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Frequency Update ~ January 30th, 2013

Planetary Level ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

We just passed through our first full moon of this year which occurred on January 26-27th depending upon your time zone. It was very interesting to have a moon that gave us the elements of releasement and nurturing at the same time. Due to the other activations we have experienced in January, this was probably very powerful for many individuals. It was an opportune time to fully accept the new areas of your life that are being challenged while allowing the acceleration to occur within your pathway.

This week represents experiencing the changes that happened while creating a more balanced pathway. We find that when we go through fluctuations of energies we have to readjust within the physical world. This can be very demanding on our lifestyle no matter how deep the healing occurs. Take time to readjust your energies so that you are prepared for the next cycle of transformation.

It has been shared by Spirit that the Spring Equinox will be a most powerful time for the planet. We all thought that the activations of 12:21:12 would be more life changing. Let’s ponder on that thought considering the energy surges we have received in January. If these frequencies had occurred in December along with the additional energies we will be receiving through February and March, many would be on heavy overload. Humanity on a whole was not ready to receive the intensive moments so the Universe is helping us to go through them with ease and grace. In addition GAIA is receiving nurturing as she is also going through the same process. The earth changes are not nearly as catastrophic as they could have been.

As we move into the month of February, we need to be aware of the changes we are creating and allowing for the most optimal experience in each moment. Winter is always the time of deep inner reflection of seeing the deepest parts of ourselves to change and mold the new experience for the Spring which represents Rebirth. Each of us is going through a death cycle in many ways over and over again as our timelines of our past lives are igniting through us to allow the multi-dimensional beings be ignited that we contracted to be. Allow yourself to go into the void of all that does not serve yourself. This can change from moment-to-moment and know that this journey is the most challenging one on a Soul’s pathway to take on.

We are in a very powerful year as each of us allows our inner power to ignite within ourselves. This week we are being nurtured by allowing the blessings to enfold within us. Allow your experience to be smooth and transitional. Always move forward but with the gentleness of the Deer beckoning us on to experience the depth of the forest. Embrace who you are and how far you have come; the journey will become easier but so much more in depth of your Soul’s Essence.

Cosmic Level ~ Unified Whole Command


It is our pleasure to announce at this time that the energies are stabilizing for the planet and each of you. This will be a short period so take advantage of the most optimal energies to allow the essences that you are experiencing to enfold within your physical body.

We want to talk about how the Super-Conscious Mind or the Higher Self is activating within your Being. There must be an understanding of the changes that are occurring. This is one reasons why we felt that it was imperative to share our essence with each of you through this update. We feel that individuals, such as you reading this material, are receiving a higher level of frequency within your Being and helping you to understand the process that you are undergoing on all levels.

We see that many Lightworkers need to realize the depth of their contractual agreements and it is not just because you have arrived on Earth with great knowledge, wisdom and the ability to move energies just by thinking it is so. This is only part of the occurrence of your experience. You have arrived into an earth body and have the ability to create unbelievable manifestations on many levels. As you do this, you are working through your physical mind which is truly the consciousness you incorporate. But your subconscious is working through the other timelines to make sure that everything is in order as the programming has been set in place. As the Super Conscious or Higher Self becomes more active in your world, then the Three Minds will blend together; but you can have great magic in your life without the melding of these minds into the one Higher Mind.

Many individuals are still running their lives within the framework of the Lower Mind, and we find it is imperative to share this information. You can accelerate and move through initiations without accessing your Higher Mind, but you truly are loosing out on an important facet of your availability to accelerate upon this earth. One can fall as easily as they rise. It is imperative to understand, that as you become the multi-faced human being other timelines which are amazingly powerful, are melding into your physical structure. Within those timelines, issues can arise within you that you have held previously that do not serve your Highest Purpose. The power becomes so great that it can create archetypes to arise within you that you have held in these past timelines.

The ideal situation is allowing each of your traits whether higher or lower be fully integrated within yourself to create a balanced state of experience. As a human species, these archetypes have been necessary but the traits involved within each one need to be put into wholeness. Each of us from the Unified Whole came from specific archetypes and timelines that we now have chosen to be put into the Unified Whole. This means that all our timelines are melding into one Essence. If we were to come into physical form, we would be able to be completely integrated and a whole Being of Light.

