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Universal Knowledge - Enlightened Awareness

The Universal knowledge is delivered to you, uniquely, according to your level of consciousness - enlightened awareness.

Your Life might speak to you about your desires: Health, wealth, relationships, creative expression, hopes and dreams. No matter what you desire, Life moves toward greater freedom and fuller expression.

The Universal knowledge is congruent with the life you are living and the possibility of the next expanded version you can create, expressing Itself through you. ###

A Poem

Behold the great city
Its night skyline haunting
The hustle and clamor
Relentless and daunting

Beaming with excitement
The glitter and the glitz
Heart of the universe
Where the great Gods sit

Thousands on the beat
March in perfect time
Lusting for pleasure
And power the divine

Peddlers on the street
Promise to fill the void
The never ending quest
For life to avoid

A gluttony of kings
Drink never sufficient
A show for the queen
Grand, magnificent

But what of nature
Does the city pertain
How does she flourish
Beneath the acid rain

So few are the trees
And sparse but the grass
No rustling of leaves
Only concrete and glass

The sun and the stars
No where to be found
No place for ones head
On a soft plot of ground

Butterfly nor bee
Keep habitat here
Red Roses are glimpsed
In a vase disappear

I've more than a taste
This fruit of the flesh
At last found its flavor
To be bitter not fresh

And so to the wood
I built my abode
A quaint little place
On an old country road

Where nature rewards
And beauty abounds
And peace and solitude
Can always be found

Value Compromise:

If you can't go extra mile, meet someone halfway. Value compromise, but don't compromise your values. Life is not a smooth journey. It should not be. It is marked by ups & downs. People & situations move in & out of life. some are easy to handle while others are difficult to deal with. It is the difficult ones that always come to us to test our abilities of how smoothly we manage to cope with them, with least resistance & friction offered in the effort.

We may not always get what we want. Does that mean we should not seek to get what we want? Or rue over the fact that what we set out to achieve is different from what we actually did?

Disagreement occurs, not so much of want of agreement as to lack of desire to agree. Our entrenched disinclination disposes us not to agree to something or some situation or with someone that is half as good, we presuppose the half as bad already. This conflict between half as good & half as bad holds us back to arrive at a solution with regard to people & situations that are not past resolve in themselves.

When faced with people & situations caught in the spatio-temporal wrap, different from our own, we fail to see them in objective light. Our subjective thinking gets in better of us. As a result what's obvious to others is not so to us.

The solution to resolve a deadlocked situation or parties involved in it exists outside this wrap. But for that to happen, people need to cede their stance. This ceding of position in not acceptance of defeat, or meek surrender. it is not something to be ashamed of or to feel conscious-stricken about. Rather it is the brave attempt at surmounting the inflated sense of ego that comes in the way of us arriving at an agreement. it is a conscious choice.

Adoption of such a way requires us to recognize others' point of view. we can start looking at merit in other's case only when we presume an element of demerit in ours. For truth is never absolute. We mistakenly chase the shadow & miss the image.

Compromise is intrinsic to nature's scheme of things to avoid resistance. When a fierce wind threatens to blow away & uproot all that comes in its path, even the mighty tree, otherwise firmly standing, begins to sway & bends & bows. The fury of wind doesn't last, but the submissive bending of tree manages to see it through the rough patch. A blade of grass flattens itself against the swift current of water only to pop up its head when the current slackness. Nature uses this defence mechanism for survival. it also teaches us to live in harmony with one another & at peace with ourselves.

Nature provides us with the option of compromise as an effective means to achieve harmony & peace in times of personal conflict & emotional turmoil & interpersonal clash & collective wars. We only need to wake up to the idea & bring it into play to attain peace within & outside.

It is certainly not a big price, rather a welcome value addition in the objective evaluation of compromise & face the situation no matter how much adverse it may be.!

Cohesive power of love:

M K Gandhi

The force of love is the same as the force of soul or truth. We have evidence of its working at every step. The universe would disappear without the existence of that force.

Scientists tell us that, without the presence of the cohesive force amongst the atoms that comprise this globe, it would crumble to pieces and we would cease to exist; and even as there is cohesive force in matter, so must there be in all things animate, and that cohesive force among animate beings is love. We notice it between parent and child, between siblings and also friends. But we have to learn to use that force among all that lives, and in the use of it consists our knowledge of God. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction...

