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Suzanne Lie: Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Connecting Realities 1

Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Connecting Realities 1

Q & A with the Arcturians

By Suzanne Lie – February 4, 2013

Mytre Speaks:

This time when Mytria and I entered our “Holoschool” we saw the Arcturian again in front of the “Transmissions to Earth Screen” which appears more like a membrane. The Screen revealed a group of Earthlings who we instantly recognized by their energy fields as Pleiadian and Arcturian in nature. However, they were all wearing their human Earth vessels. We could see their third dimensional bodies sitting in a circle, as well as their higher fourth dimensional bodies with whom the Arcturian would be communicating.

It appeared that the Arcturian had already introduced Itself, and one of the fourth dimensional bodies was standing and about to ask a question. Mytria and I quietly stood behind the Arcturian knowing full well that It was teaching through example how to answer some of the many questions that we would be asked. Thus, we said nothing and observed as the question and answer session began.

The standing Ascending One was actually the Earth expression of one of our friends with whom we had laughed just last night. Or, perhaps that was a lifetime ago? We felt such joy that our friend’s grounded expression was able to communicate directly with an Arcturian.

“Dear Arcturians” asked our friend in a human disguise, “We have some questions to ask you. However, first we want to thank you for all the assistance you have given us. We do not know how we would have tolerated third dimensional reality without your guidance.”

“Dear Ascending One” spoke the Arcturian, “We want you all to know that we, your Galactic Family, are YOU. Hence, there is no question of whether or not we would be of assistance. When you merged your great Essence with this expression of your Self, we promised that we would help you.

We assured you that we would call you as soon as your consciousness was expanded enough for you to hear us. Your answer to our call set your life into a completely different direction. In actuality, your answer to us, your Higher Expression, set you into a new Path of Realty.

There are many Paths of Realty, and the smoothest Path is the one forged by your Higher Expressions of SELF. In this manner, you, the grounded Ascending Ones, can always have access to the Higher Perspective of your journey. Within this Higher Perspective is a direct line of communication between the YOU who has volunteered to enter Earth during this Timeline of Planetary Ascension and the you who is a Higher Expression of your SELF. With meditation and practice, the link between you and your Higher Expressions of SELF will become a constant source of support and guidance.

Dear Ascending Ones, would you like to ask your first question?”

Another person stood, who was an old friend from our Homeworld. We so wanted to say hello to her, but her human expression could only see a very, vague image of the Arcturian.

“Dear Arcturian, I am so happy to speak with you. I have been chosen to speak for all of us. We have several questions that we would like to ask. For starters, we would like to know why we have been feeling so very tired. We know that this fatigue must be another symptom of transmutation, but more information would be greatly helpful.”

The Arcturian warmly replied, “We are equally pleased to speak directly with one of our Ascending family members. We understand the difficulty of limiting your immense Being into a small Earth vessel. Your fatigue is largely because your consciousness operates at a much faster rate than your physical Earth vessel.

Often your Earth vessel appears to be completely still while your consciousness is processing realities that are invisible to the senses of your 3D Vessel. This condition is much like keeping your car in neutral while you press down the accelerator. The car is ready to go, but you are not in a gear for movement.

Your Earth vessel is much like an automobile. This auto has a 3D body and operating system that is in the process of adding a new computer program. However, your 3D vessel is unable to read this new Operating System. Largely computers run the newer cars, but you cannot ‘trade in’ your current vehicle.

Hence, you must find a way to convert your old car into a format in which it can respond to the directions of your new computer system. This transition of operating systems causes great fatigue for your 3D earth vessel. The fact is that there are inherent limitations in your physical form that will never be able to read all the information that is now available to your consciousness.

Therefore, your brain is working overtime attempting to make sense of information that is entering your consciousness via your the new Operating System. However, due to the inherent flaws of your Earth vessel, this system cannot be totally connected to the body you are wearing. For this reason, it is best to allow your grounded self to relax into the guidance of your Higher Expression of SELF. Then your Higher Expression can ‘tow’ your Earth vessel. All you need to do is to put your vessel/car in neutral and make sure the brake is off.

Fear is your braking system. If you try to surrender into the guidance of your SELF, but your ego puts the brakes on with its fear, the resistance will create great fatigue. However, we are NOT saying that all your fatigue is due to this dynamic. There are many of our Ascending Ones who have gained great mastery of their fear, but their Earth vessel is simply not equipped to move as fast as their minds.

