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VIDEO 7 - talking about the ufos 2

talking about the ufos 2

Ankara puppet to western demands [Servet Mullaoglu @ PressTV]

According to many regional figures and Turkish residents, Turkey has been put in charge of fulfilling the U.S goals in the region. As the U.S has bitten off more than it can chew in Iraq and Afghanistan it has been using Turkey in attempts to stir up trouble in Syria. Syria and Turkey share a 900-km-border and according to the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Turkey has left it completely un patrolled for militants and groups affiliated with al-Qaeda to transport weapons freely. The weapons are then used to fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

VIDEO 6 - talking about the ufos 1


Meeting Renewable Energy Needs in Southern Africa [EarthFocus @ LinkTV]

The people and technologies shaping Africa's energy future. Correspondent Jeff Barbee reports from South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Malawi on how energy from the sun, wind, water, and even garbage not only helps the environment but is just good business. Watch more at http://www.linktv.org/earthfocus.

MOON CITY AND WHAT NASA FORGOT TO TELL US 2013 tribute moonram1952;) POPpetknows

A city on our moon, covered by a dome, revealing structures of alien origin, This video is dedicated to moonram1952, who is the original author and photoanalyst of this great work POPpetknows;)

MARS DARK PYRAMID Alien Architecture 2013, tribute to moonram1952 by POPpetknows ;)

A pentagonal pyramid of colossal proportions, revealing a temple built on Mars of alien origin, This video is dedicated to moonram1952, who is the original author and photoanalyst of this great work POPpetknows;)

GRAN MONUMENTO EN LA LUNA 2013,tributo a moonram1952 by POPpetknows

Un gran monumento en la Luna similar al Monte Rushmore, compuesto por varias cabezas no humanas, ¿a quienes representan estas magníficas e increíbles cconstrucciones, dioses, demonios, ángeles?, Este video esta dedicado a moonram1952, quien es el autor original y fotoanalista de este grandioso trabajo tributo por POPpetknows;)

Dave DeWitt: "Growing Medical Marijuana" [C-SPAN]

Learn about the current state of efforts across the country to legalize marijuana from Dave DeWitt, author of "Growing Medical Marijuana" Visit: http://www.c-span.org/LocalContent/Albuquerque

Shrimp and Smart Phones: The Toxic Side of Profit [EarthFocus @ LinkTV]

This episode of Earth Focus looks at the dark side of shrimp and smart phone industries. Reports from Thailand, Bangladesh, and Indonesia uncover the brutal exploitation of people and the environment for profit. Watch more Earth Focus at http://www.linktv.org/earthfocus

Big Dog Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks

BigDog handles heavy objects. The goal is to use the strength of the legs and torso to help power motions of the arm. This sort of dynamic, whole-body approach to manipulation is used routinely by human athletes and will enhance the performance of advanced robots. Boston Dynamics is developing the control and actuation techniques needed for dynamic manipulation with funding from the Army Research Laboratory's RCTA program.

Fracking Hell: The Untold Story [EarthFocus @ LinkTV]

An original investigative report by Earth Focus and UK's Ecologist Film Unit looks at the risks of natural gas development in the Marcellus Shale. From toxic chemicals in drinking water to unregulated interstate dumping of potentially radioactive waste that experts fear can contaminate water supplies in major population centers including New York City, are the health consequences worth the economic gains? Marcellus Shale contains enough natural gas to supply all US gas needs for 14 years. But as gas drilling takes place, using a process called hydraulic fracturing or "fracking," toxic chemicals and methane gas seep into drinking water. Now experts fear that unacceptable levels of radioactive Radium 226 in gas development waste. Fracking chemicals are linked to bone, liver and breast cancers, gastrointestinal, circulatory, respiratory, developmental as well as brain and nervous system disorders. Such chemicals are present in frack waste and may find their way into drinking water and air. Waste from Pennsylvania gas wells -- waste that may also contain unacceptable levels of radium -- is routinely dumped across state lines into landfills in New York, Ohio and West Virginia. New York does not require testing waste for radioactivity prior to dumping or treatment. So drill cuttings from Pennsylvania have been dumped in New York's Chemung and other counties and liquid waste is shipped to treatment plants in Auburn and Watertown New York. How radioactive is this waste? Experts are calling are for testing to find out. New York State may have been the first state in the nation to put a temporary hold on fracking pending a safety review, but it allows other states to dump toxic frack waste within its boundaries. With a gas production boom underway in the Marcellus Shale and plans for some 400,000 wells in the coming decades, the cumulative impact of dumping potential lethal waste without adequate oversight is a catastrophe waiting to happen. And now U.S. companies are exporting fracking to Europe. Watch more Earth Focus at http://www.linktv.org/earthfocus


homemade video


homemade music video

World Sensation 2013! The Sun Project presents "UFOs and Aliens around our Sun" ©myunhauzen74

What do we really know about the sun? What do you know about the relationship between the earth and the sun? What do you know about anomalies around the sun? You don't know the whole truth Are you ready to know the truth NASA has kept hidden? Planetary sized ufos and aliens! Star Wars around the sun? Why are they there? The Sun Project presents.......... "UFOs and Aliens around our Sun" Coming soon to book and dvd Visit www.thesunproject.net ©Aleksei Sapozhnikov & ©James Palestro For full information about UFOs and paranormal phenomena, please visit http://www.x-u-f-o.blogspot.com

UFO Outside Military Aircraft, Human Tested UFO

Here is the military technology being tested by a human pilot alongside a RAF Hurculies Aircraft, the test was took as a precaution to a future faked alien invasion, this craft has been replicated so expect to see these in the near future.

