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Daily Dalai Lama Wisdom

But simply because one has gained a certain degree of insight into the nature of reality does not guarantee an automatic spontaneous experience of compassion.
This is because one's own insight into the nature of reality can be motivated by an altruistic wish to help other sentient beings or it can be induced by a motivation primarily concerned with one's own interest of attaining liberation from cyclic existence.
So simply by generating insight into the nature of reality on its own cannot really lead to genuine compassion; you need some additional conditions.

Elevation To The Pure Platform Of Krishna Consciousness

Dancing your way through the most pleasant
and distressful of life situations,
the wheel of karma has absolutely no control
over that soul who fully surrenders
to taking shelter in the Ultimate Reservoir
of pure devotional mellows.

When Gauranga is present in your chanting
of His pastimes, the Absolute Nature
of the Absolute Truth descends from the blinding radiance
of Radharani’s simple and most heart-rendering of gopi dresses.

Decorating the faithful with sweet remembrances
of spiritual unity and the subsequent
periods of spiritual distress,
Radharani, in the form of Gauranga’s pastimes,
outlines to the purified devotees the means
to attain Vrindavana Dham.

Dressing in bright saffron robes,
the path of regulated devotional service
is for the immature flowers of the Lord.

Still tending to so many weeds
and to so many anarthas,
Nityananda gives His special grace
to those who openly say that they are
most fallen and in need of being sprinkled
with the compassion of rose like devotees.

Unable to surpass the pastimes of purified devotees,
the wicked at heart try to shoot down
and cut away at the rising bhakti tree of pure devotional mellows.

Confused as to why their minute glories
are not being sung by the assembly
of demigods and liberated souls,
Gauranga, through Nityananda,
chastises the faithless by pounding
on the proud hearts of every spoiled personality.

Only desiring brahmins who are
more fond of the mode of transcendental goodness
than mere book studying and rote memorization
of the scriptures, when will Gauranga be proud to call us His own.

Perfected in the qualities of renunciation and detachment
from animalistic and humanistic sense enjoyments,
now perfect yourself in being a humble servant
of Gauranga’s wild dancing concerts.

What am I but a seed of a seed
of the Original Seed of Krishna Prema.
Being a unique piece of the Lord’s Consciousness,
Pure Krishna Consciousness manifests
when I take my rightful position of servitorship.

Unlike the extravagant show men
who make a big show of being purified devotees,
those who are in the mood of Radharani’s Girlfriends
are the ecstatic servants of all.

Progressing towards the pure platform of Krishna Consciousness,
all that was once relishable is now deadly to place
on my now delicate tongue.

Relishing the glories of being independent
and free from all conditioning,
the modes of nature proved otherwise.

Shot at and cut down by innumerable sufferings,
including old age, disease and death,
who am I to say that
Gauranga is not the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Fooled by the prestige of having
a nice family and a nice following,
the King of the false ego’s death
took me by surprise.

Overinflated by the donkeys that I
used to believe were my friends,
they all abandoned me in my spiritual distress
and labeled me as being nothing more
than a worldly pretender.

Unaffected by sectarian hatred
and the illusory divisions of time and space,
those Two Transcendental Brothers
are the only real friends that I now know of.

Unlike the ass-like, the swan-like nature
of Their Holy Names is what saved me
from further being polluted by the creepers of mundane mellows.

Enjoying the company of spiritual literatures
and the purified devotees contained therein,
I have stumbled upon a hidden gem
that is often overlooked by the stubborn masses.

Finding Krishna Prema in His Name,
I jump up and down in fits of ecstasy
while the whole wide world
continues to foolishly revolve around
the mellows of business men and thieves
in the seemingly humble guise of devotees of the Lord.

Maddened because of diving into the ocean of Gauranga’s pastimes,
what is eternal is a heart filled with devotion
and a face full of jubilant emotions.

