Love and Angel Light

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I AM THAT - by Jayne Meyers




by Jayne Meyers

spark of divine flame breathed into form;

creator and created

of father-sky and mother-earth.

I am that.  I am. 


ocean, mountain, desert, forest

strong as a tree trunk,

light as a feather.

that, too, I am.


and raccoon and rabbit,

owl and eagle,

snake and dragonfly,

tiger and lamb,

I am that.  I am. 


a-men-ket, she whom I was eons ago in egypt,

the name meaning love and peace

jeshua, st germain, isis, ariel, melchizedek, metatron,

the christ within

kundalini expanding, exploding,

I am that.  I am.


and thoth, plato, davinci and mozart,

shakespeare, blake, vermeer

the music of the spheres,

I am that. I am.


eternal fire made pure anew --

the formless into form,

the nameless and the named.


and all of this, too, I am.

I am that.  I AM.


Jayne Meyers © 2008


One of my poems I'd like to share with all of you - Feel free to forward as long as copyright info stays at end of poem


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