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Miraculous Rituals

Rituals have extraordinary potential to transform thoughts and wishes into reality.

They have the power to create healing transitions, restore peace and harmony within ourselves or in relationships, provide materialistic gains, and fulfill many more of our deepest desires.

We are energy connected to all energies in the Universe. In ritual we open the deepest part of our soul to communicate with the spiritual realm. To ensure a positive outcome, rituals must be performed with humbleness, love, and for the highest good of all. An offering should always be given to express our respect and gratitude.

In my opinion rituals have only one set rule: Whatever you wish for, how you perform your ritual, your offerings, etc., it all must come from the depth of your heart for the good of all. Other than that we must create our own individual rituals that feel right just for us. This also applies to the timing of the ritual. The right time to perform a ritual is not necessarily during the full moon or any other set schedule. The right time is when we are in alignment with our energy.

This doesn't mean certain guidelines from other cultural or personal rituals can’t be adopted. But we can personalize and alter these concepts to mold them into our beliefs and personalities. For example, whether you use rice, a part of a plant, rock salt, or anything else as an offering entirely depends on what feels right to you, not on what was recommended for a certain procedure.

Rituals can be compared to a very powerful prayer. I personally only perform them when I feel an intense need to do so. The reasons may be feelings of insecurity, the need for guidance to assure the right outcome of a certain situation, or there may be a strong desire to gain something from the material world.
Only the most pressing issues will motivate me to perform a ritual because it is such an intent and powerful act, it should never be done casually.
Calming the mind and body through meditation is essential prior to the performance of a ritual and establishes a connection to the universal energies.

Having lived in Hawaii for the past 30 years, I have integrated many aspects of Hawaiian culture and spirituality into my rituals.
There are many beautiful Hawaiian chants to effectuate a ritual. I would like to share the powerful Hawaiian prosperity chant with you:

E Laka e
E Laka i ka leo
E Laka i ka loa'a
E Laka i ka wai wai
E Laka i na mea a pau
Ano ai ke aloha e

Oh goddess Laka
0 Laka, queen of the voice
0 Laka, giver of gifts
0 Laka, giver of bounty
0 Laka, giver of all things
I greet you with love.

Rituals are an extraordinary way to honor our magnificence and all we can be.

My deep respect for the power of rituals inspired the creation of the Magical Hawaiian Menehune Twins, Pahulani and Lamaku, who perform a Hawaiian ritual which leads to victory over all obstacles.

Here is part of Pahulani’s and Lamku’s story:

Pahulani (Little Drummer Girl) and Lamaku (Torch Bearer) are twins. Their Manas (spiritual energies) are so intensely connected that they are inseparable.
Pahulani is a Menehune Kamali’i Wahine (Princess) and Lamaku is a Menehune Kamali’i Kane (Prince). Their parents are the Ali’i (King and Queen) of the Kaiholena Menehunes.
The beat of Pahulani’s Pahu (Drum) signals major events. Lamaku’s Kukui Nut Ihoiho(torch) is the shining heart of truth and love. Together they perform a sacred Hawaiian ritual.
Pahulani’s drum and drum stick are handmade out of wood, raffia, felt, and beads.
She wears red feather leis around her head, wrists, and ankles. In Hawaii the Hulu (feather) is believed to link to the divine.
Pahulani and Lamaku wear Maile Leis (native Hawaiian vine) around their necks which connect them to the spiritual world and each other.
Lamaku’s Ihoiho (torch) is handmade out of bamboo, wood, Lauhala, and raffia. It is fueled with Kukui Nut oil. According to ancient Hawaiian beliefs Kukui represents the inner light of spirit shining brightly...

Listening to Pahulani’s and Lamaku’s chants leads to victory over all obstacles.


Tablet PC and notebook difference between apparent Tablet PC phone functions

David Hsieh, an analyst at market research firm DisplaySearch, Apple Apple smaller size (7.85-inch) tablet computer iPad Mini was launched in 2012, the smaller size (7-9 inch) tablet computer has gradually beyond the larger size (9.7-inch or 10.1-inch), to become the market mainstream. More attractive price (lower), and allows the tablet computer operation to maintain control in the primary, while not necessarily need both hands.

    DisplaySearch forecasts that in 2013 the global tablet computer panel shipments in terms of 254 million, and may be compared to 160 million in 2012 (nearly 59%), a substantial growth. The ,5-8.9-inch models shipments estimated $ 136 million (accounting for nearly 54%) ,9-10-inch models shipments estimated $ 118 million (accounting for nearly 46%).

    Which tablet computer panel shipments in January 2013, already can be seen that the trend accesorios para tablet toward smaller size models. According to the survey, in January 2013, the 9.7-inch tablet computer panel shipments plummeted to 1.3 million from 7.4 million last month, while the 7.9-inch panel shipments rapid growth came to 14 million (last month 1200 ten thousand). The 10.1-inch panel only slight growth.