If love or non-violence be not the law of our being,....there is no escape from a periodical recrudescence of war, each succeeding one outdoing the preceding one in ferocity...

All teachers have taught us that law with more or less vigour. If love was not the law of life, life would not have persisted in the midst of death. Life is a perpetual triumph over the grave. If there is a fundamental distinction between man and beast, it is the former's progressive recognition of the law and its application in practice to his own personal life.

All saints, ancient and modern, were each according to his light and capacity a living illustration of that supreme Law of our being. That the brute in us seems so often to gain an easy triumph is true enough. That, however, does not disprove the law. It shows the difficulty of practice. How should it be otherwise with a law which is as high as truth itself?

When the practice of the law becomes universal, God will prevail on earth as He does in Heaven... Earth and Heaven are in us. We know the earth, we are strangers to the Heaven are in us. If it is allowed that for some the practice of love is possible, it is arrogance not to allow even the possibility of its practice in all the others...

I endeavour to represent love in every fibre of my being... I discovered that, if I was to realise Truth, I must obey, even at the cost of my life, the law of love. And having been blessed with children, I discovered that the law of Love could be best understood and learned through little children. Were it not for us... our children would be perfectly innocent. I believe that the child is not born mischievous in the bad sense of the term. If parents would behave themselves whilst the child is growing, before it is born and after, the child would instinctively obey the law of Truth and the law of Love. Understanding this, I began a gradual but distinct change in life...

To the extent that I have represented Love in my life, in thought, word, and deed, I have realised the 'Peace that passed understanding.' I have baffled my friends when they have noticed in me peace that they have envied, and they have asked me for the cause of that priceless possession. I have not been able to explain the cause save by saying that, if my friends found that peace in me, it was due to an attempt to obey this, the greatest law of our being.

Magic Of Compassion:

Compassion is the act of opening your heart. To live in a state of compassion means you approach the world with your emotional barriers lowered & your ability to connect with others intact. Compassion is the emotional glue that keep you rooted in the universality of the human experience, as it connects you to your essence & to the essence of those around you.

We do not all walk around with our hearts wide open all the time, however; doing so would leave us overwhelmed & in emotional danger. If I kept my heart open & exposed while watching the news every night, I would most likely never recover from the rush of helpless & hopeless feelings created by all the tragic stories. sometimes it is necessary to keep your emotional barriers up as a way to protect yourself.

Dissolve Emotional Barriers: The key to learning the lesson of compassion is realising that you are in control of the erection or destruction of those barriers that create distance between you & others. You can choose to dissolve those barriers when you want to connect with the heart of another human being. You can also choose to limit other's access to your heart when you need to, by forming judgement that separate you from that which you are judging.

Judgments are not always negative. Your judgement are what keep you from walking around like an open membrane, open & exposed to whatever information you come in contact with. At times, your judgments serve to help you decide what belief & thoughts you choose to let in from the outside world & help your discern what is true for you. Without your sense of judgement, you would be bombarded with hundreds of conflicting ideas over which you would have no power to discriminate.

At other times, however, your judgement can limit you & prevent you from being compassionate when & where that is needed. When your judgments become more overpowering than your ability to practice empathy, you separate yourself from your own human essence. You put yourself into a box of self-righteousness need to connect with other people.

Connect With people: You may feel superior to those you are judging, but you may also feel the chill of loneliness imposed by your isolation. The only antidote to rigid judgement is compassion.

The secret to learning to open your heart is the willingness to connect to your essence & the essence of the person you are judging. From there, the magic of compassion opens limitless doors to human connection.

In order to learn the lesson of compassion, you will first need to recognise when you have to become trapped by your limiting judgements. The best way to do this is to pay attention to your breathing. If your breathing feels shallow or tight, you are most likely trapped in a judgement that needs to be released. Your conscious mind can also help identify when compassion is called for. Chances are, if you are able to, pause in the middle of making a judgement long enough to consider compassion, then compassion is required. You would not have entertained the thought otherwise.

