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Shun idle chatter and gossip. Speak little, and keep your words truthful and sweet. Say what only benefits others. Never utter a falsehood. Speak neither bitterly nor with malice. Do not criticize or mock others. Keep whatever you hear to yourSelf. Never divulge another's secrets. Just as a barking dog foes not bite, as thundering clouds do not rain, a loudmouth remains petty and insignificant. He neither attains yoga nor becomes a Siddha. Become serene and tolerant. Avoid superficiality and deceit. Never speak highly of yourSelf ~ that is your downfall. Never become flushed with pride. Live for spirituality and for others. Knowing that the Self dwells in all, offer your service to everyone...!

Nimai's Broken Clay Pots

Chasing Nimai Pandit for smearing the dirt
from broken clay pots
on His golden body,
Sachimata does not yet understand
the esoteric significance of this
playful and charming pastime.

Like the rising sun,
Nimai’s devilish smile appears as
a ray of hope in a newly awakening world.

Stomping His feet and pouting,
Nimai Pandit picks up the
broken pieces of the clay pots
to demonstrate to Sachimata
the value of each piece of Creation.

Snapping out of the trance
of there being pure and impure
pieces of Creation,
everyone is like these broken clay pots
without the glue of My love
holding their souls together.

Made of the dirt and blood of My devotees,
the dust that is left by any Vaishnava
is as worshipable as any
holy mountain or holy river.

Whether a follower of the Vedas
or of My sankirtana movement,
every broken clay pot
will become My devotee
upon hearing My loud roaring laughter.

Picking up the remnants
of these nectarian realizations,
Sachimata faints and falls to the ground.

Splashed by Nimai Pandit’s wave of tears,
Sachimata grabs Her stick and chases
Her son across the courtyard.

Feeling overwhelmed by
the incoming waves of parental rasa,
Sachimata grabs hold of Her son
and brings Him to the learned priests of Nadia.

Examining the young Nimai,
they did not know how to respond
to His unusual activities and realizations.

Maybe being a great yogi or affluent demigod,
Nimai Pandit does not care a fig
for mundane cleanliness and
Vedic sacrificial penances.

Tossing out ritualistic mannerisms
and tools in the Ganges river,
who are we without our
stereotypical occupational duties?

Throwing His hands in the air
and jumping over our offerings to the ancestors,
Nimai Pandit is a real transcendental madman
in the guise of a small boy.

Performing a ceremony for
His eternal welfare,
the learned priests of Nadia
feel like abandoning all
of their wives and children
in order to dance with the
future associates of the Lord.

Chanting Hare Krishna,
Sachimata, Nimai Pandit and
the learned priests of Nadia
all now understand the ecstatic mentality
of Radharani; the Real Mother of devotion to Lord Hari.

Forgiving dear Nimai for His
naughty behavior, Nimai Pandit heals
the hearts of every living broken clay pot.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Gastric Hypnotherapy vs Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Hypnotherapy vs Gastric Band Surgery

Leading Gastric Hypnotherapy expert, Claire Hegarty, cannot understand why the NHS is not using hypnotherapy to help even more patients to lose weight. The technique which is helping thousands of people to lose weight is a much lesser expensive option than the expensive Gastric Band Surgery and it is 100% safe unlike the Gastric Band Surgery.

At a time when obesity has become a serious issue in the UK and US with it not only affecting men and women but, also children Claire Hegarty, a leading Weight Loss Hypnotherapy expert, offers free advice over the phone, stating, “Hypnosis is the answer to successful weight loss.”

The leading weight loss hypnosis expert explained that diets do not work for most people because they do not deal with the real issues and her method of dealing with successful weight loss not only deals with reducing a person’s weight, but also tackles the issues around why the person uses food to numb, distract, sooth and distance him/herself from internal pain.
Claire Hegarty, who believes the word Obesity is offensive and the media does not have a proper understanding on the reasons behind why people put on weight which she says can be narrowed down to emotional pain, stress and unhappy relationships, explains obesity is like any other dis-tress, which can be resolved without plans or body parts cut out.

Hegarty, a regular on radio talking about the benefits of weight loss hypnosis said that the US and UK NHS needs to look at the Gastric Band surgery in more detail with the huge cost to UK tax payers and instead look at weight loss hypnosis, which is a less expensive and safer option.

Not only is the Lap Band surgery dangerous; it costs $17,000 to $30,000, depending on the location. Hypnosis is a lot less expensive and 100% safe - no negative side effects.

Hegarty stated, “People over eat for many reasons, some people are not eating the right food, while other people do not eat enough, it sounds daft, but you have to eat three meals a day, while others over eat due to depression or something that has happened in their life and therefore they sooth themselves by eating.”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band surgery have become more and more common recently as people struggle with their weight. Celebrities are now turning to Weight Loss Hypnosis, which is also called Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band surgery to help them achieve their ideal weight more quickly and more easily than diets can offer them. Hegarty explained that people need to understand the difference between Hypnotherapy experts and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy experts.

“People do not really understand the difference between someone, who uses hypnotherapy and someone who is highly trained in weight loss hypnotherapy," Hegarty said. There are many people, who use hypnotherapy to help people stop smoking and there are many hypnotherapists, who claim they can help people to lose weight. Unfortunately, many hypnotherapists are not qualified.

Many hypnotherapists can help people to stop smoking, but they may not be qualified to help people to lose weight. It is the same with a lot of people, who claim they are qualified to help people to lose weight when they are not really qualified.

To be qualified to help people to lose weight the hypnotherapist needs to be a Master Practitioner to have the education level needed to help someone to access the root cause of their weight issue and achieve their ideal weight. Unfortunately, there are many hypnotherapists using hypnosis and claiming they are qualified and charging large amounts such as $150/hour to help someone to lose weight with no guaranteed results.

Claire explained that it is important that a client has a full understanding of how weight loss hypnotherapy works and how powerful it is to help someone to lose weight.

According to the weight loss hypnosis experts, losing weight is all in the mind and what Hegarty means by this is, she uses the subconscious mind to access the root cause and process it, to change all your bad eating habits and trains the mind to reframe old beliefs and habits from inside it to help you to eat less and to lose excess weight.

After speaking to Claire Hegarty it seems strange that the NHS is still wasting money on Gastric Band surgery when the UK could be reducing their health bill and using the money to help people lose weight through weight loss hypnosis.

If you would like free advice on losing weight with Gastric Hypnotherapy - call 480.794.1561 or visit http://drdorothy.net

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Visualization 3: Unconditional Love

Allow your mind to be perfectly still.
Focus upon your breathing - listen to the breath being drawn in and flowing out.

Listen to the beat of your heart - its constant pulse beating throughout your body.

Beneath this physical mantle - beyond the ever changing objective mind, is your immortal self. Let it reveal itself to your objectivity, even if it be for just a moment - be still, be very still.

Now listen to the stillness of self - feel the presence of your silent self.

Be aware of a soft gentle white/violet light within you: like a fragile innocence shrouded in golden light. Be sensitive to your gentle delicate movement like the whisper of mist. Its form is too beautiful for your mind to fully comprehend, although you can just perceive its eyes opening - returning your gaze.

