking ’Now what is the point of this love?’ In the West love dies with excitement, and that is a calamity. In fact love had never been born. It was just love of excitement, it was not real love. It was just an effort to move away from oneself It was a search for sensation. You rightly use the word ’fun’; it was fun but it was not intimacy. When excitement disappears and you just start feeling loving, love can grow; now the feverish days are over. This is the true beginning.

To me, the true love begins when the honeymoon is over. But by that time the western mind thinks that all is over, finished: ’Search for another woman, search for another man. Now what is the point in continuing? – there is no more fun!’

If you go on loving now, love will take on a depth, it will become intimacy. A great grace will arise in it. It will have a subtlety now, it will not be superficial. It will not be fun, it will be meditation, it will be prayer. It will help you to know yourself. The other will become a mirror, and through her you will be able to know yourself. Now is the time, the right time for love to grow because all the energy that was being channelled into excitement will not be wasted: it will be poured into the very roots of love and the tree will be able to have great foliage.

If you can go on growing in this intimacy, which is no more excitement, then joy will arise: first excitement, then love, then joy. Joy is the ultimate product, the fulfilment. Excitement is just a beginning, a triggering; it is not the end. And those who finish at excitement will never know what love is, will never know the mystery of love, will never come to know the joy of love. They will know sensations, excitement, passionate fever, but they will never know the grace that is love. They will never know how beautiful it is to be with a person with no excitement but with silence, with no words, with no effort to do anything.

Just being together, sharing one space, one being, sharing each other, not thinking of what to do, what to say, where to go, how to enjoy; all those things are gone. The storm is over and there is silence. And it is not that you will not make love but it will not be a making really; it will be love happening. It will happen out of grace, out of silence, out of rhythm; it will arise from your depths, it will not be bodily really.

There is a sex which is spiritual, which has nothing to do with the body. Although the body partakes in it, participates in it, it is not the source of it. Then sex takes on the colour of Tantra, only then.

So my suggestion is: watch yourself. Now that you are coming closer to the temple don’t escape. Go into it. Forget excitement, it is just childish. And something beautiful is ahead. If you can wait for it, if you have patience and can trust in it, it will come. And to know love is to know God….

Should we scare people on Halloween?

Wednesday is Halloween, the holiday where children and adults dress up; often with terrifying costumes, blood and guts or axes and knives hanging out, and people all over America celebrate with parties, trick-or-treating, and visiting haunted houses. Originally Halloween is thought to have originated with the “ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts” (see: http://www.history.com/topics/halloween.) On KS95 radio, callers called in to relay stories of how they or neighbors frighten the neighborhood children on Halloween (some of the stories were truly frightening.)

I may be going out on a limb here, but why is it fun/funny to scare children, why are we celebrating axe murderers, gory costumes, and “evil”? When and why did terrifying another become acceptable and the celebration of ghosts happy? A ghost is in my belief an actual anomaly; sometimes when one’s life is tragically cut short, when one is a victim of murder, or an unplanned death, one may hang onto the past incarnation’s life energy and hover or haunt an area as a ghost. This is something that individual soul entity chooses. As a result, the ghost entity is not evolving or moving forward, but rather stagnating and sometimes frightening those among the living; really nothing to celebrate.

On the chabad.org website it is pointed out in Judaism, the similar holiday of dressing up and having a joyful time is on Purim. Children dress up as sages, princesses, heroes, clowns, etc., they drop by friends and senior centers delivering goodies (mishloach manot – gifts of food), and they spread joy and laughter. On Purim, it is customary to bring food to others rather than beg food from strangers, i.e. trick-or-treating. See: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/434666/jewish/Do-Jews-Celebrate-Halloween.htm

I ponder how we have, as a society, come to accept gory costumes, terrifying antics, and the celebration of “evil” on Halloween. I am not discouraging trick-or-treating, helping young children dress up and go out into their neighborhood as Spiderman, Snow White, Buzz Lightyear, Belle, etc. I am questioning the ethics and morals involved in the darker side of this holiday and wondering if that impacts the violence so commonplace in our society.

Interestingly, a few years ago there was a documentary called “Bowling for Columbine”, which explored why the United States of America is notorious for its astronomical number of people killed by firearms. The film was named following the horrific actions of two students who went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High school in Colorado, after spending the morning bowling. The filmmaker, Michael Moore took a deeper examination of the news media’s fear based reporting and bigotry. He suggested in this documentary that the major factor contributing to firearm abuse is a climate of fear. That being the conclusion, I question whether we really as a society want to celebrate the fearful aspects of Halloween.

Thank-you for reading.