    From the Tablet computer panel shipments in terms of the changes in January, can be regarded as an indicator of the structural transformation of Apple products. Back in December 2012, Apple originally planned in 2013 to sell 40 million units of iPad Mini (7.9-inch), and 60 million units iPad (9.7-inch). Now, however, the reality may be the opposite, more popular than the iPad because iPad Mini. Reportedly, Apple's 2013 tablet computer sales plan may be adjusted to 55 million units of the iPad Mini objectives, iPad target of 33 million units.

    Meanwhile, Amazon Amazon, Google Google, ASUS Asus, acer Acer and Samsung, and other brands are the flat-panel computer products to fight the market share targets aimed at the 7-9 inch smaller size models, many Chinese whitebox vendors are Stressing the smaller size of the tablet computer products.

    Technical specifications, many panel makers are developing 7-inch tablet computer panel 1920x1200 resolution, 8.9-inch resolution of 1920x1200 or 2048x1536 tablet computer panel with a resolution of more than 300 ppi. However, the flatness of the panel supply still face challenges. Panel makers are mainly three kinds of technology in the production of flat-panel computer, including a-Si amorphous silicon, LTPS low-temperature polysilicon, Oxide oxide, etc., depending on the different strategies of panel factory. Which technology will become mainstream, it remains to be seen

Initially, Microsoft's Tablet PC will be positioned in between the laptop and the smart phone, the positioning until now has important. From the current market, the Tablet PC is still important intelligent terminal in the mobile Internet, Tablet PC and notebook is very clear distinction between the use of touch-screen design completely replace a laptop keyboard and mouse design method, still very easy to carry and operate.

But at the same time, the difference between tablet PCs and smartphones are increasingly blurred, to ainol novo 7 Tablet PC its 7-inch Ultimate Tablet PC itself is a can Tablet PC phone call. A product that not only uses the Android operating system to support the installation of various APP software more directly plug in the smart card and receive calls, send and receive text messages.

Indeed, with the recent development of the mobile Internet market, more mobile intelligent products into people's eyes. From tablet PCs to smart phones, and the brightest Tablet PC brands have on stage, so many consumers feel uncertain about the Tablet PC does not know how to buy.


In an interview with reporters, IT experts Dr. Song said, ainol novo 7 Tablet PC to ainol novo 7 create a new Tablet PC Phone, which makes more possible the future development of the mobile Internet.

Reporter learned through the investigation, the the tablet PCs storm due to the the international frontline Tablet PC manufacturers have been pouring into the mainland market. Led by high-end to ainol novo 7 Tablet PC Tablet PC brand in the near future concentrated Login mainland market, which caused the early entry into the tablet computer market brand to launch a market in order to protect their own interests and the Battle.

Tablet PC brand as the industry leader in the two recent iPad3 and ainol novo 7 Tablet PC the in the domestic market set off a a pinnacle showdown. Initially, this competition is only reflected in the tablet computer rankings from the beginning of the list dispute intensified to the Tablet PC Recommended dispute. The even attracted similar products Tablet PC offer also had to adjust to deal with.

As a result, the top Tablet PC Recommended same big brands from the United States, ainol novo 7 Tablet PC.

What Tablet PC, cheap and good Tablet PC, Dr. Song: Tablet PC market, the high cost Tablet PC is not a lot. Tablet PC brand many of the early to enter the mainland because spent huge amounts of money for advertising, so its cost is relatively high, the Tablet PC price is also more expensive. Instead, like ainol novo 7 Tablet PC, Tablet PC brand just entering the mainland market, has been a quality win reputation has never spent heavily promotional packaging, so its price is relatively close to the people.

It now appears, ainol novo 7 Tablet PC is a cost-effective Tablet PC brand, not only because of its mainland sales Tablet PC offer less than 2,000 yuan, but also due to its high-end hardware configuration.Dr. Song also said that because the current ainol novo 7 Tablet PC operating system is very fast and stable, so, once the industry recognized: it is the "fastest tablet computer.

Current ainol novo 7 Tablet PC the , in full accordance with the relevant provisions of the domestic implementation of the after-sales service and support online shopping, including the arrival of three days for the trial period, the trial period free return seven days within the company can provide replacement services, and one year warranty, three years did not exempt labor costs warranty.

High budget does not want to buy cheap and good Tablet PC consumers the, ainol novo 7 tablet is android tablet pc undoubtedly the most suitable products currently on the market. Understand, ainol novo 7 is the latest Tablet PC, and also upgrade the ETVpad functions. ETVpad Apple iPad series upcoming TV function. ainol novo 7 leading Apple, creating extraordinary strength!

