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There is a strange tree .... As Above, So Below

There is a strange tree, which stands without roots and bears fruits without blossoming;
It has no branches and no leaves, it is lotus all over.
Two birds sing there; one is the Guru, and the other the
The disciple chooses the manifold fruits of life and tastes them, and the Guru beholds him in joy.
What Kabir says is hard to understand:
"The bird is beyond seeking, yet it is most clearly visible. The Formless is in the midst of all forms. I sing the glory of forms."

-- Guru Kabir, Songs of Kabir: http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/6519/pg6519.html

Frequency Update ~ January 9th, 2013


We have arrived into 2013 activated with the frequencies of Light through our Divine Self. Some of us may not know what to do with these energies, some are fighting the higher levels, some have no idea that change has happened, and others are arriving with a sigh of relief. It all depends on who we have become and how much work that we have done to get into this new space of being. Whatever you may be experiencing, please know that this year will be powerful and life changing for everyone.

This past week has promised to help us make the necessary adjustments to reach new levels of understanding within ourselves and the world that is around us. Many individuals may be feeling confused about what they are feeling or thinking as the old paradigm has been removed. What happens to us when there is a state of consciousness that is created upon the Earth that has never been received before? We are in a state of readjustment and there are no rules of what we are supposed to be doing, feeling, or accepting into our world, because it has never been done before.

This year is like none other and the upcoming years will be the same. We are a changed race of Beings in which our pathways are not boring but yet filled with moments of surprise encounters from others and within ourselves. Everything we know is going to be challenged and it is up to us to decide how we are going to face our new reality. We are reborn within the same physical vehicle we have been using since the day of our creation. The steps that we take now will mold us into our new reality.

So how do we create this new reality? By being present within ourselves, understanding who we are and not what we thought we were, and accepting that change is inevitable for every one of us on this planet. Our higher selves are awaiting our arrival into the physical body; many of us have achieved this integration and more have not done so. It is up to us that have integrated the higher frequencies to keep the balance by being more serene, calm, and non-judgmental especially towards ourselves. The third dimensional reality is gone, and now it is up to each individual to aspire to more within themselves, create this balance, and the world around us will change.

We will be experiencing a New Moon on January 11th which is always a time to create new ways within our lives. This moon is in the sign of Capricorn 7:44 PM UTC which represents practicality. Be strong in whatever changes you want to make as the energy is fluctuating so much that we do not want to get pulled in one direction or the other. Since the beginning of January we have had to balance our energies from the 12:21 cycle of the Christ Consciousness being activated within GAIA. The transition that many individuals are going through presently can be very challenging due to the fact that we may still want to find the most solid pathway in each moment. That will never be the case any longer so we must be very strong in activating our energies through our Christed Self, which is our Higher Mind and the Heart. Find time for silence each day to reflect who you are becoming as these new vibrations are going to continue at an accelerated rate especially for the next three months.

Be strong in creating a balanced foundation within yourself. Know who you are and this can change in a moment’s reflection. The best part of what we are experiencing this year will be to be in a synchronous flow of light. So if you are pulled in a certain direction and it does not feel as if it is flowing, then shift your energies into a more centered space by taking some deep breaths of “AAHH” which brings you into the center of the Great Central Sun. It also helps to ground your energies into your Earth Star that may feel as if they are floating out of your body.

The most important thought we can convey is to deeply feel what is right for you in each moment. These moments can change quickly and remember to fully accept that you are a Divine Being of Light being activated within the physical creation that is You.


It is our Divine Pleasure to be with each of you in this moment. We would like to go further into what Meleriessee has shared in the Planetary focus presently.

Don’t let anything stop you from becoming more than you are. This is the beauty of the Christed Consciousness being fully activated within the Earth at this time. Each of you is being affected deeply by your consciousness and it is up to you to fully accept Who You Are Becoming. We know that this has not been an easy transition and especially for the Ones that feel something brewing within them but they just cannot accept the fact that they are changing. This is where each of you as Light Workers need to step into your full power by allowing your essence to become what you desire it to be.

