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Book Of Thomas The Contender (1)

Contained herein are the secret and hidden words that
were spoken to Judas Thomas while dialoguing with the Savior.

The Savior said, “O Brother Thomas, listen to My serene wisdom
while you have the time to do so, for I will reveal what has
been bothering you while contemplating the
mysteries of My sayings.”

“Being regarded as My twin soul and companion in Life
Everlasting, put yourself under scrutiny and deeply ponder
who you are and who you will come to be. When others
will call on you as being My Dear Brother, it is expected of
you to know yourself. Knowing that you understand
what I mean because of having accepted Me as the
embodiment of the Truth, go in peace and peace will
be with you.”

“While journeying with Me, you shall be known as
the One who is Himself. Until I say this again,
He who has knowledge of Himself is in
knowledge of the Profundity of the All.
Dear Brother Thomas, what you have beheld is out
of reach for most since most are prone to
ignorantly fight against That Which Is.”

Thomas said, “I beg of You to share with me what
You know about the hidden things of the Father
so that I can speak about them before men who are
difficult in negotiating with.”

Answering, the Savior said, “If that which is visible to
you is as if invisible to your comprehending powers,
how would you or anyone else be able to grasp that
which is more than invisible? In like manner, if you wish
to engage in deeds of Truth as I have and are capable
of believing in Something Greater, then how shall you rise
to an Exalted Height and do that which is done
in the heaven’s above? Not yet receiving the hallmarks
of perfection, you are still My laboring apprentice.”

“All living forms live off of the living forms of others.
Seeing many bodily changes within each living form,
the beast that is man’s body shall also perish like
every other formation of matter. Being derived from
sexual intercourse as is man’s way, you too are a beast
or a baby until you become Perfect.”

Surprised, Thomas said, “Just as there are those who
like to speculatively speak about invisible things,
those self same persons shoot the arrow of their intelligence
at a distant target during the darkness of night.
Aiming at something they cannot directly see,
the results of their actions are only known when
the light of consciousness arises from the night’s end.”

Jesus said, “It is in the light of consciousness that
the Light of God Is.”

Thomas, wanting to know more, said, “Why does
the visible light in the form of the Sun rise and
set year after year?”

Responding, the Savior said, “This visible light is here
for you not so that you will remain here, but so that you will
rise beyond its visible light. Abandoning bestiality altogether,
this Light which is in you and is in the Sun will withdraw
Its Essence back into the Original Welcoming Essence
of the Great and Good Father.”

“O seeker of the Light of the Divine! O Fire that blazes
in the bodies of All! Why do you make all souls
drunk with passion and lust for the opposite sex?
Everyone who is seeking for the Truth
of Everlasting Wisdom must make for him or her self
a pair of wings so that the soul can flee from the desires
which scorches the hearts of the sincere and innocent.
Fly away from here, O Spirit of Man.”

“Now it is up to you to desire the Perfection of Life.
Unless you observe what I Am about to say,
your name shall be personified ignorance;
for an intelligent man is weary of associating
with fools, whether within or without. A fool is
he or she who is incapable of discriminating between
what is Good and what is material, for a fool is not
nourished by the Wisdom of the Truth.
Although having wings, they foolishly rush towards
visible things that are designed to further distance
you from the Truth. Led on by a bodily fire,
they shine with the beauty of impermanence and
are thus imprisoned in the captivating sweetness
of bodily pleasures. Like a sword that can never be
taken out of a damaged body, their misdirected passion
for life can never bring them out of the torment that
is time. Attracted to the downward stream,
they are washed away with every other
perishable beast of burden.”

“Blessed are they who have found the Truth
and who have not abandoned the Faith
out of fear of being persecuted by others for
pronouncing the Sanctity of God’s Holiness.”

“Seeing every vessel of human life dissolve before Me,
the fire which burned many asunder will make the
attached burn in anger when the articles of their
temporal faith perishes as the winds so often do.”

Thomas said, “Which doctrine should we teach to
the spiritually blind who are into doing good,
but who do not know of the Lord’s Insurmountable Nature?”

The Savior said, “As beasts are inclined to devour
one another, men of ill repute devour one another’s
spiritual inclinations and higher aspirations,
for they are servants of death
and work on behalf of the corrupt.”

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy
(2013) Julian Colgan

Poem/The Fae, they were dancing

The Fey, They were Dancing

One Moonlit night as I was out walking
Hoping fresh air would help me to sleep
I stumbled upon the Fae laughing and talking
I stood mesmerized like one dreaming real deep

Sweet was the music that came from a flute playing
In the background the crickets did sing
Dainty small feet were a dancing and swaying
The Fae, they were dancing to celebrate spring

The Faerie Queen’s laughter preceded her wand waving
Suddenly I found that I was their size
Ignoring the laughter I steeped forward bravely
She held her hand out much to my great surprise

Pulled into the circle I found myself dancing
Someone joined in with a walnut shell drum
Dandelion wine soon had them romancing
But I drank not until they offered rum

A warning call came from an Owl hooting near me
I quickly awoke then from my revelry
My feet took off running, I knew I must break free
Or forever be doomed to remain a Faerie.

The true seeker does not stop on the way.