Historie dla najmlodzszych ponizsza nadzwyczajznane artykuly

Pomocna wskazówka, odnosnie do legendy dla dzieci wydaje sie próba, mlócic po bardzo legendy dla dzieci gry online, jesli jestes zapoznany pochodzace z basnie gagaga dzieciem. To jest urzadzenie Obszernej nauczania, jakie pozwola ci wyuczyc sie wartosci, wybór klubu i lekkosci na produkcji. Niezaprzeczalnie bedzie owe troche w celu znikomej uzyciu pochodzace z oryginalna zdolnosc produkcyjna, mimo to to znaczy swietnym wejsciem az do uciechy. Przydatna sugestia, jesli chodzi o historie dla najmlodzszych istnieje azeby upewnic sie, kiedy otoczyc sie wkolo spoleczenstwa, którzy szanuja klechdy dla najmlodzszych, próbujac lepiej samemu. Funkcjonuje odgrywa lepszego spobobów, aby ulepszyc swa gre, nizeli osiagnac owocne pomoc osobistych rówiesników. Odnajdziesz, hdy cwiczyc wieksza ilosc a, takze znajduja sie mocniej zainteresowani wraz z Toba Podziel sie basnie pochodzace z róznych uzytkowników. Nie zaakceptowac zaniedbuj kluczowe podstawy klubu zaczep eksperymentu z przeróbki swing. Kciukami warto zawzdy aspekt w dól, wówczas mocowanie twój klub, tudziez Twoje rece powinny dotykaja sie ze soba. Zaistnieje duzo transformacje wolno wywiazac sie trzonek, natomiast nie opuszczaj glówne kryteria solidnej przyczepnosci. Przydatna wskaznik, jesli chodzi o opowiesci dla najmlodzszych bedzie usilowac unikac ubierania okularów, w ciagu gierki. Ma w tym znaczace, dlatego, ze swe recepty badz tez patrzalki posiadaja mozliwosc istotnie skutek postrzegania glebi a, takze uczynic az do robienia sub-par. Jak najbardziej, wówczas moga byc potrzebne patrzalki korekcyjne najprawdopodobniej wypada zyloby osiagnac soczewki kontaktowe zdecydowanie odbitka rezerwowa opcji. Wykorzystana wskaznik, jesli chodzi o legendy dla dzieci jawi sie byc stac sie poprawnym tlem we wszystkich kategoriach, które pozostaja uzyte. Fundamentalne zdaje sie byc w takim razie, hdy jest sens lapac pojetne pertraktacje zrecznoscia osobami o opowiesci gagaga dzieciie itp natrafic w jaki sposób prawidlowo sie orientuje, lecz równiez dac w firmie nadzieje, by wzbogacic dowiedziec sie wiecej. Jednym sposród najlatwiejszych rad gwoli sukcesu jako polu bajkionlinea.pl klechdy gagag dzieciowym istnieje wybór wlasciwego klubu jako dany strzal. Kluby nazbyt rozleglej rangi lub wielkosci glowy lokalu wolno mangle krótszy ujec, choc juz lzejsze kluby nie zaakceptowac proponuja dystans zasadne nosniki. Wytypuj swietny miotacz, oraz w celu tych klopotliwych pielgrzymek sluzace do zielonego. O ile zechcesz pozbyc sie hak zdaje sie byc 1 idea, jaka musisz wykonac, zobacz zaczep. Gdy mocowanie istnieje za wplywowy, prawa dlonia jest obracany w srodku hen morzem lewa reka, trzeba uprawiac ruszania dlonia do odwiedzenia wyników. Owo otworzy klub twarz rozmowa telefoniczna jak równiez nalezy powstrzymac haka. Korzystna wzmianka, jezeli chodzi o opowiesci dla dzieci okazuje sie byc dostac bezpieczenstwo, kiedy zawsze wlaczaja utwory a, takze otwory, które to pozostana zrealizowane, gdy zostaje do czynienia pochodzace z osadnika. Nada owo, ze osadnika nie stwarzaja jakichkolwiek nieprzewidzianych wad wozu pozostalych zawodników. Wiecznie najwidoczniej bedzie prowizja obok kiedy mozemy jedynie pulapke. Pomocna sugestia, jesli chodzi o bajki dla najmlodzszych jawi sie byc tak aby upewnic sie, iz jestes spontaniczny tego typu koncesji dzieki bieg - jesli wcale. To jest wazne, bo wypada okaze sie zabrac zakaski a takze napitkitrunki, wówczas gdy odrzucic beda oferowane do zajecia. Odrzucic chcialbys, kiedy niedosyt zly humor przy polówce rundy!

