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75% of Americans Philosopy: How many AMERICANS need to Die so I have a JOB ?

Most Americans Parents and Grandparents
who are 10th Generation: ASSHOLES

I'm 1st Generation: GOOD Person

I don't need a Fuck'in Job when we pass an Ammendment
where Women have to Give Military and Veterans
at least 10 Blow Jobs in their LifeTime before age 25
unless you weigh like 300 Lbs or more.

I was Just being Funny because the above BJ thing
is what I think of typical Americans.
Who tried to Kill me in Vietnam
But SUCCESSFULLY killed almost 59,000 other Americans
and about 500,000 since who have died because of
Agent Orange issues.

Americans are better at liustening to their Leader
than WWII Germans who listened to HITLER.
Americans are SELLOUTS.

Any Argument and I will Respond.
Didn't think so.

Extreme SELFISHNESS displayed by 75% of all Americans.


Not Good

American high school accommodates Muslim prayer times

10 Muslims at Parkdale High School are permitted to leave class for eight minutes each day to pray together on campus, Logan said that one student is working hard to raise his grades so he is able to join the group.

The young people are part of the Muslim students’ association.

No religion in our schools? What would happen if a
confessional was set up for Catholics with high grades? This is clearly Muslims seeking exception and superiority of their religion. Where is the ACLU?

Also the MSA has ties to terror through charities and former terrorists in its administration. This is something that just should not be allowed.

Oh look here they are.
According to the American Civil Liberties Association female teachers and students are not allowed to wear a hijab or have been harassed for doing so.

Concerning themselves with one issue and clearly siding with Islam. Bullshit.


Solar-powered 'supertrees' breathe life into Singapore's urban oasis

And yes, all trees are solar powered.


Solar-powered 'supertrees' breathe life into Singapore's urban oasis

By Lauren Said-Moorhouse, for CNN
June 8, 2012 -- Updated 1108 GMT (1908 HKT)

Singapore's 250-acre green development, Gardens by the Bay, is part of Singapore's redevelopment and new downtown area at Marina Bay. It features three waterfront gardens -- Bay East, Bay Central and Bay South, which opens to the public on June 29.

(CNN) -- Singapore's latest development will finally blossom later this month, with an imposing canopy of artificial trees up to 50 meters high towering over a vast urban oasis.

The colossal solar-powered supertrees are found in the Bay South garden, which opens to the public on June 29. It is part of a 250-acre landscaping project -- Gardens by the Bay -- that is an initiative from Singapore's National Parks Board that will see the cultivation of flora and fauna from foreign lands.

The man-made mechanical forest consists of 18 supertrees that act as vertical gardens, generating solar power, acting as air venting ducts for nearby conservatories, and collecting rainwater. To generate electricity, 11 of the supertrees are fitted with solar photovoltaic systems that convert sunlight into energy, which provides lighting and aids water technology within the conservatories below.

Varying in height between 25 and 50 meters, each supertree features tropical flowers and various ferns climbing across its steel framework. The large canopies also operate as temperature moderators, absorbing and dispersing heat, as well as providing shelter from the hot temperatures of Singapore's climate to visitors walking beneath.

The project is part of a redevelopment scheme to create a new downtown district in the Marina Bay area, on Singapore's south side. Project organizers hope the completed Gardens by the Bay will become an eco-tourist destination showcasing sustainable practices and plants from across the globe.

Speaking at a preview event last November, Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of the Republic of Singapore, said the project would "showcase what we can do to bring the world of plants to all Singaporeans," adding that the gardens would become "the pride of Singapore."

Bridges dubbed "skywalks" have been erected connecting several of the higher 50-meter supertrees (the same height as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris), letting visitors stroll between them and view the gardens from dizzying heights.

The horticultural heaven also boasts two green conservatories in close proximity -- the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome -- climate-controlled biomes inspired by the shape of an orchid flower, which project organizers hope will become the park's main attractions. The biomes are the equivalent size of four football fields and will become the new home for 220,000 plants from almost every continent. These are some of the only areas where an admission fee is charged -- approximately US$22 (S$28) for holiday-makers or US$16 (S$20) for Singapore residents.

One of the sustainable features of the Flower Dome is that horticultural waste feeds a massive steam turbine and generates the electricity on-site to help maintain the cool temperatures of the biome.

However, the supertrees and biomes only make up 5% of the multimillion-dollar landscaping development won after an international design competition by UK landscape architects Grant Associates. The remainder of the Bay South garden will pay homage to the ethnic makeup of the country. In the Heritage Gardens, visitors can explore the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Colonial-themed areas and learn about the links between plants and Singapore's history. Surrounding these cultural green spaces in the rest of the 103-acre Bay South park are sprawling areas complete with lakes and bridges.