Use Your Discretion: You have the ability to choose whether or not you will learn the lessons you are presented with, so you will then need to use your discretion to choose whether to invite in compassion or remain closed. If you choose compassion, then you need to move the judgement from its position in your mind down into the emotional realm of your heart. It is there that you can try on what it would feel like to be that person you are judging & imagine putting yourself in his reality. This will connect you to his essence and evaporate the judgement encrusted around your heart.

Don't judge Yourself harshly: Compassion is also required at those times when you are harshly judging yourself. If you have made what you perceive to be a mistake, behaved in some way of which you are not proud, or failed to live up to your own expectation, you will most likely put up a barrier between your essence & the part of you that is the alleged wrongdoer. By doing this, you create a chasm wide enough to hold some severely self-critical thoughts. Such a barrier is no less restrictive or destructive than the one that divided you from other people.

At those times, you will need to consciously open your heart to yourself & show compassion. Compassion will then open the door to the possibility of forgiveness & will allow you to release those judgments that are holding you in self-contempt. If Life Is A Game, These Are The Rules.

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Easy ways to motivate yourself:

Often we are fighting the battle of looking for practical solutions for the universal motivation-problem. Here are a few tricks which will help you combat the feeling. . . Sign a pact with yourself Always make a deal with yourself. This not only helps you in planning things but also motivates you to work harder and reach for your goal. Promise yourself rewards and the process shall get easy. Be enthusiastic Learn to be enthusiastic. This gets you into the motivated frame of mind and the task gets simpler.

Question yourself Ask yourself empowering questions every morning. It is very important to feel good and happy about yourself. The morning questions get you in the mood for striving harder to achieve your goals and incorporate positive feelings into you. Create small goalposts Set smaller targets to achieve first, before reaching out for the bigger ones. Do the toughest tasks first This will help you ease out the smallest worries and boost your self-confidence. Do not compare yourself with others Comparing yourself with others can kill your motivation.

Remember everyone has different priorities in life and they can never match up. Focus on your list and how you can improve them. Go easy Instead of jumping into something, head slowly. This will not only help you understand your targets but also help you achieve them better. Break it down Break your task into small projects. Focus on the smallest task first. Priortise what needs to be done first and what later. Remember to have fun Or create fun in a task. Then you'll stay motivated to do and finish it.

12. Get out of your comfort zone Face your challenges to get a real boost of motivation. If you are holding yourself back have a look at 5 Life-Changing Keys to Overcoming Your Fear and the methods in this article. They can help you get started and take that first scary step outside your comfort zone. Don't fear failure Instead redefine it as feedback and as a natural part of a successful life. As Michael Jordan said: "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games.

26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. " Also, try to find the valuable lesson(s) in each of your failures. Ask yourself: What can I learn from this? 14. Do some research on what you are about to do. Then your expectations will be more grounded in reality and you can also get good hints on what difficulties that you might run into along the way. Managing your expectations can lower the often almost explosive initial enthusiasm.

But it can also lessen the lack of motivation that usually follows when most of that enthusiasm has dissipated. When you know what has happened to others in similar situations - what path they have walked - you can adapt and try their solutions (and personal variations of those) and your own. This makes the worries and challenges easier to handle. Both emotionally - since you know at least some of the things that will happen and that others have lived through it before - and practically. Figure out why you're doing something If you don't know or don't have good enough reason to do something then it will be hard to get it done.

Do things that you have really strong reasons to do. If you want to do something then figure out a good reason to do it. If you can't find one consider dropping it and doing something that you have a good reason to do instead. Write down your goals and reasons for working towards them Tape them on your wall, computer or bathroom mirror. Then you'll be reminded throughout the day and it becomes easier to stay on track and focused. Take The Positivity Challenge! Learn to think more positively most of the time.

Learn to let to go of negative threads of thought before they have a chance to take hold of you. You might not be able to be positive all the time no matter what happens. But I think most of us can improve on our positive thinking and the results it can lead us to. Perhaps more than you realize right now. Cut down on TV Do you watch it too much? Watch less of what they are doing in TV-land and do more of what you want to do in life. Reprogramme your information intake Programme out negative and cynical thoughts from the media and society.

Reduce your information intake. Then programme in positive news and entertainment, more of your own thoughts and useful information such as personal growth tapes and books. Be selective and keep it positive. Make use of your creativity Take out a piece of paper. Write at the top of the page what area in your life you would like to have more ideas about. Perhaps you want ideas to earn more money or become a healthier person. Then brainstorm until you have written down 20 ideas on that topic.