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Transforming Your Ambition 10/29/12

Notice satisfaction and prosperity connected to groups in careers dealing with healing others.
Your confidence is transforming your ambition, and deepening your life purpose.
Opposing Energies: karma, immovable, greed, resistance
Take care to be aware of karma in love relationships, and how illusory it can be.
The relationship itself is the connection with the fated destiny.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: destiny, fate, ambition, purpose
You’re learning that the fire that fuels lack in a relationship is where compromises are necessary, in order to learn from the experience.
You may choose to adapt a new philosophy that includes compromise in love and your personal transformation.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Embracing the Voice of Our Inner Critic

We all know this voice. It’s the one that shows up when we are being human and says things like, “You’re so stupid! How could you have said or done that!? What were you thinking!? No one is going to like you if you keep saying/doing that! You screwed everything up!” Before we learn how to be in relationship with this part of us, we usually respond to its rants in a few ways: believe it and adjust our behavior accordingly while feeling ashamed, engage in an argument with it, or try to ignore it while it nags at us from behind the scenes. I don’t know about you, but none of these options have offered me a long term solution that I found satisfying.
If you are ready to take another step in the direction of embracing yourself wholeheartedly (that includes your inner critic!) here are a few suggestions for engaging with your inner critic from a place of understanding and empowerment:
Hear and Acknowledge it. All parts of us deserve to be heard and acknowledged. This doesn’t mean that we always take what parts of us are saying as truth and buy into it though. We can acknowledge our inner critic when we hear it’s feedback by saying something like, “I hear you. I hear how stupid you think it was that I just said or did that.” As this part repeats its opinions and thoughts, we can continue acknowledging that we hear them without agreement. Over time, as the inner critic knows it is being valued and heard, it is usually more easily soothed.
Link it. Our inner critic’s primary job is to serve as our protector. I know it doesn’t feel particularly protective to be criticized, but it’s helpful to understand that we often develop a means to criticize ourselves internally to 1) avoid being caught off guard by external criticism and/or 2) because we feel like this is the only way to keep our behaviors in check so we can be accepted by others. When we notice our inner critic being particularly active, it’s a perfect opportunity to see if we can “link” it with what’s going on in our lives and where we feel we need “protection”. Once we identify these patterns, we can understand the purpose of the inner critic and develop more empathy and compassion towards it rather than reject and/or fear it.
Realistic Expectations. Most importantly, it’s helpful to have realistic expectations. More than expecting that you will be able to “get rid of” or “extinguish” your inner critic, there’s an opportunity to instead embrace and value its intentions and work with instead of against this voice. The reality is that most of us will continue to hear the voice of our inner critic from time to time; it’s part of our humanity, but it is about how we choose to engage with it that makes all the difference. Consider choosing to be present with this part of you and follow the steps above for a more peaceful inner relationship.
It’s not our job to be a drill sergeant or to create barriers to separate ourselves from any of our parts; these approaches keep us disconnected both internally and externally. It’s our job to cultivate a safe inner space where all parts of us can be heard, acknowledged, understood, and accepted for their unique and valuable contributions to our wholeness. Here’s to being our own safe places to fall as we continue navigating our journeys back home to ourselves!

Keri Nola is author of “A Year on Your Path to Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul,” and founder of Path to Growth LLC, a Central Florida-based integrative healing center that blends traditional and holistic techniques for journeys to peace. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Nola provides psychotherapy and facilitates therapeutic retreats for those seeking to reconnect with their inner wisdom, particularly after trauma or loss. She also offers heart-inspired business consultations for healthcare professionals. For more information visit www.pathtogrowth.com

Sunday 10/28/12

Good Evening. Usually if I haven’t done a post by now, I wait until the next day but there seemed to be a push to get this out tonight. With the storm pressing on the East Coast and there being an issue on the west as far out as Hawaii, the cards were insistent. Tonight, we are going to hear from the Tree Magick cards.

The Cherry Tree – “Every Spring is a new beginning, bearing a multitude of budding possibilities. An inviting fruit may not be genuine, permanent, or good for you. “Cherry-blossom madness” is a euphemism for the emotional insanity of puberty. This means that a turbulent phase will be short-lived. Because this graceful, beautiful tree has a very short life, it is symbolic of fleeting youth, beauty, and mortality. Its highly scented, delicate clusters of frail white or pink flowers imply using your common sense and sixth sense. Cherries, although sweet, lack nourishment, symbolizing momentary pleasures or disappointment. As cherries are only in season for a short time, it indicates change, preparation, and making the most of your time.”