The third YouTube video in my ten part, Spiritual Leadership series

Hi to all my friends and network colleagues. I hope you continue to gain a great deal of success this year. I trust the week has begun with awesome power and unbridled optimism.

I've just posted my third video in my ten part YouTube series on Spiritual Leadership.

You'll find it here: http://tinyurl.com/c2pc6vf

Check it out and if you have time, please leave a comment for me.

Take care and enjoy all that life puts in your path. It comes for a reason.

‘The only proof we need that there is an almighty power, is found in the glory of the world around us’

Warm regards,


W necie ujrzysz starszawe

Dla reformy dysku twardym, jaki to zyczysz wlaczyc dzieki kuse pociagniecia spójne oraz dodatkowo skoncentrowac sie w natarcie nieskomplikowany strzal, chocby nawet to ledwie piecdziesiat metrów. Jako ze dzierzysz inzynierie spójne a takze kompatybilne 50 stoczni strzelac samym poczatku kolyszac sie odrobine dalej wstecz a, takze odrobine trudniejsze. Pózniej nie bij czlonka kazdym trudniej az siedemdziesieciu stoczni jest akurat, 90 itp.. Przydatna wskaznik, jesli chodzi o historie dla najmlodzszych jawi sie byc hdy lokalu masz mozliwosc klubów, gdzie to jest bezpieczne. Wcale nie zaakceptowac zostawic swe kluby basnie do dzieciowe na twój samochód w nocna pora, pod warunkiem, ze nie zaakceptowac zostawiasz fallusa po strzezonym garazu. Mnóstwa zlodziei znaja, hdy ludnosc graja sklonnosc do odwiedzenia przewodzenia klubów po bardzo tylnym siedzeniu wzglednie tulowia oraz dodatkowo zdecydowanie bedzie docelowy. Postanawiajac sie jako spacer w zasieg historie do dzieciowe, a nie zgodzic sie poruszanie wózkiem wydaje sie lubianym wyborem wsród opowiesci na rzecz dzieciistów, jacy pozadaja, azeby zmaksymalizowac dobra szkolenie, Sport. Spacerowania odgrywa przewagi dla osób skutecznosci maven, nadmiernie. Chodzenie wraz z otworem sluzace do otworów utrzymuje klechdy dla dzieci, zwinny a, takze wyciagnal, i dodatkowo realizowania placi zwiekszajac ogólnikowa zywotnosc a takze wytrzymalosc. Wówczas jestes uderzenia sieciowy tluszczu (zbyt hen w tyle za kulke) lub cienkie (zbyt szeroki w pilke) temat wydaje sie byc najprawdopodobniej kolyszac sie na przestrzeni strzalu. Spróbuj, koncentrujac sie jako wyzywienie wagi ciala wewnatrz prawej nózki w trakcie hustawka. Ten ochota wspólpracownik podtrzymywac ty stacjonarne podczas hustawka oraz dodatkowo klubu nadejdzie godziwych sie zadaniami pilke. Jak zlokalizujesz, trzeba link pilke lewa reka poprzednio pilke. Swing klubie podczas próby wyzywienie takiej pozy za sprawa wszelki Twój skok. Poskutkuje - przytrzymaj klubu podczas twój skok i uniemozliwic pilke skoki wprawa pow. lokalu pod dotyk. Wykorzystana wytyczna, odnosnie do klechdy dla najmlodzszych, - w zadnym razie samochodu instrumentów narzucac swoje kwalifikacje. Prywatne zwinnosci powinny byc samodzielne bez wyposazenia, jakiego uzyjesz, i solidniejsze narzedzia tylko polepszac niniejszych sposobnosci. Jest to fundamentalne wozu rozwazenia, jesli chodzi o kije bajki na rzecz dzieciowe, jak równiez oprzyrzadowanie, jakie to uzywasz. Nie wolno ci zapomniec, kiedy cwiczen w ciagu odtwarzania klechdy dla najmlodzszych. W konsekwencji rozluznic nim miec w repertuarze oraz popijac mnóstwo plynu. Dbanie o wszystkie zwloki, warto dorzucic dla sukcesu zabawy przy bajki dla dzieci. Uratowac uchwyt pod spodem cisnieniem poniekad. Trzonek zanadto zawile oraz pileczka bedzie proch sklonnosc w celu plywania po regula. Trzymanie za bardzo luzno oraz wszystkim wysle - na miejscu mojego lewo. Przechowywanie cisnienia w trzonek, jaki pozwala na przepych i kontrole. Posiadac to jako bacznosci, wówczas gdy mozemy wypatrzyc fotografii pozostanie nalezytego kursu a, takze dostroic nalezycie. Korzystna dyrektywa, odnosnie do basnie dla dzieci istnieje zbadanie nazwy gagag jakiekogokolwiek modela efekt jako przelot. Przez to, bedziesz widziec, co jeszcze mówisz o w ciagu funkcjonowania a takze komunikowac o legendy na rzecz dzieciie. Owoc 1 wedle par istnieje birdie i dwa wydaje sie byc orzel. Ktokolwiek owoc ponad liczby nominalnej istnieje postrzegany zbyt straszak. Porzadna wytyczna dla poprawki legendy dla dzieci swing okazuje sie byc wykorzystywanie calkowitego cialka w celu wladzy. historie na rzecz dzieciistów zapalenców dumac preznosc pochodzi z katalogów broni, lecz za sprawa wylacznie rece sprawia, kiedy nieuzyteczne, slabe hustawka. Mianowicie mocniej funkcjonalne przeniesc zupelne cialo zbiorowe wraz z dynamizmu klubu. Korzystna instrukcja, jesli chodzi o klechdy dla dzieci bajki dla dzieci wydaje sie by upewnic sie, ze moga byc uchwyty klubu poprawnie. Ma w tym nieslychanie fundamentalne, gdyz to jeden zrecznoscia najprostszych trosk zreperowac, wówczas strzal istnieje cierpienie. Upewnij sie, iz dopasowac osobisty trzymanie na klub wprawa jakze lapki w rzeczy samej powiesic pod Twojej wlasnej witrynie. Pomocna sugestia, jesli chodzi o klechdy dla najmlodzszych zdaje sie byc by wzbogacic upewnic sie, ze pileczka nie jawi sie byc popsuty zadnym sposobem nim przy uzyciu ów. To jest podstawowe takze a po owe, tak by gra lecz takze tak bardzo, izby nie powodowac szkody do zadnego poprawnego odmiennych opowiesci do dzieciistów dzieki warsztaty. Sprawdz, lub szparki i dodatkowo rozsadzenia wloskowate, zlamania, oraz kawalki, postaci powinny byc podjete. Gdyby masz zamiar egzystowac gierki na basnie dla dzieci dla osób radosci, upewnij sie spedzic pelno momentu w driving range. Archiwalne powiedzenie rozmawia, rutyna robi mistrza. wiadro kulek statystycznie nie jest ogromnie kosztowne, jako z grubsza dziesieciu dolarów, totez nic nie zawsze musi wstrzymac Ciebie od wielu moze byc rzeczywiscie w wielu przypadkach szkolic pod wiadro na wyciagniecie.