Each of you is going through exactly the same time of energy. As you are experiencing the changes within the planet, the challenges you are receiving are allowing you to become more Whole within the One Balanced Mind, the Higher Mind or Higher Self. Every time you feel the effect going through you, take a moment and reflect where that is coming from. You may find it truly is not an experience you have had this lifetime but a particle of light coming into you for you to remember and deflect or reflect into it. If you need to deflect, it is a timeline that is not suiting your highest purpose; in retrospect, if it is a reflection, then allow that to shine deeply within you. It is a timeline that you lost, forgot about, or just did not realize it was yours to keep.

This week is that time to allow these changes to occur within you as you deflect or reflect elements that happen in your life circumstance. You are actually allowing your Higher Mind to be the ruling factor and not the Subconscious. Then you will be able to activate your consciousness within the Higher Self and not the Lower Self. This takes practice and part of it represents awareness. Until an individual can honestly look deep within themselves to see the parts that do not fit, than the Lower Mind will still stay intact. It takes great strength and stamina to continue with this type of reflection as it is not always easy to look at oneself and know that the thought or feeling does not belong there.

We share this information about the Three Minds to help individuals to see where they may need to do some deeper work. It is only going to assist each person more deeply to allow the Multi-Dimensional Self to be fully activated. The fifth dimensional frequency does not accept the entryway of any individuals that have not acquired this state of accessibility. You will stay within your 4th dimensional framework but think you have arisen to the 5th level. This is a misconception and must be understood for anyone on the Pathway of Mastery. You have chosen to step into this world as it is the most difficult to attain and sustain. But with diligent effort on your part, it can be achieved. This allows for greater reflection and more in-depth knowledge of the Inner Self. This is only the beginning of allowing your essence to fully shine into the New Earth. You will get into deeper levels than you can ever imagine. More challenges result, but they will be in a different framework of reference within your life.

So take the time this week to look within as the energies have stabilized. What has happened to you during the month of January and how have you assimilated it? Are there more elements that you need to acknowledge within yourself either in the plus or minus position? We want everyone to be neutral and have the balance between both elements. This will allow you not to take on thoughts or emotions that are not necessary but feel the pure essence that you are incorporating within your Body of Light.

We are the Unified Whole Command of many masters in the Creation of Oneness.

Blessings and Joy to each of you!

©2013 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Ascension Mastery ~ All Rights Reserved. No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page; http://walkingterrachrista.com.

Timeless Quotes of Saint Kabir

Today morning i woke up to these quotes from Saint Kabir ..

Jag main bairi koi nahin jo mann sheetal hoye,
Mann ka appa daar de, daya kare sab koye.

There is no enemy bigger than our own mind .He says If our mind is at peace there is Nothing of this world that can harm us , if only we drop off our ego's and be compassionate .

Maya mari na mann mara, marr marr gaye shareer,
Asha Trishna na mari , keh gaye Daas Kabir.

It is so ironic that just our body dies again and again, but our Mind our Desires and our Expectations are never ending. And the saint is indicating that Death of this body form is not the ending ; till the time we have all the desires -we would continue to come in this world of forms again and again.. And this " Maya" or Avidya or Illusion doesn't die with this body only Smile

Tann ko jogi sab karein, mann ko virla koye,
Sahaj sab vidhi paiye, jo mann jogi hoye.

Everyone talks of renouncing the world that we see outside,But there are only few who really renounce everything from their minds too..further he says that everything in this world is easily attainable for the one who has reached the consciousness of No Mind .

The Gospel Of Truth - Part 2

Since the state of perfection for everything
lies in meeting the Father,
the All must ascend upwards into His Kingdom.

With knowledge, the Father gets what
He deserves and draws everything to Himself.

The ignorant, however, are undermined by
their own lack of perfection of knowledge.

Pronouncing the names of those
who have been saved,
the Father knows who He calls out to
and is conscious of the reason
as to why they are being called on.

Naming those from above,
they who hear the antiquity of their names
will assuredly reply to He who is calling.