With a potentially life altering and life changing storm hitting our country this week, we are all feeling vulnerable. We can see the damage coming towards us before it is even felt. This can really cause us to lose sight of the inner strengths we all have. It can wreak havoc on our love, confidence, and focus. Being a true test of fear, panic, and anxiety a storm like this comes towards us and we are given the opportunity not normally presented. There is no telling whether the storm will cause us to lose our homes, get stranded away from home or cause a loss of life. It is the largest metaphor for allowing fear to overcome us that is possible in the physical sense of the word.

One thing that stands out amongst all of this is that we can remember times in our lives where we felt threatening events that were going to tear us from the ground we stood upon. Many of us have already gone through the turbulent times of puberty where we didn’t know if we were coming or going. We didn’t know what the next day would hold. We didn’t know who we were. We weren’t sure if we were going crazy at times. Most of us would walk around with the assured airs of someone who was calm, cool and collected while inside there was a hurricane of hormones causing us confusion. As unpredictable as this type of storm, so were our feelings inside. We could at one moment be sure that we knew who we were and suddenly something would happen that would change everything.

When we know that a storm is coming, we have the opportunity to allow our vulnerability to get the best of us or we can choose to allow the course of nature guide us to the next step. This comes across as flippant brabble to many people, but the truth is that we do have a choice on how we handle turbulence of this magnitude. If we follow our natural instincts and our hearts we have the opportunity and chance of lasting and weathering the storm. If we choose to live in fear we run the risk of being caught in the waters and being washed away. The panic can really be heightened at this point while we are caught in the raging floods as our very lives are on the line. Do we float or do we panic and get pulled under? What an amazing analogy we are having right now.

Regardless of what we go through during the course of this storm, we can rebuild. We can weather this storm just like we weathered the troubling years of our youth. Some of us have been sitting in the rubble of our youth for much longer than wanted, but when there isn’t any sign of the storm passing, this is not surprising. We can actually cause the storm in our minds to continue to spin. There could be a high pressure system coming at the left-over hurt that just keeps it spinning in place without chance of moving. Are we going to sit in the waters as they threaten to drown us or are we going to turn off the fear that keeps us idle? Are we going to allow the tides to carry us away willingly or fight to get back to the shoreline? The fight doesn’t have to come from a place of anger either, just sheer determination to make it through and survive. Much like we had to in our teenage years.

There is also a message from this card to not take in those things that aren’t nourishing. This goes beyond just eating a healthy diet. It also refers to those things, people, events, and situations that may appear pleasurable, but in the end are detrimental to our existence. While we enjoy cherries in our drinks, pies, and whatnot, there is nothing nutritional about them. But here’s the twist. If we are having enjoyment, then how are we not nourishing ourselves? If we are taking a moment to experience delight how are we not getting what we need? The easy answer is that there are quick fixes and then there are long-lasting possibilities. If we are just surviving on quick fixes we can watch our health mentally, physically and spiritually fade much more quickly than if we have a healthy mix of the things that are going to nourish all of those areas of our existence.

To nourish our minds we need to heal our hearts. We need to be able to let go of the things in the past that we still hold on to. We need to be aware of the triggers, resentments, angers, and hurts that hold us back. We need to be accountable for our feelings, our actions, and our responses. To nourish our minds we also need to discern what we need to know what we need to know and what we don’t. What is going to nourish our lives and what is just a quick fix to get the pleasure centers active? If we are excited about nourishing our minds and healing our hearts we are taking care of two areas at the same time.

To nourish our physical body, we have to take care of it. Yes we may enjoy snack foods and the things that aren’t healthy, but when we are just taking in this “junk” we aren’t taking care of our health. When we are just sitting in front of the computer or the tv all day and night long we aren’t causing the blood to flow. We aren’t allowing the body to metabolize all the junk we are putting in. When we don’t move the body it becomes rigid and difficult to move. When we don’t moderate how much of a substance we are using we are letting the negative effects cause us more problems. Our heart health also affects the body because if we have a broken or wounded heart we run the risk of illness settling in and going undetected.

To nourish our spiritual, we should find what resonates with our hearts. What divine do you want to believe in? What do you want to call it? What work are you willing to do in order to get to where you are called? If our mental and physical health is not nourished and cared for because we are drawn to those things that are going to cause harm it will be hard for us to take in any type of spiritual teaching and be able to live what we believe. We will be open to deceit, fear, anger, resentment, fundamentalism and not be able to think for ourselves. When we become so drained that we aren’t taking care of our spiritual health, this is when the darkness can settle in. The potential for this to go undetected is truly high. Being aware of what is going on in and outside your body is so vital in the changing times that we are immersed in.

