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Prayer for Peace ~ HH Dalai Lama

~ Words of Truth ~

A Prayer Composed by:
His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet

Honoring and Invoking the Great Compassion
of the Three Jewels; the Buddha, the Teachings,
and the Spiritual Community

O Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and disciples
of the past, present, and future:
Having remarkable qualities
Immeasurably vast as the ocean,
Who regard all helpless sentient beings
as your only child;
Please consider the truth of my anguished pleas.

Buddha's full teachings dispel the pain of worldly
existence and self-oriented peace;
May they flourish, spreading prosperity and happiness through-
out this spacious world.
O holders of the Dharma: scholars
and realized practitioners;
May your ten fold virtuous practice prevail.

Humble sentient beings, tormented
by sufferings without cease,
Completely suppressed by seemingly endless
and terribly intense, negative deeds,
May all their fears from unbearable war, famine,
and disease be pacified,
To freely breathe an ocean of happiness and well-being.
And particularly the pious people
of the Land of Snows who, through various means,
Are mercilessly destroyed by barbaric hordes
on the side of darkness,
Kindly let the power of your compassion arise,
To quickly stem the flow of blood and tears.

Those unrelentingly cruel ones, objects of compassion,
Maddened by delusion's evils,
wantonly destroy themselves and others;
May they achieve the eye of wisdom,
knowing what must be done and undone,
And abide in the glory of friendship and love.

May this heartfelt wish of total freedom for all Tibet,
Which has been awaited for a long time,
be spontaneously fulfilled;
Please grant soon the good fortune to enjoy
The happy celebration of spiritual with temporal rule.

O protector Chenrezig, compassionately care for
Those who have undergone myriad hardships,
Completely sacrificing their most cherished lives,
bodies, and wealth,
For the sake of the teachings, practitioners,
people, and nation.

Thus, the protector Chenrezig made vast prayers
Before the Buddhas and Bodhisativas
To fully embrace the Land of Snows;
May the good results of these prayers now quickly appear.
By the profound interdependence of emptiness
and relative forms,
Together with the force of great compassion
in the Three Jewels and their Words of Truth,
And through the power
of the infallible law of actions and their fruits,
May this truthful prayer be unhindered
and quickly fulfilled.

This prayer, Words of Truth, was composed by His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the
Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, on 29 September 1960 at his temporary headquarters
in the Swarg Ashram at Dharamsala, Kangra District, Himachal State, India.
This prayer for restoring peace, the Buddhist teachings, and the culture and
self-determination of the Tibetan people in their homeland was written after repeated
requests by Tibetan government officials along with the unanimous consensus of the
monastic and lay communities.


The Eternity of God's Manifest Presence

Whether God is allocated to a
certain phase of existence
is more a matter of conviction than realization.

For the self realized soul,
God manifests Himself
throughout every past, present and future moment.

Given that even time is God,
the same God that was venerated
by the ancients is now being
venerated by every newly born soul.

Not having to re-live the past encounters
that your soul has had with God,
God will give of Himself anew
with each turning tide of cyclical existence.

Manifesting certain features or aspects
of Himself with each chance encounter,
our God is always a living God.

Never being a dead thing of the past,
light my fire, o Lord of lords,
so that I can see Your
crescent shaped face
freshly shine before me.

As present and contemporary
as any newly made phenomenal object,
everyone venerates the Lord
even if unaware of doing so.

Unable to separate the Creator
from the created, all peoples
throughout time were able to enjoy
the sublime experience
of transcendental unification with the Almighty.

Fighting over which God is the right God,
many willingly give themselves headaches
and boil over with sectarian pride.

Claiming that they own God
to the exclusion of everyone else,
the miracle of God's contemporary nature
slips by their minds as they swim
in pools of personal importance.

Spurred on by tradition and the
extended human tribe,
why give your life to something
or someone you don't even know.

Tired of an unrelentingly judgmental God,
who is at fault if there is only Him.

Speaking to me in the form
of skyscrapers and technological innovations,
the genius of God is barely shifted through.

A modern God for a modern human tribe
is the same as an ancient God
for an ancient human tribe.

Seeing the past in the present
and the present in the past,
the God of antiquity is here for you now.

A poet and a mystic,
You, o Mahesha,
are all things.

Astronomer, healer and architect,
design my life after Yours.

Yogi, mendicant and householder,
You, o Mahadeva,
are the chaos of space
and the conformity of home.

Muse, wife and lover,
sing me a song I will never forget
in all of my cosmic wanderings.

Archetype of archetypes
and dancer of dancers,
You, o Shiva,
are the nectar that fills
the heavens with uninterrupted joy.

Ascetic and devil's advocate,
You sit on the tiger skin
of eternal duality and eternal unity.

Rattling Your small drum
with the intensity of a madman,
nothing can stop You
once You start circling around
Your oppositionally internalized forces.

Resting in the cremation grounds
or in Mt. Kailash,
Your consort, Parvati,
watches You in a hypnotic trance
as You engage in Your duties of universal salvation.

Sounding forth the drum beats
of total devastation,
om namah shivaya
till the cock crows again.

At the top of creation,
how can You also be silently
reposing on the top of my altar.

Master of all contradictions,
You, o Rudra,
are the trident of the three
modes of material nature;
alongside the trinity
of consciousness, existence and bliss.

Eternally present in Your fire of transformation,
transform each moment of my foolishness
into the supreme enlightenment of a Shaivite adept.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Plans, Thoughts and Lifestyles Are Ready for Closure Today, Are You? 1-24-13

Dividing your time with two money/work projects is the best way to handle today’s energy.
Opposing it would have you vacillating and worrying about an inability to accomplish more than one task.
Opposing Energies: resistance, indecision, stubbornness
Being open to more than one opportunity, you will find ways to achieve in the opportunities.
You could be graduating to another place in your life, or work.
An accomplishment, a shift, and new ideas are coming forward for the near future.
Meanwhile, this is the jumping-off place where letting go and moving on is in effect.
If you notice stress and problems, it’s not something going against you; it’s you, resisting the flow of change!
Wide Awake Words™ for today: an open mind, flexibility, trust
Be mindful that ending plans, thinking and lifestyles are ready for closure today…Are you?
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

Clairalience or "Clear Smelling" is the alleged phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odor of the person who is not on the earth plane.

Clairalience or "Clear Smelling" is the alleged phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odor of the person who is not on the earth plane. They can sometimes smell their pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco, food smells, different spices as though they are coming from a kitchen. Some Mediums profess to smell the places where the deceased person worked like a chemical factory, the docks, the places to be reminded of for the recipient of a message off the platform in the church or meeting place or in a development Circle.

What is clairolfaction or paranormal smelling?
Other names: clairolfactory, clair smelling, psychic smelling
A person with the ability of clairolfaction doesn't smell the normal smells that are present in general, but smells energies. These energies are transformed into smell in the nose. The person does smell something that most other people do not smell at the same place. The origin of the energy that is smelt isn't always known. The body or a part of the body (also each organ or tumour) is emitting energy (in the aura/energyfield of the person), what can be received by a person with the ability of clairolfaction. Not only the body or parts of the body are emitting energy, but everything does do that.
Someone who is clairolfaction, smells often only a part or some of the possibilities below. Besides the ways of clairolfaction mentioned below, there are also other possibilities.

What possibilities do exist?
· Smelling diseases
· Smelling shortages
· Smelling the smell of a dead person
· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
· Smelling that something isn't good/healthy for you
· Smelling things you see
· Other?

· Smelling diseases
When a person with clairolfaction ability, smells a disease by a person or animal, the person smells the (negative) energy that is emanated by the sick organ. Because every disease emanates a different energy, the kind of disease can be recognized. When you smell a disease for the first time it would be difficult to determine what it is.
It is well-known that dogs can trace cancer by humans. These dogs are clairolfaction.

· Smelling shortages
Every person needs his own basic quantity of food, if the body or mind don't want getting trouble. The quantity and composition of the basic quantity differs from person to person. Each person needs other products. Nobody is the same. The body will function worse with shortages and with to much of certain food. the energy that is needed of a certain product (for example a specific vegetable or fruit) will be present in the aura of a person. The paranormal person can possible smell this emanation in the aura, and the nose of that person will transform the energy of the shortage in a certain smell of a certain product. What rests is a right interpretation what is meant with the smell.
It also occurs that if someone is smelling a product, it means that someone has to much energy of that product in his body and must not eat to much of it.

· Smelling the smell of a dead person
Every person has a certain smell with himself. People love also some particular smell. When spirits are present in a room, they can make themselves known by a smell. This smell can be connected to a person that past away that loved or had that smell. This smell can't be detected by 'normal' noses.

· Smelling a smell of someone who is going to die
Some people with the ability of clairolfaction can sense the 'smell of death'. In the days/weeks/months before a person is dying, the energetic body of the person is coming apart from the physical body. With this process some energy comes free, which can be received in the nose which translates it in a unique smell. Other people do not sense this smell. The person who is going to die, appears to have this smell with him.