The consciousness of these Ascending Ones is hungrily accepting the higher cosmic light and speeding into higher and higher frequencies of reality. However, they are still anchored to the physical realm. Hence their mind, which has accepted the guidance of their higher consciousness, is ‘pulling on a boat that is still attached to the dock.’

Therefore, fatigue arises from the constant resistance of your body that cannot accept the acceleration of your consciousness. Fortunately, your bodies are also going through a transmutation process, but the physicality of the body creates a much slower transition than the flexibility of the consciousness.

This situation is more difficult for the Ascending Ones wearing an older model of Earth vessel. Fortunately, the extended years on Earth have awakened enough wisdom that these Ascending Ones do not judge their body and allow it adequate rest. The Ascending Ones who entered their Earth vessels decades ago have also had the challenge of many, many years in which they had to keep their true SELF a secret.

Consequently, the constant constraint of ones true expression often causes physical conditions that forces the older version of Earth vessel to move more slowly. Fortunately, patience is often gained through decades of experience. Furthermore, the guidance of their Higher Expression has often led them into a reality in which their responsibilities to the 3D illusion are greatly diminished. Hence, they can take on their well-earned status of Mentors.

Furthermore, these Mentors’ wisdom has taught them to unconditionally love themselves so that they can more easily and completely unconditionally love others. This freedom from judgment regarding the age of their current vessel allows them to make the appropriate decisions regarding the care and maintenance of a ‘vintage vehicle.’

On the other hand, our Galactic Family is entering more young Earth vessels. These infants, children and teens have instincts that allow them to access many of their innate, multidimensional abilities and information. These young Ascending Ones are too often born to parents who cannot understand or assist them. However, as your society continues to awaken there will be more support for these Ascending members of Ascending Earth. These ‘children’ will be the leaders of your new reality.”

“Would like to ask us another question?”

“Thank you so much dear Arcturian,” said the spokesperson. “Yes, we would like to ask you about the dizziness that many of us have been experiencing. Is that dizziness another symptom of transformation?”

“Yes,” answered the Arcturian, “Dizziness is another symptom of transmutation, but it is because of a slightly different reason. The dizziness you are experiencing is because you are beginning to consciously experience more than one reality at a time. In fact, ‘time’ has shifted from an element of stability and structure in your life into yet another changing dynamic, to cause even further confusion. You are confused about the erratic nature of time and about the myriad thought, sensations, pictures and/or memories that waft in and out of your mind.

Those of you who have created a solid link between your current Earth vessel and a Guide or higher frequencies Expression of your Multidimensional SELF often have less confusion, but more dizziness. In this case, the dizziness comes from that fact that you are currently running two diametrically opposed operating systems. Your Third Dimensional Operating System is telling you that you are limited to your clay shell, that there is only one reality.

In fact, your Third Dimensional System tells you that you are “hallucinating” if you are experiencing a different reality. This old System tells you to ignore those stimuli, as it is NOT real. Only that which you perceive with your five physical senses is real, and everything else is just your imagination. At the same time, your Multidimensional Operating System is telling you that everything that you perceive with your five physical senses is an illusion and only your imagination is REAL.

Meanwhile, the circuitry of your physical brain is overloaded with conflicting information and too much stimuli to effectively compute. Your brain is like a computer in which you have opened too many windows and now the entire system is freezing up. Whereas your computer would likely stop functioning, your brain makes you feel dizzy.

Is the outside world real, or the inside world real? Is that memory or passing vision from the corner of your eye real, or the clear vision in front of you real? What is real? To what can you attach your anchor and your sense of SELF? These questions confuse your 3D brain even further. Your overloaded brain desperately tries to separate and sequentially file multidimensional sensations that are neither separate nor sequential.

Hence, your mind begins to spin and you feel dizzy. The solution to this issue is to fully download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. However, in order to do so you will have to ‘upgrade’ your biological computer by bringing the 97% Ascension DNA fully online. Many of you have already completed this upgrade.

However, once the Ascension DNA is fully operational you have an even greater challenge, which is connecting this 97% Ascension DNA with your 3% Earth vessel DNA. This process is the cause of the greatest dizziness because you have to connect two totally opposite systems of operation.