Then try for 10 more. Not all ideas will be good. But some will. And as you make use of your creativity you not only discover useful ideas. You also discover just how creative you can be if you try and how motivating and great that feels. Find out what makes you happy Then do that. As much as you want or can. Listen while you're on the move Build your own small library of motivational/personal development tapes. Listen to them while you are driving, riding the bus or your bike, while you are out running or walking.

Take a peek at my recommended personal development products if you are looking for a good place to start. Think outside your box Don't imagine the future from the box of what you have now. Just because your mind is in box of previous experiences doesn't mean that's the limits of the world. Your possibilities are much larger. Create the future from the now and from nothing rather than your past to experience bigger changes with fewer limitations than you would if you created it from what you can see from your box.

The difference between Ego and Self-respect:

Wisdom is to know the difference between ego and self-respect, and to become more aware towards these. When the ego is satisfied there is happiness, and when hurt, pain and irritation are experienced. But self-respect is beyond respect and disrespect. On being satisfied or hurt, under any circumstance, it inspires for karm. To satisfy the ego (ahankaar) people might indulge in manipulations, become calculative and avoid working hard towards growth, whereas self-respect (swabhiman) always propels one to work harder for self-satisfaction. Just like Shri Krishn inspired Arjun to fight for self-respect and self-duty.

A self-respecting human understands well the importance of self-respect and his duty towards it. He knows its value, whether it is his own, of others or of his nation or even the Earth.

The absoluteness (poornta) of a truthful (karm) action is in negating imperfection and falsehood, and to challenge it. For anyone who does so, the Supreme himself becomes his charioteer.
Himmat-e-marda, maddat-e-khuda
God helps those who help themselves.

Knowing the difference between self-respect and ego, if personal action is not decided accordingly, then acquired knowledge gets converted to ignorance, stagnates, becoming merely for exhibition.

It is important to know how according to the time-requirement a particular course of action (karm) needs to be decided and how with all your mental and physical capacities it should be performed and concluded. Whosoever has perfected the sudarshan chakr of truth, he/she will be inspired to work according to the time requirement. Many people know about time but the courage and pledge to safe guard self-respect for rightful action/duty (karm) at the right time, as done by Rani of Jhansi and Bhagat Singh is missing.

A true Karm yogi will defend self-respect with all his might – may it be body, mind, soul or resources. The symbol of Maa Bharati’s glorious self-respect and its crowning glory are the white pure high peaks of the Himalayas. Working for this is true-endeavour (karmmathta). The absoluteness (poornta) of life is not it a long life but how human dharm (manav dharm) is conducted.

Ecstasy On All Chakras:

Sexuality is not a force or an adjective for physical union; it’s an intrinsic part of human evolution,
The universe is interwoven and interconnected for creation, perfection and destruction. Everything in it has a role to play for constant evolution. Nothing is frivolous. Only when we have used all available powers to the maximum, acquiring wisdom and clues for further evolution, are we bestowed with greater power.

The Driving Force
True love is universal life energy — the supreme driving force behind sex and spirit. Sexuality is not a force or an adjective for physical union; it is a thrust of energy guided by prana that flows through us, enabling us to experience ecstasy at all chakras or energy pools. Ecstasy is fulfillment; the climax of the joy of creation is not meant only for the mooladhar or root chakra.

We have seven centres that can experience this fulfillment; we can reach the climax only because of true love force, enhanced by constant dhyan or concentration. Human intellect can organise, discipline and reform thoughts to channelise sensibilities and capacities. Physical gratification alone would amount to lust, and so one is deprived of attaining higher planes. That is, reaching a state of poorn or whole in awareness, completely in rhythm with the universe.

Sexual Energy Order
Sexuality is the converse of life force, and human evolution happens according to personal attributes and traits. The ascending order of sexual energy and power is as follows:

Mooladhar Chakra: focuses on the release of body waste and creation of new life. It is to do with basic instincts. If sexual energy is confined here, then we exist in animality. Human beings are sexually active through the year whereas among animals, the urge is seasonal. Hence we are gifted with this precious force that could result in great creativity and growth.