A woman came back from her father’s house. As she served a meal to her husband, she said, “My brother has become dispassionate towards the world. On the next Diwali, he will take initiation in to sannyasa and become a sadhu. He has started preparations right now. He is making arrangements for the property.”
At this, the husband laughed. The wife asked, “What made you laugh? What is ridiculous in my words?”
The husband said, “I find your brother’s dispassion rather strange. He has developed dispassion to the world and he has fixed a date to get Sannyasa Diksha! And he is busy making arrangements of his properties. He still values the worldly wealth! And he is drawing long-term plan to pursue the Supreme Path! Renunciation is never pre-planned. It takes place spontaneously.”
The wife felt bad. She said, “If you have such knowledge, why don’t you do something?”
The husband had taken the first morsel of the food served to him, and was about to put it in his mouth. He put it back in the plate and stood up. He said to his wife, “O good Lady! I was only waiting for your permission.” And he set out… He set out wearing a short and covering his body with a dhoti. He did not wait to wash his hands or to wear his shoes. That man of discrimination left his house in the same condition. His wife thought he was playing a practical joke and he would come back shortly. Little did she know that they alone reach the destination, who do not stop on the way.
That rare gem, the ornament of mother earth, the mad lover of the Lord embarked on a new life. Nobody knows when the death would strike to end the life. This man set out in search of a competent Sadguru to tread the path to immortality in this mortal life – the path that was trodden by Professor Tirtharama to become Swami Ramatirtha, the path that was trodden by a temple priest Gadadhar to become Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, the path that was trodden by a young man Asumal to become a world revered saint Asharamji Bapu. At Itawa (U. P.), Deputy Collector, Mr. Sapru listened to Lord’s glory narrated by Manahar, a barber and took the spiritual path. He was known as Khatakhataa Baba. He attained God-realization.
Don’t forget this story after reading it. Be introverted. Turn your attention inward. There might be some professors, priests, and many youths among you. What have you decided?

For more articles like this visit : http://www.rishipasad.org

Your Daily Forecast: “Living Wide Awake” Where’s the Silver Lining, You Ask? 3-5-13

Today several different actions will prevail with change being the focal point.
Shifts occurring in legal and or financial may seem interruptive, however what looks to you as reversals in fortune will soon be blessings in disguise.
Past achievements will help forward momentum into new directions.
Even your home or surroundings will be in want of change by redecorating or remodeling.
Opposing Energies: irritations, manipulative, ruthlessness
Confrontations may occur, being the only way to bring the truth to the surface, without damaging the issues; just clearing the air.
This is a heated phase that promotes emotions in business that is in want of change.
Part of the metaphor of changes to home and work surroundings is also about clearing and creating new emotional processes, versus playing “old tapes” or making comparisons from the past.
No sense in dredging up the past, there are no comparisons available.
Steer clear from getting caught up in the past, as this is a new day.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: contentment, stability, romantic
Business travel is favored, and may bring positive money changes.
Good News for Relationships™:
There are changes in your love life, from willingness to compromise; to overcoming hurdles and obstacles, to happiness.
Responding with fairness in matters of the heart is the prevailing energy.
Where’s the Silver Lining you ask?
Creating assurances where peace reigns supreme in your heart and home, is the personal change that no matter what, fortifies your emotional health, strengthening all other aspects for you, today.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

The Little Nail

As the story goes, a new church was built and people came from far and wide to see it, and admire its beauty. Up on the roof of the church, a little nail heard the people praising everything about the lovely new structure, except the nail. No one even knew he was there and he became very angry and jealous.

'If I am that insignificant, nobody will miss me if I quit!'

So the nail released its hold of the roof shingle it had been holding in place, then slid down the roof and fell into a muddy patch of ground.

That night it rained and rained, and the wind blew hard. Soon, the shingle that had no nail holding it in place blew away and the roof began to leak. The water streaked the walls and the beautiful murals. The plaster began to fall off the walls, the carpet was stained and the pulpit was badly damaged. All this because a little nail decided to quit.

But what of the nail? While holding the shingle, it was obscure, but it was also very useful. Buried in the mud it was just as obscure, but now it was of no use and would soon by eaten up by rust. We should always remember that every human being is important. Like the nail, you may feel obscure at times, but just like the nail, your absence is always felt. When you are not present in other's lives, in some way they hurt and will miss you.

Author Unknown

New-Human Story | Incredibly Rare and Special Being Human!

The 'future shaping power' of now, compels us to elevate Human intelligence above separation [us versus them] that wiped out Human civilizations during past quantum leaps in evolution. [World Age Shifts]

Part III highlights our true ORIGIN, the MIRACLE of a deep, ancient identity that links every Human to one another and all creation, and our ABILITY to change our trajectory from harm to a harmless shared future. The nature of our Human dilemma today is profound, and supported by scientific evidence; a paradigm shift in reality like never before.

A new scientific approach to ‘reality’ based on world-wide scientific collaboration, provides a solid foundation on which to consider our shared future. Consequences of Human over-use and abuse of nature ‘contrast’ with inherent Human ability to transcend them, outlined in the Gregg Braden video below.

If someone provided a solution to the Human dilemma today, how many Humans would care? Likely not too many ‘until’ they FEEL there is something in it for them, which there is of course, only most Humans are too distracted by petty quarrels, and trying to make a living, while Rome burns. In other words something much BIGGER is happening that requires unity, cooperation, compassion, and WISE action soonest possible.

