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War Hawks Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong about Iraq

James Fallows
Here is something other than The Sequester to think about at the beginning of March:

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My Goal? To "Share with World... True Cost of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan"

Bradley Manning

Pfc. Bradley Manning explained how and more importantly, why, he leaked military and government documents.(Credit: Reuters)This statement below was read by Private First Class Bradley E. Bradley at a providence inquiry for his formal plea of guilty to one specification as charged and nine specifications for lesser included offenses. He pled not guilty to 12 other specifications.

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Apocalypse? No. But Unless We Change Tack, Earth is Running Out of Time

Andrew Simms

After millennia of falsely predicting the apocalypse, humanity has become understandably flippant. There were so many threatened catastrophes in 2012, from rolling earthquakes to interstellar collisions and a misunderstanding of the Mayan calendar that the quips began to flow.

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History Will Damn the Persecutors of Bradley Manning

Owen Jones

History will damn the persecutors of Bradley Manning. Big powers who hide crimes away from their own people – while claiming to act in their name, of course – fear few more than those determined to hold them to account.

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Going Outside the Hospital Walls to Improve Community Health

Gar Alperovitz
David Zuckerman

Study after study demonstrates that poverty is a powerful driver of poor health. Many of America's leading hospitals exist in poor communities.

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Conversation with "Fix the Debt," Help Count the Pinocchios

Lisa Graves

Last week, the Center for Media and Democracy and The Nation magazine worked together to publish a package in the Nation and a new online wiki resource on Pete Peterson and the Campaign to Fix the Debt, an entity we consider an “astroturf supergroup” with a huge budget working hard to create the fantasy that Americans care more ab

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The Happiness Initiative: The Serious Business of Well-Being

Laura Musikanski
John de Graaf

Happiness: is it just a fad of the day or the wave of the future? On July 19th, 2011, the United Nations (UN) passed a resolution urging governments across the globe to start measuring happiness and well-being “with a view to guiding public policy.” The UN recognizes that gross domestic product (GDP) is an insufficient guide for safeguarding the well-being of people or our future.

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The Ascendant and Necessary Transition to a New Economy

Atlee McFellin

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The Sequester and the Tea Party Plot

Robert Reich

Imagine a plot to undermine the government of the United States, to destroy much of its capacity to do the public’s business, and to sow distrust among the population.(Image: Mother Jones)

Imagine further that the plotters infiltrate Congress and state governments, reshape their districts to give them disproportionate influence in Washington, and use the media to spread big lies about the government.

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Washington's Sequester: Into the Vast Inane

Robert Borosage

Someone asked the Master about the principles of … traveling into the vast inane.

– From the Bao Pu Zi, AD 320,
Joseph Needham, Science and Civilization in China

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