We have shared that the frequencies have shifted the Earth into a new paradigm of Light. Many believe that they have reached a 5th dimensional consciousness and that Earth has now arrived. That is the illusion of some individuals to think that nothing else needs to be done in preparation. We disagree and only want you to realize that there is still more work that needs to be done. You can have the higher consciousness but the reality of it is that it has not been integrated into GAIA. She is moving towards this event but it has not actually occurred. What has occurred is a revolution of Light. People are looking within themselves to actually understand what is happening to them on a soul and physical level. They are not sure what the outcome will be and they will never know that outcome.

We have arrived into a 4th dimensional Earth. The consciousness of many individuals is varied and it is not up to us to say who has the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or even 10th level of awareness. The soul evolves in a way as to accept the higher levels of reality through the Soul Star and allowing the transference of this Light into the physical creation. What actually is occurring at this time is that each individual’s consciousness is being filtered into the physical body. This is going to take some time for it to evolve into the 5th dimensional earth. We are getting there and the more work that each individual does to create it for themselves, will make the process easier for others, GAIA, and humanity. But there will be divisions that occur unless we can bridge the gaps between the consciousnesses of humanity. It is not going to happen just by thinking it is so. What will be occurring is that each individual has a responsibility to allow the full activation of the New Earth to occur. This also means that every person will feel the effects within their physical body as many call “ascension symptoms.” It is the process of the ascension descending into the physical vehicle to create the light forms to be activated within each individual. You are the conduits for the allowance of these elements to occur and you will be the Ones that will feel it the most.

Let’s face it ~ we know that many of you have been going through these processes already as it is part of the Initiation of Mastery to walk as the Master and fully accept this role through the physical existence. Many have chosen to leave this planet as that was not their path to hold the light. There are several souls that worked very hard to this end but decided they would not endure the integration any longer. We thank them deeply for doing so as it has made it possible for each of you to fully accept your own Mastery upon the Earth and work in unison with others to stand in the presence of GAIA’s own acceleration.

At this time, this process is continuing on much deeper levels than it was ever anticipated as the amount of Light Workers that are willing to fully participate within this program of Ascension for GAIA and not just for themselves. The ones that are going into deeper levels of their Soul’s development will find that their light will be strong conduits for others to follow. The Ones that do not understand that will find that they need to heal their soul’s psychological path as there will be a lack of understanding of how this process works. It is appropriately guided that leaders are not born for this role but must be nurtured and trained on very deep levels of existence. The individuals that understand our words will ring Truth within them; the others who are not ready will not understand at this time, but hopefully will follow suit.

We were given a beautiful opportunity at the time of 12:21 to fully blend our energies with our Higher Self and I AM Presence. Many of us in Spirit have done so; many in body are also doing so in preparation to these phases as it cannot be accomplished in body without great challenge. It is with this that we share our deepest gratitude that you are doing so. All of you listening or reading this material are in preparation, but please know that the road is not paved with pure bliss in each moment. Bliss happens when it happens to you from the deepest core of your Soul’s Essence. There are timelines that need to be acknowledged and released through this process of the Self forgiving the Self.

The energies this week are preparing you on deeper levels than you could ever imagine to help you through this period of transition. We share the background information to help you understand what you may be going through within this process. Oneness does not occur within each individual person without the doorway of letting go of the old and allowing the new to be born within. Each of you in body must realize that this is not easy, and this week it is going to take you into new levels of awareness.

The structure of your foundation needs to be very strong. This means that the basis of information that comes through you into your physical creation has to be on a level in which all consciousness can accept your advancement into the higher realms. If you do not have a strong foundation to stand upon, then the body will not be able to handle the frequency. Your Etheric structure is being challenged and turned inside out to allow your physical vehicle to accept the new paradigm of consciousness that is coming into your Being.

Please be assured that this new wave of energy is being engineered by everyone’s Higher Self and I AM Presence and the amount of frequency that comes through to you is being activated through these elements. It is important to have a dialogue with your Higher Self whether or not you can hear them talking bacl to you; they will hear you. Be strong in your meditations and within your silence, because this is where the true elements are going to help you in the transition.

This new moon is allowing each of you to go further into your Divinity. But as we shared previously, you must be prepared to allow it to happen. It is going to happen anyway, but it will be guided by You in how the integration occurs. Many will not accept it readily so the ones that can, please do so. You will be holding the higher light within the balance to be fully activated into GAIA.