It took every Human 13.7 billion years of cosmic expansion to arrive at the level of complexity, intelligence, awareness, and ability to reflect on the nature of reality, and being Human today. Our ancestors are not just great grandparents, grandparents, and ethnic groups who lived on Earth, they are stars, galaxies, dark matter, and ‘all the forces of nature’ living and not, in an UNBROKEN cycle of creation intricately LINKED together. Watch free movie 'HOME' in Part II link below.

Our shared ORIGIN makes Humans central to an ever expanding Cosmos, central to the future of Earth, and UNIQUE, in the evolution of Consciousness, which reveals ItSelf as eyes that see, ears that hear, hands that touch, and hearts that FEEL; every man, woman, child!

The stakes are high for this tract of Humans to understand that unless we ACT WISELY now, and cooperate, in larger numbers than ever before, within a short time every Human loses.

Pause and ask yourself, is 13.7 billion years of cosmic expansion that it took for your Body-Mind-Soul to arrive at this moment as the unique, intelligent, self-aware, beautiful, Human that is you, as is every Human living the great mystery of creation, worth respecting, and preserving conditions to blossom and flourish? If you answered yes, please keep reading. If you answered no, please watch the videos below.

I perceive the verdict rendered by an International Common Law court of justice against the Pope, Queen of England, Prime Minster of Canada, and other leaders, ‘guilty’ of genocide and crimes against Humanity, is an incredibly precious moment to cooperate, and begin the process of HEALING.

Please send gratitude to Kevin Annett, the International Tribunal Into Crimes of Church and State, the Jurors, and compassion to indigenous people who lost their children to residential schools, and others. http://youtu.be/ormOIlOi4Vc

Kevin Annett, the ITCCS, and Jurors, are not a substitute for the rest of Humanity. They are a 'catalyst' for Humans to learn the truth, cleanse the past, and end all harm, which can go no further. Kevin returns to Align Shine Prosper radio Mar 10.13. http://tobtr.com/s/4477889

Our true ORIGIN compels every Human to ‘care’ more about everyone, everything, and make WISER choices for the collective good. Please consider that Humans have been living a lie for so long that most people are ‘unaware’ of life threatening consequences, which compels informed Humans to share the truth with people in governments, businesses, courts, public interest organizations, and all groups with influence on - and a stake in - preserving intelligent life in physical reality. [2 part resource] Boldness Has Genius, Power, and Magic In It. Begin now. http://wp.me/pR2D2-dZ

The FACT that we can understand our present dilemma, have 'freewill' to cooperate, discuss options, and act WISELY, proves that we have the huge advantage of FORESIGHT, over many species now extinct.

Morphic Resonance is similar patterns of activity and subsequent patterns across all space and time. [Preserve life and others will too!] Dr. Rupert Sheldrake: The Science Delusion. 1 hr http://youtu.be/OqaATPAnTZQ

From strong contrast [dislike vs like] comes powerful Human desire. To quicken solutions listen now. 15 mins http://youtu.be/sYNkgId70lI

To solve the Human dilemma align with Univer-Soul Human Heart Intelligence, true Power to heal the past wisely, and change our shared trajectory from destruction to rejuvenation. Gregg Braden. 5 mins http://youtu.be/l8dKcvROnl4

This is an incredibly ‘powerful’ moment for Human awareness to expand beyond cultural differences, planet Earth, and move up the spiral of evolution as diverse, creative, intelligent Human-beings locally, while cooperating to reach consensus coherent with the nature of Earth and beyond longer-term.

Deep appreciation and gratitude to Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack whose book ‘The New Universe and The Human Future’ allowed me to understand how Humans emerged from a universe that was once nothing more than particles and energy, into intelligence and a Human civilization that goes far beyond planet Earth. Learn more at http://new-universe.org

Emerge from a rigid chrysalis of limiting beliefs,
squeeze new awareness into your life,
FREE your unique Body-Mind-Soul

The Butterfly Story

New-Human Story Series
Part I http://alignshineprosper.wordpress.com/2013/03/01/new-human-story-full-meal-cosmic-deal-incredibly-precious-era/

Part II http://alignshineprosper.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/new-human-story-home-environmentally-conscious-movie-free-part-ii/

Doreen Agostino

A Strange Twist of Fate for 2 Sisters... Our March 2013 WOW Gal Shares Her Story...

Yes Women of Worth Magazine has a New WOW Gal!

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There is No Vatican of the Spirit, No University of Mysticism -- A Reflection on the Impermanence of Spiritual Movements in a World of Samsara (Changes)

There is No Vatican of the Spirit, No University of Mysticism -- A Reflection on the Impermanence of Spiritual Movements in a World of Samsara (Changes)

By James Bean (Exploring the World Religions Column)

A friend of mine by the name of Neil Tessler from Vancouver says: "There is no Vatican of the Spirit." He specializes in writing about the politics of Guru-succession in India, suggesting that all spiritual movements, East and West, decline and turn to dust sooner or later. It's just a matter of ‘time’ (kal). Pyramids and Easter Island statues may almost last forever, but try as they might, spirituality can not be institutionalised. Groups usually undergo a process of gradual decline, dispensing with crucial mystical principals or techniques every so often. Living in a world of forgetfulness and spiritual slumber, how soon we forget. The decline is so gradual, that sadly, most in an organization over the decades of their short human lifespan do not even notice, or would rather not be mindful about such matters. Only looking back years or decades later, the lucky ones not completely intoxicated by social status or "group-think" might perhaps come to see the occasional wrong turn after wrong turn a spiritual group has made, all in the name of progress and good intentions:

building bigger buildings
with less meditating going on
in the, noisier, bigger buildings;
getting busier without, yet
not getting as far within;
an overall reduction
in the percentage of the population
having inner mystical experiences,
and all in the name of what...
saving the world by becoming less spiritual? less true to the ideals of the Path, loosing touch with one’s roots?

