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UFO BREAKING NEWS 2013!! Artificial Alien object found in Mars by Curosity. Discovered OFUHUNTER

Non natural object or alien bone found in Mars on 2013, UFO related news and alien life in Mars, SheilaAliens. UFO NASAoriginal nasal pic linkhttp://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/?rawid=0141MR0829002000E1_DXXX&s=141

Chinese General Threatens "Third World War" To Protect Iran

Chinese General Threatens "Third World War" To Protect Iran.US dispatches three more warships to Middle EastPaul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comThursday, December 1, 2011A military General from the Chinese National Defense University says that China should not hesitate to protect Iran, even if it means launching world war three, as more US warships are dispatched to the region amidst heightening tensions.According to NDTV, a Chinese news station based outside the country, in regard to recent speculation that Iran would be the target of a US-Israeli military assault, Major General Zhang Zhaozhong commented that, "China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war," remarks described as "puzzling to some".The news report also quotes Professor Xia Ming as paraphrasing Zhaozhong's quote that, "not hesitating to fight a third world war would be entirely for domestic political needs."China has vehemently reaffirmed its alliance with Iran in recent weeks, most notably yesterday when it refused to criticize Iran for a raid on the British Embassy in Tehran launched by Iranian students earlier this week.Both China and Russia have made it clear that they will veto any UN authorization of military action against Iran in the aftermath of claims that Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon."China has noted the tough reactions made by the relevant countries over this event and is concerned over the development of the situation," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei told reporters today."We hope relevant countries will keep calm and exercise restraint and avoid taking emotional actions that may rachet up the confrontation." A d v e r t i s e m e n tMeanwhile, in a related development, three more US warships have been dispatched to join the USS John C. Stennis in the 5th fleet region.With the Stennis, a Nimitz-class nuclear-powered supercarrier, already stationed just outside Iranian territorial waters, the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier has just been deployed from its home port to join the U.S. 5th Fleet AOR."In addition to the USS Carl Vinson's departure, guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill and guided-missile destroyer left in the morning, and the USS Halsey will depart at 2 p.m," reports NBC SanDiego, adding that the ships are headed for the Middle East.Fears of an imminent military assault on Syria were sparked when the USS George H.W. Bush left its usual theater of operations to position itself just off the Syrian coast, but the warship has now completed its mission and is sailing back to its home port in Norfolk Virginia.

RIHANNA, Diamonds: Dark Symbolism

Rihanna's Diamonds video is just one of many dark videos which she has done throughout her career. She isn't the only one. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and even Aaliyah have been Illuminati messengers. R.I.P Aaliyah. Keep in mind, the illuminati is not all about all things demonic, it has nothing to do with religion or evil. Though the term evil is subjective. It does however have some dark characteristics but overall, it's about power and influence. It uses these chosen entertainers to influence the masses, primarily young people. It warns them with subliminal messages of things to come or promotes ideas. Rihanna is a natural born witch, a gifted pyschic but she is unaware of most of her powers and doesn't understand her full potential. She was chosen for her bloodline. You'd be surprised how connected our world celebrities are. I love Rihanna's music and this is in no way to bash her. I love her outrageous personality and antics, but truth be told, she is lost. She has been indoctrinated years ago and it's evident in the interviews she's done where she's crying like Britney Spears that she is handled and not enjoying it. Chris Brown pissed off her handlers, therefore he was punished by the puppetmasters and not elevated as high as he originally was set to go.

Keiser Report: Deadly Deflation (E390)

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the butch welfare Queens in Virginia, Maryland and DC who rely on the 'untouchable' Pentagon budget. They also discuss the US deploying both its FMDs -- "financial extortion", "monetisation" and "devaluation" -- to finance its debt and deficit requirements and its troops to 35 African nations. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dan Collins of TheChinaMoneyReport.com about the petro-yuan, China's gold and the problem with the fact that nobody in Africa wants to buy America's opium - credit default swaps. Follow Max Keiser on Twitter: http://twitter.com/maxkeiserWatch all Keiser Report shows here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL768A33676917AE90 (E1-E200)http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC3F29DDAA1BABFCF (E201-current)RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-airSubscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaTodayLike us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnewsFollow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_comFollow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RTRT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