The storm that is raging in our physical world would seem quite small if we were to take all of the inner storms that we all have had to face and put them together. Imagine if you will what would happen if 7 billion people worldwide were to take everything they’ve been through and hold onto and put it into a meteorological phenomenon like a hurricane. How vast do you think it would be? How much damage do you think it would cause? When you think about how connected we are, you can actually see that this isn’t too far to what is already happening and has always happened quietly. All of our energies are connected. All of our pasts are the same. All of our presents are one. All of our futures are unpredictable.

We’ve all been through hurt. We’ve all had a broken heart. If you were to open yourself up to the unified energy that is you would feel everything all at once. Would it knock you off your feet or lift you to new heights? Realizing that we are all connected is one of the most precious parts of awakening to the higher conscious that is. Allowing your heart to heal and become part of the unconditional love of the creator God, Yeshua, the Grand Fathers, and all of the other names we give the universal deities associated with love and you would be raised to new heights. As the vulnerable cherry tree blossoms, shares it’s fruit and passes on, so too can you let go of the things that have held you back for so long.

Prayers of safety and quick recovery are out to all my fellow east coasters tonight. May the waters ebb quickly and the storm pass. May there be a rainbow in the end to remind us that we made it through and that those who may not have are safe in the arms of love.

Je Vous Aime Tous!

~White Raven~

Creativity in Relationship: Managing the T-Square

Last week went by so fast; it seems like a blur to me now. I have to say that I felt very supported and connected to the people in my life (perhaps due to last week's Sun/Neptune aspect). One thing I do remember now: my energy felt a little low and my immune system needed a boost (could be connected to last week's Sun/Saturn alignment).

This is an eventful week, astrologically speaking. This week's headline items are: Mercury moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius on Monday early morning; the Full Moon will be exact on Monday afternoon; there will be 3 long Moon VoC phases (and please note that the first is 46 hours long (!) and begins on Monday at 5:01pm EDT); a T-square between Venus, Uranus and Pluto will be building all week (exact Thursday thru Saturday); last but not least, Mercury and Neptune are starting their station, both on Sunday this week.

We are starting this week with the Moon in steady, peaceful Taurus where it will journey until Wednesday afternoon. From the moment the Moon moves into Taurus (Monday at 2:15am EDT), we start to feel the energetic build up towards the Full Moon (more on that later…) With the Moon in Taurus, we are motivated by the desire for serenity, security, peace and comfort. The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus. Our basic impulses are to relax, resist change, get comfortable -- life… slows… down. We may also be stubborn and materialistic under this influence. As best as you can, stop and smell the roses, enjoy life and what it has to offer and let others support you ;-)

At 2:18am on Monday, Mercury changes signs from intense, passionate, all-or-nothing Scorpio to optimistic, adventurous, truth-seeking Sagittarius. Nine days from now it will move back into Scorpio for another month, because of the Mercury retrograde phase that starts on Nov.6th. Mercury will go back into Sagittarius on Dec. 10th for another 3 weeks ;-)

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, our thinking shifts from a need to plumb the depths of any given situation, to the desire to learn about a wide range of topics. Ideals are sought out; our thinking is more optimistic and our faith increases. We are more equipped to believe and to persuade. With Mercury in Sagittarius -- and Jupiter in Gemini -- we have these two planets in each others signs, they will therefore support each others agenda. There will be a lot of talking and sharing and possibly over-thinking things. As best as you can, listen to your thoughts, toss the ones that are no longer in alignment with who you are. Expand your thinking by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting to a broader philosophy.

As mentioned in last week's forecast, a challenging Mercury/Neptune aspect will be exact at on Monday at 1:40pm EDT. We started to feel this aspect build from last week Saturday on; it will be strong until November 14th. This aspect asks us to stretch ourselves and grow. We may experience a lack of clarity and objectivity. We might make embarrassing errors, neglect important details, or carry some delusions now. It may be difficult for others to understand us, as we may become unclear communicators. We are more imaginative now, and easily swayed by the opinions of others. We can be highly creative and inspired under this influence, but also overly sensitive, touchy, or impractical. It can be hard to follow routines. Concentrating on monotonous tasks and work (or study that involves attention to detail or rote learning) may also be challenging at this time. As best as you can, be compassionate with yourself and others during these two-and-a-half weeks.

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in the following placements: 0-4 degrees of Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo or 28/29 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo? If so, you are more affected by this aspect.

Now, back to this week's Full Moon. As mentioned above, the entrance of the Moon into Taurus started the energetic build up towards the Full Moon, which will be exact on Monday at 3:49pm EDT. During this time, we are looking for balance and are more aware than ever that something needs to be brought into alignment. The Moon is aligned with Pluto, so we are feeling a powerful connection to stability and material safety.