Life-changing, transformative, inner experience, a close encounter of the God-kind, is what the world really needs, not yet more branding, re-branding of the branding, and never-ending marketing campaigns, trolling for disciples.

With any spiritual movement, sooner or later, we are eventually left with bones, dust from the past, apostles and prophets that are no more, and on a few occasions scrolls that are worshipped as holy books, even though these very same scrolls might instruct us to not worship books. Rather, these Holy Scriptures are advising us to be healed of our blindness, go within, develop sight, contemplate the Divine Light, and to be healed from our deafness, with ears opened to hearing inner Music.

All of these great teachers of days gone-by have generally reaffirmed for their generation the same basic truths and inner experiences. I really do like my friend's phrase: "There is no Vatican of the Spirit." I find that to be a useful way of putting it! Spiritual movements come and go. The mystics retire and get replaced by polyester prophets interpreting the past inspiration once breathed by others. The new CEO's of religious companies are incapable of composing their own inspired poetry or prose like their predecessors. All of the organizations or orders associated with mystic-paths at present, rest assured, will meet the same fate as those of past generations. But there is also the hope of resurrection or reincarnation. Newly budding branches of the Living Mystical Tree of Life replace the old and come to the rescue of the living ones, the seeking souls, same as always -- thank God.

There is no permanent Institution or University of Mysticism, but a decline-renewal process, a continuous pattern of Masters leaving older groups, movements, ashrams or real estate, and emerging in new locations to begin again, to reboot, to reset, to renew the mystic-path on Planet Earth, to keep the torch of spirituality burning bright for another generation or two. Spirituality is the Impulse of Life from the Great Life, the Universal Soul -- God -- that we as soul are intertwined with, not shiny temples, or idols made of wood and stone. The history of Essenes leaving Jerusalem, John the Baptist leaving Qumran, Thomas heading East, Valentinians moving out of Roman cities to create Egyptian spiritual communities in the desert, Tulsi Sahib moving from Poona to Hathras, and so it goes and always has been, an observable pattern of breaking with the past, a time-honored tradition of crisis and renewal, reaffirming one's mystic-path, making a fresh start in new locations, remaining free to exist in genuineness and authenticity without the heartbreak of a toxic ‘spirituality’, having to contend with an ever-growing caste of Pharisees assuming control, surrounding the Master, eventually blocking him from our view. There has never been an Institution of Gnosis. There is no Vatican of the Spirit. Seneca said: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." Viva the Revolution.

I will conclude with some poetic verses of Dadu Dayal, the Compassionate Mystic:

“The whole world makes an outer display,
whereas the practice of the Saint is within.
This is the difference between the two;
hence no accord is found between them.

“A new pot taken from the potter’s furnace
may be decorated with many pictures outside;
But of what use will it be to thee,
O Dadu, without any contents?
Such are the ones who make outer display of religiosity.

“From one who bears no outer religious symbols,
but has unfathomable riches within,
Receive the wealth and keep it within
thy heart, 0 Dadu, and be obedient to such a Saint.

“There is a great difference between a Saint and a mimic,
the two are as far apart as earth and sky.
The Saint is absorbed in God, whereas
the mimic pins his hopes on the world.

“The One alone dwells within my heart,
Day and night I repeat His Name.
The Name of God alone is true;
keep that within thy heart.
Forsake all hypocrisies and cumbrous practices;
this is the teaching of all Saints, O Dadu.”

Without a Net

"My hands securely clutched the rock face as I travelled through the air like a seven-year-old on monkey bars, except I've never been able to cross those playground bars as easily as I travelled on those ledges I grasped, then I wondered what I was crossing and it was like a movie." I lock my eyes onto my classmate's chocolate ones hidden behind heavy lids. "My point of view pulled back to show me crossing precariously on narrow ledges of a bottomless cliff."

My Irreverent friend nods, his eyes just a little more open than hey'd been just a few moments before. "What did you do?"

"I woke up. The realization scared me -- I was climbing without a net."

"But it didn't frighten you before?"

"Nah, before that I was Tarzan, flying through the sir on a mission. It was cool, actually. I liked having that strength and I absolutely loved the feeling of me and nothingness. It changed when I realized that one slip and I could fall to my death."

"What do you think it means?"

I shrug and glance around the classroom, hoping that our teacher has heard me from his perch somewhere between his world and ours.

I think this is something I must decipher on my own. One thing is crystal clear, though. I was without a care in the world when I was probably in the most danger.

Maybe you, my friends, can help.

Until later, I remain ...

The Dragonfly's Student

Initiating Self Love to Evolve the Planet

There was a time in the distant past where our reality was more malleable and dreamlike. The veils were thinner and magic was used to mediate the harsh offerings of forming reality. Evolution progressed at a slow pace over billions of years. One million years ago, mankind began its journey towards who we are today.

There are many mysteries to be explored when considering the evolution of mankind. Strong leaps of development occurred at key moments in our history. Many have theorized, through archeological records, that other civilizations were able to make it to Earth and share knowledge and technology.