Your human brain tells you that:

  • ALL life is outside of your body
  • Everything is separate from everything else
  • Your imagination is not real
  • You must work very hard and long to create anything
  • You are better or worse than others
  • Time rules your world
  • You cannot go faster than the speed of light, etc. etc. etc…

On the other hand, your Multidimensional Operating System tells you that:

  • Life is everywhere and infinite
  • You are all ONE
  • Surrender into that which you wish to create
  • Your imagination is fifth dimensional thinking
  • You are ALL equal, Multidimensional Beings
  • Time and Space are an illusion of the physical world, etc. etc. etc…

Attempting to contain so many opposite and opposing concepts and versions of reality makes you lose your external focus. Do you remember when you were a child and you would spin yourselves around again and again until you were so dizzy that you fell down? You became dizzy because your external touchstone was gone. You were like a dancer who goes into a spin without maintaining their ‘spot.’

Then, just as a car may sputter and stop, your biological brain spins and shuts down. To deal with this dynamic, your body becomes “sick” to create a good reason for your dizziness. Then you go to bed and go to sleep, which is a very good solution. While you are adding a new operation system to your computer, you cannot open any programs or do anything with the computer. You have to wait until the new system is totally downloaded. Then, when you restart your computer it appears to be much the same. However, there are subtle differences that you do not recognize until you use your computer. Your brain is a biological computer and runs in a very similar fashion.

Many of you are trying to download a new Quantum Operating System into an old computer. For this download, you will definitely need the assistance of your Higher Expressions of SELF. Your Higher Expressions are your Guidebook. They will assist you to understand your new version of SELF, just as we will.

Do you have a final question for us?”

This time the group conferred before the spokesperson again stood to speak,

“Thank you for your information. It appears to us that the greatest challenge of all would be to somehow connect the advanced operating system of our Multidimensional SELF with our third-dimensional thinking. Is this similar to connecting our third/fourth dimensional reality to the fifth dimensional world of New Earth?”

Mytria and I wondered if the small group would catch the glint in the Arcturians aura that had become so familiar to us as It said, “You are very correct. Your consciousness and more of your reality than you realize is already fifth dimensional. However, you cannot compute much of the higher stimuli that fills your new world because your 3D brain cannot yet recognize this data. Your 3D brain is simply refusing to accept these perceptions as real. Hence, they never travel through the reticular system of your brain.

The neural network of your reticular system acts as a ‘firewall’ that screens out data that your ego self deems is unimportant. On the other hand, once your Multidimensional Operating System is fully online your Multidimensional SELF will determine what information is important. Then you will be able to consciously perceive, integrate and understand how much your reality really has changed.

If you can believe in your SELF, as well as any stimuli which activates the feeling of unconditional love and/or joy, you will gradually calibrate your primary perception to the higher frequencies of reality. However, remember that your physical sensations of hearing, vision, touch, smell and taste will not be adequate to fully register higher dimensional sensations. You will have to trust what you THINK you hear, see, touch, smell and taste.

You are accustomed to sensations and information coming from the outside of you, such as through your eyes or ears. When you perceive the higher frequencies of reality, you will perceive them from within your core. To best understand this multidimensional information we suggest that you run these perceptions through your High Heart and Third Eye. Your High Heart and Third Eye are your Heart-Mind, which is your primary sensory receptor and processor of multidimensional input.

Also, remember that you will not experience the fifth dimension in the same manner that you interact with your physical world or even your fourth dimensional dream world. Your sense of touch will be attuned to experience auras, as will your vision, hearing and even your smell will respond to the more ethereal messages. You will not experience hard edges, spaces of separation or any fear-based emotions.

We have given you enough information for now. However, please remember that your new realities will appear different. If you had always lived near the ocean all of your life and moved to the desert, you would have many new sensations to compute. Therefore, can you imagine how many more new sensations you will experience when you resonate to a new reality of a different dimension?

Fortunately, more and more of you will be sharing this journey, so please remember to create groups in which you feel safe enough to share and discuss your new experiences of reality. Most of all, please remember that you are NOT alone for we, your higher expressions of SELF, are always with you.

We close this communication, but please know that you can personally continue it within your higher states of consciousness.”