There is a also need to surrender and let go; however, with the Moon in Taurus, letting go may not be so easy. Venus (which rules Taurus) is making a challenging aspect to Pluto and opposing Uranus. I will say more about this aspect below, but for now, this is the important thing to remember: we are being asked to expand ourselves, to find creative solutions -- and find the balance between awareness of others and our own needs. To learn more about this powerful Full Moon, please click here to watch my video: http://www.astrologercoach.com/blog/Full+Moon.aspx

What are you ready to let go off from your past, so you can move towards a brighter future? How can you empower yourself and others in the process? What values do you need to preserve?

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in 3-10 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo? If so, you are more affected by this month's Full Moon.

At 5:01pm EDT, also on Monday, we will enter a monster-long Moon void of course (VoC) phase that will last until Wednesday at 2:40pm EDT (46 hours!). Use this intuitive time to connect to your inner power. Plan your day ahead of time, or stick to routine things. If nothing else, simply go with the flow. As best as you can, empower yourself and others through steady, down-to earth support around material and practical things. Reality is where its at. Be real, be authentic.

To read the whole forecast for the rest of this week, click here: http://vsta.pr/Q0fVwl

Have a fantastic week! Keep opening your heart and connecting to others in a powerful way.
Many blessings,

Please note that all times given above are Eastern Daylight Savings Time -- to change the listed times to your own timezone, I recommend clicking here for the time and date converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Reflect in Stillness

Quietly I sit in the still summers evening of my mind
Precious time in connection with my heart and Soul
Reflecting back upon the day, what wisdoms shall I find?

The sun setting low, fading below the edge of the earth
It leaves me now to shine another day somewhere far away
Its divine light to me has brought truths, in spiritual rebirth

The moon now rising, taking its turn, its magic light I find
Growth will come once again as I accept the learning given
Reflection upon new knowledge as it ripples within my mind

Giving thanks for the day that was and the gifts that it brought
In the bustle of time and doing they were pushed to the side
Discovering I have found within this day all that I had sought

Laying my soul down to rest peacefully upon the end of this day
Wondering what will tomorrow bring, only the divine could say

SJCheart 10/28/2012

Suzanne Lie: Arcturians Ascension Message – Personal & Planetary Portals

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – October 26, 2012


Dear Arcturians,

I have been awake since 3 am after only sleeping an hour at a time for most of the night. Sleeping is not normally a problem with me. Also, every time I woke up I thought of you. I tried to get a dream message, but could not. Therefore, I am asking now that I am awake and at the computer: Is there a message for me?

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

There is always a message for you, as well as for anyone who listens to our Call. It is just a matter of you tuning into the message and documenting it on your dimension. This morning there were too many messages for you to retrieve in this manner, so your sleep was disturbed by your inability to grasp on to information you could carry into your waking life.

There are many decisions that are being made at inner levels of your world government. There are some countries that are fully ready for the shift and some that are not. On the other hand, ALL the awakened ones are ready and waiting. The biggest problem we are having is with many of the governments and those who are unable to awaken.

Clearly, all humans will not be able to make the shift, but we are trying to take as many as possible. Once money as you know it is taken from your world, the shift will be much easier, as greed is the main problem at this moment. Having things has been the pacifier for unhappiness for many lifetimes, which is the reason why greed is so rampant.

The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

October 26, 2012

Continuation of message received the day before:

Where we left off:

The irony is that everyone can create anything they want on the fifth dimension.

If those who are grasping onto that which they feel has worth could loosen their hold, they could better find their own inner worth. Some will have to create a disaster scenario of Ascension, as that is the only way in which they will be able to release their tight hold on the things that means so much to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who have become ONE with their Multidimensional SELF have found such peace and harmony in their daily life that they are already resonating to the fifth dimension.

These Ones are the Openers of the Portals for they have already created and opened their Personal Portal into the true, multidimensional world. Since they have opened their Personal Portal, they are able to open Planetary Portals.

Personal Portals are of course, personal. In other words, the individual has come into Unity Consciousness with his or her Multidimensional SELF. Within this Unity Consciousness there is no fear, or even hurry to ascend for they are already merged with their own ascended expressions of SELF.

It is through connecting with your personal expressions of SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond that you will remember the Wisdom, Power and Unconditional Love that is necessary in order to find other humans with whom you can merge in Unity Consciousness.