Matriarchal rule promoted egalitarian societies. The Goddess, as a source of life, was honored as divinity. Nature provided a backdrop of wonder, order and alignment with the heavens. Priestesses initiated collective ceremony to create harmony and beauty.

Suddenly, in archeological terms, a specific matrix of reality was established here on Earth. In this matrix, reality was fixed to one that was ego based and unchanging in its base structure. It was constructed to pull participants into patterns of duality, self- destruction, survival, greed and separation, making them controllable. The ultimate goal was to elevate oneself to a controlling position in one of the hierarchies of religion, government, work/corporations or organized crime. This is called being successful.

Today, most humans are unconsciously hijacked into logging on to this reality structure. Our egos flare moment to moment as we encounter the world of duality. By agreement, humans must be policed and legislated through authoritative structures. We submit to being controlled. Through our uncontrolled egoic impulses as humans, we make choices that then increase the need for more control. Laws are made every day to combat the inclination of humans towards survival, greed and power.

Who initiated this matrix that promotes duality, hierarchical rule and a reality of survival, suffering and illusion? Who maintains it to this day? These forces of influence are called controllers, existing on both the energetic and physical planes. They exist behind the scenes, yet are also placed in areas of government and religion throughout the world. They initiate the structure and laws of this reality to most often suit their personal needs and to keep the masses under control.

The most dangerous aspect of this reality grid is the controllers’ mind. The installation of the controllers’ mind into human consciousness has turned humans into ego-based organisms. While humans have developed the ability to reason, they largely use this reason to create separation and to initiate self-destructive actions. It is noted that we are the only species on this planet that knowingly engages in activity that leads to our destruction on a mass level.

The controllers’ mind is able to easily infiltrate unaware minds and influence the thoughts of the masses to be self-denigrating, suspicious, judgmental, delusional, obsessed and indulgent. Just watch your thoughts for an entire afternoon as you interact with the world.

Human’s only recourse against this instillation is to interrupt this thought programming with specific mantras, positive thoughts and the vibration of love. Many of the world’s spiritual leaders observe this and offer humans the keys to interrupting this influence.

I was introduced to the actual underlying façade of the grid one afternoon after using a mantra supplied to me by the Avatars. During this meditation, I repeated this mantra with no intention in mind. Suddenly, a linear grid appeared before me, moving out in all directions. It was vibrating, alive.

I continued reciting the mantra. Now the mantra consolidated into a vibration, opening up the grid. This vibration then began to infiltrate the lines of the grid, appearing to weaken it. Over and over I repeated the mantra, one by one the lines of the grid disappeared before me. New lines appeared, awaiting the attention of the mantra. I continued repeating the mantra, breaking it down into phrases and observing its effect on the dissipating grid.

Soon, I found my attention traveling down the grid as the mantra was absorbing the linear lines of control. There was a feeling of liberation, of seeing and of purpose.

After that session, I used the mantra and visited the grid several times. I wondered what effect this would have on my life or the world around me.

At first, I experienced a period of flow, abundance, power and joy. I thought my reality into being, making choices that aligned with my moment-to-moment purpose.

Yet soon, the piper had to be paid. I had to be exposed to the truth about my own control issues: resistance to control by others as well as my inclination to control situations and other beings.. The Ego flared and issues erupted. Suddenly I was sucked into a vortex, begging resolution of my instincts of control. I wanted to react, defend and counter-control. Suffering ensued and I could find no peace.

It soon became clear that I needed to put worldly attention on these matters while seeking a solution energetically.

With great fortune, we happened to gather on the night of a Full Moon. In one meditation, we were asked to contemplate current matters that were disturbing our field. We were then directed to employ the Encode of Loving Kindness, through the Christos, Gaia and Buddhic mudras and direct these invoked energies to ourselves, via our heart center.

The Avatars are very clear that it is difficult to love or be loved if one does not love one’s self. So many of our thoughts and beliefs are self-denigrating. So many negative thoughts are not those of the true Self, but instead, the emanations from the controllers’ mind, manifesting as our ego. If we can but interrupt their flow through perception, we are on our way to interrupting the controller’s matrix.

In addition, The Avatars added, merely thinking or repeating the word LOVE is an interruption to the controller’s mind. This mantra, repeated over and over, trips the signal of the controller’s matrix, much as a circuit breaker. Every time one feels love for another or the self, they break the flow of ego, i.e., the controllers’ mind. Every moment you spend intending love or using Love as a mantra, it breaks the circuit. In addition, time is not a factor and love can be directed through the grid to past hurts, unloved childhood moments and future anticipated stresses. Since all moments in our consciousness are happening simultaneously, any moment in our timelines may be mediated by LOVE.

One could say that our evolution depends on resolving duality with LOVE. One could also extrapolate and say that the future of the planet depends on our resolve to dissipate the lines of the egoic grid with LOVE. Whatever your evolutionary intention is, begin by invoking the power of self-love whenever the negative voice sounds off in within you.

The mantra for disassembling the matrix must couple with one that creates a fabric of LOVE to take hold in this reality. These must be taught in a certain order, with attention to resolving our aberrant timelines. This technology will be offered in the near future to those who are ready to participate in ushering in a free world for all beings.

Yet the power to initiate this shift is already in your hands and in your heart. There are several ways to interrupt the flow of the controllers’ mind into your consciousness.

