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Personal Attitudes Dictate Our View of the World

Namaste ~

How each person sees the world through their eyes is highly dependent on their attitudes to life itself.
Listen closely next time you are having a conversation with a friend, colleague, or family member. You will probably notice that their own personal experiences of life will either expand or contract what they perceive of situations. This is hugely evident in people who have suffered a lot of trauma, either as a child, or as an adult. Trauma can relate to abuse, life-threatening accidents or illnesses, or now days even extreme financial hardship.

Some folks are more adaptable than others when life throws them a curve ball. Personality can play a big part also in how a person copes with sudden change in life. The one who is always looking at the bright side of life and refuses to be 'beat' by circumstances, is the one who will dig even deeper for that inner-supply of strength. Unfortunately, the ones who have always grumbled through their lives have not discovered the vast amount of spiritual energy that they can harvest when they allow peace to enter their lives so that the energy within can be utilised.

We see the opposites of personality in our everyday lives, from the shopkeeper who always greets you with a smile, to the complaining neighbour who is constantly whinging about life and how useless everyone and everything is ! A stark contrast between the two : the shopkeeper has created a happy environment for his customers and therefore attracts more sales and profits; the constantly whinging neighbour will always see the world as a dark, unfriendly place which reflects their own attitudes.

It is so true that the more positive we are about our own life, the brighter the world looks. We are projecting a positive attitude through our thoughts and actions. This sets up a clear path to enable life to continue in the way it is meant to for our own particular journey. It may not always turn out the way that WE had planned, but it sets us up with the inner-strength and right outlook to handle those unexpected curve balls should they find us. We can't always control what happens in our life, but our attitude towards life and ourselves gives us a good foundation to face the world with the strength we know we have, within.


                                *~*   Blessings of Light and Peace  ~  Tara   *~*

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