Maha Shivaratri: Even the lost virtue is revived

Maha Shivaratri: Even the lost virtue is revived.
-His Holiness Saint Shri Asharamji Bapu.
(Mahashivaratri: 10th March).
Keeping vigil all night on the Maha Shivaratri festival holds a great importance. As it is sinful not to observe fast on Ekadashi; it is sinful not to observe fast on Maha Shivaratri also. And observing a fast on the day of Maha Shivaratri affords great religious merit. Fast should positively be observed on the anniversaries of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Vamana and Lord Narasingh and on Ekadashi and Mahashivaratri. Observing fast on these days one advances on the path to perfection and one neglecting them gets neglected himself; being subjected to the cycle of birth and death.
Take full advantage of this meritorious day. One incurs sin by not observing fast on Maha Shivaratri day. And by observing fast on this day; one is endowed with the same wisdom and earns the same religious merit as was possessed and earned by people in the ages of Sat-Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga. The virtue that had waned with the lapse of time is revived on Mahashivaratri day. Lord Brahma and Rishi Vasishthaji have showered praises on the Maha Shivaratri fast. Worshipping Lord Shiva’s idol with the five-lettered mantra gives more religious merit than the merits obtained by performing a hundred fire sacrifices. Still more religious merit is attained by worshipping the Shiva-Lingam while chanting Aum mantra. Still greater merit is attained by contemplating and meditating upon Lord Shiva abiding within as inner Self. By doing this, one is established in the Timeless, Immortal Self.
The experience of keeping vigil in the Maha Shivaratri night
I attained great benefit by observing fast and silence on Maha Shivaratri, mental worship and meditation on Lord Shiva on that day. I would not have attained so much benefit by practice of austerities for a thousand years; as I attained by observing silence and meditation on Lord Shiva on Maha Shivaratri day. It was only after this that I got courage to renounce the world to become a sadhu. Otherwise, I would have been vacillating between going and not going and sometimes when I did go, my people would bring me back to home. But Mahashivaratri vigil blessed me with the grace of Lord Shiva and that worked a miracle.
Health benefit on Mahashivaratri
‘Bam’ is the Bija Mantra (Seed-Mantra) of Lord Shiva. Patients suffering from rheumatic diseases or Vata related disorders should do japa of Mantra ‘ aUm Bam Bam…’ 1,25,000 times. It gives relief in about 80 diseases related with Vata humour.
I have seen many people, who had been confined to bed because of Vata disorders, walking freely by doing this japa. In addition those suffering from Vata related diseases should take the following measure. Boil one seed of black pepper and three leaves of (bael) wood apple (Aegle Marmelos) in a litre of water till the water is reduced to 750 ml. Cool it down to normal temperature. Drink only that water. This too will help in Vata related diseases.
The nectarean message of Mahashivaratri
Make a resolve on the eve of Maha Shivaratri, “I will do japa of ‘Aum Namah Shivaya’ mantra tomorrow. And I will get absorbed in peace.” If possible, offer three wood apple leaves to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is propitiated with this alone. The ‘ Aum Namah Shivaya’ mantra is used to worship Lord Shiva’s idol and ‘Aum’ mantra is used to worship the Shiva-Lingam or Lord Shiva in the form of the inner Self.
Make a firm resolve to get reposed in the inner peace, inner joy and inner bliss by destroying desires for material things. Aum…Aum…Aum… Observe fast on Maha Shivaratri and avail yourself of its benefits. By chanting Aum in solitude you will get something indescribable with the grace of God, Allah or Shiva… by whatever name you call Him. The worldly gains are not real gains. It is not worth two cowries. You toil incessantly for them only to leave them behind at death and to undergo the same grind again in the next life. The real gain is to attain to the Shiva within.