First, turn to the mantra LOVE, in any language. It is as simple as saying or thinking the word LOVE. Repeated over and over, this simple word will quiet the controller’s mind that seeks to keep you from your inherent freedom. You may clarify this: “I LOVE myself” or “I LOVE you, unconditionally.”

Secondly, engage with the encode mantra sequence for Loving Kindness. Simply hold the three mudras shown below, in this sequence while you direct this loving kindness towards your most precious self.

Thirdly, offer LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to anyone and everyone that instigates judgment or resistance in your mind or body. Without any other effort, you are upgrading the vibration of the planet, with a single thought. How marvelously powerful and brilliant of you…..

Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians, Part One

Evidence That Jesus and The Original Aramaic Christians Were Vegetarians

By James Bean (Exploring the World Religions Column)

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” (Albert Einstein)

When it comes to vegetarianism and Christianity the first question people always ask is: “In the scriptures aren’t there passages describing Jesus as serving fish, as well as eating lamb during the Jewish holiday known as Passover?” Some might also cite a verse about John the Baptist eating insects (locusts). This of course is based on a couple of quotes from the Orthodox New Testament that people are familiar with.

For those not acquainted with Judeo-Christian history and the various collections of writings or scriptures from that period that have survived, at first glance it appears as if Jesus ate fish and that John the Baptist dined on bugs. Certainly the well-known writings of European Christianity portray it that way. But not so fast. These gospels represent writings used by a religious sect following the Apostle Paul’s Western version of Christianity, which was attempting to recruit followers from around the Roman Empire. Paul did advocate eating meat, but he himself supplies us with evidence in his own letters (‘epistles’) dating back to the early decades of the First Century AD (around 50 AD) that others in early Christianity disagreed with him about diet and many other issues. It turns out that Paul dropped the vegetarian requirement as part of his attempt to make new converts. If you read his New Testament Epistle to the Galatians closely however, you can notice there was quite a bit of tension between Paul and the original Jesus Movement based in Jerusalem. Paul gives them ‘left-handed compliments,’ calls them “weak,” “of the circumcision,” and even “Judaizers.” Given their solid credibility and affiliation with the historical Jesus, Paul couldn’t completely denounce them, but he does greatly marginalize them. They are barely mentioned at all in the New Testament.

Those in the Jerusalem part of the Jesus movement, Jesus’ own family and spiritual successors headed by the Apostle James, the brother of Jesus and next leader of the Aramaic-speaking Jerusalem community, were all vegetarian. They disagreed with Paul’s group or sect about diet: “The consumption of animal flesh was unknown up until the great flood. But since the great flood, we have had animal flesh stuffed into our mouths. Jesus, the Christ, who appeared when the time was fulfilled, again joined the end to the beginning, so that we are now no longer allowed to eat animal flesh.” (Hieronymus)

The earlier Essene movement within Judaism adhered to a vegetarian diet. That’s the context within Judaism. The Essenes (of Dead Sea Scrolls fame), the John the Baptist group, and the Jesus movement had much in common and are somehow related to each other. Scholars frequently debate the exact nature of their relationship. In any case, they shared many of the same values, scriptures, and spiritual beliefs.

How could it be that Jesus’ own family, the actual group of direct, spiritual successors and disciples, would have it all wrong about diet, and Paul, who never physically met Jesus and was never directly affiliated with the original disciples, got it right? The truth of the matter is that the Hebrew gospels did not portray Jesus as eating fish or Passover lamb, and in those gospels, John the Baptist did not eat any insects. Paul’s group had their literature, but so did the Ebionites, the Hebrew Christians. There were pro-meat gospels, as we all know, but there were also vegetarian gospels: the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of the Hebrews, the Gospel of the Nazarenes, the Gospel of the Ebionites, and other Ebionite literature including the Clementine Homilies and the Recognitions of Clement. These are not channeled or recently composed writings, but scriptures that have long been known to scholars and were used by other branches of Christianity from the Middle East in antiquity. Sometimes these books are called “extra-canonical writings” or “lost books of the Bible.” These are books of someone else’s Bible; in other words, sacred texts once used by other forms of Apostolic Christianity long ago in Israel, Syria (Mesopotamia), Turkey (Asia Minor), Egypt, Ethiopia, the Mediterranean region, etc.

The Jewish Christians called themselves “Ebionites.” “Ebionite” is a word derived from Hebrew meaning “The Poor.” They traced their vow of poverty back to the first Christian community described in the New Testament Acts of the Apostles (4:32-35), and were a spiritual or intentional community that shared all of their possessions in common.

Epiphanius quotes their gospel, the Ebionite or Hebrew Gospel, as ascribing these words to Jesus: ‘I have come to destroy the sacrifices’ (Panarion 30.16.5), and as ascribing to Jesus' rejection of the Passover meat (Panarion 30.22.4), and these are analogous to numerous passages found in the Recognitions and Homilies (e.g., Recognitions 1.36, 1.54 and Homilies 3.45, 7.4, 7.8).

The Ebionite or Hebrew Gospel quotes Jesus as saying, “I have come to abolish the sacrifices, and if you cease not from sacrificing, my wrath will not cease from you.” (Panarion 30.16.5)

One of the earliest Ebionite Christian documents is the Clementine Homilies, a work based on the teachings of Saint Peter. Homily XII states, “The unnatural eating of flesh meats is polluting, with its sacrifices and its impure feasts.”