· Smelling that something isn't good/healthy for you
Another possible ability of clairolfaction is smelling of something is healthy to eat or not. For example pâté, this has a very specific smell. When the pâté smells different by clairolfaction, it is known the pâté isn't healthy to eat anymore. Another person, who doesn't have clairolfaction, just smells and doesn't find anything strange or wrong about it. The person with clairolfaction ability gets the smell of the product in the nose. With this smell the person also gets the energy of the product in the nose. In this way the person smells the energy of the product.

· Smelling things you see
Another possible characteristic that a person with the ability of clairolfaction can have is that he smells the smell of something he sees. For example when he watches television and sees the pictures of a stable, he smells the horses. Pictures of seawater and he smells the sea. Or if a person is seen, the smell of the person is smelled in the noise. And so on.



When we’ve been lucky enough to have access to reliable sources regarding self-development instructions our goal is already half way accomplished. Why do I consider this a fact? Because by initiating this personal growing project, we unconsciously start a chain reaction. It is by getting deeply committed to this action that is logical to see very palpable results, in obtaining many positive relationships with first, our true self, then with the eternal Nature’s laws and finally with our fellow men. And really feeling this harmonious relationship we will surely feel God manifesting through our thoughts, words and actions. Our lives will be 100% worth living without any doubt.
Seeking a self-improvement we will find ourselves manifesting important self-control, the necessary self-discipline, our will power self-determined to reach our objectives, our self-esteem greatly increased, and last but not least the advantage of possessing a good quantity of self-assertiveness.

As you have just appreciated our journey through life is quite a beautiful experience! We must imitate a sea captain journal to keep track not only of our advancements but, because of our trials and errors. This action means having both feet on solid ground due to that we human beings like to sometimes minimize our achievements, and other times we love to maximize our efforts.

After over fifty years of keeping track of my own experiences I discovered that the moon phases have a lot to do with both our successes and our failures. I strongly suggest finding out on which moon day you were born. By doing this you will know the astrological zodiac sign on which you were born. Studying a lot of people through the years these experiences have confirmed what I explained above. There will be a minimum of wasted efforts and much less frustration. Becoming a book worm at ten years old and now being sixty-six I’m fully aware that I still have a lot to learn. Deep down I’m sure that there won’t be a tiny bit of wasted effort. All these readings, have had the main purpose of to make very contagious the practical application of knowledge, both human and Divine.
As I always do. I wish very intensely that all the cosmic love from my brave and loving heart flow to your also brave, bold and loving hearts. Best regards AMORIFER-ALDEN







The circumstance
is never
the issue

our response
to it




is a
mental condition



There are
about TRUTH

and then

there is
the experience



good works

is not
the same as

an expression

Collective Consciousness?





time out

to go
time in

Thoughts To Ponder - #43

Thoughts To Ponder - #43

“What a man can be, he must be. This need we call self-actualization.” -Abraham Maslow Inside every living thing is an inner drive, a Divine impulse, to completely and wondrously self-express. That is, to be what it is, totally. What is it you have aspired to be or do? Make this the Time of Your Beginning, and the Moment of Your Manifestation. Don't wait another minute!

“The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.” -Abraham Maslow

“When people appear to be something other than good and decent, it is only because they are reacting to stress, pain, or the deprivation of basic human needs such as security, love, and self-esteem.” –Abraham Maslow

“Self-actualizing people have a deep feeling of identification, sympathy, and affection for human beings in general. They feel kinship and connection, as if all people were members of a single family.” –Abraham Maslow

“The great lesson from the true mystics, from the Zen monks, and now also from the Humanistic and Transpersonal psychologists, is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one's daily life...in one's own
backyard.” -Abraham Maslow

“Whereas the average individuals "often have not the slightest idea of what they are, of what they want, of what their own opinions are," self-actualizing individuals have "superior awareness of their own impulses, desires, opinions, and subjective reactions in general.” -Abraham Maslow

“There are no perfect human beings! Persons can be found who are good, very good indeed, in fact, great. There do in fact exist creators, seers, sages, saints, shakers, and movers...even if they are uncommon and do not come by the dozen. And yet these very same people can at times be boring, irritating, petulant, selfish, angry, or depressed. To avoid disillusionment with human nature, we must first give up our illusions about it.” -Abraham Maslow ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Wednesday 1/23/13

We’ve reached the end of hump day and the middle of the week is leaning more towards the weekend. There were things that had to get done today that made the message so late, but that is quite ok. We’ve been getting hit with some major messages that take some time to sink in. Just a quick reminder, if you ever feel that you are falling behind, don’t worry. Please take your time reading what you need to read, when you need to read it. There is no push from anyone to stay current if you don’t have the capability. Everything is read in the time that it is needed by everyone when they are ready or capable. With that said, let’s hear from the Tree Magick cards.

