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Agoraphobic Woman Receives Message from a Robin


A frequent visit from a robin to an agoraphobic woman named Lisa has her wondering if perhaps the angels sent the bird to her. She asks Eileen Smith, one of our Ask An Intuitive columnists "Could it be the angels used that method to let me know I wasn't on my own? Why a robin? "read Lisa's full question and Eileen's thoughtful response

When I was in grade school I was taught that robins were migratory birds, flying south for the winter to escape cold weather. I later learned that this was not exactly true. They will sometimes migrate to warmer climates but not because of the temperature. These birds can survive colder weather as long as food is available to them. Robins are nomadic creatures moving to different locations, near or far, to find suitable food sources. Robins' dietary habits change in the winter to eating fruit and seeds from trees and bushes. In the warmer season they eat bugs and earthworms that are easily harvested from the ground making them more visible to us.

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