Those who are in knowledge carry out
the will of the Namer of names.

Turning many away from error,
Jesus the Christ personally visited
the homes of the most fallen.

Without being aware of it,
such persons were surrounded by
the mysterious presence of the Father Everlasting.

Not able to contain or constrain
Jesus the Christ, He wandered freely
among crowds of wild beasts.

Revealing the progressive emanations
of the Father, each letter of Truth
which He spoke conveyed the Essence of all knowings.

Pronouncing the unrevealed names of God,
the Father wrote these names down
in the Ethers of Eternity
for the Right Sons to make use of them.

While meditating on the Logos,
the knowledge of Jesus the Christ expresses
the Eternal Crown of Glorifications.

Opening His Heart, the Holy Spirit
springs fourth from the corners
of the cosmos.

The Hidden Self of the Father being the Son,
the compassion of the Father is given
to the hurdled masses
so that they can end their restless searchings.

When finished with the duties of His mission,
the incomplete form of a man
will be tossed aside into the oceans of time.

Envious of the Son for being the Son,
the incompleteness of human life is all that is known.

The human form thus dissolves when
the Father's completed form
is beheld with eyes of wonder.

With time, the unity of the Father
will bring together all of the scattered pieces
of mankind's restless heart.

When such an event will occur,
and it will occur,
everyone will understand who they are
beyond the diversity of dualistic matter.

Having a holy house of holy disciples,
the sword of Jesus the Christ divides
what is perfect from what is imperfect.

Coming to life in the hearts
of those who pronounce the names of God,
the holiness of God's sound
causes empty souls to shatter in disbelief
and profound souls to remain intact.

The Word brought forth nourishment for some
and purification for others; while for the many,
all of space shook with a mighty jolt.

Wherever the Truth appears,
all of the emanations of God
recognize such a divine pattern almost instantaneously.

To love the Truth is to love the Father's mouth.
His tongue being the Holy Spirit,
what vibrates out of
the mouth of the Father is the Spirit of Salvation.

Listen, listen, for the Holy Spirit is upon you.
No matter how humble the mouth of a certain vessel is,
revelations are always revelations.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” You Are on the Precipice 1-31-13

Now, I’ve been talking about opportunities and achievements all week.
Today, release your hold on whatever you’re working on, and see what happens.
While some projects feel like “Your Baby” you won’t know your effect on them unless you let go and see them with different eyes, and have trust in the process.
Opposing Energies: resistance, vacillation, lack of vision
While your sense of identity and basis of security is contained in this work/job/project, you are on the precipice, ready with new creative energy.
You can learn new things, adapt to new plans and organize, by separating from static thinking, and “sameness”.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: change, achievement, completion
You can let go, it’s only your thinking that keeps you holding on.
See the future through new eyes, and make plans.
Good News for Relationships™:
A new, fulfilling romance has begun.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Cleanse the Chamber of Your Heart So That the Beloved May Enter -- Mystic Verses by Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras

Cleanse the Chamber of Your Heart So That the Beloved May Enter -- Mystic Verses by Sant Tulsi Sahib of Hathras

Dil ka hujra (1) saf kar, jana ke ane ke liye,
Dhyan gairo ka utha uske bithane ke liye.

Cleanse the chamber of your heart so that the Beloved may enter,
Remove all the foreign impressions, so that He can take His seat there.

Chashme dil se dekh yaha jo jo tamashe ho rahe,
Dilsita kya kya hai tere dil satane ke liye.

See with the heart's eye the astonishing spectacle of this world,
Oh heart -- ravishing scenes appear there to entice you.

Ek dil lakho tamnna us pai aur zyada havis,
Phir thikana hai kaha uske tikane ke liye?

One heart, with many desires, and always the lust for more,
Where is there any place for the Lord to come and reside?

Nakali mandir masjido me jae sade aphosa hai,
Kudarati masjid ka sakin dukh uthone ke liye.

It is a great pity that, going in the false [imitation] temples and mosques,
The indweller of the true mosque [the human body] is made to suffer.

Kudarati kabe ki tu maharab me sun gaur se,
A rahi dhur se sada tere bulane ke liye.