What is it you see within your own eyes?

Let the light within flow from you and touch someone with Love.

Libelula (Dragonfly)

(It is said in some Native American beliefs that dragonflies are a symbol of renewal after a time of great hardship)

I will escape from gravity

Let me float in the maze of your limbs

Lead me towards the core of your sublime

My invertebrate little one

Flap your wings; I'm dancing in the harmony of your motion

Where the threads of life fly in stampede

I'm gliding in freedom

Connecting the dots of our frames

Outlining the shape of our dreams

Sedate me with your multifaceted eyes

Who else can see me like you do?

Within my skin, beyond my nuisance insanity

Oscillating in my electromagnetic waves

Fuse with me when the sun rises

As the ritual among the immortals

Purifying my chronicles with your magical waters

Eileen Caddy

If you can realize who you are, it means you know where you
are coming from and where you are going." ~St. Theresa of Avila
In every moment of your life you are creating something. Whether you are manifesting what you want or what you don't want, all depends on how conscious you are in this very moment. This consciousness inside you now is ultimately determined by how relaxed you are and what you choose to fill your mind with. What types of thoughts do you invite into your mind typically on a normal day of life? When you choose to summon thoughts that bring you into a deeper state of peace, love, trust and a feeling of "oneness" with life around you, you'll instantly sense your consciousness expanding. The best part is that when consciousness expands, you realize what a powerful manifestor you truly are and start playing in the world like you are one.
What many people won't tell you is that your experience of this moment of your life is the MOST important thing for you to put your attention upon. Tomorrow or yesterday are never as important as today. This very moment may not seem like much, yet its an accumulation of the sum total of all the thoughts, feelings and experiences you've had throughout your life and lifetimes. It's all happening now. All the words that your mother, father, siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers, bosses, and everyone you've met have said to you throughout your life, are occurring inside your deeper subconscious mind like data stored on a computer chip. What you do with this information determines the level of energy you are vibrating at now, and the positive and negative experiences you will manifest into your future.
"By using your heart as your compass, you can see more clearly which direction to go to stop self-defeating behavior." ~Doc Childre and Howard Martin
Whether you believe the idea or reject it, we are all manifesting machines. What this means is that your body and mind was born to magnetize, create, attract, and materialize things, people and experiences to it. You are a manifesting magnet that cannot stop attracting desires to it. Whatever your heart is longing for is what the Universe "hears" as your energetic blueprint, and is speedily sending it your way. Now if you have a plethora of negative undeserving thoughts which contradict the desires your heart yearns for, it will inhibit you from attracting the positive outcomes you're looking for. So it really all comes down to how conscious you can be of what you put into your mind. Are you allowing your mind to play in the mountain peaks or the toilet bowl? What is the most positive thought that you can think and feel in your life today?
Most people don't realize just how powerful they truly are. They feel that life is out of their control and they have no ability to create the dreams they desire. When you open yourself up to the belief that you are always going to be a manifesting machine, everything changes. You begin to realize just how powerful you really are and start taking more and more responsibility for what you're thinking and feeling. You're less likely to allow yourself to get upset about something trivial that you could just relax about, and keep your mind in a state of acceptance and appreciation. There is less desire from your ego to be right about things and more of a yearning to be at peace, relaxed with what is.
"Here is the simple but powerful rule...always give people more than they expect to get." ~Nelson Boswell
The truth about manifesting is fairly simple. Your thoughts create your life and whatever you are physically going to experience in your future is what you intuitively FEEL deep deep down is going to happen. What the mind tends to worry and obsess about doesn't matter as much as what you feel or expect the future will be like. Its our deepest feeling about something that acts like a special "request" for the Universe. Take a moment to notice what you believe (deep down) that the next month of your life is going to look and feel like? The mind may be plagued with doubts and fears, yet when you take some time to get very still and quiet, you'll feel what you really believe is going to happen. Getting quiet is the only way to look inside yourself and find all the answers you are seeking in life. The answers are there if you just take the time to look.
I feel that one of the most important things to practice feeling on a daily basis is knowing that you always have the power to create ANY reality you want. When you know something there is a deep relaxation in the body as the mind is freed from all doubt and disbelief. True knowing comes from a place of surrender in the body, not from a righteous head trip that's hooked on data and facts. The sense of knowing is a feeling, a very calming feeling in the body that soothes your soul. I invite you to sit with this knowing feeling for the next few days, just practicing what the sensation is like in your body. Feel into those things you know are true, that everyone on the planet would agree with. The power of this knowing feeling will build up over time, and this is a powerful practice to do especially before going to sleep. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by the morning that you know your life's mission and just how truly magical and mystical you really are.
"Be surprised at nothing. Let peace and stillness flood through you and envelop you completely in its cloak. Put on the whole armor of love - and yet feel, feel very deeply. Let tears flow, washing away impurities until you feel clean within and clean without. Become like an empty vessel ready to be filled with life's nectar." ~Eileen Caddy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Delve Deeply Into Your New Endeavors 1-11-13

Currently, the new offers in business may have you dividing your time between your normal work, and developing for the new process.
Opposing Energies: impatience, stress, stubbornness
While your goals are being realized, you may experience more restless impatience.
Rather than make impulsive decisions, distract yourself with activities.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: relax, unwind, reflect, evolve
Go out for a walk, or exercise for a while to move the energy.
Later, take the time to analyze and delve deeply into your new endeavors, sorting out and experimenting with them.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


Depression - Treatment Options

Depression – Treatment Options

Traditional Western/Allopathic Medicine treats everything from Abdominal Pain to ZZZZ loss with a chemical concoction called a prescription. The pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession have been in a lock-step march since the beginning of the industrialization era.

There are safer options to eliminate depression. Instead of seeking a ‘quick fix,’ which fixes nothing and comes with a truck load of negative side effects that are worse than what ails you, seek options that are non-toxic with no side effects and creates long term wellness rather than merely coping in a dumbed down stupified state.

An article from Reuters, October 19, 2011 reported, “One in 10 Americans over the age of 12 take an antidepressant, a class of drugs that have gradually become wildly popular in the past 40 years. Antidepressant drugs were the third-most common drugs used by Americans of all ages between 2005 and 2008.

It is a sad commentary that 10 percent of Americans are taking antidepressant medication. These drugs have shown little performance over a placebo. -University of Hull, founded in 1927, Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England Studies have proven that there are safer and more effective remedies to eliminate depression, specifically Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation (EPST) facilitated using hypnosis. Other studies have shown that exercise outperforms antidepressants in the treatment of depression.

Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation (EPST) is a highly effective protocol to access and transform the root cause of all issues and symptoms. EPST is direct, focused and combines creating health while transforming the past. It is precise, powerful, virtually effortless and an accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer mind, body and spirit. EPST allows you to access your past, present and future – as well as your subconscious, and clear negative energy on all levels – mind, body and spirit. You can transform negative thoughts, energy, blocks, anxiety, phobias and fears, which are the typical root causes of depression.