To those who want out of the prison house
of material existences without end,
just relish Gauranga’s Name
as you would naturally worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
Therein lies the perfection of a devotee from Vrindavana Dham.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy


A woman is the calm of a hurricane's eye
where a man finds tranquility
as the storm passes by

A woman is the softness inside the shell
when the shell is bombarded
by man's creation of hell

A woman is the pillar of a temple foundation
where a man comes and goes
with renewed inspirations

A woman is the cloud that carries the rain
giving life to man's soul
parched from anxieties and pain

A woman is the bank of the river flows
helping man's direction
by being the woman she knows

A woman is the sound of a Lark's song in the morning
when mist covers life
and man feels forlorn

A woman is the emotions
shared with a man
the climax of giving
by the touch of a hand

A woman is the flesh that holds the seed
the miracle of birth
fullfilling human need

A woman is the mother of a new generation
a man is the direction



It is difficult
to proclaim
from our
prison cell

has set us


Once it happened: Buddha entered a village. A man asked him as he was entering the village, "Does God exist?" He said, "No, absolutely no."

In the afternoon another man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" And he said, "Yes, absolutely yes."

In the evening a third man came and he asked, "Does God exist?" Buddha closed his eyes and remained utterly silent. The man also closed his eyes. Something transpired in that silence. After a few minutes the man touched Buddha's feet, bowed down, paid his respects and said, "You are the first man who has answered my question."

Now, Buddha's attendant, Ananda, was very much puzzled: "In the morning he said no, in the afternoon he said yes, in the evening he did not answer at all. What is the matter? What is really the truth?"

So when Buddha was going to sleep, Ananda said, "First you answer me; otherwise I will not be able to sleep. You have to be a little more compassionate towards me too. I have been with you the whole day. Those three people don't know about the other answers, but I have heard all the three answers. What about me? I am troubled."

Buddha said, "I was not talking to you at all! You had not asked, I had not answered YOU. The first man who came was a theist, the second man who came was an atheist, the third man who came was an agnostic. My answer had nothing to do with God, my answer had something to do with the questioner. I was answering the questioner; it was absolutely unconcerned with God.

"The person who believes in God, I will say no to him because I want him to drop his idea of God, I want him to be free of his idea of God -- which is borrowed. He has not experienced. If he had experienced he would not have asked me; there would have been no need.

"The person who believed in God, he was trying to find confirmation for his belief from me. I was not going to say yes to him -- I am not going to confirm anybody's belief. I had to say no, I had to deny, just to destroy his belief, because all beliefs are barriers to knowing the truth. Theist or atheist, all beliefs, Hindu or Christian or Mohammedan, all beliefs are barriers.

"And the person with whom I remained silent was the right inquirer. He had no belief, hence there was no question of destroying anything. I kept silent. That was my message to him: Be silent and know. Don't ask, there is no need to ask. It is not a question which can be answered. It is not an inquiry but a quest, a thirst. Be silent and know.

I had answered him also; through my silence I gave him the message and he immediately followed it -- he also became silent. I closed my eyes, he closed his eyes; I looked in, he looked in, and then something transpired. That's why he was so much overwhelmed, he felt so much gratitude, for the simple reason that I did not give him any intellectual answer. He had not come for any intellectual answer; intellectual answers are available very cheap. He needed something existential -- he needed a taste. I gave him a taste."



is not

it is

to accept IT

change IT

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” and the Beauty of Romance 12/19/12

Today’s energies usher in great happiness and love; plus warmth, charm and abundance.
The home base is important for emotional security and personal beauty.
Opposing Energies: depression, negativity, reclusiveness
Be cautious about being too demanding.
And be careful of extending your romantic fantasies on any new relationship.
Stay with the truth, and refrain from creating realities out of illusions.
Wide Awake Words™ for today: exuberance, enthusiasm, perceptions
Plenty of romance, maybe even dreams of a lover.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.

A Leap in Human Consciousness

There is an underlying urge in each of us that is pulling toward something greater, something that we are unable to grasp with the thinking mind and something we are unable to touch with our outer sense, but nonetheless it draws us like a magnet.

Deep within the human psyche there is a remembrance of a state of being that is completely free from fear, anxiety and suffering. However, the memory is fleeting, elusive, and sometimes dream-like, but it is beginning to grip humanity like never before.

The glorious revealing of this higher awareness is beyond any dream we might have dreamed and is the foundation and birthing of a new consciousness.