So if you are looking for changes to occur during this new moon, you have the structure to hold the changes while being in the same position, you will find a most synchronous event about to enfold. The energies of Light from the Heavens are supporting you greatly through this process. You angelic self is about to be more activated within you to assist in the process but GROUNDING is most essential in order to hold it.

The power of this week is being considered the next phase of the Christed Self. It will allow each individual to go into deeper levels than they previously encountered. The Elohim Councils of Light are standing by to assist everyone through this process as they understand what it is like to be within the body while accessing their higher knowledge, wisdom, love, and completeness. For some individuals this intensity will be too great so it is important to fully reflect on the foundation you have created.

The choice is yours in how you handle this energy ~ Assisting or De-Assisting. Allowing the flow of life to run through you, around you, and BE YOU.

We walk with you in each moment as our Days of Light are becoming increasingly brighter.

We are the Unified Whole at your Service.

So Mote It Be, In the Light That We Are As One!

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~ All Rights Reserved. No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the link http://walkingterrachrista.com.

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An Arhat's Dream

Climbing the ever winding
steps of Mt.Sumeru,
this arhat's dream
is to develop the vision
where everyone is my good master.

Climbing out of my lotus flower encasing,
this arhat's dream
is to conquer the world
of conditioned reactions.

Climbing out of my former
mind and livelihood,
this arhat's dream
is to arise to the occasion
whenever that occasion does arise.

Climbing out of my prior
engagements with others,
this arhat's dream
is to create a new mental space
where everyone can feel comfortable in.

Climbing out of the
world's anxieties and affairs,
this arhat's dream
is to chant and meditate with
the bodhisattvas of ancient antiquity.

Climbing the musical scale
of a compassionate heart,
this arhat's dream
is to sing the pure buddha dharma
to all who abide in the nothingness of space
and in the grounded qualities of the earth.

Arriving at this arhat's dream,
the lotus flower of this buddha's mind
sprinkles forth the essential extract
of a purified nature; which is
the state of bodhichitta.

Generating the stage of world enlightenment
for all sentient beings, may everyone
become a perfected buddha
who is a master of this arhat's dream.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

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ought not to stay here, Dick," she said.
He started scrambling to his feet, but Amaryllis was before him, and
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surprised him.
"You're strong," he said, swaying unsteadily for a moment.
She flushed with pleasure at male praise.
"I'm awfully strong. I've felt perfectly safe, you see, ever
since since I was such a fool and you made me sleep and be sensible."
Dick looked about him, and caught sight of the stone roof of the cottage
where the bees bumbled.
"I didn't get far befor. http://www.oakleys-cheapsale.com e I crumpled," he said. "Let's get a move on."
As they walked with their eyes on the cleft knob of the ridge, he
reverted to her last words.
"Not scared any more Then what price Melchard" he asked, "and
malingering pig tailed wenches that
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daddies' shoulders"
"It was that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap frightful Chinaman, Dick. Yes, I was afraid then. I was
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The tone, perhaps, more than the words in which the man of whom she
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It was as if Cheap Replica O. Replica fendi sunglasses akley Sunglasses one good friend of hers had maligned another, and she could
not quarrel with the traducer without falling out with the traduced.
"But it was Melchard's voice that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap made you take a lump of me between
your teeth and bite a hole in my coat," he went on. "
There's a hideous
wound just under this." And he picked at two broken threads on his
"That was just hate and disgust, not fear. And it's horri. Cheap Oakleys d to say I bit
you, when you know I didn't. But I was afraid, Dick, that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap you'd have to
do something to that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap huge dwarf thing, and get hurt and "
"Well, I've told you I'll bolt if he shows his face," he repeated, more
gently. But seeing her flush and frown angrily, "What's wrong,
Amaryllis" he asked, and drew nearer to her side as they walked.
But she kept the distance undiminished.
"I don't like the way you speak of yourself," she replied hotly. "It
makes me feel angry as if Cheap Replica Oakley Sunglasses someone else had done it."
"Done what"
"Lied about you said you were afraid of a hideous freak out of a
circus. You!"
The brown eyes blazed on him with the anger meant for his hypothetic
slanderer. And Dick, between the joy with which her annexation of his