Blessings to you all, The Arcturians

Jeshua: The New Earth – I – Part 1/2

The New Earth – I

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

In this day and age, a transition is taking place on earth. A new consciousness is dawning which will take material shape sooner or later. How exactly this transition will come about, what form it will take, is not fixed. The future is always indeterminate. The only thing that is really given is this moment: the Now. From the well of the Now, countless possible roads are springing, an infinite web of possible futures.

On the basis of the past, we can predict that one particular future is more probable than another, but the choice is always yours. It is you who decide whether you let the past determine your future! Predictions are always based on probabilities. Probabilities are related to the past. It is in your power as a human being to break with the past, to set out a different course. You are endowed with free will. You have the power to change, torecreate yourself. In this power rests your divinity. It is the power to create from nothing(to create ex nihilo). This divine power belongs to the very essence of who you are.

In speaking of this day and age as an age of transition, never forget that you are the master of your own reality. There is no such thing as a predestined Plan or a Cosmic Power which overrules your individual soul’s path or your individual power to create your own reality. It doesn’t work that way. Every soul on earth will experience this transition in a way that fits their inner propensities. There are many realities. The reality you choose will answer your inner needs and desires.

What makes this time (1950 – 2070 approximately) special is that there are two different cycles of consciousness coming to an end: a personal cycle (or a set of personal cycles) and a planetary cycle. The completion of these cycles coincides, so that one reinforces the other.

For a part of humanity, the completion of their personal cycle of earth lives is near. Most of the souls involved in this completion are lightworkers. We will speak in much more detail about this group of lightworker souls. Here we would like to explain the nature of this personal cycle: what it means to go through it and what is the purpose of living all these quite complicated lives on earth.

The personal karmic cycle

The earth lives you experience are part of a greater cycle of your soul. This cycle was designed to enable you to fully experience duality. You have within this cycle experienced what it is like to be male and female, to be healthy and ill, to be rich or poor, to be “good” and “bad.” In some lives you were intensely involved with the material world, being a farmer, worker or craftsman. There have been more spiritually oriented lives, in which you carried within you a strong awareness of your spiritual origins. In those lives you were often drawn to religious callings. Also there have been lives in which you explored the worldly domain of power, politics etc. There may have been lives devoted to an artistic expression of yourself.

Often souls tend to specialize somewhat in the course of all these lives. This can clearly be recognized in people who possess a natural gift in a certain area. It seems they have a potential there, even as a child, which only needs to be awakened at the right time and which is then easily developed.

Lightworker souls are often drawn to religious lives and have lived numerous lives as monks, nuns, priests, shamans, witches, psychics etc. They were drawn to be intermediaries between the material, physical world and the spiritual realms. And so they developed an expertise in this field. When you feel this calling, this strong urge to be involved with spirituality, even if it does not fit in with your normal daily life, you may very well be part of this family of lightworkers.

Living on earth provides you with an opportunity to fully experience what it is like to be a human. Now you may ask: what’s so special about being human? Why would I want to experience that?

The human experience is both diverse and intense. When you live a human life, you are temporarily immersed within an overwhelming field of physical sensations, thoughts and feelings. Because of the duality inherent in this field, there is great contrast and intensity in your experiences, much greater than when you are in the astral planes, as you call it. (These are the planes you enter after you die and where you remain between lives.) It may be hard to imagine for you, but many entities on our side would love to be in your shoes. They would love to be human, to gain human experience. The human experience has a kind of realness to it which is invaluable to them. Although they can create countless realities by the power of their imagination, it gives them less satisfaction than the creation of one “real” reality on earth.

On earth, the creation process is often a struggle. You typically meet a lot of resistance in making your dreams come true. The mental type of creation in the astral world is much easier. There is no time lag between the thought of something and the actual creation of it. Moreover you can create any reality you want or can think of. There are no limits. The moment you picture a lovely garden, it is there for you to enter.

To give birth to an idea on earth, to make it a reality in the material world, is a great endeavor. It demands a strong intention, perseverance, clarity of mind and a trusting heart. On earth, you have to deal with the slowness and stubbornness of the material world. You have to deal with contradictory impulses in yourself: with doubt, despair, lack of knowledge, loss of faith, etc. The creation process may be obstructed or even fail because of any of these elements. Yet these potential problems, even the failures, are the very reasons that make the experience of earthly life so valuable. In this process, the challenges you meet are your greatest teachers. They give earth experience a profundity that is so much deeper and broader than the effortless creation process on the astral planes. This effortlessness breeds meaninglessness. The astral entities which have not yet experienced lives on earth know and understand this.