Natural herbal remedies can be taken to give the needed boost and support while Mind, Body Spirit transformation protocol is in progress.

• St. John's Wort has been used for thousands of years as a mood elevator.

• SAM-e, pronounced "sammy", S-adenosyl-L-methionine. It is a chemical found naturally in the human body and is believed to increase levels of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Several studies reveal SAM-e is more effective than placebo.

• Folic Acid (Folate) is a B vitamin that is often deficient in people, who are depressed. Folate is in green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, fruit, beans, and fortified grains. It is one of the most common vitamin deficiencies because of poor diet, but also because chronic conditions and various medications such as aspirin and birth control pills can also lead to deficiency. In addition to food, folic acid is also available as a supplement or as part of a B-complex vitamin.

• Omega-3, 6, 9 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids in Chia Seeds boosts the brain’s production of Serotonin – a.k.a joy juice. Two tablespoons of Chia seeds in a smoothie, yogurt or cereal in the morning sets the stage for an up-beat day. (DO NOT combine with antidepressants.)

• 5-HTP – 5-hydroxytryptophan. Hydroxytryptophan is produced naturally in the body and is used to stimulate the produce of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Taking 5-HTP boosts the body’s serotonin levels. (DO NOT combine with antidepressants.)

Natural remedies, also include, but are not limited to:
• Acupuncture
• Aromatherapy
• Biofeedback
• Chiropractic treatments
• Guided imagery
• Massage therapy
• Meditation
• Relaxation techniques
• Yoga

The theory that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain, while unproven, has become the popular diagnostic theme. The theory is if the problem is chemical, then the cure needs to be chemical too. However, the root cause of depression is a complex mix of social conditioning, indoctrination, emotional trauma and unresolved trauma and issues. Thus, these experiences create a chemical imbalance due to the extreme nature of the issues that caused the person to drive the experience beneath the conscious mind.

Reported in Psychology Today – November 1, 2011 - Allen Frances, MD (Psychiatrist and former Chairman of the DSM task force)
Opposition to DSM 5 has been expressed by the following organizations: British Psychological Society; American Counseling Association; Society for Humanistic Psychology (APA Division 32); Society for Community Research and Action: Division of Community Psychology (APA Division 27); Society for Group Psychology & Psychotherapy (APA Division 49); Developmental Psychology (APA Division 7); UK Council for Psychotherapy; Association for Women in Psychology; Constructivist Psychology Network; Society for Descriptive Psychology; and the Society of Indian Psychologists.

An editorial by the Society Of Biological Psychiatry wondered whether DSM-5 is necessary. The community of personality disorders researchers is virtually unanimous in its opposition to the DSM-5 personality disorders section. There has also been widespread opposition to the sections on somatic, autistic, gender, paraphilic, and psychotic disorders.

A petition posted by several divisions of the American Psychological Association demands reform of the DSM-5 process and the elimination of a number of risky and ill conceived diagnosis. The petition is gaining increasing support and has been signed by 14,000+ people. Be a part of the New Depression treatment options. Sign petition: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/dsm5/

Armed with the facts you can make a informed decision about your health and well-being. Choose wisely. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy

Gita-Krishna Christ-Gnostic Parallels

Gita-Krishna Christ-Gnostic Parallels

The following is from the Bhagavad Gita along with some parallel passages I found: quotes from the Gospel of Thomas and other Gnostic scriptures I was reminded of when reading this section of the Gita.

Bhagavad Gita, from Chapters 7 and 8

The Great Life

1 Hear now, Arjuna, how thou shalt have the full vision of me, if thy heart is set on me and if, striving for Yoga, I am thy refuge supreme.
2 And I will speak to thee of that wisdom and vision which, when known, there is nothing else for thee to know.
3 Among thousands of men perhaps one strives for perfection; and among thousands of those who strive perhaps one knows me in truth.
4 The visible forms of my nature are eight: earth, water, fire, air, ether; the mind, reason, and the sense of 'I'.
5 But beyond my visible nature is my invisible Spirit. This is the fountain of life whereby this universe has its being.

6 All things have their life in this Life, and I am their beginning and end.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Saying # 23, Jesus said, "I shall choose you, one from a thousand and two from ten thousand, and they will stand as a single one."

Mandaean scriptures:

I lifted mine eyes to heaven

and my soul waited on the House of Life.

And the Life (God) who heard my cry

sent toward me a deliverer.

Life supported life,

Life found its own.

Its own self did Life find,

and my soul found that for which it had looked.

Renowned is Life and victorious.

In the Name of the Great Life,

Sublime Light be praised.

Rest In Me

7 In this whole vast universe there is nothing higher than I. All the worlds have their rest in me, as many pearls upon a string.

Gospel of Thomas 90: Jesus said, "Come to me, for my yoke is comfortable and my lordship is gentle, and you
will find rest for yourselves."

"I AM That I Am"

8 I am the taste of living waters and the light of the sun and the moon. I am 0M, the sacred word of the Vedas. sound in silence, heroism in men.
9 I am the pure fragrance that comes from the earth and the brightness of fire I am. I am the life of all living beings. and the austere life of those who train their souls.
10 And I am from everlasting the seed of eternal life. I am the intelligence of the intelligent. I am the beauty of the beautiful.
11 I am the power of those who are strong, when this power is free from passions and selfish desires. I am desire when this is pure, when this desire is not against righteousness.
12 And know that the three Gunas, the three states of the soul, come from me: peaceful light, restless life, and lifeless darkness. But I am not in them: they are in me.
13 How the whole world is under the delusion of these shadows of the soul, and knows not me though for ever I am!

14 My mysterious cloud of appearance is hard to pass beyond; but those who in truth come to me go beyond the world of shadows........

24 The unwise think that I am that form of my lower nature which is seen by mortal eyes: they know not my higher nature, imperishable and supreme.

Gospel of Thomas 77: Jesus said, "I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." Nag Hammadi, Thunder Perfect Mind:

I am the one who is honored,

and who is praised,

and who is despised scornfully.

I am peace,

and war has come because of me.

And I am an alien and a citizen.

I am the substance

and the one who has no substance.

Those who are without association with me

are ignorant of me,

and those who are in my substance

are the ones who know me.

Those who are close to me

have been ignorant of me,

and those who are far away from me

are the ones who have known me.

On the day when I am close to you,

you are far away from me,

and on the day when I am far away from you,

I am close to you.

The Mystery of the Kingdom

25 For my glory is not seen by all: I am hidden by my veil of mystery; and in its delusion the world knows me not, who was never born and for ever I am.
26 I know all that was and is and is to come, Arjuna; but no one in truth knows me.

Gospel of Thomas 62: Jesus said, "I disclose my Mysteries to those [who are worthy] of [my] Mysteries." Pistis Sophia: "And may my song of praise, O Light, please thee, like an excellent Mystery which is received into the gates of light, which those who will repent, will recite, and whose light they will purify."

Pistis Sophia: "Seek the light, all of you, so that the power of your souls, which is within you, may live".

27 All beings are born in delusion, the delusion of division which comes from desire and hate.
28 But there are men who do what is good, and whose sins have come to an end. They are free from the delusion of division, and they worship me with all their soul.
29 For those who take refuge in me and strive to be free from age and death, they know Brahman, they know Atman, and they know what Karma is.

Chapter Eight

ARJUNA's Questions: The Kingdom of the Light

I Who is Brahman? Who is Atman? And what is Karma, Spirit Supreme? What is the kingdom of the earth? And what is the kingdom of Light?
2 Who offers the sacrifice in the body? How is the offering made? And when the time to go comes, how do those whose soul is in harmony know thee?


3 Brahman is the Supreme, the Eternal. Atman is his Spirit in man. Karma is the force of creation, where from all things have their life.
4 Matter is the kingdom of the earth, which in time passes away; but the Spirit is the kingdom of Light. In this body I offer sacrifice, and my body is a sacrifice.
5 And he who at the end of his time leaves his body thinking of me, he in truth comes to my being: he in truth comes unto me.
6 For on whomsoever one thinks at the last moment of life, unto him in truth he goes, through sympathy with his nature.
7 Think of me therefore at all times; remember thou me and fight. And with mind and reason on me, thou shalt in truth come to me.
8 For if a man thinks of the Spirit Supreme with a mind that wanders not, because it has been trained in Yoga, he goes to that Spirit of Light.

Pistis Sophia: "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the
Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."

Manda-d-Hiya -- Gnosis of the Great Life (God) -- the great heavenly redeemer in the Mandaean Scriptures says:

From the Place of Light I came forth,

from you, Bright Habitation.

I come to touch hearts,

to measure and try all minds,

to see in whose heart I dwell.

Whoever thinks of me, of him I think;

whoever calls my Name,

his name I will call.

Whosoever prays my prayer from the earth,

his prayer I will offer from the Place of Light.

I came and found the truthful and believing hearts.

When I was not dwelling among them,

yet my Name was on their lips.

I took them and guided them up to the World of Light.

I became the Illuminator of the Worlds of Light.

I became a king to the Nazoreans,

who receive praise and stability through my Name.

And by my Name they ascend to the Place of the Light.

As for the elect righteous who put me on as a garment,

their eyes were filled with Light,

and Manda-d-Hiya [Knowledge of Life]

was established in their hearts.

The Power Between the Eye-brows -- Third Eye -- The Seat of the Soul

9 He who remembers the Poet. the Creator, who rules all
10 things from all time, smaller than the smallest atom, but upholding this vast universe, who shines like the sun beyond darkness, far far beyond human thought; and at the time of his departure is in union of love and the power of Yoga and, with a mind that wanders not, keeps the power of his life between his eye-brows, he goes to that Spirit Supreme, the Supreme Spirit of light.

11 Hear now of that Path which the seers of the Veda call the Eternal, and which is reached by those who, in peace from earthly passions, live a life of holiness and strive for perfection.
12 If when a man leaves his earthly body he is in the silence of Yoga and, closing the doors of the soul, he keeps the mind in his heart, and places in the head the breath of life.

Sound -- The Word

13 And remembering me he utters OM, the eternal WORD of Brahman, he goes to the Path Supreme.

Acts of John: "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God?"

Gospel of Thomas 108: Jesus said, "Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to him."

14 Those who in the devotion of Yoga rest all their soul ever on me, very soon come unto me.
15 And when those great spirits are in me, the Abode of joy supreme, they never return again to this world of human sorrow.
16 For all the worlds pass away, even the world of Brahma. the Creator: they pass away and return. But he who comes unto me goes no more from death to death.

The Day and Night of Brahma

17 They who know that the vast day of Brahma, the god of creation, ever lasts a thousand ages; and that his night lasts also a thousand ages - they know in truth day and night.

Saint Paul, Second Peter 3: 8: "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day".

18 When that day comes, all the visible creation arises from the Invisible; and all creation disappears into the Invisible when the night of darkness comes.
19 Thus the infinity of beings which live again and again all powerlessly disappear when the night of darkness comes; and they all return again at the rising of the day.
20 But beyond this creation, visible and invisible, there is an Invisible, higher, Eternal; and when all things pass away this remains for ever and ever.
21 This Invisible is called the Everlasting and is the highest End supreme. Those who reach him never return. This is my supreme abode.
22 This Spirit Supreme, Arjuna, is attained by an ever-living love. In him all things have their life, and from him all things have come.
23 Hear now of a time of light when Yogis go to eternal Life; and hear of a time of darkness when they return to death on earth.
24 If they depart in the flame, the light, the day, the bright weeks of the moon and the months of increasing light of the sun, those who know Brahman go unto Brahman.
25 But if they depart in the smoke, the night, the dark weeks of the moon and the months of decreasing days of the sun, they enter the lunar light, and return to the world of death.

Pistis Sophia: "Then Jesus rose or ascended to the height, giving light exceedingly, with (a) light to which there was no measure".

The "Two Paths" or "Two Ways"

26 These are the two paths that are for ever: the path of light and the path of darkness. The one leads to the land of never-returning: the other returns to sorrow.

27 The Yogi who knows these two paths lives nevermore in delusion. Therefore ever and for ever be thou one in Yoga, Arjuna.
28 There is a reward that comes from the Vedas, or from sacrifice, from an austere life or from holy gifts. But a far greater reward is attained by the Yogi who knows the truth of Light and darkness: he attains his Everlasting Home.

Letter of Barnabas: "There are two Ways of teaching and power, one of Light and one of Darkness". Gospel of Thomas 49: Jesus said, "Congratulations to those who are alone and chosen, for you will find the kingdom. For you have come from it, and you will return there again."

What State Is Your Life In?

What State Is Your Life In?

Many people have settled into a state of resignation about themselves and their lives. They have learned how to ignore, escape, or run away from their inner emptiness. 'That is just the way I am.' 'That is my personality.' 'Doesn't everybody?' 'Isn't that normal?' With a sigh of defeat they surrender to the forces of inertia and the escapism they have created in their lives.

You may be unhappy with the state of affairs body, career, relationship(s), finances, etc. yet, you do nothing about it. You simply have settled into mediocrity and learned to live with it. That is a sad commentary; you deserve more than that. You deserve better than that.

You can overcome inertia and renew your motivated mind-set. You need to learn to develop a consistent state of dissatisfaction about what you have created so far. Avoid confusing dissatisfaction with what you have created and hating your Self or belittling your Self. This is not about fault finding, blame fixing and self-recrimination. This is about you deciding to achieve for your Self what you declare you desire, but you have heretofore not created.

You may wonder why you need to achieve what you declare you desire. Or wondering what is wrong with feeling dissatisfied about your current circumstances and not doing anything about it? If you are truly happy with your life the way it is, then, stop feeling dissatisfied. When you feel dissatisfied and do nothing about it; that is putting your Self in a double bind. That robs you of your peace of mind. However, if you have the slightest yearning for better circumstances, you owe it to your Self not to settle for less.

