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Death by Fungi


'Many cancer patients find the true fungal link to their cancer only to succumb to heart disease or immune deficiency caused by traditional cancer treatment. If this case were an isolated event, it might be referred to as “coincidental.” I have been able to plead with doctors of advanced cancer patients to at least try antifungal drugs for their patients. Afterwards, simply amazing reports have come forth. Several of these have been published in The Germ That Causes Cancer.'


Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma From Paedophilia - the Establishment Campaign to Make it Acceptable Goes On

Editor's Note: Beware the elites are in the process of normalizing pedophilia one step at a time. Here's why:

The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan White House

'This was the biggest scandal in the history of the U.S.A Government. The story received some newspaper coverage but there was a TV News Media blackout on the subject. For this reason, most Americans have never heard of it.

Former republican Senator John Decamp was involved in the production a documentary called "Conspiracy of Silence" it was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired.

Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who had ordered all copies destroyed. A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired F.B.I. chief, Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by the participants involved. You can purchase a VHS copy at this link. Or you can view an online copy at this page. Franklin Cover up video page

Boy prostitutes 15 years old (and younger) were taking midnight tours of the Whitehouse. There are 19 more Washington Times articles in full text about this case available here at this link.
Newspaper scans or text are not for commercial use. Solely to be used for the educational purposes of research and open discussion.
The Washington Times, Pg. A3 July 26, 1989 Headline: Secret Service furloughs third White House guard.'

'A group of psychiatrists and other mental health professionals say it's time to change the way society views individuals who have physical attractions to children.

The organization, which calls itself B4U-Act, is lobbying for changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, the guideline of standards on mental health that's put together by the American Psychiatric Association.

The group says its mission is to help pedophiles before they create a crisis, and to do so by offering a less critical view of the disorder.'

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Dutroux, who supplied children to the elite for sexual abuse and murder.

Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite

'But one topic that has been routinely shrugged off as manifestly impossible is that those at the very top of the pyramid, including well-known politicians and public figures, have engaged consistently -- and on a widespread basis -- in the organized sale, rape, torture and murder of children. Frankly, we had a hard time fully believing it ourselves until recently. But the evidence has become so overwhelming that we must have the courage to look into the very worst cesspit; one which better belongs in paintings of Hell's torments, not on the evening news.' 



Nanotechnology – The New Threat to Food

'Following on from genetic engineering, nanotechnology represents the latest high technology attempt to infiltrate our food supply. Senior scientists have warned that nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, introduces serious new risks to human and environmental health. Yet in the absence of public debate, or oversight from regulators, unlabelled foods manufactured using nanotechnology have begun to appear on our supermarket shelves.'


Synthetic Folic Acid May Contribute to Colorectal Cancer

Synthetic Folic Acid May Contribute to Colorectal Cancer

'In more evidence that messing with nature can have negative health consequences, a new study from Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has confirmed that synthetic folic acid supplementation may increase the risk of colorectal cancer.

This conclusion was determined using the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study, which included 88,045 postmenopausal women who were tested and studied between 1993-1998, just following the mandated folic acid supplementation requirement in the United States.'


Boston declares health emergency as flu outbreak worsens


 Editors Note: Is this a Big Pharma/CDC Swine Flu Pandemic Redux? Remember, no matter what, skip the toxic flu shot and ditch the toxic Tamiflu. Start taking vitamin D3 and C as  preventativea and try Elderberry tincture or extract to rid any flu.

'Faced with a surge in flu cases, the mayor of Boston declared a public health emergency on Wednesday as authorities around the United States scrambled to cope with a rising number of patients.

So far, in the early stage of the normal flu season, Boston has already recorded 10 times as many cases as in all of the 2011-2012 flu season.

From Maine to North Carolina, officials said they were expecting a sharp increase in infections, while hospitals tightened rules on visitors and opened new facilities to accommodate more patients.
"This is the worst flu season we've seen since 2009 and people should take the threat of flu seriously," Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said on Wednesday.' 


Tongue Therapy Shows Promise In Treating Allergies

'Nut and peanut allergies are getting more common in children, doubling over the past five years, however a new study supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) can reduce the allergic response to peanut in adolescents and adults.

Unlike traditional treatments for allergies where patients seek the care of physicians for allergy shots, sublingual immunotherapy treatment involves placing a drop of a serum under the tongue in the comfort of the patient’s home on a daily basis. In addition, this treatment typically only requires a visit to the allergist every six months. Research has found that allergy sufferers who receive sublingual therapy have few adverse reactions such as itching under the tongue or in the mouth.'

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