The Holly Tree – “A great awakening through enlightenment. Evil is warded off by your devotion to good. Like the evergreen Holly tree, or “holy tree,” you have divine talents at the root and heart of your being. Your whole world can grow “evergreen” from it. Like the berries or the smooth or prickly leaves on a male or female tree, your life will take shape around its essential nature. The thorny leaves and red berries represent suffering. When the fruits are discovered by patience, what is possibly a test now will prove a credit to you. This is a fresh start, a second chance, or time of renewal and permanence, promising a fortified heart and a happier life. Parties and reunions lie ahead, just as the Holly tree enjoys Winter while anticipating the Spring.”

As we are all still coming down off our “holiday highs” we are noticing that we are in the doldrums of winter. These can leave us feeling weak and open to attack. Or we can feel that we are under attack because we are not really having anything to look forward to. One of the lesser of the messages that are coming through from this card are to remember to have fun and try to find a reason to celebrate. If you don’t have one, make it up. Throw a “just because” party. For many of you, this isn’t quite true as you get ready for the biggest football game of the year. But what then? What if you have nothing to look forward to? This is when you can get creative and use your imagination to have your own celebration.

Another message that is coming through strongly from the Holly tree is a continuation from a conversation about “evil” that we’ve been having. There is a reminder that nothing evil can come your way or really affect you unless you allow it. Every time one of these comments is made, there is a flood of recourse that comes through from the skeptics. Maybe they are in my head, but they always speak against the message as a reminder that things do happen that are out of our control. What we can keep in mind is how we allow the events, situations, and people affect us. They may be completely evil, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give in to what they are attempting to cause in us. They want us to shut out our own lights because they are living in the dark.

You’ve worked too hard to allow yourself to fall back into the pit that you’ve been crawling out of. Why would you let the words, actions, or deeds of another drag you back to where you’ve escaped from? We all have thorny shells around our fruits because we’ve been through the pain and the healing is at the center. The progress we’ve made at allowing our fruits to move beyond the thorns is so evident to everyone around us. We may not realize it, or even see it, but it is there. And all we have to do is keep the light burning, open our hearts and our eyes and see what is going on around us. How we are affecting people by continuing to shed our heart light upon them is more than amazing. Whether you are new to reading the posts, or you’ve been readingthem since day one, you are in the process of awakening to a new awareness. You have seen what a difference all of the messages can make in your life when they are applied. You are led to other things in your life where you gain new knowledge to further your progress. These are not the end all beat all, but the lessons in them are invitations for you to figure out what has been occurring inside.

These posts are not the reason you are awakening. They are merely guidelines to help you along the way. They are for the reader and the teacher. There are going to be thorns – posts that leave you suffering because of the doors they’ve opened. There are going to be fruits – posts that answer a question that you’ve been trying to find the answer to. You will be looking at things in ways you haven’t been before.

Why are we looking at the possible benefits, reasons, and effects from these posts? It is certainly NOT to give the reader a pat on the back. Nor is it to boost ego or brag. It is simply to give you the spirit intended purpose for them. It is the thorny fruit that has been placed here time and again. Will you be able to walk away from reading this post believing this or will you think differently about your reader? This is something that the Holly tree is trying to get across to you. Evil is not always what you think it is and sometimes the good things in life can appear to be evil when if you’ve been paying attention, they aren’t. Interesting how that is being displayed here tonight, but that’s really what is going on.

Now what about this thing called patience? What is it? Why do we have to practice it? Why should we not just have it to begin with? How do we learn it? How can we be patient when the world around us wants things done yesterday? An apple will not grow in the time we want it too. A tree will not be large enough to produce the wood it gifts us to shelter ourselves when we feel it ought to. A flower will not bloom without the perfect conditions around it. Everything takes time. That wonderful illusion we have to call reality in order to know where we have to be and when. Time is all we have! Past, present, and future collide every moment. As soon as you move to the next word you are in the future. While you are reading a word you are in the present. And once you finish reading it, it is in the past. It is difficult to explain, but there truly is no past, present, or future. They are all happening NOW.