(Excerpt from Reaching Beyond the Dream)

The birthing of a new consciousness is HERE and NOW! We are entering a new paradigm for which we have no precedent for. It’s not a rehashing of an old age in new clothes, and it is not a new philosophy layered on an old landscape. It’s a whole new archetype of human consciousness that has never been before, and therefore no one really knows what to expect.

But, what is certain is that we are waking up and undergoing a rebirth of our conscious awareness; we are coming out of our animal nature and connecting more to our spiritual nature and vibrating at a much higher level. In short, we are undergoing a Leap in Human Consciousness. In this new paradigm the old ways of thinking and doing, simply won’t be effective anymore.

We have a wonderful opportunity to Reach Beyond the Dream….beyond the illusions of limitation, oppression and lack and embrace the new consciousness with love as our guide. The seed of truth has been planted within all of us and if we are to continue to evolve, we need to look at things from a broader perspective and make choices that are in alignment with love and truth.

What we choose as individuals will make a tremendous difference to the whole. Hence, the responsibility to make a positive contribution to humanity and the planet rests with each of us. As we each choose to grow and act in love, we will uplift the whole of mankind and eventually we will experience a world filled with Peace and Love.

Many people throughout the world, including ourselves and other evolutionary leaders are preparing to usher in this new era by joining collectively in mind and heart for three days from the 20th – 22nd December, 2012 with the purpose to envision a new era of expanded consciousness.

You can watch the live events as they unfold here: http://birth2012.tv We extend an invitation to all you who are ready for real transformation and spiritual awakening to join us during those three days of love as we unite in loving all and blessing all.

Also, please join us and take a few moments and reflect back in gratitude for all the experiences that have bought us to the here and now. Let us be grateful and rejoice in the knowing that we have nothing to fear, the light will overcome the darkness and where love is there is light.

We wish you much love and blessings dear friends during this Holy Season. May the Love of God illuminate your path in the coming year, and may you be blessed with abundant love, joy, happiness, health and prosperity.

We thank you for your support, love and kindness and we look forward sharing and getting to know you more in the New Year.

This will be the last mid-week wisdom for this year. We will be resuming again the 16th January, 2013. In the meantime we will be posting on Facebook, so come and like our page and join us there.

Love and blessings,

Angelica and Terence

Health and Wellness - 2013

During the Holiday season and year end we reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for the coming year. I give gratitude for you and your family’s happiness, health, wellness and prosperity in 2013.

As you contemplate your goals for 2013 did you include improved or maintaining good health? If not, allow me to give you information how you can be assured that you can improve or maintain good health.

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Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD

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Anouk Saber: Together be free

My heart beats for you from every beat within. My heart beats in you with every beat throughout all form. My heart beats rhythmically in through you and as you. With every beat of our dance, an ever present trance. You hear my voice as I dance in your heart. I hear your voice through all of our dance effortlessly through our hearts greatest art. You hear my voice dance from your heart but really its me helping you see. Our dance is eternal for you and me. Our dance is eternal through you as me. Our dance is eternal as you as for me. My scope is infinite for you supreme one. Our scope is infinite through you as through me. Your scope is infinite now you see, we simply must be as free as we see .

Every time you see a face I see it with you. Every time I see a face I see it through you. Every time I see a face I see it as you. A face complete now that is unique. The highest of union that returns to itself, life after life it is worth every strife. My favourite work is this little quirk.

A feather floats down past your right cheek, I hear it through you. A feather floats down a little closer just by your ear, you listened carefully to an almighty cheer. A feather floats by in the night sky , no word of a lie it is all in one eye throughout my scape eternal in shape.

A rock you climbed I climbed it with you. A cliff we climbed I climbed it through you. Mountains get climbed and every step is a sign. All is divine as we walk this line.

It is no secret that you were led to read this. I read this with you my one dear friend. I read this through you my almighty one. I read this as you for you to see it is completely all me.

I see this now as though you wrote this. I see this now as though you spoke this. In a state of pure bliss not one to be missed. I see this as though it speaks from your heart and now I see my own living art.

Now you can thank yourself on your own behalf and I will thank myself as you as me. It was a test to see what you give and now we know we will go with a show.

