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Holy Isle

A holy Isle,
a sacred place,
a nestle of fine trees,
that stand aloft, the heavens to see,
with the backdrop of billowing clouds.

A sacred path
upon the rim
leads to this Isle
of grace;

the surrounding terrain,
hidden in mist,
is a sea
from which the Isle protrudes.

This holy place,
where all is quiet,
is a sanctuary for souls
who wish to look only
to the stars
and lay on grasses

and sing to the tree's
perfect sway
and whisper to the breeze.

And when each journey has ended
here such souls take rest
with lofty guardians all around
to share with, talk to,
and confess.

When summer comes
the vale below
—covered with wild flowers
and seeds—
will bear the fruit
of nature's song
so rooted to bequeath

unto the Isle,
this beauty to see,
and give to the Isle such praise,

for all it has given
as it takes watch
each track and winding trail,

that each soul may take
therein to pass
unto this fair realm

of this sacred place,
the Holy Isle,
where peace is found at last.
(My Sketch "Sacred Isle." My rendition of the painting "Mother Of The World" by Nicolas Roerich)

Human Sexuality

the first thing is to accept your longing. Don't reject it, don't deny it, don't repress it. It is because of repression that it continues; in your youth you must have repressed it too much.

Once it happened: I was in New Delhi and a young monk was brought to me; he must have been not more than thirty-five. He was living a life of absolute celibacy. He told me, "It is only a question of a few more years that I have to fight with my sexual desire. Can you tell me," he asked me, "exactly how many more years it will take? I am thirty-five. I am getting a little bit tired of fighting, fighting. Up to now I have succeeded -- now how many more years?"

I said, "It is better if you don't ask me, because the real problem is still ahead of you. The real problem has not happened yet; it happens at the age of forty-two."
He said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "Right now you are young, full of energy, strength -- you can repress your sexual desire. But after forty-two you will become weak; slowly slowly, every day you will become weaker. YOU will become weak, but the repressed sexual desire, accumulated for years, will be very strong. The energy that is repressing it will be weaker and the energy that is repressed will become stronger every day. The real problem starts after forty-two."

He said, "Nobody has ever said that to me. People say that by the time you reach forty-five, if you can manage to keep yourself celibate, the problem disappears."

I said, "They don't know at all, they don't know the ways of energy. The repressor will become weak, but the repressed never becomes weak, because the repressed accumulates."

After ten years, when he must have been forty-five, he came to see me again. I was in Amritsar. He touched my feet, cried, and he said, "You are right. Now I am on the verge of breaking down. Now the urge is so intense, as it has never been, and I am not in a situation to fight. I am tired, defeated, weak. You were right, but I didn't listen to you. And all the people who have been telling me that after forty-five the problem disappears, either were deceiving me or they were deceiving themselves or they were utterly ignorant, unaware of how energies function."

Jagat Narayan, you must have repressed. That's how people are brought up, particularly in India: the religious person is one who represses all his natural desires. Now you are seventy and it really looks embarrassing to still be so childish. The older you grow, the more embarrassing it will become, but the more persistent it will be. Twenty-four hours of your day will become obsessed with sex. And this is what has been done to you by your society: the society has created a kind of split in you, you have become divided from your own nature.

Even now it is not too late. Don't be worried and don't feel embarrassed. Why? If God has given you sex and the longing for it then it is perfectly right, it is divine. YOU have not created it -- why do YOU feel embarrassed? It is instinctive.

If you really want to feel embarrassed, feel embarrassed because you are a Hindu and for seventy years you allowed foolish people to dominate you, stupid priests to dominate you. Feel embarrassed that you were not intelligent enough to get out of the prison in which you were accidentally born. But don't feel embarrassed about sex and the longing for it -- that is natural. Being Hindu is not natural, being Mohammedan is not natural. Feel embarrassed that for seventy years you have been doing such harm to your own nature.

Accept your sexuality, say yes to it -- because only by saying yes to it is there a possibility of going beyond it. Yes is the stepping-stone. Without yes you cannot reach the other shore; the yes becomes the boat. But my feeling is that you are still saying no. Be less of a Hindu, be less of a fanatic, be less of an idealist. Be a little more realistic.