We should listen with attention in the prayer niche of the true Kaaba, (2)
The Sound is coming from the Court of the Lord and is calling you.

Kyo bhatkata phir raha tu e talashe yar me,
Rasta shah rag me hai dilvar pai jane ke liye.

Why are you wandering around lost in search of the Beloved?
The way to reach the charming one lies through the shah rag (3)

Murshade kamil se mil sidak aur saburi se taki.
Jo tujhe dega faham shah rag ke pane ke liye.

O devotee, meet the Perfect Master with sincerity and patience.
He will give you the secret to find the shah rag.

Goshe batin ho kushada jo kare kuch din amal.
La ilaha allahu akbar pai jane ke liye.

If you do the practice for a few days, the inner way will open before you.
It is the path to reach Allah, the One God, the Most High.

Yah sada Tulsi ki hai amil amal kar dhyan de.
Kun kuran me hai likha allahu akbar ke liye.

This is the call of Tulsi: O practitioner, do the practice with concentration.
The kun [Shabd] described in the Koran, will take you to Allah, the Most High.



(1) A hujra is a small room for solitary meditation attached to a mosque.

(2) The Kaaba is the most holy place of Muslim pilgrimage in Mecca and the maharab or prayer niche indicates the direction facing the Kaaba in a mosque. The maharab or prayer niche of the true Kaaba is the third eye on the human forehead above and between the two eyes, alternatively called the Shiv netra or tisra til.

(3) The shah rag or "royal vein" is the central, subtle vein on the forehead that leads to Trikuti. It is also called sukhman nari.

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Judith Hanson Lasater | Tiferet Talk interview | Replay available

Tiferet Talk host Melissa Studdard speaks with writer, yoga instructor, psychologist, and physical therapist Judith Hanson Lasater about how to live your yoga and other vital topics.

Click the link for the rest of the post and download links.

The Medicine Wheel

Physical quadrant
Mental quadrant
Emotional quadrant
Spiritual quadrant

Physical Quadrant

Tobacco is the first medicine given from the Creator. It is in the East and represents the promise that the Creator is always willing to listen. Yellow is the colour, spring is the season and childhood is the stage of life.

Tobacco is the first plant that the Creator gave to the Anishinabe people. Three other plants: sage, cedar and sweetgrass are held sacred by the people. Together they are referred to as the four sacred medicines (Muskiiki). The four sacred medicines are used in everyday life and in all of our ceremonies. All of them can be used to smudge with, though sage, cedar and sweetgrass also have many other uses. It is said that tobacco sits in the eastern door, sweetgrass in the southern door, sage in the west and cedar in the north. Elders say that the spirits like the aroma produced when the other sacred medicines are burned.

Sacred tobacco was given to the Anishinabe so that we can communicate with the Spirit world. Tobacco is always offered before picking other medicines. When you offer tobacco to a plant and explain your reasons for being there, the plant will let all the plants in the area know your intentions and why you are picking them. Tobacco is used as an offering, a gift, and is an important part of Anishinabe ceremonies.

Mental Quadrant

Sweetgrass is in the South and connected to Mother Earth. It has a shiny and beautiful side as well as a plain side, representative of youth. When sweetgrass is braided, it cannot be pulled apart. Likewise when your body, mind and spirit are solidly connected, you will be full and strong in your personal life. Red is the colour, summer is the season and youth is the stage of life.

Sweetgrass is the sacred hair of Mother Earth. Its sweet aroma reminds our people of the gentleness, love and kindness she has for the people. When sweetgrass is used in a healing circle it has a calming effect. Like sage and cedar, sweetgrass is used for smudging and purification.

Emotional Quadrant

Sage is in the West. As we move into the adult stage of our lives, we always exit through the West and sage assists in that journey. The smell of sage is intended to attract the spirits’ attention. Black is the colour, fall is the season and adulthood is the stage of life.

Sage is used to prepare our people for ceremonies and teachings. Because it is more medicinal and stronger than sweetgrass, sage is used more often in ceremonies. Sage is used for releasing what is troubling the mind and for removing negative energy. It is also used for cleansing homes and sacred bundles carried by people. It also has other medicinal uses.