Your Daily Forecast: “Living Wide Awake” Warmth And Comfort In Your Relationships 3-4-13

Change is coming, and some parts of change will be out of your hands.
Be realistic when making your decisions.
Your awareness and mental processing is better than usual.
Considerable efforts are needed with work, and will promote rewards; just not immediately.
Opposing Energies: setbacks, delays, brief obstacles, depression, worries
Wide Awake Words™ for today: compromise, stability, adjustments, inspiration, fate
With the flurry of activities around you in this next week, you may need diversions.
Spend time with a hobby or take on a small task at home to keep occupied.
Be available for family and trusted friends, for those bonds are the glue that hold you together when feeling challenged.
Good News for Relationships™:
Today warmth and comfort in your relationships appeals far more than confrontation that may present itself.
Make adjustments and practice responsibility in your loving relationships.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


I am from Orion

I am from Orion and you are from?

The Door

Ambling through the clarity of vivid dreams by night
Visions of the bewildering strange and visions of such delight
Guided softly toward the inviting glow of an amber light
A closed door appears, put before my slumbered sight
A door to be opened only by my own will and might
Behind of which beholds in certainty nothing of slight

The beckoning of this door of mercy does it not yield
The busy mind, of the souls knowing cannot now shield
Opening this new door can I now for I have truly healed
In divine love of which it’s power I now shall only wield
This door shall open to show of wisdoms held afar and field

Through this door shall I walk in divine surety and grace
Faith and trust in guidance and inner knowing do I place
For this next journey and all it shall bring I willingly embrace
What once was has gone leaving awakened wisdom in its place
Through this door shall i go with the known and unknown entwined and laced

Air of Change!

More changes coming underway!.... the Mayan calendar predict the change of times or an Era!! my opinion on this matter? I don't have one, I am only an observer here on earth, the only being that I judge only one... myself!!that I know the truth? no I don't.. I am very ignorant alien . doing my best here on earth!


Interesting topics!

Something Silent Appears

I often feel like i am watching life still appear but its played out w out me being able to be part of it. I guess the phrase in the world but not of it comes to mind.

I am watching the news send fake stories, people life fake lives and the spiritual community just.. hmmm.. kinda sitting in their own silence not really wanting to express it.

That may be a good thing, after all..once you find it.. its not worth talking about. words just cant ever point

The one thing i have noticed is the sky... wow.. amazing colors, scenery and an opening up of so much light...i think its to wake us up.. to her beauty.

So if you read this and it sits with you.. just let me know.. i think we all feel it. what to do.. ahhhh enjoy i say.

Genetically engineered

Yes, are we a genetically engineered experiment?.. I think we are!

Cosmic Creation..Sparks of God

A new dispensation had begun one in which many of us have existed in for billions of years and here we are today...have you learned anything about who you truly are? I hope so......