Tony's wife passed away and he was almost inconsolable. At the cemetery he collapsed with grief. In the car riding back home, his whole frame shook with wild sobs.

"Now, now, Tony, my boy," soothed his friend. "It's really not so bad. I know it is tough now, but in six months maybe you find another beautiful bambina and before you know, you get married again."

Tony turned to him in rage. "Six months!" he shouted. "What I gonna do tonight?"
You laugh at Tony, but he is more natural. He is not embarrassed about it, he accepts it.

Jagat Narayan, even though you are seventy years old, your sex, because it has remained somehow unfulfilled, is not seventy years old but seventy years young! Now there is going to be difficulty: you are seventy years old and your sex is seventy years young. But if you accept it, if you embrace it, if you take it naturally, still it is not too late. In the East we have a saying: Even if you come back home when the sun is setting, it is not too late....

Eighty-five-year-old Will Jones hobbled down to the local bar to have a cold one and shoot the breeze with his friends. Mr. Jones was the talk of the town, as he had recently married a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl. Several of the boys bought the old man a drink in an effort to get him to tell about his wedding night. Sure enough, the old rascal fell right into their plans.

"My youngest son carried me in and lifted me on the bed with my young bride. We spent the night together and then my three other sons carried me off the bed."

The men scratched their heads and asked the old boy why it took his three sons to take him off when it only took his youngest boy to put him on.

Proudly he replied, "I fought them!"

Jagat Narayan, gather courage! Don't feel embarrassed. At least deep down accept it, even though you may not be able to move into a sexual relationship. The very acceptance -- total, I mean, less than that won't do -- if you accept totally, even that very acceptance will heal the wound. There may be no need to actually move into a sexual relationship. That may be even dangerous; that may create more problems for you than it will solve.

I have heard : One Friday afternoon a couple appeared before a justice of the peace in a small town and had a marriage ceremony performed. The man must have been near about eighty and the girl was only twenty-two. They then drove to a motel and checked in for their honeymoon. They had a lively evening together.

The next morning the groom raised the window shade just to take a look outside, pulled it down again and went back to bed. The next morning, Sunday, this performance was repeated. The groom raised the shade, looked out for a moment, then pulled it down and went back to his bride. On the third morning, as he raised the shade, he flew up with it.

So it can be dangerous! Don't blame me that I am telling you to find a bambina, no! You may be too old for it. But nobody is too old to accept something that he has been denying. Drop condemning it -- respect your nature.

And my own observation is, the moment you accept something totally, the very acceptance brings a revolution, a radical change. It is your energy -- accept it. It will make you stronger. Reject it, it keeps you weak. Fighting with your own energy is dissipating it. And fighting with your sex will take so much of your time and so much of your energy -- then when are you going to look at God who is knocking on your door?

Stop fighting, stop fighting absolutely. Start respecting. Drop condemnation. Nothing is sin -- not sex at least. It is a natural phenomenon. If people are allowed to live it naturally, then at the age of fourteen they will become flooded with it. But in an unnatural society they will be flooded before their time.

Do you know? In America the boys and girls are becoming sexually mature earlier than anywhere else. In every other country the boys become sexually mature at fourteen; in America, at thirteen or twelve they become sexually mature. There is too much sex around in the movies, on the TV, everywhere.

A small boy -- must have been six or seven -- was sitting on the steps of his house and crying big tears. An old man came by and he asked, "My son, why are you crying?" He wanted to help the boy. He sat by his side, wiped his tears with his handkerchief and asked, "Why are you crying? What has happened?"

The little boy said, "I am crying because I can't do what other boys are doing."
And the old man started crying!

The little boy was surprised. He said, "Pop, why are YOU crying?"
He said, "I can't do what the other boys are doing either. Our problems are the same."

In America people are becoming sexually obsessed before their age. That is ugly, that is ill, that is premature. In India the opposite happens: people remain sexually interested even when they are seventy, eighty, ninety. They may not say so -- Jagat Narayan, you are at least authentic, courageous, to say it is so -- but they remain obsessed with it.