You often get discouraged and even desperate by the non-compliant nature of your reality. So often, reality does not answer your wishes and hopes. So often, your creative intentions seem to end up in pain and disillusion. However you will find that key to peace and happiness at some point. You will find that key within your own heart. And when you do, the joy that will befall you will not be matched by anything created in the astral planes. It will be the birth of your mastership, your divinity.

The ecstasy you will experience when your divinity awakens will provide you with the power to heal yourself. This divine love will help you recover from the deep hurts you have suffered throughout your lives on earth.

After that, you will be able to help cure others who have been through the same trials and sorrows. You will recognize their pain. You will see it in their eyes. And you will be able to guide them on their path to divinity.


The purpose of going through duality

Please do not underestimate the meaning of your lives on earth. You belong to the most creative, advanced and courageous part of God (All-That-Is). You are explorers of the unknown and creators of the new. Your explorations through the realm of duality have served a purpose far beyond your imagination. It is hard to explain to you the deepest meaning of your travels, but we can say that you have created a new type of consciousness, one that did not exist previously.

This consciousness was first displayed by Christ when he walked the earth. This consciousness, which I call the Christ consciousness, results from a spiritual alchemy. Physical alchemy is the art of transforming lead into gold. Spiritual alchemy is the art of transforming dark energy into “the third energy,” the spiritual gold present in the Christ energy.

Please note that we do not say that the purpose is to transform dark into light, or evil into good. Dark and light, evil and good are natural opposites; they exist by the grace of one another.

True spiritual alchemy introduces a “third energy,” a type of consciousness which embraces both polarities through the energies of love and understanding. The true purpose of your journey is not to have Light conquer Dark, but to go beyond these opposites and to create a new type of consciousness which can maintain unity in the presence of both light and dark.

We will explain this rather difficult point by means of a metaphor. Imagine you are deep-sea divers in search of a pearl. Time and again you dive into the ocean to find this particular pearl which everyone talks about but nobody has actually seen. Rumors go that even God, the Chief Diver, has never touched the pearl.

Diving into the ocean is full of perils, since you can get lost or go too deep to catch your breath in time. Still you persist and you dive into this ocean time and again, for you are determined and inspired. Are you insane?

No, you are explorers of the new.

The secret is: in the process of finding the pearl, you are creating it. The pearl is the spiritual gold of the Christ consciousness. The pearl is you, transformed by the experience of duality.

What we have here is a true paradox: in exploring the New, you are creating it. You have become the pearl of God’s creation.

God had no other way of doing it, for what you were attempting to find did not exist yet; it had to be created by you. Why was God so interested in creating something new? Let us state this in as simply a way possible.

First, God was entirely GOOD. There was goodness everywhere and all around. In fact because there was nothing else, things were kind of static. His creation lacked aliveness; it lacked the possibility of growth and expansion. You might say it was stuck.

To create change, to create an opportunity for movement and expansion, God had to introduce an Element in his creation that was different from the Goodness that pervaded everything. This was very hard for God, for how can you create something that is not-you? How can Goodness create Badness? It can’t. So, God had to come up with a trick, so to speak. This trick is called ignorance.

Ignorance is the element that opposes Goodness. It creates the illusion of being outside Goodness, of being separated from God. “Not knowing who you are” is the incentive behind change, growth and expansion in your universe. Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds the need to control, the need to control breeds the struggle for power and there you have all the conditions for “Evil” to flourish. The stage has been set for the battle between Good and Bad.

God needed the dynamics of opposites to get his creation “un-stuck.” It may be very hard for you to comprehend in view of all the suffering caused by ignorance and fear, but God put great value on these energies, since they provided him with a way to go beyondHim/Herself.

God asked you, the ones that belong to the most creative, advanced and courageous part of herself, to take the veil of Ignorance. In order to experience the dynamics of opposites as thoroughly as possible, you were temporarily soaked in forgetfulness about your true nature. You consented to take this plunge into ignorance, but this fact was overlaid by the veil of forgetfulness as well. So now you often curse God for being in the situation you’re in: the hardships, the ignorance – and we understand. In essence though: you are God, God is you.