Soho's Greatest Hits

The following videos are compilations of the best anomalies found from the Soho probe by SolarWatcher.SOHO, the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, is a project of international collaboration between ESA and NASA to study the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona and the solar wind.SOHO was launched on December 2, 1995. The SOHO spacecraft was built in Europe by an industry team led by prime contractor Matra Marconi Space (now EADS Astrium) under overall management by ESA. The twelve instruments on board SOHO were provided by European and American scientists. Soho LINK http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/http://sungrazer.nrl.navy.mil/index.php?p... Websitehttp://solarwatcher.netSubscribe:-www.youtube.com/solawatcher www.youtube.com/thebarcarollerMusic Used is :Sunshine & Adagio in D Minor by John Murphy

Is a China - Japan War Inevitable? Max Kieser

Is a China - Japan War Inevitable? Max Kieser

Checks & Balances: Obama picks 'worst CIA chief', but new Pentagon 'may reject interventions'

President Obama has rounded out his national security team for approval by the Senate. He's nominated former senator Chuck Hagel as the Pentagon head, and counter-terrorism advisor John Brennan to lead the CIA.Former CIA officer Ray McGovern who believes Obama's security nominations may serve as a counterweight to each other.RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-airSubscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaTodayLike us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnewsFollow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_comFollow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RTRT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.

Wild West Dance

Yosemite Sam forces Bugs Bunny to dance for him by shooting at his feet. Bugs then asks Sam to dance back, and makes him dance into a water well.

The Matrix - The Pill Scene (with English Subtitle)

Morpheus shows Neo two pills: a blue and a red one. If Neo chooses the blue pill, he will wake up in his bed and forget about everything that happened. If he takes the red one he will see "how far the rabbit hole goes" English Sub

DHS Preparing for Civil War Economic Crash Both

DHS Preparing for Civil War Economic Crash Both


SUBSCRIBE NOW!!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=cgreene34AMTV WEBSITE: http://www.amtvmedia.com/GREENEWAVE WEBSITE: http://www.greenewave.com/MY FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/GreenWaveTVMY TWITTER: http://twitter.com/GreeneWaveMY GOOGLE+ http://plus.google.com/106649977767230041768-==DONATE LINK==- http://www.greenewave.com/donate/1-7-2013: On today's edition of AMTV, Christopher Greene warns Americans that President Barack Obama is about to disarm America by using executive privilege.SOURCES:White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootingshttp://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/white-house-weighs-broad-gun-control-agenda-in-wake-of-newtown-shootings/2013/01/05/d281efe0-5682-11e2-bf3e-76c0a789346f_print.html

4MIN News January 8, 2013

What they don't tell you: http://youtu.be/Xcm9qsVaf0o --Climate Change is more than just warming, and more than just human CO2... a lot more.The Solar Killshot: http://youtu.be/X0KJ_dxp170TODAY'S LINKS:Arctic: http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/IOTD/view.php?id=80102Glaciers: http://www.global-greenhouse-warming.com/glacial-retreat.htmlNeutron Star: http://www.universetoday.com/99319/new-movie-of-a-neutron-star-looks-eer... Volcano: http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/photo/2013-01/08/c_132087614.htmElectr... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2258007/Scientists-close-earthqu... Mag: http://tin.er.usgs.gov/catalog/cite-view.php?cite=761World Mag: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/geomag/EMM/icons/NGDC-720_data.jpgEast Coast Sea Level: http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/341723/description/East_Coast... Level Map: http://geology.com/sea-level-rise/UN Climate: http://www.unep.org/compendium2009/Sea Level 2003-2008: http://ibis.grdl.noaa.gov/SAT/SeaLevelRise/slr/mssh_2011-1993_300.pngComing Weather: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-forecast/next-storm-wet-20130105 [Weather Channel]REPEAT LINKS:WORLD WEATHER:NDBC Buoys: http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/Tropical Storms: http://www.wunderground.com/tropical/HurricaneZone Satellite Images: http://www.hurricanezone.net/westpacific/animations.htmlWeather Channel: http://www.weather.com/NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory: http://www.nnvl.noaa.gov/Default.phpPressure Maps: http://www.woweather.com/cgi-bin/expertcharts?LANG=us&MENU=0000000000&CO... Maps: http://www.woweather.com/cgi-app/satellite?LANG=us&CONT=namkForecast Maps: http://www.woweather.com/weather/maps/forecastmaps?LANG=us&CONT=ususEL DORADO WORLD WEATHER MAP: http://www.eldoradocountyweather.com/satellite/ssec/world/world-composit... http://www.weather.com/news/tornado-torcon-index [Tornado Forecast for the day]HURRICANE TRACKER: http://www.weather.com/weather/hurricanecentral/trackerUS WEATHER:Precipitation Totals: http://www.cocorahs.org/ViewData/ListIntensePrecipReports.aspxGOES Satellites: http://rsd.gsfc.nasa.gov/goes/THE WINDMAP: http://hint.fm/wind/Severe Weather Threats: http://www.weather.com/news/weather-severe/severe-weather-trackerCanada Weather Office Satellite Composites: http://www.weatheroffice.gc.ca/satellite/index_e.htmlTemperature Delta: http://www.intellicast.com/National/Temperature/Delta.aspxRecords/Extremes: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/extremes/records/SPACEWEATHER:Spaceweather: http://spaceweather.comSOHO Solar Wind: http://umtof.umd.edu/pm/HAARP Data Meters: http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/data.html Planetary Orbital Diagram - Ceres1 JPL: http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=ceres;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orbSDO: http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/ Helioviewer: http://www.helioviewer.org/SOHO: http://sohodata.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/soho_movie_theater Stereo: http://stereo.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/images SOLARIMG: http://solarimg.org/artis/ iSWA: http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/iswa/iSWA.html NASA ENLIL SPIRAL: http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?times... ENLIL SPIRAL: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/wsa-enlil/GOES Xray: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/sxi/goes15/index.htmlGamma Ray Bursts: http://grb.sonoma.edu/ BARTOL Cosmic Rays: http://neutronm.bartol.udel.edu//spaceweather/welcome.htmlISWA: http://iswa.ccmc.gsfc.nasa.gov:8080/IswaSystemWebApp/NOAA Sunspot Classifications: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/latest/SRS.txtGONG: http://gong2.nso.edu/dailyimages/MISC Links:JAPAN Radiation Map: http://jciv.iidj.net/map/RADIATION Network: http://radiationnetwork.com/LISS: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplots_gsn.phpQUAKES LIST FULL: http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/seismologist.phpRSOE: http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php [That cool alert map I use]Moon: http://www.fourmilab.ch/earthview/pacalc.html

Even if you raise taxes to 100%, we couldn't pay it off. We're going to default.

Peter Schiff on Fox BusinessJanuary 7th 2013

SAMHSA receives worst government agency award

Dr. E. Fuller Torrey presents the "Worst Government Agency Award" to SAMHSA "for spending millions of taxpayer dollars while making problems worse instead of better".Visit SAMHSA FAST FACTS to learn more about why SAMHSA 'won' this award. http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/about-us/our-blog/102-mi/1956

Fox News Propaganda against Iran

Fox News are preparing for another war for Bush - last time it was against Iraq with lies - this time it is against Iran with lies. Liers should never be believed once they have lied. Tv channels should not promote war and killings.No to Fox War!

UFO-Sightings-Jan. 2013.Amazing UFO-Breaking World News,,Dont' be afraid,

"Goblet of Truth", The book of the entire Teaching of the Prophets,Teaching of truth, teaching of spirit, teaching of life from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM), Introduction In this book, [Goblet of Truth], the true prophet of the new time, [Billy] Eduard Albert Meier, known as BEAM, is once again providing the human beings of Earth as well as extraterrestrial races and peoples with a very significant work of truly universal uniqueness. Originally, he had intended to undertake this eminent and highly expressive transcriptionin the year 2017. However, for important health reasons, he was induced to set down this extremely valuable written legacy, indeed one that is steeped in history, at an earlier stage. The first lines originated on Sunday 19 August 2007. After only 5 months and 17 days of intensive work, he completed the task on Tuesday 5 February 2008. In the course of these 171 days, concealed from our hectic and restless planet and in the seclusion of the Semjase Silver Star Center at Hinterschmidrti, and during many nights, a epochal manuscript comprising 260 A4 pages was created. This work, being only a provisional conclusion of Billy's untiring work, is in its bound form structured as a long series of highly instructive pearls of evolutive lustre which have been penned by his hand to date,and which form the psyche and the consciousness. The very short time taken to complete the book even surprised his extraterrestrial friends, since they had themselves expected the completion to require several years. The tome comprises a total of 28 chapters. Similarly to the OM book (1988), the structure is based on chapters as well as numbered verses, and employs a similar linguistic mode of expression. By the power of his consciousness-related ability, his extraordinary skills and his in-depth knowledge, BEAM called up the first 14 chapters from terrestrial storage banks, where they have been stored for millennia in the form of a symbolic picture language. What this amounts to is the original teaching of Nokodemion, billions of years old, that has been taught on this planet Earth and disseminated by his six subsequent proclaimers from Henoch to Mohammed in various genuine explanations and in accordance with the understanding of their particular epoch. By name, the following listed prophets have been involved: (1) Henoch (Enoch) (3 February 9308 BCE to 1 January 8942 BCE) (2) Elia (Elijah) (5 February 891 BCE to 4 June 780 BCE), (3) Jesaja (Isaiah) (7 February 772 BCE to 5 May 690 BCE), (4) Jeremia (Jeremiah) (9 February 662 BCE to 3 September 580 BCE), (5) Jmmanuel(Immanuel) (3 February 02 BCE to 9 May 111 CE) as well as (6) Mohammed (19 February 571 CE to 8 June 632CE). The six named proclaimers of the spiritual teaching stood in direction progression and prophetic line with one another, and therefore represent a continuous rebirth of the spirit-form. The important task rested on every single one of them to announce the original teaching of Nokodemion to the earthly humankind of their particular time and life epoch, delivering it to posterity according to their best ability and capability. Like the prophet of the new time, they were also supported and accompanied in their Mission and task by advisers and teachers of extraterrestrial origin. Due to the continuously changing perceptive faculty of people as well as an increasingly highly developed consciousness over the course of the millennia, more highly developed rational and cognitive thinking as well as growing cognitive capabilities, the teaching of creational laws and recommendations had to be adapted by the prophets again and again to the new evolutive conditions and taught accordingly. Over the course of the approximately 11,000 years of their Mission and their appearance, the spoken and written traditions repeatedly fell prey to oblivion and material degradation in accordance with the naturally given laws of growth and decay. Until the present time, the prophets of the past millennia had not been given any technical means of recording the teaching of spirit for posterity or making it accessible. Only in the cosmic storage banks have their teaching and explanations been retain ed and stored for all time down to the present day. For further information regarding the genuineness of the Talmud Jmmanuel, please see the extensive research of James Deardorff at http://www.tjresearch.info/genuine.htm and related links at http://www.figu.org/ http://futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Goblet_of_Truth http://futureofmankind.co.uk/w/images/5/57/GobletOfTruth.pdf This objects is ET.inetlligences beamship, This objects same as the 'star' of Bethlehem. The photographer is a messemger of the ET.intelligences Universe High Council Level.

What grandad did in the Dark

Radio 4 Documentary from 2002 See http://spiritualismlink.forumotion.com/t436-what-grandad-did-in-the-dark

Hitler Nazi UFO Conspiracy FULL

German UFO theories describe supposedly successful attempts to develop advanced aircraft or spacecraft prior to and during World War II, Within the canon of media various code-names or sub-classification of UFO craft are identified: Rundflugzeug, Feuerball, Diskus, Haunebu, Hauneburg-Gerte, V7, VRIL, Kugelblitz, Andromeda-Gerte, Flugkreisel, Kugelwaffen, Reichsflugscheiben.Accounts appear from as early as 1950, likely inspired by historical German development of specialized engines such as Viktor Schauberger's "Repulsine" around the time of WWII. Elements of the claims have been widely incorporated into various works of fictional and purportedly non-fictional media including video games and documentaries, often mixed with more substantiated information.German UFO literature very often conforms largely to documented history on the following points: German 3rd Reich claimed the territory of New Swabia in Antarctica, sent an expedition there in 1938, and planned others.[2] German 3rd Reich conducted research into advanced propulsion technology, including rocketry, Viktor Schauberger's engine research, flying wing craft and the Arthur Sack A.S.6 experimental circular winged aircraft. Some UFO sightings during World War II, particularly those known as foo fighters, were thought by the allies to be prototype enemy aircraft designed to harass Allied aircraft through electromagnetic disruption; a technology similar to today's electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons.[3]In WWII the so-called "foo fighters," a variety of unusual and anomalous aerial phenomena, were witnessed by both Axis and Allied personnel. While some foo fighter reports were dismissed as the misperceptions of troops in the heat of combat, others were taken with the utmost seriousness, and leading scientists such as Luis Alvarez investigated them.[4] In at least some cases, Allied intelligence and commanders suspected that foo fighters reported in the European theater represented advanced German aircraft or weapons, particularly given that Germans had already developed such technological innovations as V-1 and V-2 rockets and the first jet-engine fighter planes, and that a minority of foo fighters seemed to have inflicted damage to allied aircraft.[4]Similar sentiments regarding German technology resurfaced in 1947 with the first major wave of flying saucer reports after Kenneth Arnold's alleged close encounter with nine crescent-shaped objects moving at a fantastic speed. Personnel of Project Sign, the first U. S. Air Force UFO investigation group, noted that the advanced flying wing aeronautical designs of the German Horten brothers were similar to some UFO reports.[5] In 1959, Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, the first head of Project Blue Book (Project Sign's follow-up investigation) wrote:" When WWII ended, the Germans had several radical types of aircraft and guided missiles under development. The majority were in the most preliminary stages, but they were the only known craft that could even approach the performance of objects reported to UFO observers.[6] "While these early speculations and reports were limited primarily to military personnel, the earliest assertion of German flying saucers in the mass media appears to have been an article which appeared in the Italian newspaper Il Giornale d'Italia in early 1950. Written by Professor Giuseppe Belluzzo, an Italian scientist, it claimed that "types of flying discs were designed and studied in Germany and Italy as early as 1942". Belluzzo also expressed the opinion that "some great power is launching discs to study them".[7] The Bell UFO was among the first flying objects to be connected with the Nazis. It apparently had occult markings on it and it was also rumoured to have been very similar to a Wehrmacht document about a vertical take off aircraft. A bell-shaped object crashed in Kecksburg,Pennsylvania on December 9, 1965. The same month, German engineer Rudolf Schriever gave an interview to German news magazine Der Spiegel in which he claimed that he had designed a craft powered by a circular plane of rotating turbine blades 49 ft (15 m) in diameter. His designs for the disk and a model were stolen from his workshop in Bremerhaven-Lehe in 1948 and he was convinced that Czech agents had built his craft for "a foreign power".[8][9] In a separate interview with Der Spiegel in October 1952 he said that the plans were stolen from a farm he was hiding in near Regen on 14 May 1945. There are other discrepancies between the two interviews that add to the confusion.