In a natural society, children will become sexually overflooded at fourteen -- a beautiful energy -- and by the time they are forty-two the energy will disappear suddenly, as it appeared at the age of fourteen. If a person lives naturally, without the interference of the priests.... Priests who are against sex or priests who are for sex -- avoid both! If a man lives naturally, then between fourteen and forty-two his sex energy will give him tremendous joy, great experience of ecstasy, first glimpses of God and samadhi. And by the time it disappears it will leave you ripe, mature, centered, rooted.

Right now you can do only one thing: accept it totally, absorb it. It is not too late, although the sun is setting. If you can come home, if you can become natural and spontaneous about yourself, authentic, true, at least to yourself, you will be able to face God with a smile on your face. You will be able to enter death dancing, singing.

And a death that can be welcomed with dance and song is not death at all. It becomes the door to the deathless, it leads you into immortality.

Secret Book Of John (3)

Establishing twelve subordinates within its reach,
their names are Athoth, Harmas, Kalila-Oumbri, Yabel,
Sabaoth, Cain, Abel, Abrsene, Yobel, Armoupied,
Melcheir-Adonein and Belias, the Ruler of Hades.

Further establishing Seven Kings for the Seven Heavens,
the Great Archon of Matter is an Abyss of Impurity.

Hoarding the Light that it has received from its Mother,
it distributed the lesser fire of ignorance
to its offspring. Neither a manifestation of light
or of darkness, it was weakened by its
own internal divisions.

This Great Archon has three names,
namely Yaldabaoth, Saklas and Samael.
Impious in its madness, it believed it was God
and that no other god existed before it.

Unaware of where its strength came from,
Yaldabaoth reflects back to us what humanity
has conventionally lost track of.

Each ruler or god creating seven angels for themselves,
the offspring of such gods also created other angels
until they amounted to three hundred and sixty five angels.

Possessing more heads than all of them combined,
Yaldabaoth was able to disguise itself among
the Seraphim and they knew it not.

As a false lord over its creation, it went against the
Holiness of its Mother by trying to replace the God of gods.

Corresponding to each of its seven aeons, the qualities
which it produced for each lesser divinity amounted to
petty authority, shallow thoughtfulness, false sacredness,
monetary lordship, material kingdomhood, envy
and diminished understanding.

Incapable of perfectly imitating its Mother and
Her Indestructible Pattern, it declared that it was a jealous god
in need of none. The angels who surrounded it began
to question whether there really was a Greater God
than Yaldabaoth since a Real God would not be
jealous of Imagined Superiors.

The Mother, seeing Yaldabaoth’s activities,
began to wander in All Directions,
looking for the Light of Redemption.

John, puzzled by the previous statement,
said, “Lord, why was She wandering through Zoe or Life?”

Smiling, Jesus said, “When She saw the evil that was committed
by Yaldabaoth, She was overcome with shame. Out of
despondence, She set the universe in motion and
its movements were Her Wanderings.”

“Exalting itself over the angels and aeons,
its Mother perceived the garment of darkness that
cloaked its nescient intentions.”

“Feeling Compassion for Her,
the Fullness of the Spirit Anointed Her with
Its Divine Fulfillment. Removed from Her upper regions
of Conscious Delight, She was Forgiven by the Creator of Light.”

Hearing a Voice from the Transcendent and Heavenly Aeon,
Yaldabaoth thought that this Voice was its Mother,
but It was something Wholly Other due to Its Exaltation
of the Human Being and the Human Child.

The Mother-Father, the Perfect Mind, Taught Everyone
about the Holiness of the All by Incarnating
in the First Human Male Image.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy
(2013) Julian Colgan

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Changes in Love and Business are now Due 2-20-13