The Planetary Portals will best be opened by a group of Ones (human, non-human, Galactic and Celestial) that can deeply love any given area of Gaia. Just as every person can become a Personal Portal, every place can become a Planetary Portal. If a group is formed with persons who have opened their Personal Portals, they will easily be able to join into Unity Consciousness to open a Planetary Portal.

The state of consciousness of each person is more important that physical location. In other words, if you all focus on a given area, you do not have to live there. At the same time, please remember that wherever you live at this time in your 3D reality is where you chose to be when you created your pre-birth contract.

Therefore it is beneficial if some of the members live in the area in which the group is focusing, as they have the deepest alignment with that area of Gaia’s body. It is appropriate at this moment of the NOW for our Ascending Ones to practice opening the Planetary Portals. The Ascension-coded frequencies of light are already streaming into Gaia’s body, as well as each personal body and the all inhabitants of Earth. Hence, it is vital to make use of these energies.

We wish to explain our definition of Portal, as it may be different than other descriptions. We define a Personal Portal as a state of consciousness through which one can connect with their myriad multidimensional expressions of SELF. We define a Planetary Portal as a given area that has been connected to Gaia’s Multidimensional Matrix.

Just as all humans are multidimensional in nature, so is Earth and ALL Her inhabitants. Therefore, just as your fifth dimensional self has infinitely existed, fifth dimensional Earth has infinitely existed. In fact, the entire spectrum of multidimensional reality down through the fifth dimension is beyond time. Without time, there is NO beginning nor is there an ending.

Only the third/fourth dimensional worlds exist within the cycles of time. We see that our Ascending Ones tire of these cycles, as they have expanded their consciousness to embrace the knowing of many of these cycles and are eager to return Home. Hence, we return to our definition of Portal.

When a Personal or Planetary Portal is opened, it becomes a passage into the higher frequencies/dimensions of that particular expression of life. For example, once you open your Personal Portal you are able to receive messages from your higher expressions of SELF in much the same manner as you might phone a friend.

Unfortunately, your call may have problems “going through” because of many different factors. But, with determination and persistence, you will complete your connection to your Higher Expressions of SELF.

Gaia also has Higher Expressions of SELF. Your earth vessel is a component of Gaia’s many bodies. Therefore, you have the ability to open Gaia’s Portals. When you open a Personal Portal, you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of your SELF in a higher frequency of reality.

In the same manner, when you open a Planetary Portal you open a communication, visitation, experience, knowing, of Gaia’s higher expressions, such as New Earth. Therefore, visiting New Earth is not a difficult task once you have learned to open your Personal Portals, as it is the same endeavor.

However, your Personal Portal will take you to any world or reality in which you are holding a form and/or have bonded with via your unconditional love. Conversely, opening a Planetary Portal will take you only to Gaia’s expression of SELF. Gaia is asking now that Her Ascending Ones begin to open Her Planetary Portals and practice visiting New Earth in preparation for Her Planetary Ascension.

Therefore, forming groups to open these Portals would be beneficial for Gaia, as well as for every member of the group. Gaia invites you to include your plant and animal friends into the groups, as many of them are well on their way to Ascension. Please feel free to invite us, the Arcturians, into your group, as well as any of your higher expressions of SELF.

If your own Galactic and Celestial expressions of SELF join you, the Portal can be opened from both ends of the spectrum. In the same manner, please invite the Lemurians, as they can assist you from within the higher dimensions of Gaia’s Inner Earth.

We, your Galactic Family, greatly appreciate that we can call on our human expressions of SELF to co-operate with us in this monumental endeavor of Ascension. In closing, we ask that you release your attachment to time during this Ascension process.

Please remember that time is not the consistent gauge of measurement that you have believed it to be. In fact, rather than the steady clicking of a clock, time is more similar to waves on the ocean. Sometimes the wind and the ocean are calm and the movement of the water is steady and consistent.

On the other hand, many times the wind and water are stormy and movements are erratic and unpredictable. Furthermore, during great influx of new higher frequencies of energy such as you are NOW experiencing, time can be a Rogue Wave. Rogue Waves appear from seemingly nowhere and suddenly rise up to create great change.

We, the Galactics and Celestials, have been attempting to “calm the Sea of Ascension” but there are myriad human and energetic factors that are NOT for us to control. It is YOU, the Ascending Ones, who must confront these Rogue Time-Waves with your great force of unconditional love.

What is a Time-Wave? A Time-Wave is a sudden influx of energy. First, this energy is seeded by the thoughts and emotions of the Galactics and Celestials in an attempt to calm the seas of multidimensional Light streaming from the Galactic Center onto your small planet.

However, what will this wave of time meet? Will this great Time Wave land on the gentle sands of unconditional love, unity consciousness and peaceful acceptance? OR, will this Time Wave break against the harsh and rocky shores of fear, deceit and self-service?