Despite of all the troubles and sorrows, deep down within you there is still a sense of wonder and excitement about living in duality, about experiencing and creating the New. This is God’s original excitement, the reason God started with his journey through You in the first place.

When you started out on your journey, you faced Evil (fear, ignorance) with only a vague memory of the Good (Home) in your mind. You started to battle fear and ignorance, while longing for Home. However you will not return Home in the sense of returning to a state in your past. For creation has changed because of your journey.

The end of your journey will be that you have become larger than good and evil, light and dark. You will have created a third energy, the Christ energy, which embraces and transcends both. You will have expanded God’s creation. You will be the New Creation of God. God will have gone beyond Him/Herself when the Christ consciousness is fully born on earth.

The Christ consciousness did not exist before the “human experience.” The Christ consciousness is the consciousness of one who has gone through the multilayered experience of duality, has come to terms with it and emerges “on the other side.” He will be the inhabitant of the New Earth. This one will have let go of duality. She will have recognized and embraced her own divinity. He will have become one with his divine Self. But his divine Self will be different than before. It will be deeper and richer than the consciousness from which it was born. Or one could say: God will have enriched Him/Herself by having gone through the experience of duality.

This story is simplified and distorted as anything we say is distorted by the illusions of time and separation. These illusions have served a valuable purpose. But the time has come to go beyond them. Please try to feel the energy behind our words, stories and metaphors. This energy is in a sense your own. It is the energy of your future Christedselves that is speaking through me, Jeshua. We are waiting for you to join us.

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild - February 05, 2013

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

February 05, 2013

Blossom: Welcome my friends. Well, in Truth I could blurb on about challenges that myself and many, it seems, are experiencing … and we are talking real corkers!! I could make jokes about Ascension? What **** Ascension? … but we would be going over the same ground as our last communication. So I thought I  would steer away from all that and change the energy to a few questions that someone wrote in about … which as you know is unusual for 'us ' to do. Is that ok with you?

The Federation of Light: We would consider that which you decide this day to be most appropriate for the whole at this time. Fire away … as one would say.
Blossom: Jolly Dee! They asked "Do people look basically the same on other planets, except perhaps for details such as skin colour or size of body limbs?'
The Federation of Light: We would say that there are variables of species. Some would be unrecognizable to the human form and many would appear to be considerably distasteful in their ‘regalia’ of covering. On the other hand there are those whose radiance is purely Light form … some whose rainbow colors would astound. There are those whose appearance would certainly repulse … There are some whose appearance is very like your own.
In this Universe alone there are so many species. Creators are always creating! If you were to consider how many different species you are able to view on planet Earth alone ... imagine then … if you can … the vast amount there must be in ALL THAT IS.
Blossom: Thanks for that. To continue on in that vein … 'Are civilizations on other planets mostly more spiritually advanced, or less advanced, than our own?'
The Federation of Light: Now there is a question to ponder upon. Life itself continues to evolve. New life is always being created as new planets emerge from depths of nothingness. Therefore it is not generally possible to answer this. There are indeed many who are greatly advanced from that of your planet Earth. In the millions.
Blossom: What? The millions?
The Federation of Light: Indeed. Perhaps you are naïve dearest Blossom of the magnitude of the ‘ISness’?
Blossom: Clearly I am!! Pray continue.
The Federation of Light: It is beyond words once again to try to explain that which you have asked. For you on Earth sometimes look up at the stars and FEEL in awe of all that you can see … let alone having any idea of all that you cannot see.
Yet consider this … ALL … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS YOU ... Because YOU are part of it all.
Blossom: So would you say that a part of my Higher self is part of a Being of Light on some planet as well as part of some monstrous looking giant ant on another?