International UFO Congress recap Day 2 with Micah Hanks - Spacing Out!

Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry interview speaker and Gralien Report host Micah Hanks at day 2 of the International UFO Congress in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The UFO Congress runs through Sunday March 3rd.Follow us on twitter for more updates:@acecentric@openmindstv@maureenelsberry

Sandy Hook - DA Says MULTIPLE SHOOTERS Adam Lanza may have not acted alone

Sandy Hook - DA Says MULTIPLE SHOOTERS!!!: Sandy Hook DA citesSandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safety.....huh?Natalie HammondSandy Hook DA cites 'potential suspects,' fears witness safetyhttp://www.digitaljournal.com/article/342829

How to Prepare for Inflation?

Please SUBSCRIBE and share! What do we do for inflation? Gold? Silver? What should be buy?

Crowded Skies

Sott.net has been tracking the startling increase in fireballs in our skies over the past 6 or 7 years. In conjunction with the release of Laura Knight Jadczyk's very topical new book: Comets and the Horns of Moses, we've put together this video summary of the state of affairs vis a vis the celestial threat to all life on earth.

A SHARKS VIEW on RADIATION from Fukushima & Hanford

The sad state of affairs continue from the Fukushima Disaster that took place on March 11, 2011.Many people are not taking into consideration the radiation (cesium) that has severely polluted the Pacific Ocean and all the life sustainable foods that come from the once beautiful waters of the Pacific. Many continue to serve tuna in spite of the massive amounts of cesium found in 100% of the young Blue Fin Tuna that made it to the western coastline of the USA. Here in this video Zanzabar has returned after having heard about the dangers in his school.Thank you TheTrueRae for your awesome animation :)ZANZABAR RETURNS WITH A SHARKS VIEW on RADIATION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zuE1gtSgGYPROPAGANDA 101 From the World Health Organization (the W.H.O.)http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/78218/1/9789241505130_eng.pdfPROPAGANDA 102 From the AP (the Associated Press)http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/78218/1/9789241505130_eng.pdfPROPAGANDA 103 From the NYT (the New York Times)http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/01/world/asia/who-sees-low-health-risks-from-fukushima-accident.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0Confuse-a-Cat Propaganda 104 From Gather.Comhttp://politics.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474981855191actual confuse-a-cat lessons here: Monty Python - Confuse-A-Cat http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2Je1CEPkUMACTUAL ANSWERS TO THE "CONFUSE-A-CAT PROPAGANDA Syndrome"Nuclear Hotseat #85: Journalist Karl Grossman Reveals 40+ Years of Nuke Media Manipulation - See more at: http://www.nuclearhotseat.com/nuclear-hotseat-85-journalist-karl-grossma... Controversies & the WHO Cover-Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCIto-rsa8oFuksuhaima breaking news, WHO; study released, WHO IS w.h.o. keivn d blanch 3/1/13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADtZxi-Wj8M&list=FLQHopfPwfFjn37JgO1l-axg... Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences) [Paperback]http://www.amazon.com/Chernobyl-Consequences-Catastrophe-Environment-Sciences/dp/1573317578So Long and Thanks for all the Fish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojydNb3LrrsThe Place You Must Always Remember to Forget - Nuclear Waste the film. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQ3dT7xcMgU&feature=youtu.be

I am So Upset About The Sequester Cuts

I am So Upset About The Sequester Cuts, The Federal Reserve may have to stop printing money, Firemen cannot put out fires, We can't go into more debt because of the sequester cuts, Welfare folks will need to get off WelfareGet The Newsletter Now!http://whateverhappentocommonsense.com/go/common-sense-newsletter/ The Book Whatever-Happen-Common-Sense-On Kindle Nowhttp://www.amazon.com/Whatever-Happen-Common-Sense-ebook/dp/B008L8RBLO/ref=sr...Buy the Book "Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense" @ http://goo.gl/f784E Orhttps://www.createspace.com/3686750 - Buy the EBook "Whatever Happen To COMMON Sense" Email: (Realmenwork@gmail.com Website: http://www.whateverhappentocommonsense.com Twitter: Commonsense39

Nigel Farage - BBC Breakfast, beating the Conservatives and Labour in Eastleigh - 03 13

UK Independence party leader Nigel Farage speaks after a good result for UKIP in the Eastleigh by-election.

UFO recorded february 24 2013

had a visitor.......................take care.

Jodi Arias, ideas, motives, why?

Has anyone followed this case? I watched the trials on tv here and there and I cant get a grasp on it. I would really like to hear some ideas thrown around. I sense a big feeling of being innocent from her energy. Boyfriend was stabbed 2 dozen times, does not make for a good self defense case unless you just murdered leather face. Please I need feedback!

Angel Guadiania. U.S.A. Area 51 Dreamland UFO's

Angel Guadiania. U.S.A. Area 51 Dreamland UFO's
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO