Dr. Sinatra & Others Speaking Out – Cholesterol is Not the Cause of Heart Disease...

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Dr. Sinatra & Others Speaking Out – Cholesterol is Not the Cause of Heart Disease


'How did this myth begin?

Since the earlier part of the 20th century, doctors have been rallying around the idea that cholesterol causes heart disease.

In 1913, Russian researcher Nikolaj Nikolajewitsch fed cholesterol to rabbits and made the conclusion that their cholesterol levels went up (with no acknowledgement whatsoever that cholesterol is not a normal part of a rabbit’s diet).

And the idea that plaque deposits collecting in the blood vessels due to diet was born.

At the same time, companies like Proctor and Gamble were busy creating products that would replace animal fats as a way to increase profits.'


Best foods for calming your nervous system

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'Modern-day living and all the busyness and stress that comes along with it can do a real number on your central nervous system, especially if you are not taking proactive steps to counteract this perpetual negative effect on your body. Rather than feed energy and nutrients into your body's productive systems, an overtaxed nervous system typically expends most of its resources just trying to defend the body against attack, whether it be in the form of anxiety, panic, or stress, which depletes your energy reserves and potentially even harms your endocrine system.'


Chlorinated Drinking Water Contributes to Bladder Cancer, Anal Cancer

'Extensive research and case studies over the past two decades show that drinking chlorinated water is linked to bladder cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Cities like Minneapolis and Saint Paul that rely on surface water and groundwater, such as the Mississippi River and lakes, heavily chlorinate at the water treatment plants. Over the years, the Minneapolis Drinking Water Quality Report consistently shows levels of chlorine at 2.1-3.1 ppm'


Autism: Made in America

Look In the Mirror: What Does Your Face Tell You About Your Health?

'Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the healthiest of them all? If you know where to look, your external appearance may be a window to your internal health. Your face not only gives you nonverbal signals about your well-being from unconscious facial expressions, but the state of your skin reveals a great deal about what's going on inside, both physically and emotionally. Some facial diagnosticians can even diagnose incipient illnesses, such as the early stages of cancer.'


A Path to Guaranteed Happiness



'Happiness is what our nation is founded on – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  But maybe we have it all wrong in pursuing happiness through fierce individualism and seeking out material things, which give us momentary pleasure and success.

I have found a repeatable path to guaranteed happiness, even joy.  And as corny as it sounds, it is quite simple. Serve others with love and compassion.  That’s it.  Guaranteed happiness is just a few minutes away.'

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