Swadishthan Chakra: The energy here enhances work performance. When CEOs, leaders and entrepreneurs give their best, they experience the ecstasy of a job well done.

Manipur Chakra: When you get high here, it is to do with attaining or realising previously unknown knowledge. Scientists, inventors and seer-masters would experience this.

Anaahat Chakra, to do with the heart, is where the explosive feeling of unconditional love towards all is felt, as experienced by Sufis and saints.

Vishuddhi Chakra is where you feel anand bhav or bliss that arises from oratorical prowess, mastery of speech and knowledge sharing, as done by great leaders, teachers, gurus and swamis.

Agya Chakra is the third eye. Here, ecstasy is because of fully developed intuition and clear vision as felt by visionaries and mystics.

Bindu Visarg is the point of quantum leap. It’s the pinnacle of knowing the real self. One is happiest with oneself, never getting bored or tense, blissful under any circumstance. The predominant bhav/expressions is of total gratitude for being the most beautiful creation of Nature. Such a person has balanced male and female energies like Zen masters and paramhansas.

Sahasrar Chakra or crown chakra is the highest orgasm. Here one experiences the feel and ecstasy of merging (yog) with the whole of creation from sahasrar. This bliss of feeling Absolute Oneness is chaste and pure. The chosen one who reaches the sahasrar state can live on all chakras effortlessly without indulgence and attachment. Such an individual attains the highest point of evolution, an avatar.

All these terms require an accurate interpretation that can only be the outcome of experience and is not based on acquired knowledge alone.

Conscious Pathway
Acting in true spirit is a conscious pathway which constantly unfolds the mystic dimensions of human life. The universe begets itself and other universes only for its own joy (sexuality) and sheer beauty (spirituality) — we could learn to act like the universe in the spirit of oneness and universality. Meena Om.

Easy Lessons:

Reflections on your true interests helps you carry out your tasks in your daily life with peace, contentment and happiness. Unfortunate events like a death in the family, theft of valuables, may take place once in a lifetime. The suffering that follows is understandable. However, people suffer on account of imagined calamities and forego a thousand moments of happiness.

When you start imagining, even an insignificant irritation assumes great magnitude. Why worry about catastrophes that are unlikely to occur? Why not think about certainty – death itself? Once you annihilate the fear of death through jnana, lesser fears will melt away.

Adapt to any condition. Life is found in the deep sea and in the bowels of the earth. Many creatures live their whole lives thus quite happily. Family, friends, shastras and sadguru/Master ask you to stop worrying. Yet you love to worry! When Vedanta is proclaiming the oneness of Brahmn and Atman marked by great joy and freedom from fear, the stupid mind is afraid of normal life itself. There is effortless ananda in deep sleep. While awake, you close your eyes and your mind is frightened of the dark. When the mind is fearful of even joyous sleep or samadhi, what will it not be afraid of?

Don’t dwell in the past or worry about the future. Don’t have expectations. Indulging in thoughts of making vast sums of money; receiving abundant love; getting recognition and honour for a lifetime of work... If you think you will be happy when some of these dreams come true, you are chasing a mirage. Be happy as you now are and enjoy peace.

Do not entertain expectations such as, ‘my friend may come to my house today’; ‘let this news appear on front page in today’s newspaper’; ‘let the letter arrive by the time I come home’. Simply remain happy and in peace.

Cultivate patience. A few drops of tea are spilled on a clean shirt, a delicate article slips and breaks, mango pickle is not served with the meal and similar trivial things make us angry. You earn a bad name for making issues of petty things, because of lack of patience.
Don’t give importance for change of place. Why do you desire a change of place, to live on a hill or on the bank of a river? You are not lying on a bed of nails here. Experience joy wherever you are now.

Don’t get yourself attached to a place. Be it the shade of a tree, or the room in your house, or the waiting hall in a railway station, or a busy street– all should mean the same to you. Aren’t you the embodiment of great joy? Don’t long for extraordinary experience, This disturbs the mind. To be as you are is atma-swarupa or the nature of Self. Experience Atmananda.

Don’t crave for gadgets like a mobile phone, camera... Jnana means leading a normal life without add-ons and not missing them too. Ask yourself: “What is the need for these things for me?”