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Discount Fake Oakleys Sunglasses kill me with

below the
Manor House, and that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap foolish phrase, "blue as a hummin bird's weskit,"
which had then haunted her, till she found him playing with Gorgon in
the road; and from that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap to her bewilderment twenty four hours later,
when he had called the dog Zola. She had reproved the enormity of the
syncopated pun, but Dick had insisted that Fake Oakley Sunglasses Cheap Zola fitted an animal whose
expression was always either disgusted or disgusting.
She must not keep him here, . Fake Oakleys so near the stone cottage, and the road.
They might be seen.
He had offered her brandy. Carefully she felt his coat.
The Fake Oakleys Cheap Sunglasses right
outside pocket she could not reach, but there was a hard lump in it,
pressing against her cramped knees.
She leaned over sideways, twisted her legs in front of her, and made a
lap into which, by edging away from the heavy body, she let the head
slide gently. She got the flask out, pulled the metal cup from. Replica armani sunglasses its base,
and into it poured a little brandy. With tender force she managed at
last to send a trickle of the spirit into his mouth.
He choked, tried to swallow, coughed violently, and then opened his
"I told you," he said, "that you needed brandy, not to kill me with it.
What's happened"
"You were walking in your sleep," she began.
"Sleeping in my walk, perhaps," he admitted. "Bad enough, but very
His sen. Replica adidas sunglasses ses coming back to him, Dick felt a wet drop on his forehead,
brushed it away, and glanced at the sky, but not, as Amaryllis expected,
at her.
"Well," she said, "I was frightened."
"You dropped your pipe, tried to catch it, and fell on your face,"
Dick felt his nose and eyebrows. "No, I never!" he declared indignantly.
Amaryllis laughed shakily.
"You see, I'm softer than the ground. You fell on me. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ." And she patted
her left shoulder.
"Your fault, I'm afraid. Must have tipped you right over."
"No, I just subsided quite neatly. And you never got a bump, Dick. But
I was afraid afraid, you know."
"I must be in rotten condition, going to pieces like that. Why, look at
you been through twice as much."
"Oh, no," she answered, snatching greedily at the opportunity of telling
a little of what she had been thinking. "Did I drive two hundred and
fifty miles in the dark, at fifty miles an hour Did I climb and crawl,
and fight, and nurse a squealing girl after carrying her for miles"
"Three hundred yards," said Dick dryly. "And you must have been shamming
to know anything about it."
"Mrs. Brundage told me," she answered, "that you came through the wood
carrying me in your arms."
And s





Where Are You In Your Life and Where Do You Want To Be?

Where Are You In Your Life and Where Do You Want To Be?

When someone comes to work with me, I ask, “Where are you in your life and where do you want to be? What do you think blocks your flow? What do you think you need to master to reach your goals?

People have an idea what is stopping them, but that is seldom what actually is stopping the flow. The expression, ‘You can’t see the trees for the forest,’ applies.

The majority of people are simply getting by without clearing the blocks that keep them from reaching their full potential. When the blocks are identified, we craft solutions based on each person’s goals, time and interests.

The Work Is Done On The Subconscious and Soul Level

The work is done on the soul and subconscious level where the root cause resides. There is often a little diffused voice in the background giving messages and pulling the strings (threads) of the past that sabotages the present. The most frequent messages are: unworthiness, shame, guilt, not good enough, what’s wrong with me or messages of futility. These messages are seldom only in this lifetime, however, one does not need to believe in Past Lives to resolve or release the block. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Age of Wisdom

Some times the elders have far more value than we realise. I thought I would share this with you

Prime Ministers and Presidents world wide
10 January 2013

It is futile I know to even be addressing you in this manner because I know Politics enough to understand this. Yet I am writing to you because I need too. I am asking you to read it in full with an open heart and mind because I am sure you receive many letters of a nature that cause you great frustration. I am asking you to overcome your momentary frustration and read this letter of a citizen who has been caused years of frustration by Government process, laws and systems. Who in reaching near retirement now writes for not to would be to ignore what can not be ignored any longer by any persons in this world.