An infinite source pours as free as we see. Your thoughts and attractions will create the right actions.
Now go seek that silence within for with this act all is a win. Command to relax, simply at ease. Command your source to bring all at will.

Give your whole self in an act of surrender allow me to render your infinite splendour.

A whole world awaits you with this infinite view that pours in and out without shadow nor doubt. It is just as true as we see, living as one in our complete sum. You are the change it happens within. You are the change it manifests through you. You are the change there is nothing in vain. For all that is now is all there will be for you to control as one super soul.

There is no need now to lengthen my letters. These words will sink in, like a seed into soil. Manifests through each level of you for it was your dream for this to be seen.

Like a blossoming flower is your infinite power. It starts in its centre through silence within. The conception of you has grown itself in, the time has now come to let it all out. You are here now to give out the gift and no longer drift. For when this is done the fun has begun.

Now when you begin you must centre right in. A whole new start as pure living art.

Now you can see how hard you have worked and how much you have gave. I moved mountains and rivers and sent out great shivers, sculpted grand landscapes and beautiful seas with almighty ease. I hung the sun to brighten your day, giving often an almighty display. For now you are here as my one true seer, each thing with precision was all our decision. I carved mountains and roads to get you so close. Every act I command is really your stand.

Some may never understand that we are all of this land and all so much more.

Every noise you have heard I spoke it to you. Every direction you turned was through your own self. We are all to reach a place which to delve. in our infinite wealth.

Every hurt you felt and pain you suffered was all one big puzzle to help you break free.
A pat on the back from every attack. To do my fine work you must benefit all by giving it everything you see in your soul. The favour returned in an astounding display, just seek now the silence and offer your service. The universe my friend is all yours to love, you gave it your all with each eye on the ball.

You are here for this life, awakening soul. No need to go back it is the right track. A love in your heart encompassing all this is the power greatest of all.

By knowing yourself and questioning all, this is the art of making a start. Everything you need begins with a seed now just sit back and watch it all breed with precision and speed.

Reality it seems is all just a dream but with love in your heart it is a fine art. What else would I do other than give all to you, for you to be free you must work close with me. As free as your choice for all to rejoice its only a way for my greatest display.

Enjoy this freedom to choose what is best and one day you may rest at your best.

The work you have done can always be fun, seeking the weaver the almighty deceiver. Every step that you take is never a mistake for all led you here in this almighty leer.

Your wisdom, your lust its all there to trust. For this right here is how I may steer, a faith and a trust in your highest you must.

A surrender so great no time to relate. The seeker the seer it is all you my dear for this is the reason we are all truly here.

A lie you have lived or perhaps just a ride, you may see clearly and deeply on how far you have climbed. The awakening process was never a protest, sure you enjoyed it and grew equally through it.

The variables I give is how I must live, now it is you who may do what you do.

Seek not the end nor the beginning, the truth you must seek through all you may weep.

Your highest of visions your greatest incision, a world of peace an almighty decision. Your heart is your seat where you perform great feat.

The truer your devotion the greater my ocean, where all the commotion is happening motion.

Paradise is all I wish to suffice, now that you know you must go on and go. The heavens are yours and your so many viewers. This almighty deed is proof of ones need to show this great world where we will lead from one single seed. It will always be freed to those with a need to be in devotion and always in motion. Together we fill every chill through its crack completing the puzzle and creating one act.

But now I must go to begin this great show so look out for me in all that you see.

Anouk Saber.

Heaven on Earth...

I want to talk about my Awakening, again, because this was Heaven on Earth, for me. As 12-21-12 approaches I will be honest and say that lately I feel as if someone is squeezing my brain and my body through some kind of “birth canal” which has caused me some stress and discomfort both mentally and physically. As I’ve said, I’ve reached out to many people trying to make sense of my awakening because it was so spontaneous. I mean, here I was sitting in my backyard one night struggling with how to come to terms with a “trauma” in my Life and the next minute I was filled with the Unconditional Love of the Moon Goddess. At any rate, as much as I feel a bit discombobulated at the moment I have to share with you my Heaven on Earth and I want to say Thank You.