Don’t indulge in self-praise: Attributing undue importance to some ordinary work you have done, and describing it at length to others is a form of self-praise. Do all your tasks which come up in the regular course without hesitation. Don’t think of illogical obstacles and difficulties. And evaluate every task in terms of spiritual value.

Don’t get addicted to work; enjoy work. Often, an intense desire to excel itself leads to frustration; raising the bar constantly gives rise to tension which robs you of peace of mind and contentment.


– Let us laugh a little…. The silence should not become heavy, it should not have weight. Unless your silence learns to dance it becomes a heavy weight.

A flea rushes into the pub just before closing time, orders three large whiskeys, drinks them straight down, rushes out into the street, leaps high into the air and falls flat on his face.
The flea picks himself up shakily and looks all around, “Damn it,” he says, “someone has moved my dog!”

Another one -:

Hannibal Hayne is in Doctor Feelgood’s office for his annual checkup.
“You won’t live out the week,” says the doctor, “if you don’t stop running around after women.”
“But Doc, there is nothing the matter with me,” says Hannibal, pounding his chest with his fist, “I am in great physical shape.”
“Yes, I know,” replies Doctor Feelgood, “but one of the women is my wife.”

Another one-:

Fagin Finkelstein, the lawyer, is engaged to defend a man in court on a rape charge. A huge black woman is testifying that she woke up one morning to discover that she had been raped and that the accused was lying beside her.
“Now, madam, it is very hard to take your story seriously,” sniggers Fagin. “Suppose, for instance, you had woken in the morning and found me lying beside you. What would you think?”
The woman looks Fagin up and down slowly and then remarks, “I would think I had a miscarriage.”

Another one-:

Mendel Kravitz is a fitness freak; he lifts weights and jogs five miles a day. One day, he is admiring his body in the mirror. He notices that he is really suntanned all over, except on his prick, so he decides to do something about it.

He goes to the beach, undresses, and buries himself in the sand, except for his prick which he leaves sticking out.
Two little old ladies are strolling along the beach, and one looks down and says, ”There really is no justice in this world!”
”What do you mean?” her friend asks.
The first old lady says, ”Look at that! When I was ten years old, I was afraid of it. When I was twenty years old, I was curious about it. When I was thirty, I enjoyed it. When I was forty, I asked for it. When I was fifty, I paid for it. When I was sixty, I prayed for it. When I was seventy, I forgot all about it.
”And now that I’m eighty, the damn thing is growing all over wild!”

And Last one-:

A young man was driving home from work one night in the pouring rain when he noticed an attractive woman standing on the footpath, soaking wet. He stopped and offered her a ride home. When they arrived at her apartment, she invited him in for a drink.

After a few drinks, one thing led to another and very soon they were in her bedroom making love. Suddenly he realized that it was quite late and his wife would be furious with him.

Before leaving he asked the young woman for a piece of chalk. He placed it behind his ear and then proceeded to drive home.

At home his wife screamed at him ”Where have you been?”
”You will never believe this, darling,” the man replied. ”I was driving home from work this evening in the pouring rain and I stopped to pick up a woman who was standing on the footpath. I drove her home, she invited me, we had a drink, and I have spent the last two hours making love!”
”Don’t bullshit me!” the wife snarled. ”You have been down at the pool hall again with the boys!
I can see the chalk behind your ear!”

The Portrait We Paint

The Portrait we paint~Does it have>
Shades of Betrayal: Less-than-Love. When we are being less-than-loving, the portrait we paint upon the white canvas is clouded by confusion; instead of vivid hues of red, blue, and green, a quarreling collision of colors makes the muddied shades of black and gray. Thus the portrait of our Life loses clarity . . . and beauty. Against the backdrop of bright white, even the subtlest shades of gray are easily exposed.
Pure Love
Emotions of Bright White

calm approachable
lovely enthusiastic
amiable nurturing
engaging friendly
fascinating happy
welcoming sweet
cherishing giving
animated genuine
gracious generous
cheery passionate
lively comfortable
real warmhearted

Black & Gray Emotions
Shades of Betrayal
impetuous edgy
suspicious angry
defensive cranky
arrogant forlorn
jealous resentful
galled annoying
mean impatient
bitter malicious
bored apathetic
listless worried
irritated fearful
* * * * *
The Light of Innocence shines in the Heart of all Humanity;
It carries the Clarity and Purity of Bright White.
When I betray the Light of Innocence,
tense and agitated shades of black and gray
stand in stark contrast: Emotions Less-than-Love,
these Emotions signal my departure from Pure Light.