… You are hesitating with your answer?
The Federation of Light: Because of trying to put such a complex matter into simple ‘yes or no’ form. Let us try.
You are ONE energy. There is only ONE energy. Yet there are vibrational levels of that ONE energy. So it may be that your segment of self that is YOU that you KNOW NOW here on Earth … is on a Higher vibration of say … a species of consciousLESS giant ants.
Blossom: ConsiousLESS? Is there such a planet of such living things? … Are they living if they have no consciousNESS? Far out … that leads into what is consciousNESS? Let alone … consciousLESS! … Oh hello … brain blowout coming up!
The Federation of Light: We do not find that it serves to blow your brains out! Yet we find it serves to do our upmost to assist in ones inquiries to a certain degree … depending on subject matter.
So when you ask is there such a thing as consciousLESS Beings on a planet we would answer … There is everything that is possible going on … and keep in mind there is nothing that is impossible.
Let us try and keep to the matter asked. Your aim … if you like … is to reach the Highest level of Love there is. You came from it … You are it … yet ‘The game’ …
Blossom: I always FEEL odd when you call our existence ‘a game’ or ‘experiment’ yet I do ‘Get it’.
The Federation of Light: To continue … 'The Game’ takes from you all that you are ... in order to get back to it .
Blossom: Remind me not to put it on my Christmas list. I mean really … what is the point? Were some Higher Beings just bored one day and thought “I know … let’s create a planet where the Beings upon it can’t remember who they are and blindly they have to find their way back home?’
The Federation of Light: You were created in order to be an expression of THE CREATOR. From the aspect of the creators of the Human Being … as you know from past communications … you were an experiment of free will …
Blossom: Which you say went up the Swanee!!
The Federation of Light: And due to this … we offer you the paddle! For we cannot sit by and watch your planet … nor the Beings upon it … destroy itself. This has happened before and it serves not the whole plan.
Blossom: Which is?
The Federation of Light: To bring you home.
Blossom: I daren’t ask … and then what? … for fear of human combustion occurring!! Back to … am I part of the Light Being and the Giant ant?
The Federation of Light: Of course … yet that which you CHOOSE to experience at one given time within your consciousness is that which at that given time you FEEL you are.
Understand that another part of your Higher self is allowing an aspect of itself to experience something completely different … yet it is still part of you … still part of your Higher self.
Blossom: So would you say our Higher self is the part of us that is our God self? ... GULP!
The Federation of Light: No.
Blossom: Oh! I thought you were going to say yes. What then … if you are able to express in words … is the difference between our Higher self and our God self?
The Federation of Light: Your Higher self is accessible to you … from you …. Your God self IS YOU.
Blossom: Mmm … is there a rocket scientist in the house?  If my Higher self is accessible TO me … FROM me …. And my God self IS me …  Eh … der??
The Federation of Light: Your God self is YOUR essence. Each one of you here on Earth … every living thing IS GOD. GOD has TO BE in EVERYTHING for without GOD nothing would exist.
Blossom: I need to say here that my interpretation of GOD is LOVE ENERGY.
The Federation of Light: Your Higher self however is a more tangible aspect … yet we use that word' tangible' in comparison to the God aspect. Dearest one’s ... it is so very complicated … for there can be the Higher soul self and there can then be also the Group Higher self … There are so many many many levels of existence within all the many many levels of LOVE ENERGY.
Blossom: To be honest … without reading all this back … I am not really sure if we are any further forward or not on the matter. Yet I will continue. ' Is spiritual advancement necessarily a function of technological advancement?'
The Federation of Light: No. As you will KNOW from matters upon your Earth plane. It would depend entirely upon whose hands the ‘blueprint’ for such technological advancement falls into. We can sense that your brain is almost about to blow Blossom?
Blossom: Well we usually do the hour so ... happy to go for another ten minutes .
The Federation of Light: May we suggest then that we ‘Lighten up’ the load for that time?
Blossom: Sure … that would suit me fine … Lighten away!
The Federation of Light: Dearest friends … our brothers /sisters/family. KNOW of this in your heart . Many of you are experiencing great contrasts within that which you KNOW as Love and that which is presenting itself very differently from that KNOWING.
Watch yourselves as you ‘come through into the other side’. For all that you are experiencing on a deep level of your soul is your guidance radar and ...
Blossom: Whoa … That’s so good to hear.
The Federation of Light: Are you not yourself Blossom … challenging the fact that anything actually happened on the Dec 21st date as we have expressed to you?
Blossom: Indeed … indeed. And one more for the very bumpy road … indeed!
The Federation of Light: In these times of self-doubt and when your heart cries … and your minds confusion takes over …
STOP! Close your eyes … breath … see the Golden Light within you … See it surround your Being … Breath again … in this Golden Light of Love … this Light of who you are … And KNOW … LOVE.
KNOW that all promises … imaginings and dreams of a NEW WORLD … A GOLDEN AGE … are at your fingertips … KEEP ON KEEPING ON.
Blossom: If I had a dollar for the times I‘ve said that lately … yet it’s all I know to do.
The Federation of Light: YOU WILL KNOW ‘The promised Land’ … for it is yours.
This KNOWING is the KEY. This KNOWING is what allows you to ‘get there’.
And each and every one of you … in your own time … shall arrive.
Blossom: Phew ! Thanks for today …Thanks for it all. In a word … THANKS!
In Love and Light.