Launched seven years ago by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong during the National Day Rally, Gardens by the Bay has been a much-celebrated green undertaking with the other gardens, Bay East and Bay Central, opening to much fanfare. The grand opening of Bay South park area will most likely be another illustrious event.
The horticultural oasis will be a contrast to the country's extremely dense urban environment, forming part of the government's overall strategy to transform Singapore into a "city in a garden."

More pics......

help shillshillshillshillshill find a job

will suck dick for coke.


Archaeology | Ancient earthworks share similarities


Archaeology | Ancient earthworks share similarities

Sunday January 27, 2013 7:59 AM

The Poverty Point earthworks could be confused for an Ohio Hopewell site, except for two facts: It is located in Louisiana, and it’s more than 1,000 years older than any Hopewell mound.

One of the biggest puzzles in North American archaeology is how the relatively small bands of hunter-gatherers living at that time could have built monumental architecture on this scale without food surpluses provided by farming or the centralized leadership of a king or chief.

One theory is that many small groups of hunter-gatherers came together on a seasonal basis year after year for generations to slowly construct this complex of parallel embankments and mounds.

However, the results of new excavations into the largest of Poverty Point’s mounds refute this theory.

Mound A is a massive conical mound about 72 feet tall with a broad, roughly rectangular platform extending off its eastern side. Anthony Ortmann of Murray State University in Kentucky and Tristram Kidder of Washington University in St. Louis excavated a 32-foot-deep trench into Mound A.They reported their results this month in the journal Geoarchaeology.

Ortmann and Kidder carefully examined the mound and found no evidence of any interruptions in its construction. They estimate that the entire mound was built in three months.

This, of course, implies that a large number of hunter-gatherers were somehow mobilized to undertake this massive public works project. Ortmann and Kidder conclude that “whatever the structure of Poverty Point society, it is unlike anything documented in the historic or contemporary hunter-gatherer ethnographic record.”

The conundrum of Poverty Point also is at the heart of our attempts to understand the achievements of the Ohio Hopewell culture. The Hopewell were mainly hunter-gatherers who lived in small groups that had no authoritarian political leaders.

And although some monumental Hopewell earthworks, such as Fort Ancient in Warren County, were constructed in stages over centuries, I believe that the sprawling Newark Earthworks was built, as Poverty Point was, in a remarkably brief period.

Newark encompasses several discrete earthworks that include two gigantic circles, a square, an ellipse and an octagon. Each has particular design elements that suggest different functions. A network of parallel-walled roads linked the earthworks, and subtle geometrical and astronomical connections tied them together into a unified composition.The site is akin to a ceremonial machine with separate, specialized components that worked together to fulfill a larger purpose.

Ortmann and Kidder argue that the “absence of any indication of material and social inequality at Poverty Point suggest that ritual practices may have provided the social sanctions that enabled a limited number of people to direct and lead the construction of monumental architecture.” I agree and believe that the same argument could be applied to Newark.

Unlike Poverty Point, however, the Newark Earthworks are not a one-off. A series of earthworks in the Scioto Valley share similar geometries and astronomical alignments that indicate far-flung interregional connections.

Poverty Point was unprecedented for its time. The Hopewellian achievement was equally unprecedented for its time.


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This is how they plan to KILL us



Difference? Difference in Justice

For a Jailed Filmmaker, Clinton’s Benghazi Lies Make a Difference

Hillary got salt pounded up her ass all day by the sniveling politicians who pass for Americans. Meanwhile the producer of the video rots in jail on charges trumped up to make him a fall guy.
And the man is a minority on top of it. With many good reasons to hate Islam. Here he is finally in a country where he can say what he wants and he ends up in jail? It been quite a while now.

Are we supposed to tolerate the sheer arrogance of this woman who in reality has done nothing but travel around the world. And falling on her fatass when these questions needed to be answered. And she is already being touted as our next president.

She is not concerned with justice for anyone, she is concerned with her dreams.

Let this guy out, because what difference does it make if an American insults Islam. It is his right.

That filmmaker is the only one to actually get locked up. The ringleader of the attack walks the streets of Benghazi freely. A drone could make short work of him, but no drones are coming his way. Instead a car bomb, planted by Libyan enemies nearly took him out. Some of the other Benghazi attackers were killed by the Algerian military during the siege; doing the work that Obama won’t do. If the Benghazi terrorists finally die, it will most likely be at the hands of the French, the Syrian army or Libyan rival militias.

Sing it indee

I like indees songs and covers so I thought I might encourage his retard ass to do more.He's fucking good unlike moose
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