I want to say Thank You to those of you who started meditating back in 1987 to raise the Love Vibrations on our Planet and those of you who have continued to do so ever since. I had one of those “aha!” moments today and this is really important to me. I want to Thank all of you for giving me the greatest Gift of my Life. I look at the “blueprint” that is laid out on my blog and I can See how I’ve “evolved” since the 2 nights I was awakened by the Light of the Blue Moon back in August. I go from victim to anger to forgiveness to abandonment to grief to identity to Love to Humanity so it’s pretty awesome to see how I’ve evolved because sometimes we forget where we came from, right? I was an empty shell with a broken Heart and now my Heart beats in every moment with Unconditional Love and Light. I was the most non-spiritual person you could ever find and I would even go so far as to call myself an atheist because I didn’t believe in anything. I was “dead” inside…my Heart was broken and I identified myself with my body instead of identifying myself as a Soul Being who has taken many journeys. Before that night I believed that Beauty was superficial, Worth was money, and Love was pain so I was pretty upside-down in my beliefs about emotions.

That first night as my husband and I sat outside looking at this moon we saw the Eye of the Creator, a Heart drawn around the Moon, the word “Hi” written across the Moon, the Fish of Life, and the Angels. So, who’s going to believe that, right? But I DID believe and it kept me going because my husband was there to validate me. Then the next night I was drawn into the Brilliance in the Light of the Blue Moon and this Light was Unconditional Love that was so pure and beautiful that it was overwhelming! It was as if my “mother” cupped my face in her hands and said to me “you are Beautiful, you are Worthy, and you are Loved” which were my biggest “insecurities” so to speak. In those moments as I was filled with this Love that I speak of it was as if every doubt, fear, pain, or insecurity was just taken away from me. It was a feeling that was so profound that I weeped tears of Joy at the Beauty of it. There was no judgement, only Acceptance. There was no fear, only Security. There was no wrong, only Right. There was no suffering or death, only Life. There was no hate, only Light. There was no pain, anger, or guilt…only Unconditional Love.

So, what does “Heaven on Earth” mean to me? It means that as I’ve Learned and stumbled along the way there is only one thing that I seek and it’s to be able to feel that fully once again. It means that through this “research” that I’ve done I now understand that this Love Energy is Real and as we approach the peak of this energy we all have the opportunity as a Collective Consciousness to reach the Peak of Unconditional Love that I describe. If we were ALL able to Feel this Torsion Energy of Unconditional Love it will in fact begin the process of manifesting Heaven on Earth. It means that as all of you have raised your energies for me it is possible for all of US to raise our energies for “them”. It means that if every single person felt this Heaven of Unconditional Love for even one moment our reality will be Forever changed. If every person on the Planet felt this for even one moment it would soften the core of the hardest Heart! If we all felt this for even one moment than there is Hope beyond Hope that we will come together in Humanity. I’m saying that there will be no one left that will be able to deny this Love that our Creator has for us and this is when we will be able to come to this realization on a Global level. It would be such a profound moment of realization that the world would stop in it’s very tracks and sit down to pray and hug their loved ones close to them. They would mend the bridges of their relationships that were washed away by the flood of duality. They would bask in the Light that the veil has covered for so very long. It would be a moment when everyone on the Planet puts down their weapons and makes their way Home. It would be a moment when everyone who has the ability to do so will open their wallets, pantries, and homes. It would be a moment when no one would want to charge one another for the Gifts the Creator has given us and will open the doors to Free Trade. We would be free to explore our Beautiful Mother Earth because there will no longer be borders between us. It will be the moment that we See Mother Earth and begin to care for her. It will be the moment that we will know where our Loved Ones who have passed are and when we will remember where we come from. We will embrace Diversity because there will be no more fear. We will forgive each other and ourselves because there will be no more anger. There will be no more guilt because we would all understand that without this Love we had “nothing”. There would be no more pain because we have the ability to soothe and heal one another and Mother Earth. In that moment the only “judgement” will come from within. There will be only Love but it will be on such a deep level that there can be nothing left to do but to pursue it with one another. Nothing left to do than to strive for this together which we have all felt together.