It’s a fantastic day to collaborate with others in just about any creative endeavor!
So many creative energies are available that being clever and inventive may get you the improvements you desire!
Look for changes in education, a move, or in a business relationship.
There are enough ideas, creations, monies, people, opportunities, etc… for making progress in business now.
Short commutes or trips are now in your future, perhaps to build business, and be fact-finding for your life.
Opposing Energies: Miscommunications, delays, dishonesty, greed, self-doubt, discontent
While success is in the works, a few weeks to months will define the success of your efforts, so refrain from making plans on current actions until seeing the returns for your current efforts.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: Patience, steady, perseverance, organized, highly intuitive
A possibility that the new values in this week’s readings that I’ve been writing about, are directly affecting your relationships; and changes in love and business are now due, contributing to feeling more secure.
Letters, emails, phone calls, even visits, may seem unexpected and unplanned, opening new lines of communication, and even possibly romantic.
Many will find serendipitous events or circumstances that clarify you’re making good decisions.
Good News for Relationships™:
In your desire to get more from life, you’re making the changes in and with yourself for your relationships.
Focus on getting to the truth in yourself over illusions you may have created in your mind.
The greater efforts toward stronger loyalties and giving more attention to partners, is rewarding you with a sense of personal fulfillment.
Feeling appreciated and loved in return is vital to you, so focus on your appreciations and loving expressions.
Those of you wanting more of a romantic feeling to the day likely will enjoy that experience or at the least, an improvement in romance.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Conversation with Mind : Shlok 4

मना वासना दुष्ट कामा न ये रे।
मना सर्वथा पापबुद्धी नको रे॥
मना सर्वथा नीति सोडूं नको हो।
मना अंतरीं सार विचार राहो॥४॥

Meaning -
O mind, Our evil desires are of no use.
Sinful thoughts should not come to our mind.
O Mind, never leave the ethics.
O Mind, always think of the right thing.

My Comments and thoughts -
Keep evil and sinful thoughts aside as it wont help you grow. Do all your duties without leaving the ethics. always think what is right. always make a right decision. Train your mind in such a way and you will not regret your actions.

Tiger Tales

I had a little Tiger but she didn't have no stripes
I took her to bed with me at night and boy did I get gripes
She pushed my sister out of bed and took up all the space
Whenever she was naughty she would lick me on my face
Well,now that I'm all grown up I laughed till I was cryin
I found out why she had no stripes
It's cause she was a Lion!Giggle

Nurturing a New Love

It is so exciting to find someone you want to connect with – and who wants to connect with you, but so often the opportunity is somehow lost and excitement turns to disappointment. The trouble is that our fear buttons are so often triggered when we find someone we want to be with... We want our new love to reassure us, we want to know how they feel about us, so we look for clues in their every action and reaction. … and we press for affirmations, validations – and yes, that dreaded word, commitment – far too soon. Don’t be in such a hurry to hear those all-important words, “I Love You” – or to say them. When love is proclaimed too soon, it is actually a warning signal!

There is something magical in a new connection that seems to send our common sense flying out the door. We get so excited that a special someone might want us, that we overlook some important clues about whether or not our excitement in warranted. A client once called about 6-month long distance relationship… although my client was “head over heels” for her, they had never actually met. Yet, as I looked into the energy, I could see that there was no real impediment to their meeting, so I checked, and sure enough, she lived only 10 minutes away from him.After the first month of this connection, common sense should have warned this young man that something was wrong when his new love would not meet him… and after 7 months of broken promises to meet, you would think he would see the truth… it was time to let go of the hopes, to move on to other possibilities.

Long distance relationships are tricky. No matter how long or how frequently you have connected with someone over the phone, – even with a webcam – no matter the number and length of the email or text messages, you don’t really have a relationship until you have spent some solid time together. You need to know how your love “smells” – to have had some real intimacy, not necessarily physically, but certainly emotionally.

The trick to making a new relationship work is to give it time to develop and air to breathe. Another common mistake in new relationships is to do too much for our new love… he’s out of work, and you have a spare room, so you let him move in, expecting that he’ll get a job soon and be able to pay his share…. She’s a struggling Mom and needs a new car, so you lend her the money expecting she’ll pay it back when she gets that promotion. Too often, because we moved forward too quickly – we let our pent up feelings take control – we miss important queues. Because we want to be loved so desperately, we avoid seeing the amber lights that tell us to slow down and take a second look – and so we end up feeling used and abused… A relationship that gets intense almost from the beginning will burn out before it has a chance to spread strong roots.

