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Atmans midweek wisdom

06 March 2013


Once a man asked God for two things - a plant, which has beautiful and colorful flowers and a butterfly to add beauty to his small potted garden. However, instead of a flowering plant, God presented him with a cactus plant and a caterpillar. The man was surprised, because he had asked for one thing and God gave him something else. But he continued to tend to it and after many days, the cactus bloomed and in the place of the caterpillar, there was a beautiful and stunning butterfly.

How many times in our impatience have we undermined our self worth, believing that we were destined to be the caterpillar and that we will never be the stunning butterfly?

The truth is that we are so much more than we can ever imagine. We were not created to be concealed in a cocoon; we were created to soar to great heights like the beautiful butterfly.
Within the caterpillar, from its inception, is the butterfly. Hence, the caterpillar does not make a butterfly out of itself so much as it finds the butterfly hiding within itself. So it is with us.

Metamorphosis is not an easy process for the butterfly or for us; in fact it can be a struggle and it can feel quite painful at times. But if it weren’t for the strengthening that takes place during our struggle, we would never be able to emerge and soar like the butterfly.

The bigger the wings we are called to have, the stronger we must become.

Be patient: If you look on the outside and it appears that nothing is changing, know that the changes are happening within. Each day your wings are getting stronger and stronger so that you can fly to great heights.

Love and Blessings

Angelica & Terence Atman


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