Potentially Dangerous Asteroid Apophis Spotted Video

Amateur astronomer Gianluca Masi captured this view of the asteroid Apophis as it moves silently across the night sky using the Virtual Telescope.Credit: Gianluca Masi / Starry Night Software / Mash Mix: SPACE.com

US Starts to BAN Bottled Water !! Drink Safe :)


Could Obama's War On Guns Become.. WAR? Harsh Warning From Oathkeepers Founder!

As governments from D.C. to Local move to strip American's of their freedom and their protection, Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeepers, has a very strong warning as to where this may lead.http://www.oathkeepers.org

FPSRussia Manager Murdered In Georgia?

Here is the link to that local News Outlet! http://www.921wlhr.com/body-found-in-carnesville-identified-2/ Here too is a blogger that has posted more details on the incident: http://libertyandsuch.com/manager-of-fpsrussia-found-murdered/ The story is checking out, so far! If you have any other details, please feel free to share them with people!http://www.youtube.com/user/FPSRussia

ScienceCasts: Dark Lightning

Researchers studying thunderstorms have made a surprising discovery: The lightning we see with our eyes has a dark competitor that discharges storm clouds and flings antimatter into space. Astrophysicists and meteorologists are scrambling to understand "dark lightning."

Alex Jones vs. Piers Morgan Pt-1: '1776 Will Commence Against If You Try To Take Our Firearms'

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan - Tonight Piers Morgan sat down with the creator of a White House petition to get him deported from the United States. Alex Jones was fired up throughout the entire interview, launching into a series of loud tirades against Morgan and gun control every few seconds. Every time Morgan tried to ask a question, Jones continued to pile through with his arguments.Jones said the point of the petition was to bring attention to the fact that United States has a bunch of foreigners bragging about taking away the guns of Americans while the gov't amasses more weapons for themselves. He said that the Second Amendment isn't for "duck-hunting," it's to protect us from "tyrannical government." He raised his voice to declare to Morgan, "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!"Morgan attempted to explain that the United States has significantly more gun murders than England, but Jones dismissed the argument outright. He called England a "police state," telling Morgan he "fled" to the United States, going so far as to call Morgan a "hatchet man of the New World Order."Morgan tried to patiently walk through the finer points of the gun control debate with Jones, but he went on tirade after tirade on an ever-angrier series of tangents. Jones repeatedly criticized Morgan for trying to trip him off with "little factoids" instead of getting to the heart of the gun debate.Watch part one of the interview below (part two to be added shortly), courtesy of CNN:

You are your microbes - Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/you-are-your-microbes-jessica-green-and-karen-... the microbes in our stomachs to the ones on our teeth, we are homes to millions of unique and diverse communities which help our bodies function. Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin emphasize the importance of understanding the many organisms that make up each and every organism.Lesson by Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin, animation by nenatv.
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO