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Have You REALLY Chosen Freedom

by John McIntosh

Have you REALLY chosen Freedom or do you just want

your ‘projections’ to be successful and fulfilling?

There is no right or wrong answer … only the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself.

Since approximately the 1940’s the concept of ‘creating your own reality’ has been increasing promoted to humanity … hand in hand with positive mental thinking. Anyone who has studied and implemented these concepts consistently in their lives knows how effective they are.

I personally used these concepts in my own my business life and taught them to many, many people for over 30 years and became very wealthy as a result … but I was not happy, peaceful or free.

Whether materially successful or not, like many people who reach a certain stage of disappointment in life (in my case using so called ‘success principles’), I redirected these principles toward spirituality. Then, instead of wealth I focused all my attention on a fulfilling life filled with joy and love with the emphasis on peace and freedom.

Again, like many frustrated achievers, my life began to reflect spiritual activities … in my case writing books and teaching while others acquired so called healing abilities and used a wide variety of ‘natural’ modalities to try and help improve the health and spiritual well being of others.

On the surface this would seem the perfect segue from the strictly material world … using success principles … into helping humanity and making the world a better place while earning a so called’ ‘honest’ living in the process.

For another decade, I believed this was not only true but also … possible. What I did not Know at the time was that this was a head or mind centered function based on thought and thought, while invisible … is a thing … and ALL things are temporary, having a beginning and an ending (sooner or later)

It has been said and is True that:

Nothing Real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists – ACIM

This means that anything which can be threatened is NOT real and anything which is temporary IS threatened to leave. This also is why all thought based concepts that lead to action to change and improve the world have never and will never work … they are temporary and always … eventually … fall back into the effects of the separated mind, which is chaos.

Only the Awakened One, who lives in Oneness experiences

True Peace despite their environment.

All thoughts therefore Are illusions … no matter how solid, noble or enduring

As a result, what I had not recognized was that I had simply traded in one set of expectations, attachments and identities (all aspects of the split mind ego) for another … I had traded a wealth oriented focus that did not lead to the joy, love, peace and freedom for what appeared to be a spiritual life that I believed would fill in what I seemed to lack. 

The spiritual life (or spirituality), it turned out, was an even more subtle trick of the split mind ego … one which many, many others still believe.

With spirituality there was always the feeling that the Freedom I sought was somehow very far in the distance, to be acquired after qualifyingin some way through various disciplines, paths of devotion or endless daily practices. Beneath this feeling of qualifying for the Grace I sought was a well hidden sense of unworthiness partnered with unspoken guilt. For some people this is very much on the surface of their beliefs particularly if they are very religious.

This combined belief accompanies the seemingly never ending search for Enlightenment that many seekers of Truth accept as the only way … no matter what path they have chosen toward Freedom. A sense of time and space … (both fundamental aspects of the split mind ego’s belief in separation or duality) … seems to control the eventual liberation into the Bliss-filled realm of the Awakened.

It is this belief which has projected True Freedom well into the future of this or another lifetime and created a subtly frustrating existence of settling for a life where your projections [your desires for a better life] are wrapped in a nice looking spiritual cloak.

It’s a well disguised imitation for True Freedom and that too is okay if you have not yet felt the overwhelming pull of your I AM Presence (the God you Are) to be the sole guide of your experience.

When this pull comes, as it will eventually for all, absolutely nothing will stand in the way of It`s coming forth in your life. Not career, fame, fortune, education, security, health, romance, family and loved ones … NOTHING is so sacred, that if need be, it will be left behind.

The reason for this power filled Shift is that it comes from the Heart and not the head … it comes from the Eternal through feelings (not to be confused with emotions) and not the transient illusion of thoughts.

The split mind ego … (and make no mistake … the mind is still split when ANYTHING - no matter how noble - that has a beginning or an ending, holds you in its grasp) … screams its objections to such irresponsible behavour and will, at every opportunity distract you from this commitment in order to maintain its undeniable (if you are completely honest with yourself) hold on you.

But the Heart`s pull, while gentle and silent is persistent and when you begin to really FEEL it … it will never leave you … you will not be satisfied with anything less than complete and total Liberation … complete and total Freedom from ALL that is unreal.

Some have called this Self Realization.

In the words of Bhagavan:

Self-Realisation (True Freedom) IS DOING MUCH MORE FOR THE WORLD than all social workers (spiritual work to save or serve humanity and the world) put together and that in that Silence is more eloquence and effectiveness than (all) the words of orators and writers advocating any courses for man.

The reason this is True is because the entire frequency [level of Awareness] of the planet and the 7 billion different worlds believed in upon it, are lifted immeasurably when another fully committed One returns to the full Awareness of the God he or she IS.

This is TRUE Freedom.

Few there are as yet who have made the NO MATTER WHAT commitment to DIE to the illusion and WAKE UP to Total Freedom where, while living within the dream of this world, with all the effects of separation that terrorize the mind of the illusionary separated self … Peace IS always present and judgment of any kind is unknown.

As our brother Jesus said:

When I am lifted up from the earth, [I] will draw all to myself
John 12:32 

This means His Awareness drew all of humanity to a higher level of Awareness of WHO they ARE [the same as He IS] ... as have all Awakened Ones.

THIS FREEDOM takes no time at all!

By simply applying the same so called success principle which says:

Whatever is focused upon expands

… to the Truth … you are Awake and FREE in that Moment.

You … the illusionary, separated identity you have called your self has no idea what Truth IS … but the Real You Knows and will expand in your experience as you give IT your undivided attention … with no thought, no How-To`s, no special meditations, no daily disciplines, no special skills or learning, no special diets or status of health.

Absolutely nothing but this Focused Attention on Truth is required. You may call it Truth or the I AM Presence or the God you ARE (I AM), or what you wish … it matters now. Your Intention for Freedom is what counts.

Placing your attention on this will expand it in your experience and in each moment you do this you ARE Free. That Freedom becomes a habit like all things focused upon except that at a critical point the habit is permanent and you are once again Free forever … not that you have ever NOT been … but Now you are Aware of it.
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