What Picture shall we Paint

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Questions about Your Life Process 10/27/12

Today marks beginnings of both a new job working with groups and an unexpected romance.
Opposing Energies: closed-minded, laziness, unmotivated
It’s important to be very clear in your communications for success with groups.
Achievement comes to those pursuing humanitarian or healing careers.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: awareness, reflections, clarity
You will need personal space for the strong currents of intuition available today.
Dreams of either a secret lover or a romance are idealistic; and what you’re really seeking is a reality check.
Some answers to questions about your life process come from distance education, and travel.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Do You Beat Yourself Up Over a Mistake? I Did

Recently I accidentally closed our electric gate on a friend’s car.

She parked her new SUV in our driveway, so I could drive us to an event. From my vantage point, it appeared her car had cleared the gate track.

I was wrong. The crunching sound ripped through my body. I felt like I was crushed by the heavy gate.

We went on to the event. However, immediately I began beating up myself. Fortunately, my friend was understanding and took it well. Still, the inner violence continued.

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Ramana Maharishi - "Who Am I?"

As everyone naturally wants to be perpetually happy
and without misery, and as happiness is what brings you
to love, the happiness which you seek and know of
while in the profundity of the Self is to be harnessed
through knowing who you are.
The path of knowledge and the question
"who am I?" is all that is needed.

Question 1: "Who Am I?"

I am not the gross body nor the five sense organs.
Being detached from the gross body,
sound, touch, color, taste and odor affects me not.
The vital airs and mind are a pale imitation of reality.
Making nescience into an illusion of my mind,
whatever object captures my attention is no longer in existence.

Question 2: If not any of these things, what am I?

Negating everything that is sensible to reason and logic,
I am the Awareness that alone remains and that alone understands the Self.

Question 3: What is Awareness?

Awareness is the existence, consciousness and bliss of Brahman.

Question 4: When will I realize the Self?

When the world that you see before you
is dead and gone, the Seer which is naturally realized shall realize the Self.

Question 5: Can realization be had when the world is taken to be real?

The mind and that which is seen are comparable to a rope and a snake.
Many mistake the rope as a snake and the world as the Self.
So long as you believe there is a rope in the place of a snake,
so too shall you believe that the world is all that there is.

Question 6:When will the world be removed from my sight?

The world will vanish the moment you are able to
completely pacify the mind,
which is the source of all possible projections.

Question 7: What is the mind?

The mind is what gives power to thoughts.
Without any thought, there is no longer a mind.
Thought is thus what distinguishes the mind as being the mind.
While in deep sleep and trance, thoughts disappear and so does
the world alongside it. While awake, however, thoughts re-emerge,
and with this re-emergence, there is a re-emergence of the world.
Just as a spider emits out of itself its own web of a world,
so too does the mind extract from itself a world to live in.
Whenever the mind escapes from the Self,
the world is ever present. Therefore, when the world is seen as real,
the Self is no longer believed in and vice versa.
It is only through persistent questioning of the reality and validity
of the mind that the mind obliterates its existence into the existence of the Self.

Question 8: How can we inquire into the mind?

Patiently observe the thought of "I" and try to discover
where this particular thought originates from.
If persistent enough, you will see how the thought of "I"
is the first thought of personal existence
and it therefore gives rise to every other thought.
By carefully removing this thought of "I",
the mind in its totality ceases to be.

Question 9: How can the mind be made at peace?

Just focus on "who am I?"
This thought will burn away every other thought
out of the mind, thus making the mind at peace.

Question 10: How can I just focus on that question in particular?

When thoughts assail you, do not pay attention to them.
Instead, you should ask yourself "who posed this thought?"
Whenever a thought does arise, never give up on asking
that question. With enough diligent practice,
you should be able to trace all thoughts back to its source.
That source being the heart, bring everything back to your heart;
which is the seat of the Self and of Self-Realization.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy
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