I simply am frustrated with the poor decision making that occurs in Governments around the world because everyone is caught in a system that very often is not about democracy but about money and a system that needs gross over hauling to be truly called a democracy. Last but not least it is also about those in it.

Simple and easy answers that bring real solution seemingly over looked by this system which we call democracy. Even though I believe in it, I do not believe in it as in how it is today because it is not healthy. The majority of people have in their hearts different things to that which the Governments have and thus many times those decisions of the Government take from the choices of the people. I could mention individual issues, agenda’s but that would also be pointless. I am aware that there is not enough to go around. I am also aware that instead of looking out side of ourselves for those answers it would be more beneficial to look within ourselves and to our own.

It seems to me right now that pushing figures around in budgets is the basis of those decisions being made rather than what will resolve an issue long term for those in need. I am sure that if you simply said to the people of the world country by country this is our situation and this is what we are going to need to do to fix it, each and every one of us would stand up for our country and the rest of the world but this is not done. Instead more restriction, limitation, is applied that causes us to struggle on doing more yet having less. I believe if you would only

Attend to the needs of the people they shall attend to the needs of the country
Serve – the people and they shall serve the country.
Help the people and they shall help the people of this country and you.

I am not an activist but from a young age I believed in things that now in my older years I see were what people are wanted to believe and that I like most simply let all these things go on around me and thought only of day to day life and the struggle rather than what I could do.

Today I would be involved of these things instead of leaving it up to others. I consider myself to be a very pure, honest, good person in a very dishonest impure world. A person who has always taken responsibility, and been accountable for my own actions. An integrity I see missing in most that go about in this world. If I give my word or make a promise it is always kept maybe not straight away as intended but I like to think that eventually I bring it about and it never goes from my mind or heart until I do
I made a conscious choice to live this way and not follow others who simply say things then do what they want.

As I age I see that to remain silent perhaps is not the way and even in futility I must speak up. I have passed through many years of experiencing Governments and life to know that I have been placed in my own circumstances due to how the general public is served. And believe me I have been caused to have very little yet I have given my heart to all I do at every turn. A poor outcome from the point of view most would have but I am far wealthier than most I know. Because I have lived by truth I have caused great happiness s in my being and find that the only distress in my life is that of Governments impact on the average life of a person no matter how much they work, strive, or live good and decent ways.

As I enter those days which will bring me to less again through frail physicality I look at what is ahead and see that living by Government rule has caused me to be less than what I am in the view of the world but I have always been more. It raises the question what more could we as a Nation as a worlds people do if we were free to be more rather than less by the poor choices of Governments.

I am not aiming to criticize, complain, or even put down Governments in the sense of they have failed us yet to me these simple things need to be stated. Why is so hard to allow people to be more? What could possibly make this a non event? Limiting people and people’s choices is denying their beings and the right to have a full life experience. If we were to let go instead of control what beauty would we find in our country and people? There will always be those few that spoil the mix and focusing on these ones will always be required. For the rest of us we deserve every thing out of life that there is to attain, and have experience of, and through this learn and grow.

I know if you called the people of your country to come together and clean our waters I like many would stand up and be counted for example. Experts can always supervise you know they do not have to do it all.

Should you ask us to pull in our belts we would but then we hear of these crazy schemes espoused such as seedless veggie and fruit being developed or making it illegal to collect rain water or even pass on our extra veggie home grown across the fence. We have those who can assist health through natural means yet this is treated with disrespect and called Alternative. This to me is taking away our right to survive to help ourselves to be self responsible. It is becoming too stringent in our world and seems to be following rather than setting example while many people are well ahead of where Governments find themselves. We are but a small world filled with so very many capable persons. Why is it so necessary to restrict them all?

I may not be of this world much longer but I would like to think my successes in life was not how much I had but how much I had done in this world to make it a better place than I found it. The thing is I can not say this as it is not better than I found it. I know in my heart this is due to poor thinking and poor choice at the top around the globe. This in itself is not a criticism as I believe the various systems is generating this and people are being caught in them. I am sure many politicians go into politics to bring change and make there country the best it can be but I know they are caught up in a process that determines a different out come. Perhaps my letter will do nothing but surely it is time someone spoke up and asked what we can do to make a real difference? And how hard can that be? A simple question which applied simply would produce greater change and chance in life for all. A simple process of positive thought applied would change attitudes.

What is it going to take world leaders to really cause a shift in thinking and application of thinking to bring a desired result we all as humanity can live with?

I am sure this does not mean we ignore money issues or the making of it for I believe it is not money that is at fault but how it is used and misused. A healthy Nation is a wealthy Nation and any Nation that is restricted, lessened is never going to achieve either full health or wealth.

I ask you on behalf of all world peoples, will you be the one to do well by those in this world in your country and leave it a better place than you found it. You have the position to do so unlike so many of us who do not. So many of us who would help if you would only ask us too.

I do not require a response to this letter, I do not require platitudes I simply put before you this letter knowing of all people around the globe right now you are the ones that can decide.
A loving citizen of Mother Earth

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Relationships Are Featured Today 1-10-13

Sudden and unexpected news arrives.
This results in a feeling of satisfaction from mail, phone, email, etc.
Opposing Energies: impatience, anxiety, frustration, inconsistency, loneliness
This is a settling of something that is quick, connected with your desire for more; or for making money and achieving great results.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: clarity, opportunity, ambitious
Because this opportunity arrives quickly, take time to respond and think it over.
This may represent a new cycle in a financial enterprise.
With all new cycles, establish the foundation to create a stable base by gathering information and avoiding impatience.
Good News for Relationships™:
Relationships are featured today.
Commitment and honesty are making the foundation of all relationships solid.
Both the business and emotional news require decisions to be made peacefully and with a calm mind.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
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What Is Alternative Medicine?

What Is Alternative Medicine?

If you are hearing about Alternative Medicine—more accurately Holistic Health Care (HHC)—for the first time, you may be surprised when you learn how popular Holistic Health Care is.

This incredible leap from being seemingly taboo in Western Society to becoming an incredibly popular and sought-after form of health care has surprised both Traditional Western doctors and medical researchers. In a world that’s been dominated by Traditional Western Medicine for nearly 200 years, the seemingly sudden rise of Holistic Health Care is something worth paying attention to. So why did Holistic Health Care become more popular in Western Society?

• It has to do with its history. Almost all forms of Holistic Health Care has a rich long history rooted in spirituality, tradition, and ancient cultures. The fact is many people and entire societies have been using these methods for health care for thousands of years. It has certainty and success rates higher than TWM. People believe that the ‘so-called’ Holistic Health Care remedies would not have stood the test of time for as long as it has, if the methods did not work.

• Holistic Health Care practices are non-invasive with only a few instances of negative side effects for some people. There are millions of people who believe all body parts are necessary. Therefore, removing body parts is not a viable solution. Thousands of others refuse to pollute their body with toxic poisonous chemicals. Holistic Health Care appeals to thousands of people because it provides a long term solution rather than temporary or short-term reprieve. The other pluses are the protocols and procedures are easier to do, and there is no additional recovery time from them.

• Holistic Health Care is appealing because it’s natural. All the protocols, supplements, and procedures follow natural processes or are derived from natural elements and products. A good example is found in herbal remedies, which is one of the many forms of Holistic Health Care. Herbal remedies support the body’s natural ability to recover and alleviate illnesses and common everyday ailments through teas and natural supplements. Having a completely natural manner of recovery means no synthesized elements or extracts, which means less complication within the body.

• Another benefit is that many of the herbal remedies and practices can be done at home. This gives many people the comfort of being in their own homes while still receiving treatment, either through a Holistic Health Care provider or by administering the treatment themselves. This is actually very easy because many times treatment can involve teas, water, massages, meditation, and other practices that can be done anywhere.

• Holistic Health Care is less expensive than TWM. Most of the time, Western medicine goes through various expensive procedures and this is often coupled with pricey medication. Holistic Health Care, on the other hand because it is natural, non-invasive, and can be done on your own, reduces costs and recovery time significantly without reoccurrences.

These are only five reasons why Holistic Health Care has become more popular in Western Society. There are other reasons behind its popularity, the most important and popular one being its effectiveness for all diagnoses. It is the best protocol to restore and maintain Mind, Body, Spirit health and wellness. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Life is a Present, but Only When You are Present

Being mindful allows you to track down what appear to be subconscious processes, disentangle them and bring them out in the open. Say you lie in bed, your partner is fast asleep but since you are lying next to each other, you can feel a touch on your body. You feel sexual energy rising in you, you feel relaxed because it is Saturday and you have a long weekend coming up, you are touching yourself, you picture your favorite sexual act and you effectively begin to masturbate.

When you think about it, there are actually many things going on in this scene. A lot happens between the moment you wake up and the time you masturbate. Waking up is obviously out of your control, as is the experience of the touch of your partner and the fact that sexual energy is rising in you. You may be a person who always feels sexual energy most intensely when you are relaxed. Knowing the mood you are in helps you understand how you are likely to react. Once you are mindful of what is going on inside, 
 you suddenly realize that you have a choice in touching yourself and a choice in creating exciting sexual mental images. Before you were just on an autopilot that led to masturbation even though many of the processes weren't subconscious at all, be mindful gives you a choice in what experience and lets you experience everything more intensely. 

Try to be present when something is happening inside you, say sexual energy surge in you like in in our example.  How do you react to this energy surge? How is your mood when you experience it? Are you angry or pleased, anxious or relaxed, are you in a good or in a bad mood? Try to be present when these processes run, or otherwise you will be just dragged  around by these emotions and energy and will end up acing like a slave.  Are you a master of your emotions and actions or are controlled totally by the robot inside?

 To become a master of your emotions and your actions can be learned. Try to be present when these energies surge in you, feel how different emotions work on your body, and try to understand why you have these reactions.  With your total attention and total presence, with the gaze of your love, these emotions calm down like a purring cat.  Please practice this by yourself, you basically can see the transition of your emotions in action.  You can experience how pain is transformed into love and joy; anxiety into peace; anger into forgiveness.  

 Please don’t suppress your emotions.  Accept them as they are.  Try not to judge them and label them as good or bad.  Take them all and in experience them as they are. The problems for most of people  is that they are controlled and dragged around by their emotions. The emotional, mental and physical dominos are falling and afterwards the outcome gets labeled  as good or bad.  When something is labeled as good, you are happy to experience what is going on and you want them to stay with it as long as possible. On the contrary, when the emotions are labeled as bad, you don’t want them, you try to get rid of them and you afterwards beat yourself or someone else up over them.

 If you really watch these emotions and observe them carefully, you will find that, as a matter of fact, these emotions come and go by themselves.  But if you resist them, suppress them, or try to control them, they will stay longer.  Just be present with them, you will be able to transcendent these emotions, understand them and yourself, and experience life

 With your presence, the intensity of every emotion will become strong and you will also gain back the feeling of liveliness. Do you recall how you experienced life as a child?   Can you feel the breeze when you walk in nature? Can you see the flowers blooming all over the places?  Can you taste the flavor of food?  Have you ever experienced talking to your loved one and feel the love flowing back and forth between you two?  Have you ever experienced the pain when someone you really care is walking out of your life?  Yes, these situations trigger our emotions and sensations.  If you are present in these happenings, you will connect with the lively energy of these things.  You cannot help feeling that life is wonderful and exciting because you are lively there participating every thing.

 Dear friends, please get out of your mind and your auto-pilot and join life instead. Leave the roller-coaster of emotions, just experience the first push, the psychological trigger and experience how the stimulus is fading naturally when you just observe.   Life is a present and a blessing, but only when you are present will you be able to get it.  You have lived in the illusionary world full of worry and fear long enough. Join the real world and be ready to receive your present.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Has Society Become A Madhouse?

Guest Blog: Has Society Become A Madhouse?

Parallels Between Mental Institutions & ‘Normal Life’ Keep Adding Up, says Former State Hospital Doctor. “Insane” has a clear meaning when we can look at it next to “sane” in the real world. Unfortunately, that has become more and more difficult to do, says Mike Bartos, former chief of staff at a state psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane.

“It’s not just because the media rely so much now on bizarre behavior to entertain their audiences,” says Bartos, author of “BASH” – Bay Area State Hospital – (www.mikebartos.com), a fast-paced tongue-in-cheek novel that stems from his decades of experience as a mental health-care professional.