The Manuscript of Survival - Part 264 . February 06, 2013


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The Manuscript of Survival - Part 264 . February 06, 2013

As you have mayhaps noticed, activity is on the increase. Not only inside, but also on the outside. We refer to the downloads that are being registered not only in your body, but in your celestial and indeed earthly abode as well. So you are not the only ones currently feeling the urge to moan and groan a little at the moment. Indeed, as above, so below, and you are all being inundated with round after round of strong, but  ”friendly fire” if we might use such a phrase. For this is indeed a barrage, but even if you do feel rather the worse for wear at times, we venture to guess that you have all in some ways been able to tune into that new tune that has started to make itself heard within.


In other words, even if some of you may feel less than inclined to even lift a finger at the moment, you are in fact growing steadily stronger. For as you opened up to these changes in energy, you have welcomed these missives from beyond your atmosphere that have started to trigger a chain reaction inside you all. And this chain reaction is of such a magnitude it will sweep away any of the old cobwebs still clinging in the hidden corners within. We know that we have talked about some of these ”spring cleanings” before, but what we refer to now, is on a whole different level indeed. This is no longer preparatory work, this is the finishing touch to call it that, and for those of you still harbouring any doubts as to how you are doing in all of this, we can guarantee you that you are performing excellently.


After all, you have welcomed these changes, for without your innermost decision to do just that, your life and your whole world would be at a very, very different place now. For you have welcomed the light in all of its shapes and forms, and the light has started to make its voice heard in earnest now. So even if some of you are still faltering under the heavy pressure from this new visitor, some of you are already feeling the pressure lifting, and with it, your soul. For there comes a moment for each and every one of you when suddenly the storms raging within suddenly seem to go away completely, and you are left with a quiet but oh so strong knowing that you have arrived. Exactly where you have arrived may not be clear yet, but the feeling you have within is such a strong confirmation you just know that you have stepped away from the confusion, and the certainty has finally started to surface.


So fret not, all that have yet to savour the calm of this moment, for it is coming to you too. And again we say, do not think that it is by fault that you still feel the storm raging around you. It is not by chance that any of you are where you are at the moment, and it is not any form of competition where the amount of time you spend in this cleansing storm is measured. For you are all winners, no matter at what moment you cross the ”finishing line”, and as such, you will all have reason to celebrate. For you are all reaching inside to wrestle forth the real you, the one that has not been reachable for lifetime after lifetime. But now you will finally meet up again, and you will do so at the exact right moment. So again we repeat the same advice of breathing and focusing, and know that underneath that roar of wind and hammering of rain lies that quiet spot that is yours, and only yours. It awaits you all, and you will not be able to miss it, for it is calling to you with a power that cannot find its match anywhere in the universe or beyond.

Canal: Aisha North

"We Love You Dearly"

Hi Everyone,,,

I was reading some Channelings from the Magazine Sedona today; and ran across something so Wonderfully simple and Beautifully comforting.

i will only quote a few things in the article from an Angelic Being named " Chamuel"

"Every measurement of time. every measurement of day and of night, reflects how much you love yourself. Everything on this planet loves you. It is innately and genetically programmed to love you.  The dirt that you walk upon loves you. The wind loves to mess up your hair and kiss your body. The animals love you and do not understand why you are afraid of them. Everything loves you. The trees smile at you from their great height, but they never look down on you, for they know that you are a steward of this beautiful sphere.   ..................................................................

Humans, you do not understand how vast you are. But we do! In the meantime, as you are trying so hard to remember, we hold the light for you. We sit at the fire. We talk about you and joke about you, and we compare notes, We love you dearly. ................................ I am Chamuel, I am the angel of self-love and i hope you have a better understanding of what that really means."

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