Yet, we can avoid these disappointments very easily – and also have a better chance of making that new relationship work in the long run…

When you meet someone special, take a good deep breath, allow yourself to shift into objective observer mode so that your Third Eye will have a chance to read this new love. Stay present, “in the now”, don’t be thinking of what next, nor of what came before… relax, smile, allow yourself to float for a bit, to allow the energy and the relationship to move along as it will… be a little detached so that you can see your new love truly – and whether this relationship is worth your emotional investment…. when love is free to evolve naturally, at its own pace, it has a chance to grow and to last.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Grounding a New Love
Do – Stay Present, Keep Your Focus on the NOW
Don’t tell your life story on the first date
Don’t ask too many questions
Do keep your hopes, dreams and expectations in check!!!
Don’t jump to outcome
Don’t entertain thoughts of commitment
Do get on with your life
Don’t be hanging by the phone waiting for the next contact
Don’t break dates with your friends to be with your new love
Do relax, have fun, enjoy getting to know your new love interest – and yourself – better
Don’t allow yourself to let anxiety take control
Don’t try to mold the relationship or direct the flow

Get a Love/Relationship Reading

Inner Light and Sound Meditation Practice and the Ascension of the Soul

Inner Light and Sound Meditation Practice and the Ascension of the Soul According to Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, from, The Ghat Ramayana

The Surat i.e. consciousness-force [awareness, attention-faculty of the soul] has gotten a glimpse of the Radiant Master, and it has realized the happiness of meeting with the Supreme Sovereign God within the inner Sky (sphere within oneself when the eyes are closed). I have always spoken on this matter.

The Surat i.e. consciousness-force or individual soul [soul's faculty of attention or awareness] is true, and she has been extended and entrapped in the untrue realms of Pinda (physical plane, the microcosm or body), and Brahmand (Universe or macrocosm). So, being deprived of the attainment of the Self-existence of the Supreme Sovereign God, she is suffering from the pain of falling down (degeneration). To be free from this pain of degeneration, take care of the Surat in such a way that she be liberated from all miseries by concentrating through the untrue realms, becoming free from untrue spheres, and thus attaining the innate (natural and pure) form of the Supreme Sovereign God.

The practice of holding Surat (consciousness-force) will begin with 1.) Maanas Jap ([simran], a meditation process in which an alphabetical holy name taught by the Guru is mentally chanted or repeated with eyes closed), 2.) then Maanas Dhyaan (a meditation process in which the holy form of the Satguru is mentally visualized and contemplated upon with eyes closed). 3.) After that, Bindu Dhyaan (Drishti Saadhan, Yoga of Vision/inner Light), and 4.) then finally, Surat Shabda Yoga (the Yoga of Divine Sound).

The first veil within our inner space is hard and impenetrable darkness. The Surat can cross it by the practice of Dhrishti Saadhan (Yoga of Vision/inner Light).

When the Surat (consciousness-force) will experience the miracles of Brahma within its own body while crossing the concealment of darkness, then she (the Surat-soul) will be immersed always in the love of Supreme Sovereign God. Then she will move ahead grasping the notes (Sounds) of the Flute by knowing the proper method.

The Surat will recognize the Sar-Shabda (Essential Divine Sound) through catching the 'Gagan-Dori' -- (Divine Light or Divine Sound of the Inner Sky).

The Surat, being poised onto the Essential Divine Sound (Sar-Shabda), will become tranquil in that Unlimited (Infinite) State where form, design, appearances, body, mind and Maya (illusion) do not exist; and that is the Inexpressible and the fundamental Original State.

To whom this Ultimate State will be realized, his/her Surat (consciousness-force, individual soul) will be merging into that Ultimate State (the Nameless, Soundless -- the State beyond the Sound) again and again.

Sant Tulsi Sahab says, "Grasp and examine that Current (internal divine Sound) which leads to this Ultimate State, only then mind will be diving in the true experience of the above-mentioned inner journey."