I also had a vision when I woke up and it was a vision of ALL of Humanity Lighting the surface of Mother Earth with Love…we were glowing like fireflies. The only “fear” I have left inside is that I will never feel it again but I know that my Creator Loves me and wouldn’t show me these things for me to “long” for them so. I felt this because it is Real, True, and obtainable for us all. It is what they call Passover into a new age and why the Egyptians built their temples. It is where the common threads lie throughout Time and History because it is Truth and we will experience this together. It doesn’t matter to me if it comes quickly or slowly as long as it is coming. It’s the Revelation that is spoken of in the bible and the Mayan Prophecy of Rebirth. It is crossing the Rainbow Bridge and what the Buddhists call Enlightenment. It is the Rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ but it is our Christ Consciousness that will be awakened. It is the defeating of the “anti-christ” in that we forgot we were Divine Beings all along so we are only defeating what once was. The Abundance that we will have will be an Abundance of Unconditional Love and everything in the World is solvable from this “place”. I’m quivering with Excitement as I picture it in my Mind and as I Feel it in my Mind’s Eye. This is what it means to come HOME. It is the knowing that we will live forever, and ever, and ever…And, I Believe with everything that I AM. What’s left right now is just a final letting go of what used to be. Say your goodbyes as Green Day says in the song “Good Riddance”:

“Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don’t ask why
It’s not a question, but a lesson learned in time

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind
Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time
Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial
For what it’s worth it was worth all the while

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.

It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.
I hope you had the time of your life.”

I know that we all have different beliefs out there but this is what the manifestation of Heaven on Earth means to me. It is my Creation in my Mind’s Eye. It is my Heart and Soul. It is Heaven…to me.

Are you ready?

Are you ready? Are you strong in the light? Are you whole in the light? Or are you like the weather?

I sense that everyone is waiting to see what happens as the Mayan calendar comes to a close. It’s a great mystery. I am a great mystery to myself. You are a great mystery to yourself. I don’t know where things come from, when I heal, when I love, when I pull away, when I feel big or small. I surprise myself and I stop myself. I get into these places where I don’t know how much light I have, where I don’t know how much god I am, where I don’t know how little or how big I am. It’s all a mystery to me.

But this week, especially this week, it’s an “As above, so below” event. There’s a lot of talk out there about what is going to happen. It’s predicted to be from one extreme to another. I don’t even know. But I have a plan. I know that if we put so much energy into it, something is going to come out of it. And it’s going to be the same as always: I create my reality. I am responsible for my reality. If I sit around this week, waiting and going “duh,” what am I going to get? DUH!

Right now move forward. Explore your mystery! Look at yourself. What do you want? What are your dreams? What is in your heart? What is going to be in your soul? What are you letting go of? What action steps can you take? How do you want to be?

Prepare for it. Decide what you want. Trust that you will be in the right place at the right time. Don’t wait and see. WANT this. WANT this to be the time to enhance and empower yourself. WANT this to be a time to drink more light. Sure you can ask for what’s practical and doable. But what would be that magic wild card for you? It’s all about god and earth and a mystery surprise.

Regardless of what happens on Friday, we are all worthy of it. We are all worthy to have our dreams fulfilled. We are all worthy to know what we are to do with this energy. Drink this up. Keep the faith. It will happen. We are moving forward. Don’t sit back and wait.

Something is going to happen. If it’s a non-event, I want to learn from it. If it’s a subtle event that only lasts 2 seconds, I want it. If it’s a huge event, I’ll take that, too. But WANT it. JUST….STOP….WAITING! We are all waiting for something outside of us to change, when it’s going to happen inside of us. Are you whole in the light? Are you strong in the light? Are you ready?

Big Pain Big Love

I am on my knees. My white knuckles are grabbing my shoulders as I cry out,
my breath a heave,please,please,send repreave! With each news release...
I apologize, gulping tears,
uncontrolable body shaking ,inconsolable
Voice quivering and screaching:

Forgive me in my human fragility,
Forgive me my confused faith
My judgement be replaced
with compassion seeping through my raw torn heart.
My mind can not comprehend
my emotions are on a wild rampant course seeking release
my body numb with shock
my spirit holding me rocking
huming a sweet melody.