Even if you are happy in your life right now, you might want to take these words to heart because there is opportunity for improvement. There is room for more love, more joy, more money, more happiness; and more fulfillment in your life. It is unimportant how much you have accomplished in your life thus far; what obstacles you have overcome; what fires you have walked through to become who you are. You are still at the beginning of your infinite journey. There is much more to accomplish.

Take a moment and ponder that profound comment there is much more to accomplish. No matter how old you are, or what point you are starting from; there is much more to accomplish. You can decide to create something so astounding, magnificent or magical that it will blow you away. And the good news is; it will be easier than you think.

Right now, review the various areas of your life. Look within; see the person for who you truly are. Yes, who you truly are deep inside. Are you truly satisfied living at the level you are living? I know you will hesitate to say. However, I know you crave more. I know you feel bad that you have procrastinated on creating more. Yet, you hold your Self back. It is time now, to simply make a decision to go for it. It is never too late to create the life you truly desire.

I know you want to create the shining potential lurking beneath the surface of your life. I know you want to let go of limiting thoughts and dare to create all that you desire for your Self. And you can. Once you create one thing, you will know that you can create beyond that; because all you need to do is to repeat the process to create a new desire.

You might be thinking that this sounds incredibly exhausting. Ah to the contrary֗it is holding your Self back that is incredibly exhausting. When you are busy creating what your heart desires; you will be in the flow with the Universal Energy you will have the wind at your back propelling you along.

Fulfilling your desires is easier than you think. Allow these suggestions to inspire you to create a life that you truly enjoy on a more profound level. Think about this: In order to enjoy the journey, you need to BE on a journey. Limiting your Self and therefore, your life, is not a journey; it is a holding pattern.

It is your choice, living your life in a holding pattern or continuously creating your desires. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Metaphysician - Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, Author and Speaker. Dr. Dorothy facilitates clearing blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. You can live the life you desire. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's thoughts and feelings. http://www.drdorothy.net http://facebook.com/DrDorothyNed http://myasea.com/drdorothy

You + Love = You

Why live with the fear of expressing love? People may have hurt you in the past but we are more than the result of what someone didn't want. We are love experiencing, expressing. When we live in fear of love it feels as if we close up a part of ourselves That is because we are love and when we 'choose' to dam ourselves, dam our flow, we block who and what we are. To love totally is to be yourself totally. There are no broken hearts in the love that never ends.

The Tao of Miracles

There is no miracle you cannot do when you desire healing.
A Course in Miracles

Can you imagine that all the people around you are here to help you regardless of whether they appear to you as angels or demons?  Can you imagine that all the people you interact with are actually your family and that they love you from the bottom of their heart?  Can you imagine that you are actually here to experience love, peace, joy and abundance and not worry, fear, poverty and loneliness?  Can you imagine this world is in fact safe and that you are well guided and protected? 

 You probably have some areas in your life where you feel this is very much the case and then some where it is less so. You probably have experienced some situations, perhaps something you are facing presently or some vague memory of a previous conflict, that seem in fact the opposite of the world we are describing. You probably  experience - like so many others as well - two worlds in conflict. A spiritual path is about discovering that the all so real world of pain, suffering and ego struggles is in fact illusionary. The spiritual path allows you to unload your pain, fears and doubts. The Tao will show you a path away from your mind, away from your plans, schemes, regrets, worries and thoughts. It takes a while to get to that point but eventually you will be able to experience the holy Now that Eckhart Tolle and so many others are describing. Along that path there is magic in the air.

 You probably have experienced enough pain, you had enough suffering and enough direction-less wandering, so perhaps today is a good opportunity to say good-by to this scary world and start a new journey into the light. All the help and guidance you need will show up along the Tao. You will discover signs along your way that are unmistaken and you will develop the trust to follow the signals. Step by step, you are able to walk out of your old world into a new one full of light and love.
Many carry the pain and suffering that they have accumulated from their childhood and all the rough episodes they experienced at one stage in their life.  It is hard for them to imagine that there is a different world.  For them, there will always be areas where they think that they need to tread carefully. The trick is to learn that in the end it is you who allows the beating, no one else is able to do that to you. But then, the trick is also to just sit there patiently when the beating occurs and realize that the world is still standing afterwards and that the fearful event and its impact passes like a quick summer shower. Along the Tao you have to discover who you really are and a little beating is probably still part of it. Chances are someone who deep down inside really cares about you does the beating, because only then will be able to open up to the pain and transcend it altogether and not be tempted to project back the anger in return. 

Let the Tao be your teacher. All the bad stuff that you have experienced up to this point prepares you for the spiritual journey ahead. The Tao is a path of healing; it is the way to teach yourself that the monsters of the past and the demons of today are not real. You are probably afraid that this spiritual talk is nothing but a fantasy.  We used to have these doubts too. We also experienced these struggles and pain and sometimes still do. But then, we always remind ourselves to actually touch the demons in front of us and they always disappear like hot air when we do. And in pretty much in all these situations a soul sibling jumps to our rescue when we are willing to confront our fears.

 Life can seem like a torture when you are caught between the two worlds. Let life help you unload the pain from the past. Just as they have inflicted your wounds in the past, let your soul siblings heal them for you. Let peace come into your life.  Let the misunderstanding dissolve and hatred ease.  Let life teach you who your true friends really are and that, in a weird way, everyone is here to help you.

After the healing of relationships you will also need to uninstall your belief systems which have confined your life thus far.  You won’t know how you have created your own prisons until you have come across someone who is able to help you knock down your imaginary walls. Let your soul siblings show you the way. When it comes to creating your spiritual mission statement, magic will occur. There is probably a spiritual giant already in your vicinity. She will remove the first brick for you, and you will be encouraged to do the rest.

Detaching yourself from the mind will be an important step in the process. The mind creates all your fears and lets you live in a scary and illusionary world.  Stepping outside of your mind will enable you to join the "real" life. You will literally see this world with new eyes when you step out of your imaginary mental world. Stepping out of your mind is actually not that hard to do once you follow the signals in everything you do. When you encounter love, joy, excitement and creativity in everything you do, the mind is simply too occupied to intervene. This is The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle refers to and you can very much experience it for yourself today

Regular meditation can help you getting in touch with that quiet Voice inside.  Find a meditation which is easy for you, observe your breathing, exercise, sit quietly and observe what is going on inside of you. There is mindful living as well. We often write about this theme. You can be more mindful in everything you do, and - very much like you experience spring cleaning - the more mindful you are, the more opportunities to become mindful about you will discover.  Once you are able to observe yourself and once you are present and still in all your daily activities, you will notice the presence of the Voice that always speaks second. Few people know that it exists because the voice that speaks first tends to drown it out. Mindful living and the power of Now will connect you with this ancient Voice. Once you have have heard Her at least once, the world we are talking about will be just around the corner.