Esoteric Teachings About the Inward Journey of the Soul Back To God (Anadi, Anami Purush)

-- Sant Tulsi Sahib, from his esoteric work "Ghat Ramayana", quoted at the SadGuruMehi Website:

Shruti bund sindh milaap, aap adhar chadhi chaakhiyaa:

Sat surat samajhi sihaar saadhau, nirakhi nit nainan rahau


Isn’t it amazing how much of our life is ruled by fear and how many things it stops us from accomplishing.
For me it has always been being the centre of attention and having everyone’s eyes on me. I always had heaps I wanted to say but never had the confidence to actually speak. Why????Fear of being laughed at, Fear of sounding stupid and so on. Ohhhh and the ultimate. Going bright red in the face and wanting to crawl under the table to hide.
It was amazing how inventive I got and how I was able to wriggle out of things that I didn’t want to do. The best one I can remember is when I had to give my final speech at a company I had worked for for over 11 years. It was the week of September 11. It was such an awful week for everybody. I remember we all sat glued to the radio’s and TV’s. So the last thing on people’s minds was us leaving. Mmmmm or so I had hoped. But as life goes we get made to do things even in the most trying situations. I had hoped that only a few people would be there but when I turned around the room was full. There were Boss’s there that shouldn’t have been. The whole time my head’s screaming “Nooooooo”. The time came and I was cornered but aha not quite I have an ace up my sleeve. I stood up and said “If you were ever to ask my Mother or Father if there was a person that could invent ways of getting out of things, they would say that was me. So today I can’t let them down” and then proceeded to hand out my speech of gratitude and thankfulness that I had worked with a wonderful bunch of people.
Even thou everybody thought it was the best thing they had ever seen I was still cheating myself. I’ve now adopted the phrase “Nike” which means “Just do it”. My thoughts were always the thing that held me back from standing up in front of people. That and Courage.
Don’t let your thoughts be your undoing. It’s usually the things that we FEAR the most that will ultimately be our best accomplishment. If we always come from a place of Love how could we Fear.

Love and Light

A Light of utmost splendor glows on the eyes of my soul -- Mechthild of Magdeburg (German Mystic)

"A Light of utmost splendor glows on the eyes of my soul. Therein have I seen the inexpressible ordering of all things, and recognized God's unspeakable glory -- that incomprehensible wonder -- the tender caress between God and the soul... the unmingled joy of union, the living love of eternity as it now is and evermore shall be."

-- Mechthild of Magdeburg (German Mystic), Flowing Light of the Godhead

God and the Light Within -- John of Dalyatha (Syriac Mystic)

Look at God within yourself, how "God is Light." For his Nature is a glorious, many-splendored Light. He manifests the Light of his Nature to those who love Him in all the worlds -- that is, his glory, not his Nature. And He changes the image of those who see it, to the likeness of his glory. Look within and see Him in your being, united to you as fire to iron within the furnace, and as moisture in your body.

-- John of Dalyatha (Syriac Mystic), The Letters of John of Dalyatha, Translated from Syriac-Aramaic by Mary Hansbury, published by Gorgias Press



but not

to do with

in the
wrong place

Is my Viewpoint on Atheists Outrageous?

Is my Viewpoint on Atheists Outrageous?

There are atheists who have died on the operating table and have come back telling of their EXPERIENCE of God. All their doubts about God were dissolved in the white light of love. Now they do need to BELIEVE in God – they KNOW Him and their lives changed forever!

Most religions focus on SIN, SHAME or KARMA rather than the EXPERIENCE of God. One’s BELIEF in God really puts them no closer to God than an atheist who does not believe in God. There are many kinds of atheists. Some are very ethical and don’t need a religion to be a good person for fear they might go to Hell. Some atheists became angry at the “man-made God” of the Bible – but, they were simply misdirected by the “bad wrap” about God given by “divinely inspired men” who wrote down or altered ideas to control the masses.

The ideas presented in the Bible, for example, say on one hand that He is a loving god, but on the other say that He is a jealous and punishing god – you better love him or else!

“Hey! I don’t like that city!” “Poof – Zap! Crack!” God took out a whole town! ….Fear God!” OMG

How can one be expected to fully love anyone - including God, if he is shaking in his boots after reading all kinds of harsh stories? Bring me the specimen who is riddled with shame and fear of punishment by someone - yet feels and expresses genuine love of that person.