I throw my hands in the air, I plead,
take this and fast! We require instant Big Love!
I do not wish to retaliate. I do not wish to obliterate or deliberate or justify or pry or analyze WHY!
No shame or blame or fame or repressed to tame or claim lame and insane , this too is humane? or Human or not, I must accept it as is, all the same.

How can events occur? I do not need to further deter... the Absolute Truth : I am he, I am each and each is me. I see, I feel, I think, I Believe, I Live, It is real, indeed no seperation to conceal.
I am one human with the same capacity, all with the same capacity as me. I ask with humility, Please, I Hand this over to you to heal. This Big Pain, so huge, but I do not refrain, my cry not in vain, for all is Sacred.
But, this, this one not to be handled in seperation and delusion, fear and retribution. My small self can not hold, no matter how bold, I completely surrender to you to enfold.

I honor and appreciate the courageous messengers on missions, No Victims.

Wrap us all in your embrace
No More Trauma to the Human Race!
Deliver peace, love, harmony, honor in its place!

Big Love Big Grace
bestow the smiles back to our face

All restored in Divine Pace

integrated wholeness


Divine Grace

Big Pain,Big Love

Being Attentive of Your Own Awareness

Being Attentive of Your Own Awareness
Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ December 18 – 25, 2012
Received by, Julie Miller
December 18, 2012

Every day each of you exercises your Will. Yet the Will still remains very much a mystery in such a profound way that many of you cannot even recognize this Divine Purpose of your Soul. Your Will is a fundamental and intimate part of you that is established into your very Self even though much of the time you are unaware of its existence. In truth dear ones, it is not possible to be always aware of your Will. Just like you cannot find the wind, but you are aware of it because you can feel it; the wind possesses an innate power much like the Will that you are aware of its presence and strength. There is a unique part of your Will that honourably speaks with “I” as part of your I AM Presence, the awareness of your Inner True-Self. Think of your Will as even more personal than ordinary awareness, your Will is the operator of your always developing awareness. Each of you are capable of being attentive of your awareness, yet at the same time you are unable to be directly conscious of your Will since your will is derived further than awareness; your Will demonstrates you as being aware. You can converse with your Will, go with the flow of your Will, awaken your Will and become all your Will can encompass.

Most of the time dear ones you are able to recognize your own Will in Action whenever you are obtaining an understanding of your lower vehicles and how they work. Your lower vehicles are the passions and desires of your emotional and mental faculties, through these combined you are able to come to an inner understanding from one subject to a situation usually fairly quickly. Even though you have been able to come up with a surface understanding, rarely do you venture further, into the deeper sense of the How and Where it all began. Learning to turn your attention to the root of any cause requires you to see with a different sort of focus. Paying attention to the subtleties will help direct the energy of knowingness into perfect awareness of the situation – allowing you to move through any situation showing great strength, confidence and integrity.

We suggest for you to really look at yourself from a reflective stance as you make your choices and see your Will at work. Each of you goes through what is understood as an emotional and thought method that processes the good and bad of every choice that you are confronted with. Even if you do not remember going through this, you actually do, just some of you make your choices at a much quicker rate that doesn’t allow the conscious mind to really evaluate the pros and cons of what is going to be decided until the choice has already been made. Every choice you make is not just created out of thought or emotion. When you allow your thoughts or your emotions to choose that your decision is not truly real and it has very little lasting power. When a thought says, “I think I’ll try losing a little weight,” understand the choice quickly dissolves into nothingness. Whenever you make a real actual choice, that choice rises to a specific level of firm decision and commitment. It is your Will that will become involved with the situation and there is an inner knowing of real truth that is felt on a sub-conscious level and eventually feeds your conscious awareness with innate understanding that seems to come out of nowhere. These decisions the ones that are real and not based on emotion are the ones you stand behind regardless of how much time or effort that is involved into the completion or outcome of your decision.