We can do our best to control the wave. However, it is up to the Beings of Gaia to create the shores on which the waves will break. With your Portals Open, you can easily access the higher frequency scenario of reality. All the possible scenarios will manifest until the 3/4D hologram closes.

YOU have the CHOICE to open your Portals to experience the higher experiences of peace and love.

We are always here to assist you,

The Arcturians

We will return to continue our story of Arcturian Ascension, which we have interrupted to give you the above timely message.

DL Zeta: Navigating the New Time through Dream Downloads and Dimensional Travels – Part 2/2

By DL Zeta – October 2012


Dreams are one way our mind goes “off the grid” to commune with other aspects of our consciousness, but dream states are not the only portals available to us.

As we develop our “inner technologies,” our psychic abilities open a doorway to greater communion with our past, future and parallel selves. We don’t have to consciously understand the workings of this information exchange between aspects of our consciousness, but it is important that our beliefs embrace this source of knowing so we can open to it.

For some it may be helpful to understand how this waking form of information transfer takes place. One way to understand our inner technologies is through the lens of outer technologies.

Inner Technologies Correspond to Outer Innovations

Inner technologies can be likened to the development of technology in the physical world. In fact, every new piece of technology we engineer in the physical world corresponds to a counterpart in our inner world. The great innovators of all timeframes were able to perceive facets of human consciousness and translate them into physical representations.

An example of this correspondence between inner and outer technologies is a camera, which relates to the creative ability of visualization. Our “inner snapshots” can be compared to our material-world ability to take photographs and store memories.

Wireless Technology Reflects the Transfer of Intuitive Downloads

The ability to receive downloads from other parts of our consciousness can be compared to wireless technology, which allows the transfer of information over a distance without the use of wires. Wireless is a “method of transport” using signals or radio waves. We can’t see the waves of energy being transmitted but we receive information sent over these waves through various “receiving devices”.

When we embrace the idea that we’re more than just our conscious self in this lifetime, we’re able to perceive other facets of our being operating off the grid of our current identity. These other selves exist in other timeframes and dimensions. These aspects are able to observe our past and future in this lifetime and in others; they see the future potentials we are creating in our present moment. As we move forward, we formulate questions. These questions are often about the realities we encounter, or how to harmonize the contrasting perspectives within us. These questions are “wordlessly broadcast” to other aspects of our being. The aspect with the needed perspective sends back the information we have asked for. The information sent to us over our ‘wireless network’ depends on the questions we formulate.

Receptivity is Key to Information Transfers with our Other Selves

Our ability to receive information from other aspects of our being depends on our receptivity within the moment. Just as with the wireless networks in the physical world, our degree of receptivity is aided or impeded by a number of factors.

Intuitive perception is enhanced by being in nature, especially near water where the “flow” corresponds with the flow of life experiences. Being around people with open and positive energy is also helpful. Environments that are energetically enhanced by crystals, feng shui and uplifting art and music raise our frequency and therefore our receptivity. Good health is important; if we are experiencing physical problems this adversely affects our energy field. Unresolved emotional baggage is also a drag on our energy, so clearing up past energies is essential to becoming a clear receiver. Taking responsibility for everything in our reality helps empower us, making it more likely we will trust and act on the intuitive information we receive.

As we cultivate our receptive qualities, we’re able to enhance the “wireless capability” of our inner networks, communing with our “selves” throughout time and space and collaborating in the great work of art that is our own becoming.

DL Zeta: Navigating the New Time through Dream Downloads and Dimensional Travels – Part 1/2

By DL Zeta – October 2012


We are in a time when we can no longer navigate life as we did in the past. In recent years, moving through life by intellect and reason sufficed but now the overwhelming tide of change has made it increasingly difficult for the conscious mind to find compass points amid the chaos of transition.

Sometimes a window opens into old points of reference, then closes. The only way we can find our way is to let go and trust in the wisdom and guidance of our higher self.

Our Higher Self Assists us through our Past and Future Selves

Our higher self orchestrates guidance and insights to us through aspects of our consciousness from both past and future times. The aspects that assist us moment by moment are those that hold the answers to our present-moment issues and questions. Past aspects that assist us are often past life selves with mastery in certain understandings.

Our future selves are those aspects that exist by virtue of our present lessons and intentions and know the future we are creating with our present thoughts, actions and intentions.

When we see ourselves as more than just a being limited to the boundaries of our conscious mind, we allow all our aspects through time to work with us. This assistance from other aspects of our being empowers us as we navigate transition times where the only road maps that apply are those etched into our subconscious.