Some priests truly “believe” in God yet they are pedophiles. They may even honestly confess remorse to another “man of God” and genuinely say their “Hail Mary’s” - yet find themselves overcome later with the same compulsion to act out their Shame. Some were once even alter boys themselves who wept as they were sodomized by a priest who professed his love and God’s love for them! They believe in God but because they have not experienced Him cannot escape this contagion of aberration. Every religion I have studied has provided TRUTHS surrounded by a lot of UNTRUTHS or rituals that keep the Seeker of Truth “lost”.

Anyone can say he “believes” and get his insurance policy issued by the Church. What feat is that? Is he any better than the atheist who won’t take one, even if it is free? A symbol of freedom is not the experience, not the freedom! It is a cheap replica of the symbol of the real experience that the Soul cries out for and that the heart longs for. I view some of the things atheist say as different forms of:

“Hey, where is the truth in Advertizing?!”

Can you really blame them if some scriptures sound suspiciously similar to our TV commercials promoting some Miracle Drug followed by a laundry list of all the hideous ailments that might befall you if you took “the cure”? Can you blame them for clearing their throats politely and saying: “No, thank you.”? Don’t look down on the atheist just because he won’t sign up and take the “consolation” prize instead of the real deal – the experience! In many cases he will not be silent or polite about it. Some tremble at that and call it blasphemy but I think he is telling us something very important. For one thing he is saying there are discrepancies in the “Map-Book” – that it is full of mis-directions, contradictions and dead ends that do not at all lead to the experience of love.

As a young child – although I was a “believer”, I visibly rattled more than one Sunday School Teacher with my persistence to get at the truth. I didn’t do it to be a trouble maker. It was a genuine effort to understand the same things in the Bible that atheists complain of. Many “believers” defend and pretend it all makes sense – that there are no contradictions - for fear of what? …being smote for blasphemy and having their insurance policies cancelled?

There are more people waking up now by actually experiencing God. “Belief” is unnecessary when one “knows”. “Know the truth and it shall set you free” calls for experience! It is not accomplished by a simple proclamation of belief.

Once someone has had the experience of knowing God, it is easy to look at the “Handbook” and point out the sentences of truth here and there that points to the Way Home. It is also easy to understand parables such as the “Prodigal Son”. It is a story that sounds unfair. One son stayed home, worked and followed all the rules. He was not too happy when his brother who had partied away all the riches his father had given him came home with empty pockets - yet his father immediately embraced him and gave him the best of everything. There was no punishment – not even “tough love”! Anyone who has truly experienced God knows for himself that there is no punishment, only love and that his story is the Prodigal Son story as well. I found this to be my story when I had my kundalini awakening and boy, was I surprised! The Prodigal Son story is not unfair; If anything is unfair it is to insist that the truth about God be encumbered and surrounded with lies promoting guilt, shame and fear.

Someday enough of us will wake up and decide to no longer allow the lies about God to be wrapped in the same leather binder as the truths. They will delete all the lies of fear and punishment that prevent our brothers and sisters from using it as a map to Come Home. Some have decided in the mean time to hand out new maps.

Spirituality is your living breathing relationship with God/Goddess All that Is. Everyone has a relationship with God, even an Atheist. It may not be what you think yours is. It may be a distant one – a very quiet one. Giggle God may not have heard from our atheist brother in a quite a while - but everyone, including the atheist, has a relationship with God/Goddess All That Is! Some may consider the atheist to be a “fly in the ointment” but he plays an important part and deserves your love. You don’t get Home on one chakra. The atheist is no less important than anyone on the journey Coming Home. Don’t worry about God; He does not suffer from insecurity and needs no one’s approval or validation to exist. There is nothing you or I or the atheist could do to offend or insult God. I did not think that way before I experienced Him, however.