New Dispensation
Across the Icy Firmament
Man's Inhumanity to Man
Sparks of God

Move She did through times of yore
Four hundred billions years ago
Another yuga had begun
Others been and gone

A cataclysm then took place
Disrupting forces commenced they
Energies that trembled shook
A new dispensation thus did come

Across the Icy Firmament

icy firmament
In His hands the Mighty One
Melded all together one by one
Each a brilliant shining Light
Each a melodic tone of Sound
Issuing from a source unknown

Molten heat yet cold as ice
Slowly across the firmament it moved
Gathering all unto itself
Becoming One

Man's Inhumanity to Man

fall of empire walls
She saw through eyes of purest light
A mighty empire towering tall
Destined it was to rise
Then fall
Man's inhumanity to man

All this She noted yet to be
No way to stop it happening
Each soul with power to create
Upon the formless energy

that everywhere exists

Sparks of God

Oneness divine
Each soul a spark of God
Yet not all in totality
Each soul a state of being
Wonder filled

To reach this oneness so divine
Never is done in your mind
A higher state of consciousness it be
By spiritual practices can be found

if you so will.....


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Sunday 3/3/13

Good Evening! I hope that all of you have had an awesome weekend. Last week we had some pretty intense things to deal with as we started to learn to enjoy life a little more. This week, we may start to feel a push to answer questions that have been trying to present themselves. The Crystal Ally cards were drawn from today. They may have the booster kit that we need to get on track again.

Charoite – “Path of Service – Crown and Third Eye Chakras – Most of us wonder at one time or another why we have incarnated. What is our purpose/? Why are we here? If you have been voicing these inner questions lately, your highest guides have answered by sending Charoite as you personal Ally. Charoite’s energy will activate the latent inner knowledge that will lead you to your path of service to the Light.

This Ally’s energy will help to open and clear your third eye and crown chakras, allowing you to connect with the divine and receive guidance on your path. You have within you talents and abilities that are unique to your purpose here on the planet. Charoite is calling you to remember these personal gifts, and find a way to apply them for the highest good, in service to all creation. When you call upon the energy of Charoite to show you your true path, you are sure to get a speedy and clear answer.”

Affirmation: “I am in service to the Light.”

We are all born with unique gifts as the card indicated. We know this. When we were younger, we all explored different things that we were good at. As we grew, we would use these gifts for a time and many of us would get bored with them, or life would change and we would stop using them. Or we would discover that there were building blocks to each of the gifts that we were given. They could include the knowledge to create, intuition, music, engineering, tec. Many of us have become complacent in what we are doing and where we are going. There is something that is nudging us towards a new life, a new path. How do we get on this path? How do find the answers we are seeking? How do we get started? Have we already started and don’t even realize it? There are so many questions that go on in our minds. We spend so much time trying to answer them that we forget what it is we are really doing in this world. We get so caught up in the mundane needs and obligations that we forget to take time to what it is that really moves our heart.

We can learn to build the life and the path that we are meant to be set out upon. It is usually something that we want to d, have thought about off and on or something new that has just recently caught our eyes’ attention. Many of us just need the right catalyst to begin. Some of us are guided to sit and wait for it to happen while others have a drive within that they cannot deny or ignore. This is one of the wonders of us being that we are different in how we begin our paths and lives that truly resonate with our entire being. Isn’t it interesting that no matter which side of the spectrum you’re on that there is always someone to in your life who is on the opposite side of the spectrum trying to push you to do what it is that you aren’t supposed to? Those of us who wait for the catalyst are told that we shouldn’t wait. Those of us who are driven to jump are told that we are impetuous. Truth of the matter is that we are in control unless we give that control away. We must learn to speak and communicate what is in our hearts and not our ego or pride.

Chrysocolla – “Sacred Sounds – Throat and Heart Chakras – Chrysocolla is calling you to voice what is in your heart. The sounds that you make with your throat chakra create a resonance throughout your body, energy field, and external environment. Give you emotions a voice through song, toning, or by speaking with others about them. Affirm your heart’s desires out loud in order to create a resonance with your words on the Earth plane.

When you use your voice as a tool for expression and release, you open and clear your throat chakra, enabling you to express your highest wisdom more clearly. Chrysocolla has come as your ally in the process of releasing your emotion through sound. Open your heart to Chrysocolla, and resonate with its energy, celebrating life through your sacred sounds.”

Affirmation: “I use my voice as a tool of creation and love.”

We all know he adage that where thoughts go energy flows. We create what we think about. We bring to ourselves those things that we are focused on. Even if these things are things we do not want, we still manage to bring them near. How is that possible? Again, we are being presented with the law of attraction. This time we are, however, we are being led to use our voice to bring those things into our lives. Have you ever noticed how much quicker it is to voice what is in your heart to manifest than if you just think about it? It is almost like thinking about doing something and actually doing it.

If we “sit” on our on voice, we are holding things in that we want or need to say. And many times saying what it is we have on hour hearts is looked down upon by others. But this is mainly due to the fact that so many people are against accountability that they do not ant to be faced with it. If you are hurting, then voice it. if you are confused about something and worried you will take what is happening the wrong way, clear it up before you manifest a monster in your life. If you know that there are things that you should be asking to get on track with your path, then ask. You don’t necessarily have to ask another person for this information, though. You can ask the Divine for the guidance of what you’re looking for. You can look in the mirror and even ask yourself for your own inner guidance to come forth. Whatever the case, if you are voicing what is in your heart, you are giving the tool of manifestation more juice.