Downloads in Dream States Provide Codes and Keys to the New Time

Over the next few months, downloads in dream states will contain energetic signatures that provide each of us the codes and keys needed to navigate this transition time. Dream states are more important than ever now and a willingness to work with them will allow us to burn through any seeming barriers or limitations that present themselves.

The ability to remember, record and interpret dreams is helpful now but not essential. This conscious process expedites our expansion into the new time. However, as long as we listen to our intuitive hunches and pay attention to the urges and interests that trickle into our conscious mind, we will receive the information contained in the downloads. Setting the intention to welcome this information will open the door to these downloads.

Vivid Dreams May Come

Some may find themselves receiving vivid dreams now, seeing themselves in strange and mysterious settings and with friends they have not known in their present lifetime. The veils between dimensions are thinning, allowing us to visit past, future and parallel timelines in our dream states. Multi-dimensional travels are most accessible when our conscious mind sleeps and our consciousness travels into our subconscious mind, which is our gateway to the universe and beyond.

Saul: Whenever You Feel Attacked, You are Allowing the Unreal to Affect Your Mind

As channelled by John Smallman – October 28, 2012


One of the many delightful things that you will discover when you awaken from your rather long sleep is how bright, clear, and enthusiastically alive everything appears to be, and this will not just be due to appearances, for those are of the illusion.

And as you become more in alignment with being fully awake, fully conscious, the strength of those sensations will intensify as your ability to experience them grows. It will not be an instantaneous awakening into the full brilliance of God’s Presence because that would be overwhelming for you at first; instead the brilliance will increase gently at the pace that is most suited to your growing abilities to align yourselves with them.

You will know that you are Home because you will know and experience the Reality of creation as part of yourselves, and yourselves as part of creation — eternally inseparable, one with your Creator — and the joy of that is beyond description.

Reality is a truly amazing experience from which you have collectively shut yourselves off for far too long, and that is about to be put permanently to rights. You were created one with God; His Will and yours are eternally in alignment; misunderstandings of any kind are therefore utterly impossible; and your awakening will return you to that magnificent state.

Your path Home has been arduous because with your powerful collective imagination you were able to build into the illusion a vast selection of distracting “attractions.” They only seemed attractive at first, until you began to discover the enormity of the chaos and confusion in which you had decided to envelop yourselves by immersing yourselves within it. Now your collective desire to return Home has become far stronger than the desire to play at being deluded, and so that is where your are headed.

The state of delusion has long been one of the most distracting and confusing conditions that the illusion has imposed upon you. You have all known someone whom you would happily describe as being at times deluded because you observed him behaving in ways that made no sense. But, within the illusion, most of you have spent incredible amounts of time in a deluded frame of mind. Whenever you feel attacked, misjudged, or offended you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind. It is a fact that you are each eternally one with God, utterly inseparable from Him or from each other, but you have become unaware of that because you chose to enter the illusory state, where nothing is as it seems. Being one with God you are perfect divine beings, fully alive in Love, where nothing assails you or could even conceive of doing so. The fact that you do not experience that state demonstrates quite clearly that you must be deluded. And your awakening will put a permanent end to that unhappy condition.

Everything that disturbs your peace and causes you anxiety or fear will be gone because they are all totally unreal. The suffering that you have been experiencing has played a major part in distracting you, and in making the illusion seem so real, because you could for the most part only experience happiness momentarily before some thought broke into your awareness and distracted you. In the illusion you live in an almost constant state of “what if?” and worries and anxieties cloud your every moment and influence your every decision.

If you watch young children playing and completely absorbed in their games you can see that they are at ease and at peace; no anxieties disturb their focus. As they grow, your various cultures impose increasing restrictions on them, leading them also to start worrying. And how often have you told your own children not to worry, that they are worrying unduly, because to you their issues seem so inconsequential and unimportant? Who is fooling whom?

You are divinely loved and cared for. The illusion is just that — and you will awaken. Focus on that truth; remind yourselves of it every time anxiety invades your peace and contentment. When you do, it does bring you some peace because you know it is true. Yes, while you remain within the illusion its distractions will continue to arrest your attention, but by reminding yourselves of its temporary and insubstantial nature you prepare yourselves for your awakening and your energy field has a peaceful and calming influence on those with whom you come in contact. They see you as you are – a warm and loving soul offering comfort and stability in a world gone mad – and to be who you are is your reason for being embodied at this point in humanity’s spiritual evolution. And for this, as you know, you are greatly honored.

With so very much love, Saul.

John Smallman | 10/28/2012 at 12:16 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/pwoMa-ph
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