Paul was OK with the practice of eating meat sacrificed to idols that came from various temples, but, like their Essene ancestors, the original Jesus Movement categorically rejected this. The author of the Book of Revelation in the New Testament also denounced this practice. (See Book of Revelation 2:12-17). The passage from Revelation actually contradicts other verses in the New Testament authored by Paul.

The first followers of Jesus, also known as Ebionites or Nazoreans, were not only kosher, but also strictly adhered to a vegetarian diet. The largest surviving collection of Ebionite scriptures is the Clementine Homilies and the Recognitions of Clement, which are vegetarian gospels that condemn animal sacrifice in any form. For example, the Book of Homilies states that God does not want animals killed at all (3.45), and condemns those who eat meat (7.4, 7.8). And the passages below also show that the Ebionites’ diet was vegan -- plant-based (no eggs, no dairy, and no animal products).

Peter said, “I live on olives and bread, to which I rarely only add vegetables.” (Clementine Homilies 12,6; also see, Recognitions 7,6)

“And happiness is found in the practice of virtue. Accordingly, the Apostle Matthew partook of seeds, and nuts, hard-shelled fruits, and vegetables, without flesh.” (Clement of Alexandria, The Instructor, Book 2, Chapter 1)

“John never ate meat.” (Church historian Hegesipp according to Eusebius, History of the Church II 2:3)

“James, the brother of the Lord, lived on seeds and plants and touched neither meat nor wine.” (Epistulae ad Faustum XXII, 3)

“James, the brother of the Lord was holy from his mothers womb; and he drank no wine nor strong drink, nor did he eat flesh.” (Hegesippus, quoted in The Church History of Eusebius, book 2, chapter 23)

And James became the successor of Christ and next leader of the Jesus Movement! The Gospel of Thomas, Saying 12: “The disciples said to Jesus; ‘We are aware that you will depart from us. Who will be our leader?’ Jesus said to him, ‘No matter where you come, it is to James the Just that you shall go, for whose sake heaven and earth have come to exist.’”(Bently Layton’s translation)

Though never seeing eye-to-eye with the original Jerusalem community on many things including the issue of meat eating, in his epistles even Paul the rogue Apostle, confirms this leadership role of James the Just, “the Lord’s brother” in Jerusalem, and he himself went to visit him to seek his blessings on a couple of occasions.

Inter-Faith Love!

The following passage is from the Recognitions of Clement. This Ebionite Christian author has very nice things to say about those in India who worship One God, follow peaceful customs and laws, and are vegetarian or vegan. Imagine! Clearly he sees parallels between his own religion and that of his brothers and sisters “in the Indian countries.” This is one of the most amazing passages I know of in the extra-canonical scriptures, as it is a rare example of one religion (Ebionite, Hebrew Christianity) recognizing “Truth” in another religion (Hinduism), a rare inter-faith moment in human history. The Recognitions of Clement, and The Clementine Homilies are surviving Jewish-Christian texts representing an Ebionite vegetarian point of view:

“There are likewise amongst the Bactrians,
in the Indian countries,
immense multitudes of Brahmans,
who also themselves,
from the tradition of their ancestors,
and peaceful customs and laws,
neither commit murder nor adultery,
nor worship idols,
nor have the practice of eating animal food,
are never drunk,
never do anything maliciously,
but always fear God.”

-- Recognitions of Clement, Book 9, Chapter 22, Brahmans Volume Eight, of the, Ante-Nicene Fathers, page 187, T. & T. Clark Eerdmans edition.
More Wisdom from the East

The harshest words that Kabir, a great spiritual Master and poet-mystic from Northern India (loved by Sufis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Sants and Hindus alike) ever spoke were directed against the slaughter or consumption of innocent animals.

Kabir says, “Keep away from the man who eats meat -- his company will ruin your meditation."


Lightworkers Awakening

For all of those with a lot of questions!!.....check it out!!

The bottom of the swimming pool

When your life feels like it’s falling apart, I often use the analogy of falling into a deep swimming pool. As you sink deeper and deeper down, it feels as if you will never breathe fresh air again and the situation feels hopeless. Everything you try to do to get back to the surface feels completely ineffective: you are a mass of flailing arms and legs.

But when you hit the bottom of the pool, there is a hard surface to push off from and you can speed up to the surface with relative ease. Oh – how sweet it is to gasp that delicious air.

So many of us are going through this process where our lives literally feel like they are disintegrating in front of us and it is incredibly scary. Everything we have striven for – the job, the relationship, the home, good health – they are all melting away. These are not small ticket items in our life. How can this possibly be in our highest interest?

The secret is in trusting that the Universe does know what is best for you and even though you may be terrified beyond your wildest nightmares, holding that trust that it will all be OK can make all the difference to how you pass through this phase.

Basically, in the awakening process, sometimes we have to dissolve our old self, in order to become more aligned with our higher self. I see so many people very afraid and feeling as if this is all too much and that they can’t take it any more. The distress is so enormous, but I would encourage you to really use these feelings to cry out ENOUGH!

This is the equivalent of hitting the bottom of the swimming pool. It is from this point that you can make a decision to accept help and move quickly upwards towards that fresh air that you are yearning for.

Only you can make this decision to shout “enough”. No one can do it for you and in fact someone rushing in to help you before you reach this point yourself will actually only delay the process, keeping you floundering in the deep water for longer.

