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Waning Moon Phase

As the intensity of the Leo full moon's embrace wanes, we are finding ourselves sorting through the different attachments in our lives- assessing what pertains to our growth and what might be stifling it. In the time of the waning moon, it's time to get organized. What articles in your life need to be recycled? What habits would you like to take out to the trash?

In living with the cycles of the moon, we have specific times we come into harmony with our intentions in nature. While things become manifest during the full moon, we see that some of our other previous desires that had not come into fruition- or perhaps were plans from a previous garden of understanding, need to be weeded as they are out-molded. 

During the waning moon, you will notice that some patterns are coming up for you to sort and release. Take notice of these realizations, send them your blessings and love and LET GO. It's a beautiful dance of circles and dropping scarves. Nothing you release is ever lost in the universe, just relocated to where it is necessary for the next lessons. By letting go, you are allowing the energy to flow to where it is most appropriate. In turn, this allows the flow of energy to be appropriated back to you for your highest and best. 

When we work in the cycles of the moon, our manifestations become more in sync with nature and are absolute. If we can tap back into our inherent rhythms of the universe, in a short amount of time our natural instincts will kick in for timing and we will be able to watch the cycles of circles unfold in our lives with ease.

It's so much simpler when we recognize the patterns inherent to nature, the moon rising and filling, waning and being born again.

When we recognize that there is method to the fluctuations of nature, we are able to recognize it in ourselves as well. I find working with the cycles of nature helps to reduce my stress and anxiety when I know that when things are waning that the stage is being cleared for a new birthing cycle, or new moon.

Consider which stones you might want to set down so that you might be able to hold the new vision moving rapidly towards you.

May your day find you blessed and at peace,

Teketa Shine

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