Spiritual Quadrant

Cedar is placed in the North. While Mother Earth sleeps, cedar stays green, symbolizing that Mother Earth still watches over and protects us. White is the colour, winter is the season and Elderly is the stage of life.

Like Sage and Sweet grass, Cedar is used to purify the home, it also has many restorative medicinal use. When mixed with sage for a tea, it cleans the body of all infections, cedar baths are also very healing. When cedar mixed with tobacco is put in the fire it crackles, this is said to call the attention of the Spirits (manitous) to the offering that is being made. Cedar is used in sweat lodge and fasting ceremonies for protection, cedar branches cover the floor of many sweat lodges and some people make a circle of cedar when they are fasting. It is a guardian spirit and chases away the bad spirits.

Does something happen to you when you see a group of people doing the same thing?

Sometimes it brings me to tears. What happens to you? Please explain.

1/19/13 Radio-Show Archive!

My 1/19/13 interview on The Earth Needs Rebels Show is now archived online. Though we touched on the subject matter from my book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, this interview was really more about how to navigate the spiritual path and what to expect when you do. To hear the show, go to the below web page and click on the green arrow button to the left of "James Goi Jr How to Attract Money Using Mind Power." Here's the link:

Card of the Day: Major Arcana - Justice

(Illustrations from Archeon Tarot deck used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 2005 by U.S. Games Systems.)

This card looks at what is right and fair. Today we are encouraged to consider what is best for everyone – including ourselves. Quite often we go about our day, doing things for others, that we forget what is fair and just. Are you neglecting yourself?

When faced with decisions, Justice also encourages us to consider all the options before us and to weigh up pros and cons. Sometimes we decide we want to do something, but don’t really analyse the situation effectively. Are your decisions based purely on desire, or have you truly considered how your actions affect everyone involved?

It is important to address your own passions and your own needs, and it is important to stay true to your morals, this is always spoken of with other cards. But we are reminded that there are always two sides to the scale, and we must maintain balance between our passions and our responsibilities.


In search of a Spiritual Teacher/Mentor

I am on a spiritual journey. I always have been moving in and out of exploring, learning, seeking more about what i feel is my essence. I am in search of a Spiritual Teacher. I do not have much money but i have a fruitful mind that is eager to learn and study. I also have a yearn to teach as well but i would like to learn more. I know i am extremely intuitive but i do not hone the skills or havn't developed them enough to understand. If anyone knows of someone in the NY,NY or Northern NJ area please feel free to speak up Smile Thank you in advance!



~ Playing for Change: Street Musicians Unite World Thru Music ~ Posted By Agnes MacEachern ~

New York (CNN) -- Can buskers from around the world inspire an international peace movement?

That's the idea behind "Playing for Change," a multimedia movement designed to break down global barriers and connect people of every race through the power of music.

More than 150 -- mostly street -- musicians from 25 countries have joined their voices to spread their message of peace and create a truly global phenomenon with millions of followers across the world.

It all started in 2004, when Grammy award-winning producer Mark Johnson set off on a musical journey to capture street musicians around the world and combine their voices together.

Bringing his mobile studio and cameras with him, Johnson's mission led him and his small crew to an escapade across the globe -- they tracked the street musicians, put headphones on them and started recording each of their parts, before blending it all together to create unique versions of classic songs, such as "Stand By Me."

The powerful and versatile performances were mixed and posted online, quickly becoming a worldwide sensation. The band's version of the Ben E. King classic -- which interwove the performances of 18 street musicians, including a South African choir -- has become an internet hit with more than 40 million views on YouTube alone.

The band's bestselling CD/DVD set "Playing for Change: Songs Around The World" was also a big hit, debuting at number 10 on Billboard's Pop Chart in April 2009.

The recordings gave rise to the Playing for Change Foundation, an initiative aiming to inspire, educate and empower youth in Africa and other developing regions by building music schools in communities from Ghana and South Africa to Mali and Tibet.

"We are building schools to give those kids who are deprived...to give them a chance to express themselves tomorrow -- at least they can learn music, they can be confident, they can learn how to dance, they can be somebody," says honey-voiced Mermans Kenkosenki from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the main singers of Playing for Change.