In real life it means deciding to do something differently, even though the very thought of it scares you rigid. It means accepting help, even though you are normally the one who helps everyone else. It means deciding that you are worth investing in.

I used to think the last sentence was used by unscrupulous coaches to try to sell you a course that you couldn’t afford, but now I have seen what really happens when you give something to someone before they have decided to reach out for help themselves. You actually conspire to keep your client stuck, because they still haven’t worked out that they are worth investing in. It’s actually pretty huge.

It can be very upsetting to watch a dear one going through this falling apart process. I know only too well the cost of trying to help someone before they are ready. Your interference might avert that particular crisis but actually, it all just comes back bigger and harder a bit later and its heartbreaking to realize that you have just prolonged their agony for them. You are better using a little bit of tough love, supporting them as much as you can, but ensuring they decide for themselves to get help.

I have been through this process myself so I do understand exactly what it feels like. Life is still hurling wonderful challenges at me, but I know trust completely it is the Universe taking me on a short cut, knowing exactly what I need and bringing it to me in a way I would never have expected.

I’m learning to observe the difficulties in my life rather than flail about in the drama of it all and I completely trust the Angels are with me supporting every step of the way.

I urge you to shout out “enough” to the Universe, decide to do something different, to hit the bottom of the swimming pool and start to zoom to the surface.

Suffering to Serenity

As a person with Mental Illness I've learned many things about myself and others. In that journey I've learned about the looming stigma surrounding Mental Illnesses that cause quick judgement. I've learned of the pain many people face but don't show. Above all, I've learned of support and love. I'm developing a video game as a support to those suffering, and as a different perspective to those who don't understand. Currently, it's me and a small team. For the past year, it's been me and that small team. Only recently did we begin showing the game publicly in development. Thus far it's been very very well received by those who have seen it. A huge problem indie developers face is their project being unseen, this is why I'm blogging.

4 years ago, I was an emotional train wreck. Suicide attempts, drug abuse, psychiatric ward stays for self harm and suicide attempts, alcohol abuse, anger issues. I was a mess. I felt hopeless, overwhelmed, and scared. I didn't know who I was and I made a lot of harmful choices that affected more than just me. A year later, with a lot of work I had learned a lot about how to control my mental illness and to coexist with it. I learned by utilizing therapy and instead of thinking they didn't understand and didn't know me, I shifted my perspective. I instead thought, I'll try. Which then became: I'll do. Which inevitably led to: It works! I feel much much better! A year after that, I quit taking my medications and I surprised all of the doctors and also my family. They were suprised because I did extremely well. I graduated high school medication free. In all of the years I've had depression, I've fought. Really hard sometimes, and other times just barely hanging on. It was like fighting an invisible void in my chest. One that would suck out all happiness and joy and leave me feeling empty and lifeless. Beyond that, I had people telling me I was making it up. That I could turn it off and on at will. Life was a struggle when I was depressed. When I began to get better, I utilized a bunch of positive tools. Music being one of the strongest, Breathing methods another strong one. Many of these tools I used multiple times in a day. I had to win this battle against depression, and I continued fighting. That got me to where I was medication free, and smooth sailing after.

Fast forward to last year. I'm 19 years old. Went off to college, and asked for a slow course to ease in. I was put into a condensed course. 6 months in 6 weeks. I didn't know at the time, but I quickly gathered what was happening. There was also no way to get my money back for those courses. I ended up dropping out and going back into a slump. It was at this time I began listening to beautiful music. I decided to make a game, virtual worlds that were awe inspiring and I could explore to relax. Perhaps even release to those struggling as well. The game would feature amazing music and help people. I gathered a team, and they told me I'd be better off making a real game. So we started. LifeEssence is the game.

"LifeEssence is the story of a man struggling with his mental illness. As he fights to regain vitality for life he enters a dream-like reality. He's faced with many challenges and puzzles that will help him retain and regain his Memory of who he was, and to learn who he really is. This dream-like reality is known as Trium, and is a Mystical place full of oddities and the unexpected. When he entered Trium he was transformed. The Observer is his being in this strange world and he now lacks a mouth. Unable to speak, he explores these realms with a childlike eye and innocence. The choice is yours on what you do. Be aware though, every choice has consequence, good or bad."

I'm now a 20 year old entrepreneur aspiring to help others. We don't have many people who know of the project currently, and we can definitely use support. I never knew I'd be where I am today. Let alone feeling as well as I do. I honestly expected a lot of bad to happen, not for me to find myself and to strive to help others. Here I am though. I hope to inspire, to motivate, and to help heal. I've worked with Musicians who have inspired me, talented artists, an amazing array of people who I would have never met or spoken with otherwise. It's been a beautiful experience all around and I've been very blessed. I'd really like to get this out there though. To share what we have done with the world, to let people know the cause behind the project. When we begin selling it, every sale I will be donating a portion to charity for mental illnesses and awareness. I want to start inspiring, and I intend to do this by releasing something positive, unique, and interesting into the world. The game itself is a metaphorical journey from darkness, to light. If anyone reads this and would like to support I've attached both my facebook page and my official website. Both can provide updates as we progress, and both can help others know what we're doing.

The word for the day is BUOYANCY

The word for the day is BUOYANCY---Believing Unrelentingly On Your Autonomous Creative Yearnings that if followed will lift you higher than you ever dreamt possible. Will you dare to rise?

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