So what are you going to do with your NOW? You can let your heart light shine. The love that is there can emanate to every being around you. The people who you call evil need your love and light more than the people who’ve shown you love. There is already that connection between you. Create a bond of love (whether expressed or merely extended through thought) with those who’ve done you wrong or might do you wrong in the future. They truly need it! Thank you to the person who posted that inspiring thought on Facebook today.

You can also release your fears of things not happening because it is taking too long to see the fruits appearing. A plumeria tree takes years before it is ready to bloom. It takes a foal several years before it is strong enough for us to ride after it is born. We can’t plant a seed and expect fruit the following week. Things just don’t happen in OUR time. They happen in the universal time.

Celebrate life! Don’t get too mental over what isn’t happening! There’s a reason you have to wait. There’s a reason you don’t know what you think you need to know just yet. There are other things you have to experience first. We could really dig deeper into this, but the point has been made. If there’s any confusion, please ask. Never be afraid to ask someone something. It may seem silly to them because you ask, but that’s okay. You are the one who needs to know and they are being given an opportunity to practice patience and compassion. Who cares if you are being judged for your question or curiosity? That isn’t going to affect YOUR outcome. You want the information you are seeking. That is the important thing to remember. Isn’t it nice to know that you have a connection here where you CAN ask without any judgment? We’re just a garden full of Holly Trees trying like crazy to produce fruit and share it.

Je Vous Aime Tous!

~White Raven~

Family Dynamics – The Webs We Weave

Family Dynamics – The Webs We Weave

The core of everyone’s life issues stem from the family for generations as issues and characteristics were passed on. These family dynamics are common to the degree many people believe it is just the way life is. Very few families are idyllic.

Never mind, ‘Father Knows Best,’ and ‘Leave It To Beaver,’ where everything was solved in 30 minutes with two commercials. More families resemble, ‘The Twilight Zone.’

Despite these, sometimes, unwieldy family dynamics, many people manage to lead happy, productive lives, with only a few uncomfortable dynamics.

When you recognize your childhood baggage you carried into adulthood, you can take steps to eliminate negative influencers, correct and change how you raise your children. There are healthy family dynamic qualities you can create in your adult life if that quality was absent or in short supply when you were growing up.

Love and Affection: Family is the first place and time that a child experiences family dynamics. If you did not receive unconditional love as a child, you will likely have difficulty trusting that other’s will love you and you will likely have difficulty valuing your Self. There is no substitute for loving your Self. It is the number one cause of unhappiness in adult relationships. The first step to heal the lack of unconditional love is recognizing the damage and that you deserved to have unconditional love then and still do. Your sense of unworthiness are not based on reality. Your sense of unworthiness is the product of a deficit, no doubt, handed down through many generations. Listen to what you tell your Self. If you say things such as: “I’m stupid,’ I am not good enough for___, ‘I always mess up.’ You need to stop the negative labels, blaming or criticizing. You need to champion your Self with positive feedback. Thoughts create feelings = actions = out come i.e. results.

• Family Respects Autonomy: Were you encouraged to develop your own personal identity separate from the family while maintaining a role within it. The family supports and cheers on each person in his/her personal quests. Children, who are not allowed the freedom to express and develop their identity tend to become adults, who develop co-dependent relationships—whereby they put the needs of others before their own and/or are dependent on the control of others. Addressing autonomy issues include learning how to comfortably spend time alone, pursuing interests (whether or not those interests are valued by friends or family). Activities such as: classes, joining clubs, sports activities, boosting self-esteem through workshops, meditation, etc.

• Structure and Boundaries: Parents are the value setters and rule keepers. They provide the structure for the family to feel safe (protected), cared for and respected—-I love you enough to set boundaries for you to learn and grow—to discover who you truly are. To a child lack of boundaries or values translates to being uncared for and/or unvalued. People, who grow up with little or no structure often fail to offer structure to their children or overreact and are too rigid on issues that are minor in nature. Providing structure and consistency by establishing routines that everyone in the family respects and follows, with occasional exceptions, gives the child a sense of being valued and cared for. These routines include, but are not limited to; making their bed by age four—perfection is not required; daily chores, a set breakfast, lunch and dinner time, with everyone at the table with occasional exceptions. Routine ‘together time’ such as: playing board games, cards, reading, talking about dreams, feelings and future plans is critical for children to feel connected to each family member.

Consistency, persistency, boundaries and structure are the keys to develop healthy relationship dynamics. It is never too late or too early to create a happy, stress free life with peace of mind. You deserve it. Those you love deserve it. BE the leader of your family dynamics. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO