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Living Within Your Spirituality by Tara Mary

A little share on how I see and live Being Spiritual.

I realize everyone has to discover for them-self what it means and feels like to them.

Some folks are still struggling on what it means to be spiritual, or even what the word itself means.
The whole idea of this journey is to experience life in its ups and downs and to one day take a look
back at the experiences (honestly and openly) and see how we went when we are challenged to
the limit.

The first thing for anyone to realize if they wish to find 'spiritual self' is to look within the physical vessel to the essence of our Being. The physicality is a tool, and that is all. It enables the spirit within to experience a physical life where everything is not so easy in this mind-created world. It is only when the mind is quieted by meditation, or focusing on the breath in a quiet environment, that the spiritual self can come forward. Listening to our spirit within is most important when looking for guidance and also for answers to life's many questions.

Some people are born with a lot of love already in their hearts, and these folks are already connected
to their true nature. Love is the most powerful energy in creation. Even if a soul never knows what the word 'spiritual' means or even acts in a way that others deem is 'spiritual,' as long as they live a life with genuine love and kindness towards others and themself, no terminology is needed to define them or their actions.

Living within one's spirituality is living with awareness of being a lot more than a physical body.
Being spiritual is not writing beautifully, preaching to others nor is it giving advice to everyone without
being asked. That, to me, is living within ego-self. With a genuinely spiritual person there is no
need to be constantly looking for acceptance and adulation. The one who has found their true self
within lives in peace and harmony within. Acknowledgement from others is not needed nor sought.

There is also a misconception that a person who lives a spiritual life is perfect in actions, speech and
behavior. Living on earth is fraught with danger and many challenges. Being a physical plane of
existence, accidents happen frequently everywhere in the world. And living within a physical vessel
that has 'too many working parts that can go wrong' to coin a phrase from my beloved hubby, we can
be faced with ill-health, disabilities, mental ill-health, and the list goes on. Of course, one does not
think of these things while enjoying life, but things can happen that are out of our control. There are
many occasions that cause a person to be not as tolerant or be as patient as they would like to be.

Even without the many changes happening within ourselves and earth, life has always been a 'mixed bag.'  Speaking for myself, once I connected with my spiritual or true self within, I felt so much more at ease, and it also explained the many changes I had in life. When you get that first stage of awakening to inner self, it does change your outlook tremendously. For one thing, all those dots start to line up and you may find yourself going around saying out loud 'Oh that's why that happened.'  After touching base with spirit within, the awakenings continue.....and expand to enrich your life on earth because you realize there ARE reasons why this or that happened. Actually, you could say that your journey begins once you start to live from your true self. There is tremendous meaning to everything one does.  It awakens perception of everyday life and how we interact with others.

Namaste ~ Tara


                                                      Peace  Consciousness

by Deepak Chopra

Instead of languishing as an ideal that will never come true, a vision rooted in consciousness must come true. The proof of this always arises in hindsight.

Anyone who knows how to move consciousness in an evolutionary direction is part of the peace movement. I find this immensely encouraging because there can’t be a living human being whose makeup doesn’t include at least a fraction of devotion to evolution.

Our innate desire for more happiness ensures that this is true. Another portion of the self may believe that happiness will increase by building a new weapon, discovering a new technology of death, living in a country that is hugely militarized, and so forth.

The old order is extensive and powerful; it has materialism on its side. Let that be as it may. The livelier part of awareness is always the leading edge, the part that wants to evolve. It takes time for the leading edge to convince the rest of the self to give up its old outworn habits, but the evolutionary impulse is irresistible.

The best thing you can do for peace today is encourage the evolutionary impulse in yourself. Developing peace consciousness is a practical project, and the more of us who engage in it every day, the more momentum we add to the future.

The future doesn’t exist in time; it isn’t a place over the horizon of tomorrow. The future is the next shape that consciousness takes. A flower is the future of a seed. It takes time for the seed to turn into a flower, but in truth the pattern mapped out in the plant’s genes controls time.

It uses it to bring about a reality already deeply imprinted. Peace consciousness, once imprinted on our minds, can use time in exactly the same way, as the stage for an unfolding that was fully shaped in advance.

Adapted from: Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).

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