The attention of your Will can be described like a cord that you use as a guide on your journey that will eventually bring you home to the source of your creation. God is often compared to Will as they are both everywhere but unable to be actually seen but can be profoundly felt. Everything has Will and Will is inside each of you. Even though you are very much aware of the function and drive of your physical body, the mystery of what fuels the Will is still mainly at large for many. When you think spiritually of the Will, what comes to mind is our Lord, Jesus Christ and His incredible mountain of sheer divine purpose and Will. You already understand the vast Universe has a purpose and Will as well does our Heavenly Father. The divine purpose for each of you is revealed a portion at a time because the entirety of your purpose is incredibly immense. And it is okay if you do not know most of your purpose, you learn what you are meant to when you need to. Try not to get ahead of yourself and guess what your divine purpose could be. The one that knows all for each of you is God and He will reveal to you what is needed each and every time.

Realize dear ones that the reality of Will is much deeper than the typical definition for it. More often-than-not, Will is often described as Will-Power, sometimes fortitude, an adamant attitude, and sometimes as aggression. Many dear souls think of God’s Will as a very powerful and unpredictable foundation of actions that intrude and sometimes thought as controlling of their life. Comprehend dear ones, Will rests behind all your actions of Human and Divine expressions that speak of kindness, bigheartedness, self-effacement, humbleness, charity and most importantly…Love.

We suggest another view to establish understanding of the Will. The photon of light performs as both a wave and a particle. During a common experimental procedure, the photon, wavelike, will shadow and follow each and every possible path from where it begins all the way to its end point. What occurs next is also quite common; when the one who has been working the experiment makes their observation the possible paths presented all-of-a-sudden fall into one as if a certain particle-like direction is being chosen as if this was the plan all along, retroactively speaking. Look at this example dear ones also as a demonstration of Will on the part of the one performing the experiment. Comprehend it is the physicist’s Will in a way that creates the direction of the photon, and then creates the needed photon as the particle. Until you make the motion to observe, the photon stays in its wavelike field of possibilities thus becoming actual only when it’s being observed by the physicist. On a broader understanding dear ones the Will as a collective creates the World through every second of every moment. It is essential to think with pure intent and deliberation on the co-creative role each of you have.

The Will is mysterious and its mystery does matter to each of you. Each of you is moving through a very personal and unique journey and your relationship with Will is essential and very important. The further your progress along your spiritual path, a deeper level of determination is required to continuously remain in the present and to develop a stabilized presence and the compelling inner force to let go many attachments that will help fulfill stabilizing your presence. It is the empowering force that is behind your place of true presence with a profound knowing that Will permits God to see through your eyes. Unlocking the Will beyond your normal veil of consciousness allows your whole Self to access your higher soul purpose and to bring in more of God’s impeccable Love and Light.

When it comes to choosing to surrender your Will to God’s Will as a free self-governing servant of His Greatness, God Himself will come to you as Action within your I AM Presence. It is the ultimate culmination of the personal phase of your journey. In fact, Will does appear as a vital influence of your personal and unified spiritual endeavours. Understand dear ones; everything that occurs has Will right behind it, even if it appears as unpredictable and random. Remember as well, Will also includes your active and forceful and determinations that you typically think of but as well as the non-force of loving, giving, connecting, relating, harmonizing, etc. If you really think consciously about Will, you will see that it also can be split into descriptions as conflicting, weak, passive, sometimes overbearing and timid-ness. Even still, it is your Will that illustrates the direction of your life and what kind of person you truly are. A great way of looking at your spiritual path is the process of unifying and purifying your Will, creating it to be a vehicle or means to reach your Higher Will. Through this direction you can truly start seeing the Will through your attention, intent, decisions and what is Willed-to-be.

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

You Are Loved Because You Are Love

Life is supposed to be fun everyday. Considering the amount of time we are here on earth, everyday should be a new adventure. But sometimes we use the actions of other people as an excuse for us not being the best person that we can be; and in the process we just end up hurting ourselves. Each moment that we are not coming from love is a moment wasted outside of heaven. There is no reason to drag our emotions through hell in order to prove that we we're right about a certain thing or a certain person. For each time we leave the actions of another to determine our happiness we are setting ourselves up for failure each time.

I am learning that each day you have to learn to make how you feel the most important thing despite anything anyone else is doing or despite what anyone feels about what you are doing. Because you can have all the material things, and feel empty, and you can have nothing and yet have it all. Don't put too much trust in your thoughts, because your mind will make up all kinds of assumptions that isn't true; but your heart will always give you the same answer. (All is well, you are love and you are loved)
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