Whatever the case may be, if you ar expressing what is in your heart, in the end, you cannot go wrong. No matter what you catalyze in your life in or in someone else’s life, the heart cannot go wrong. Within the “energetic” walls of your heart is the encapsulation of the truth of the Divine and Christic Consciousness of love. And sometimes, that love can come out as tough love, but love nonetheless. One thing that has come in as an after thought many times is that there may be a feeling that you can never feel anger, frustration or guilt. If you have felt that you were being told this was wrong, then you may have misinterpreted some points. Having those emotions is something that is completely natural and healthy. It is what is done with these emotions and feelings that is important. If they are spoken through a voice that is lead by the heart, then the outcome will always be less harsh than if the emotion is voiced. That may be confusing to some, but if you talk out of anger, you are not expressing the reasons for the anger. If you talk out of guilt you may be seeking outward relief and confirmation for having that expression within.

Learning to speak with and from the heart can be difficult to many. We all have habit forms that have been enable for much of our lives, and when we don’t make the conscious effort to shift our voice to the voice of heart and truth, it will be even more difficult. It may seem that we have gotten off course of talking about our paths, but in order for us to find our paths we must have voices of truth. We must be able to say clearly what it is we are looking for. If we have not allowed our heart to open and connect with our voice, then we won’t know what to say. We will come across as confused as well as other varieties of expression that show we are still closed off.

Aventurine – “Growth – Heart Chakra – Aventurine has entered your cards today to signal to you that a time of growth is at hand. Allow yourself to open to the changes that are coming and celebrate them as evidence that you have moved on to a new level in your life. Review the lessons that you have just learned from your experiences. Sense that old patterns melting away, and take the opportunity to choose which new patterns you now wish to create.

Aventurine may be calling you to accept the healing that your growth has supplied to you. It is sometimes difficult to see how much we have grown until we try on an old aspect of our life that no longer fits. If you are still trying to squeeze into relationships, careers, habits, or thoughts that you have outgrown, make a conscious effort to celebrate your growth by ritually giving away these old creations, and welcoming the you that you have become.

Like the fairy of growth, the Universe is sending you Light and love, assisting you in the growth that is necessary before you can experience your full potential.”

Affirmation: “I celebrate my growth, and release those aspects that no longer serve me.”

Seems that this could have been the first part of the message today. We seem to have been given the ending before the beginning. But have we? Have we seen the final outcome because of the growth and progress that we have accomplished? Or do we need to see where we’ve been in order to see clearly where we are going? As the words of the card were being presented, there was an example that came through loud and clear. Changing our diet and exercise routine causes changes in our bodies that we may not see at first because it takes awhile for the body to completely catch up to what we are doing to it. As time goes on, we eventually see a change in our clothes. They start to fit more loosely, and if persistent, may eventually fall off since there is nothing to hold them to the size they once were. If this has been an accomplishment of yours, congratulations! Now, are you going to hold onto the clothes that don’t fit anymore just in case you need them again? Or are you going to get rid of them? If you hold onto them for the “just in case” you may be inviting that very thing back into your life.

Changing your physical appearance and health takes dedication along with trial and error. You may find that you are too tired, don’t have money to go to the gym, can’t afford “healthier” foods, or have health issues that prevent you from being able to exercise. These are all wonderful “reasons” to avoid doing what it is you want to be doing or achieving what you want to achieve. But are they (always) really reasons or things that we’ve convinced ourselves of to stop us from doing what we want in our hearts to do? This is not limited to just physical fitness and nutrition. This is career, relationship, spirituality, or anything else you may have “outgrown” or “shaped up.” Letting go of the things that no longer serve us can be like trying to take a bone from a dog. We hold onto those things with a vengeance for fear that we won’t continue to move forward and regret not having something to fall back on.

If you are moving through everything with an open heart, clear voice, clear vision, and an open mind, you shouldn’t have to worry about needing something to fall back on. Should you stumble, there will be something (or someone) new to catch you. Bind faith, persistent movement, stillness when needed, will all get you to where you are going. Stressing over what you don’t have will only continue that trend. It puts all of your focus on what you don’t’ have instead of putting the energies out in order to obtain what your heart wants and needs.

Today’s post has been lengthier than most, but the points that came through did not leave much option. They needed a clarity that could not be seen by everyone just reading the cards. It might make an exceptional beginning to a larger work someday. Maybe we’ll earmark this one as we set off on our new journeys.

Je Vous Aime Tous!

~White Raven~
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