Kenkosenki, along with his compatriot Jason Tamba and Titi Tsira from South Africa, are some of the African voices representing the continent in the movement.

They share the stage with musicians from the Netherlands to the United States as part of an international touring band that brings artists of all backgrounds together, raising money and awareness for the foundation.

"There are people who play music for the fame, for money, and there are people who play for the love of it," says Kenkosenki, who is also the frontman and founder of the band Afro Fiesta.

The foundation's first school was opened in the spring of 2009 in Gugulethu, a township a few miles outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

"You got so many lost young kids that their parents don't work, they are unemployed and the kids get to hang around in the streets, they don't get to go to the school because there is no money to send them," says Tsiri who is from Gugulethu.

"This school being built in that township is giving that child a chance, a chance to get a free education, get a skill of music and become a professional musician and be the breadwinner of their family," she adds.

So far, the foundation has been running eight programs, working with over 600 children and creating more than 150 jobs.

"It is a great feeling to give a child a skill," says Tsiri. "It is the best movement ever -- it is really making a huge change and I am very happy being a part of it."

The Playing for Change roster also includes world-renowned artists such as Manu Chao, Tinariwen, Vusi Mahlasela and Bono. Songs they've covered include classics such as "I'd Rather Go Blind," "Gimme Shelter," "(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay and many more."

"When you look at us you see in each of us a different character," says Tamba, a skilful guitar player. "Everyone is doing their thing, it's not following somebody but is bringing what he has deep in there [heart] and together that brings the fire."

Last year, Playing for Change also joined forces with the United Nations to present "United," an original song penned to raise awareness about the opportunities and challenges arising from life in a planet populated by seven billion people.

In the acoustic guitar-driven anthem, Kenkosenki sings lines like "I want to see the world united" before crooning in Lingala, a Bantu language spoken in parts of the DRC.

He is then joined by a host of singers across the world, who deliver their parts in Arabic, Hebrew and other languages.

"The whole world played the music," says Kenkosenki. "We need to be together to listen to each other -- that's how it should be, bringing people from different cultures to work together, that to me is powerful."

An Attitude of Gratitude

photo courtesy: Enchanted Nature

Hello friends,

I've done quite a bit of intensive healing work of late with my clients. What came out of those sessions was the word "Gratitude" as part of the healing therapy. Most of us would not make the connection between health and gratitude. But, there is definitely a correlation. With that, I gave each of my clients some light attitude adjustment exercises:

1. Upon waking, start your day with a thank you Universe for_____________. (no negatives)
2. While you are brushing your teeth, think of 3 things that you are proud of yourself for or 3 positive qualities that you have. Start your day off right! Reaffirm your Good!
3. Keep a journal for 21 days....write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for. What we focus upon will manifest. There is beauty all around us. Take notice.
4. Do something kind for someone else or an animal every day. It does not have to be grand - simple and sincere is good. You will find that you feel at least as good as the person or animal that you were kind too.
5. Do something kind for yourself every day. Again, it does not have to be grand - only sincere. We can always start with no negative self - talk. Catch yourself and replace each negative word/thought with at least 3 positive, worth affirming words. Forgive yourself and move on. Healing our thoughts does not come to us as an overnight success. It takes time, patience, and self-awareness.

I hope that you try these 5 simple steps. Notice if your worldview and the way you interact with the world changes over the next weeks. You may find that you have more energy and that the things that once troubled you have lost their value.

The last assignment was to read this poem daily, preferably in the morning but anytime will work. One of my clients printed and framed it for her office. The poem brings our attention to our hearts and eases anxiety.

We Give Thanks

We give Thanks for places
of Simplicity and Peace.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We give Thanks for places
of Beauty and Refuge.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We give Thanks for places
of Acceptance and Belonging.
May we find such places within Ourselves.

We can mend the outer world
with the Wholeness of our Inner Lives. ~Rachel Naomi Remen

One last thought: There is an old adage that says something like this, "If you've forgotten the language of Gratitude, you'll never be on speaking terms with Happiness." So very true, my friends. I had to smile.

To your Health & Happiness!
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