We are all a piece of God and a piece of the puzzle and all have a relationship to the whole that God is. Since my awakening I have compared my experience with others who have awakened and each have experienced varying aspects of God that may vary somewhat from mine, but intrinsic to them all was His love that had no condition to satisfy. Regardless of what you have done, when you get “there” you get an “A” from God and all His love! Some get a taste of God and declare that they are God. Many would call that blasphemy as well. Every drop of water has all the properties of the big ocean, yet it is not the big ocean. We are all little gods that are not yet aware of all that we are. Even when we wake up we do not all that God knows or how to access or use all the properties, gifts and abilities that the Father has given us. Would you expect to be able to eat the whole elephant in one sitting? The further one is willing to swim out – the more that will be revealed. I am not puzzled about the atheist. Coming from my religious background, I used to be more puzzled as to how I, myself, might fit in relationship to God and was almost positive I did not!

One thing I am truly grateful for is that I am no longer smiling on the outside while living a crappy life on the inside. I am no longer sitting around clutching some old sweaty, clammy insurance policy that says: “Redeemable in the afterlife.”

I know that heaven is now. You can know it, too!

Much Love to All

Linn Garrison
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Linda Garrison – February 2013 – All Rights Reserved

How to Lose Weight by Just Thinking About It

Lately there has been a lot of talk about perception and how it influences our experience of life, and it could be easy to dismiss this as “New Age” mumbo jumbo or something that you hear at self-help seminars. However, for those that have made shifts in their perception through various means, there is absolutely no question about the validity of the power of perception. So how does it work and how can you align your perception in order to create the life that you have always dreamed of? Let us explore!

Firstly, let’s address what exactly I mean by perception. Right now, even as you read this, your mind is reacting to stimuli based upon the information that it has been taught by both yourself and outside influences. You might read some ideas in this article and think, “That is wrong” or maybe, “That’s right!”. Or perhaps you find yourself in life deciding that certain things are “good” while others are “bad”. Sounds logical, right? This is where it gets interesting! Somewhere in the world, perhaps not too far from you, is a person who perceives that some of your “good” items are, in fact, “bad” and vice versa. Now, it is tempting to take the egoistic stance of, “Well, they are just wrong and I am right.” This fails, however, because much of what we deem “right” and “wrong” are simply learned and devoid of any factual basis. They are opinions.

Okay, so how does this apply to us? Well let’s say that you, like so many other people, want to lose some weight and get healthy. The problem arises in that you find exercise to be “hard” and “tiresome”, and healthy eating is “bland” and “too much effort”. Interestingly, we all know at least one or two people who we usually call “crazy” because they find exercise to be fun and exhilarating, and healthy eating to be delicious and natural. So what is the difference between the two? Perception. This is the power of perception: by making a small shift on the inside of ourselves, consciously changing how we view different aspects of life, we can quite literally lead our lives in whatever direction we want!

The only reason we are where we are is because we believe what we believe. Those that believe exercise is hard either won’t do it or will do it begrudgingly which will lead to poor health, while those that believe it is exciting and the best part of their day will enjoy good health and happiness. We can see from this that before starting any diet or new exercise program, we need to shift our beliefs and perceptions around exercise and food. Once this is done the struggle will be taken out of a healthy lifestyle, and it will become effortless because it will become what you want to do rather than what you feel you have to do.

Convinced? Awesome! Let’s discover how you can make this shift and seize the life you deserve. As with anything there are many paths to the same end, and here I will share with you the tools which have been most effective in my life at changing my perceptions and allowing my own transformation to take place. However, I encourage you to curiously explore other ideas and options which might suit you better.

1. First and foremost, I attribute an immense amount of my personal growth and success in health to meditation. Simply sitting quietly and being open for at least 20 minutes a day has improved my life beyond what I ever thought possible, and it is a great place to start.

2. Yoga has also been crucial in teaching me both how capable I truly am and how diligent practice with gratitude for the experience always pays dividends.

3. General introspection, questioning who you really are and what you really want in life, is absolutely key to changing your life.

4. Finally I have found that travel and new experiences open the gates to your perception and allow you to see different ideas and angles which helps to allow the mind to accept new perceptions.

Practice these things often and focus on your true goals, not what you have been taught to focus on but what the true you really wants in life. Remember that you absolutely CAN change your life! Have a fantastic day!

Thoughts To Ponder - #54

Thoughts To Ponder - #54

"If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you." -A. A. Milne

"Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll see a big difference." -Yoko Ono

To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of existence. - Sydney Smith ###

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