Miracles can happen and they will happen as quickly as you are ready for them. Each time when  fears, doubts, and other mental monsters pop up to the surface bear them patiently and remind yourself that they are standing between you and the "real" world. There is nothing you can do about them per se; if you think about them or if you become mad at the situation at hand or the  people who ostensibly inflicted this pain, the more power you will give to them. Let life, the power of Now, the Tao help you dealing with them. For every problem that pops up, the Tao has already provided you with the ability to transcend it. The solution might appear miraculous to you, but every situation that needs healing will be made whole if you step up to the plate.  Trust that your soul siblings hold the key to the lock that you need to open already in their hands. Miracles are everywhere once you are ready for them. Please join us in a world full of love, laughter and light! 

Past Life – Twin Souls Reunite

Past Life – Twin Souls Reunite

In the many years I have conducted past life regression work, there were no out of the ordinary experiences to write about until Bridget (not her real name – names except three have been changed). She was advised by her herbalist, who is psychic, that the delusional thoughts, she experienced, were not caused by the detoxification herbs she was taking.

The herbalist stated he believed she experienced a flashback to a previous life. He recommended that she contact a PLR practitioner at the earliest convenience because the flashback could be the key to healing her severe mold allergy she had experienced for several years.

In the flashback, as she now understands as real and not a delusion; she learned her and her husband’s name and many events that were historical. She searched on the Internet using the names she remembered from the flashback. She found the events she experienced in the flashback. She was astounded. Yet, she continued to hold a tight grip on the belief that she might have made it up, albeit, she knew she had never read anything about the extensive details that surfaced in the flashback – but, she did not want to be one of those ‘way out there people.’

Her herbalist suggested the past life could be Twin Souls/Flames seeking to reunite. Although, she did not believe in a past life phenomenon, she researched Twin Souls/Flames and realized there was a strong connection to her first love in high school. Being a highly intelligent and analytical person, she concluded, there had to be an explanation for what she experienced and why now.

Bridget came to me August 2009 having found me on the Internet. The first session, Bridget stated she did not believe in past lives, guardian angels, spirit guides or anything that was outside linear thinking. However, in the flashback to a life in England, she could not deny the extensive details she learned that were substantiated by the research on the Internet. In addition to her name, her husband’s name, the era; she learned the number of children she had, where she lived and many events; including that she had died in a room with mold on the walls. H-m-m-m, of course, my antenna went up. The death scene is particularly fruitful for finding root cause of current manifestations prompted from a past life; as well as discovering what needs to be resolved in that life and this life. In her life in England, she died in a room with mold – in this life, she has severe systemic mold allergy - there is no evidence to disbelieve this poignant connection.

To my relief she went into a trance easily – and had an amazing session. She readily accessed the events in great detail leading up to her death in her opulent home in the room with mold. I breathed a sigh of relief. However, that is not to say everything has been smooth sailing as she grappled with the torrent of information in subsequent sessions and the intricate juxtaposition of those lives to her life today.

During the first session, Bridget’s voice became stern and demanding. I gently asked, ‘Who is speaking?’ Charlene, the voice coming out of Bridget’s mouth snapped with agitation. ‘You don’t know who I am?’ ‘I apologize, I don’t recognize your voice,’ I stated. Please, tell me about yourself. It became clear as she spoke about the details of her death – she was speaking of the life time in England that had come through in the flashback. In the next session, I learned the reason Charlene thought I would recognize her voice – I was her best friend, Georgia – a life time I had not explored, but a life time that explains a lot about my life now.

Bridget’s work is focused on five past life times. The first life time she was a female cave dweller – wife and mother. The species known as Australopithecus Afarensis is an extinct hominid, which lived between 3.9 million years BC and 2.9 million years ago. They were the first “hominid”–or human-like beings–to walk on both feet, and not live in trees. The four subsequent lives Bridget explored are female lives in Japan, Italy, Native American, and the life time that came through as a flashback in England – 1744–1818.

In the fourth session, a deeper more authoritarian voice began speaking, giving me direction on how the session needed to be focused. I asked, ‘Who, is speaking.’ Einstein, the voice retorted. ‘Oh! Thanks for speaking with me. Are you, Einstein of E = MC squared fame?’ ‘Bingo,’ the voice snapped. At least he has a sense of humor, I thought. Not wanting to sound like a gushy school girl, I said, ‘Tell me more.’

Einstein continued, ‘You were chosen to work with her, because, ‘we’ know you could handle it. I and others will be helping you. You need to follow ‘our’ instructions. ‘I will do that,’ I stated, hoping that I didn’t sound like a school girl.’ ‘We know that,’ he stated, briskly, and went on with more details of the plan for Bridget’s work. I asked him, ‘Who else will be working with you?’ ‘You will know soon,’ he said, impatiently. Now I was chagrined because I sounded like a curious school girl. Wanting to vindicate myself, I said, ‘One of my endearing qualities is being innocent and curious.’ ‘We know that,’ he intoned, ‘that is why you do excellent work – you are curious and ask many questions. We have watched you since you were born.’ I wondered who was among those who watched me since my birth, but, did not ask. I wondered how he watched me since my birth, because Einstein died when I was in high school.

The options he had to watch me were as his previous life or telepathic communication and astral journeys during his life as Einstein. Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879 and died in Princeton, NJ April 18, 1955. To frame the juxtaposition of our lives, I am second generation German born in the U.S. of both my mother and father. They were grass-fed beef cattle ranchers in South Dakota.

In the next session, Einstein clarified that Bridget’s herbalist was correct, the flashback she had, prompted by him, was done so that she would do the past life healing work in order for her to reunite with her Twin Soul, Jim, whom she dated in high school. It is urgent, he stated, to reunite as many Twin Souls as possible before December 2012, especially these Twin Souls he emphasized. You, he stated, are among those who will reunite with a Twin Soul. My curiosity shot up to a ten, but, I did not ask about who, when, etc.

A Soul Mate is a soul you have met in your current life with whom you had a previous life/lives. A Soul mate could be a lover, spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, teacher, student, friend, family member. Soul Mates can be our victims or tormentor. You have a soul agreement (contract) with each soul you have returned to earth with. Together you are working on resolving unfinished business between you as well as for greater learning and growth that this person can help you the most and in turn you can help him/her the most.

Twin Souls, a.k.a Twin Flames or Twin Rays are the other half of your soul. This phenomenon is based on the belief that we are all parts of the Divine Being, God, All That Is, Source, Spirit, or Creator.

In order for The Divine Being to experience Itself, It divided Itself into many souls, each in turn divided into many others and many others. The final split of the many neutrally gendered souls created male and female halves of a whole – The Twin Soul.

Each soul evolves and reincarnates through many lifetimes, gathering emotional and spiritual development, strength and courage. On some level we are all soul mates with one another, learning and growing from each other – teacher and student. Emotional and spiritual growth is manifested in loving and comforting lessons in forgiveness and unconditional love. Sometimes it is a case of ‘victim,’ or ‘darkness’ that brings the opportunities for growth.

Twin Soul/Twin Flames meet only when lessons of love, loss and forgiveness are complete, thus the heart is made resilient and strong through pain and loss and is ready to face the intensity of being with the other half of their soul. You can live a lifetime in joy and harmony with a resonant soul mate, and this is a beautiful, albeit, rare gift. It is no coincidence that many people refer to their spouse as, ‘My better half.’