“Take a look at what has become the ‘normal’ problems in modern America – some of them could be textbook examples of psychological dysfunction.”

Cases – in point:

Obesity epidemic: Denial, compulsion, addiction and sublimation are just a few mechanisms at work in the psychology of a largely obese population. Sublimation is the mature defense activity perpetrated when socially unacceptable impulses, such as sexuality, are redirected, in this case to the consumption of salty, fatty and sugary food. With more than two thirds of the U.S. population either overweight or obese, there is nothing sane about this health crisis.

Banking: The financial crisis that changed the world in 2008 can be largely owed to a cluster of “too big to fail” U.S. banks and their employees who thought they could continuously repackage terrible debt loans. Meanwhile, unqualified customers snatched up properties they couldn’t afford. This was an undiagnosed mega-scale gambling addiction. Many in the financial world knew it simply could not be sustained but the players continued to ante up.

Climate change: Denial, denial, denial. The raw data from objective scientists overwhelmingly tells us man is largely responsible for warming global temperatures, yet we continue to use fossil fuels and to fill landfills with methane-producing waste. It’s a classic case; we completely ignore symptoms and evidence to maintain the status quo.

A drugged nation: Marijuana, a natural relaxant, is outlawed in most states while tobacco and alcohol – responsible for incalculable violence and sickness, as well as tens of thousands of accidents and deaths each year – are lucrative and legal vice industries. Meanwhile, some pharmaceutical companies and physicians encourage substance abuse and chemical dependency by promoting pills to ease the inevitable emotional and physical pains that come with life.
“Many of my psychiatric patients suffered from addiction to both legal and illegal drugs. Sometimes it was hard to tell which came first, the addiction or the other mental health issues,” Bartos says. “The legal or illegal status of certain drugs seems to be completely arbitrary -- much like the behavior of a patient suffering psychosis,” he says.

Spoiled-brat adults: Narcissistic Personality Disorder isn’t only now accepted in society, it’s widely encouraged and celebrated, Bartos says. Reckless driving and road-rage are just two examples in which individuals are so self-absorbed, they believe their time and sense of entitlement are more important than the lives and safety of others. Throw on top of that our obsession with plastic surgery, need for constant attention on social media, and pre-occupation with consumer brands and we have pandemic megalomania.

War: America has been at war for 10 years, and leaders cannot say with any precision what we are doing with our current campaign in Afghanistan, nor what we accomplished with our last one in Iraq. It’s as if government leaders have a masochistic, sociopathic relationship with one percent of the U.S. population – the military, and their families. Young men are shipped off in the prime of their health, and often return physically or mentally damaged, if they come back at all. “Is this sane?” Bartos asks.

Mike Bartos is currently in private psychiatric practice in the San Francisco Bay Area where he lives with his wife Jody. He has several decades of experience in the mental health field, including serving as chief of staff at a state hospital for mentally ill patients convicted of violent crimes, where he focused on forensic psychiatry. Bartos is a former radio show host and newspaper columnist. While practicing in Charleston, S.C., he served as a city councilman for the nearby community of Isle of Palms.


I've been practicing astral projection (content for a later blog) and since starting this practice, I have been experiencing intense vibrations any time I meditate while laying down and they come on spontaneously while I'm trying to go to sleep. I know that this is a sign of my kundalini awakening and I am so grateful of this for they are pure bliss!

Anyway, I started searching the web about these vibrations and intentionally left out anything pertaining to meditation and kundalini. What I have found is many posts on medical sites of people experiencing the same, but seeking medical attention. In many cases they are diagnosed with anxiety and prescribed medication. Unhappy

It makes me sad that these people are not being told to embrace them and experience them. In some cases, someone has given good information in reply to these accounts telling them to research kundalini and chakra activation, but I suspect they were summarily dismissed as hocus pocus. The threads that I found were all several years old so I was not able to reply to give my perspective.

When will our mainstream recognize the reality and beauty of these things. Again, I am filled with gratitude and long to feel these vibrations. I try to make them last as long as possible! Love to you all! ~dl heart
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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