As Bridget’s subsequent work progressed she discovered her entire soul group reincarnated into each life time from her first life as a cave woman, albeit, the soul changed roles, but, not gender. For example: Bridget’s mother is the incarnation of one of Charlene’s daughters.

Spring 2010, Bridget’s work shifted from past life to telepathic healing work with her mother, and communicating with her Twin Soul’s mother, Donna and Jim, her Twin Soul. Donna’s love for Bridget had not waned since Bridget dated him in high school, although, they hadn’t seen each other in many years.

During the next session it became clear that Donna’s role was to emotionally support her son reuniting with Bridget. She seemed concerned about how this would impact her family and Bridget’s family after so many years of being separated. She and I talked Mother to Mother about her concerns, etc, she being the older of the two of us, however, in the same generation.
May 24, 2010, I had an experience, I wonder if anyone will believe and after the many years of doing past life regression work, including my own and telepathic work, being clairvoyant and clairaudient, I only believe myself, because I know I am not clever enough to make it up.

May 24th, 2010 – 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. MST the finale of the Donald Trump Celebrity Apprentice aired on TV. I had watched most of the season’s shows and was rooting for Holly Robinson Peete, albeit, the spoiler rumor mill announced that Bret Michaels won. As I waited while Cyndi Lauper sang, and the final commercial before the big announcement, with the sound turned to barely audible I closed my eyes until I heard the Apprentice music playing. I was watching the show propped up on my bed. When I opened my eyes I looked straight into the face of a woman standing by the bed near my feet. My first reaction was she was a ‘real person,’ ‘How could she come into my bedroom; the doors are locked?’ In that same second I realized I was seeing an apparition.’ Not the first time I have seen an apparition, yet, none-the less, I was surprised, not unlike one would be if a ‘real person,’ walked into a room unexpectedly.

Her beautiful white hair was either pulled back or cut short – she wore a lovely soft light blue dress with puff sleeves – a perfect dress to wear to lunch in an upscale restaurant. Her expression was earnest as if she wanted to walk closer and say something. Unfortunately, my realization, that I was seeing an apparition, caused me to gasp slightly. Upon hearing my gasp, and although, I telepathically invited her to stay, she disappeared.

As I pondered this experience, I concluded that she was someone connected to Bridget, either, Bridget’s mother or her Twin Soul’s mother. I did not have long to wait as Bridget had a session scheduled on Wednesday.

May 27th as is the custom in Bridget’s sessions, I put her into a trance and asked who needed to speak. Sometimes, Bridget gives a narrative of what was coming through as I count her into the trance. This time she could see Donna in her kitchen with her son, Jim, Bridget’s Twin Soul. Donna was standing at the sink doing something. As is the custom, I asked Donna if she wanted to speak. Bridget reported that Donna was walking out of the kitchen. This was the first time she had avoided speaking to me. Instantly, I decided to speak to her and on a ‘hunch or knowing,’ I said, ‘Donna, I am sorry I gasped when you came to see me in my bedroom on Sunday.’

I had not told Bridget about seeing the apparition. Bridget stated, Donna stopped and turned back into the kitchen. I explained to Donna that I was surprised to see her in my bedroom, but, that I wanted to talk with her. I suggested we could speak now. Donna stated, she was reluctant to tell me what she wanted to talk about because she might hurt Bridget’s feelings. I invited her to visit me anytime and that if I gasped that she could stay and we could talk. I asked her if she had visited before and she said that she had visited once before, but, that I had not seen her.

After the trance work, Bridget was shocked that Donna had appeared in my bedroom. How could she do that, she asked? I explained astral journeys. Bridget asked if I wanted to see a picture of Donna on Facebook. There was no mistake, if Donna appeared in a line-up for the crime of being in my bedroom, I would have recognized her without hesitation. Case closed.
In the following session, Einstein spoke as he does every session and explained that Donna was concerned about all the doings and details required to reunite Bridget and Jim. Since then, I have spoken telepathically to Donna about the details so that she can process the important role she plays, but, also to reassure her Twin Souls reuniting to the soul is ‘common.’ Consequently, in July when Bridget took her two children to visit family in her hometown where she and Jim grew up and their parents were friends, Donna was thrilled to be a surrogate grandmother to Bridget’s children.

Betwixt and between all the healing of souls many disincarnate entities, dark entities and tricksters were encountered and sent home to the light. One disincarnate entity was able to catch Einstein off guard and dis-empowered him to the degree he could not function. Einstein stated, he needed time to reenergize. As I worked with the disincarnate entity, I prayed that Einstein would recover fully and return to work within a few hours. I called in Archangel Michael, who assisted me in taking this powerful and cantankerous entity to the light. Much to my surprise by the end of the session Einstein had totally regained his energy.

Einstein explained there are many ‘dark’ entities who do not want Twin Souls to reunite, because when Twin Souls reunite they are highly powerful and create an environment of peace and harmony. These dark entities can be in the form of disincarnate human, animal, bird, reptile and creatures’ souls. The Buddhists have it right–-animals, birds, reptiles and creatures have a soul and if the soul does not go to the light they can become dark entities, who some times create mischief and havoc. Yet, on the other side the coin if there were nothing for souls in body to ‘overcome,’ the yin and yang of life, the motivation to achieve emotional and spiritual growth might be nil.

Fast forward to January 2011 – enormous healing has been accomplished with all the souls in the five past lives and with Bridget, her mother and Jim. Einstein and his team have arranged opportunities for Bridget and Jim to be together. The day Jim will consciously know that he is destined to keep his soul agreement and reunite with Bridget is drawing near.
Another astonishing experience surfaced while helping Jim process his emotions when he and Bridget terminated their three year relationship his freshman year in collage and her junior year in high school. Although, they loved each other dearly, the circumstances were too difficult for young teens to maintain a long distance relationship. He was distraught with the break up and while driving he stopped the car and considered taking his life – except he did not know how he would do such a thing. So, he sat by the roadside and cried wishing he could simply die.

As I talked with Jim about his feelings, I had a flashback. I could see myself comforting him. It was not my soul from another life; for example as Georgia, Charlene’s best friend, who knew Jim’s soul energy in the life as Charlene’s husband. It was me, Dorothy, who heard his anguish and made an astral journey to help him. While this surprised me, it is consistent with the theme of my incarnations from my third life-time in Mesopotamia to this life time, whereby, I hear the cries of people who are in distress and spring into action to save them from their plight. Alas, my success rate as a rescuer in context of incarnated souls is minimal, with the exception of those who are doing their past life work. However, I successfully provided Jim the support he needed to transition and create a life without Bridget.

Unbeknown to Jim and Bridget, everyone in their lives, including myself had made a soul agreement to assist them in meeting and then separating, because the separation was part of the healing process for all their incarnations from cave dweller to twenty-first century Twin Souls reuniting.

In the meantime, I learned I will reunite with a Twin Soul from the life time as Charlene’s friend in England. He was a politician and I was his biggest advocate – campaigning for his election to the Parliament - a role no other woman had taken before. This explains why I am drawn to political matters more than I have time to fully pursue. He had deep respect, love, and admiration for Georgia, then and wants to reunite now. When and how our reincarnated souls will reunite has not been revealed yet.

It was revealed that I was also a medicine woman in Bridget’s Native American life. As a medicine woman I administered life saving measures to Bridget’s three-year-old son, who was maimed by a crazed buffalo. I could not stop the bleeding and he died. In this same incident Bridget’s husband and father of her son was killed attempting to save their son and despite the medicine woman’s efforts she was unable to save him. It is no surprise, then, that I agreed to be here to help these souls reunite as a way to vindicate myself as a Native American Medicine woman.

Throughout this process Bridget received many messages from her guides – Einstein, et al – between sessions, including animals, birds, reptiles and creatures bringing the messages she or the souls in her soul group in this life or a previous life needed to continue the healing process.

To fully understand animals, birds, reptiles and creatures messages I use two books, “Animal Speak,” Ted Andrews and “Medicine Cards,” Jamie Sams and David Caron.

In summary working with Bridget has reinforced the important and profound role PLR practitioners play in the emotional and spiritual healing process. It is also abundantly clear we need to embrace what might seem unreal or delusional to assist the client to heal. Working with Bridget it is evident all humans, animals, birds, reptiles and creatures are intricately connected. Simultaneously, the universe is aligned in every way necessary for each soul in body or disincarnate to create peace and harmony on this planet, earth and/or other realms. ###

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Board Certified Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner, is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential. She has over 30 years experience as a healing facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/professional development. Dr. Dorothy is Past President of the International Association for Regression and Therapies, Inc. and Charter/Board Member of the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She works face-to-face or via Skype Internet phone worldwide.

Mahavira, the Cousin of the Buddha

"Forgive do I creatures all, and let all creatures forgive me. Unto all have I amity, and unto none enmity. Know that violence is the root of all miseries in the world." -- Jain Prayer

Create Health and Wellness

The most profound insight you can have in your life is the truth about creating health and wellness. This insight is simply this: Your marvelous body possesses the awesome ability to repair and renew itself provided it has adequate nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements along with emotional and spiritual substance.

The fact is: Your body is performing this near-miraculous feat at this moment as you read this! This will come as no surprise to those who practice an effective health and wellness regime. However, the majority of people (90%) depend on pharmaceutical and Allopathic doctors to keep their body’s functioning, albeit, often times with little improvement. Western society has been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe that we are born with a perfect body that slowly deteriorates as we age, until it then falls into irreparable decay. The World Health Organization sets Life Span at 150 years and Life Expectancy at 79 for men and 81 for women in the U.S. Why the huge discrepancy?

The majority of people treat their body as a machine—something that requires continual maintenance from doctors, whose job is to provide a ‘quick fix’ for any damaged or malfunctioning parts. Doctors are indoctrinated and conditioned to believe they are the all-knowing mechanics and denounce and render the body’s self-healing abilities helpless with pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs and cutting out body parts. The entire Allopathic medical system is based on this idea. Tragically, this mechanical model of the human body is precisely where Allopathic medicine has gone wrong.

In reality, the Allopathic (Traditional Western Medicine - TWM) medical model for the maintenance of health and wellness is inadequate and dangerous at best. At worst 250,000 people are maimed for life and 750,000 are dead every year from the so-called curative procedures and potions. Health and wellness can be accomplished without any need for prescriptions, over-the counter(OTC) drugs, radiation, chemotherapy or body parts cut out. In fact, the more prescriptions and OTC drugs you take the sicker you are and the sicker you become.

It is difficult to comprehend how Allopathic medical distortion became fact. How and when did humans give up their ability to think; to extrapolate; to use forensic evidence as a basis for future understanding how the human body works? For example: How did pre-historic humans survive broken bones, lacerations and head trauma? Many did or humans would have become extinct. Humans survived because the body had adequate nutrition and natural mineral supplements along with emotional and spiritual substance to repair and renew.

If you nick yourself shaving, what happens? Immediately, the blood coagulates and new tissue beings to form – and a day or two later you can not see where the nick was. If you break a bone the same regenerating process occurs. The only improvement Allopathic medicine can provide is resetting and forming a mold around the bone to assist it to heal in the proper position. Thus, Allopathic medicine does nothing to assist the bone to heal. Even more remarkable, the healed bone emerges stronger than before.

This phenomenon is true for damaged arteries, injured brain cells, nerve tissue, or worn-out cartilage in joints. "Joint cartilage just does not regenerate very well," doctors emphatically state. Ten years ago surgeons thought brain cells could not repair themselves. “Once you lose a neuron that is it. They don’t regenerate,” the AMA judiciously reported.

Brain cells and heart cells will regenerate. Many people have survived horrific brain damage and have miraculous recovery. Two cases come to mind – ABC News Co-anchor, Bob Woodruff (Jan. 29, 2006), who was hit in the head by shrapnel while embedded with the U.S. Army's 4th Infantry Division, reporting on American efforts to hand over military responsibilities to the Iraqis, and Arizona State Representation, Gabrielle Giffords (Jan. 8, 2011), who was shot through the head at point-blank range with a Glock-Model 19 9mm while speaking at a town gathering outside a Tucson, AZ supermarket. While Giffords; recovery has been arduous, she has made significant progress in spite of the proclaimed odds.

With regard to worn-out cartilage in joints one prominent physician, Stephen Sinatra, MD, is demonstrating this phenomenon to the skeptical medical community in a dramatic way. His remarkable protocol for joint-regenerating method is helping thousands of people to find new freedom from chronic pain, disability and pain-relieving drugs. He describes it as "giving yourself a joint replacement, but without the surgery or expense." Based on the Allopathic mindset this protocol is remarkable. If you have pain and immobility in your joints or lower back, you can investigate his remarkable protocol.

Remember your body is designed and committed to repairing and regenerating itself--and will continue to do so as long as you live. No matter how old you are, your body will generate new skin, bones tissue, muscle, and cells. Your immune system will continue to conquer bacteria and viruses, colds and flu, cancer and other diseases. And your wounds and bruises will heal, just as they have all your life.

There is one caveat. You need to provide your body's remarkable repair system with organic food, natural vitamins/supplements, emotional and spiritual sustenance. This is the building blocks your body needs to keep going and thriving. That is your job—yours and mine, not the doctor's, not Allopathic (a.k.a. Traditional Western) Medicine. By using this simple, yet, profound protocol for health and wellness; you will be as awe-struck as I am by the miracle within you.

Here’s to your new health and wellness.

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on bridging Science, Spirit and Human Potential with over 30+ years experience as a transformation facilitator, speaker, and educator in natural health and wellness; personal/ professional development. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics. She is Founder/CEO of Genesis Consultants, Inc. Past President, International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, she serves on the board for Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce; Faculty Member for the World Regression Congress - Netherlands, India, Brazil, Turkey and Portugal 2014. http://drdorothy.net http://teamasea.com/DrDorothy
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