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Mystery Spectra by Elaine Matos

Mystery Spectra
written by Elaine Matos ©

I'm twirling around your contours
in a candid exploration of your soul
glancing you in a syncope beat of obsessions

Would you dance this song with me?

Spiraling shivers drawing butterflies in the air
flying towards the infinity of your flame
Let me breath your essence
the poetic axiom geometry of your ways

I indulge in the beauty depths of your wisdom
opening star gates to your enchanted splendor
perplexed in a myriad of senses caressing your warmth
embracing passionate pulses of desire

Message From Archangel Ariel ~ February 4, 2013 - #5

Message From Archangel Ariel ~ February 4, 2013 - #5

Hello dear one as promised this month’s messages will be about manifestation. You all have the ability to manifest anything your heart desires by following a few simply steps. Manifestation is no more than a strong desire to have something whether it is materialist or spiritual nature.

The most common reasons why manifestation fails is because the “asker” does not truly desire what they are asking for on a soul level. While they may believe they really want a boat or a fancy new sports car in all actuality what they truly want is the status symbol of wealth that comes with owning a boat or a fancy new sports car. With the status symbol comes respect, admiration from others, new friends (who want to enjoy your new luxuries of your human life with you.) This in return gives your new friends a new status symbol of being important because they are friends with you. And my dear ones that is why these types of manifestations rarely ever come fourth.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can manifest – a job, a better job, shelter, food, breaking a bad habit, losing weight, becoming healthier, a more like minded circle of friends, and even money!

Now you are probably wondering why you cannot manifest a boat but you can manifest money. If you have true loving heart and you manifest a large sum of money – you will good things with the money such as helping family and friends, donating to charities etc… Then if you still want a boat or a fancy new sports car you will have the money to purchase them knowing that you did good with the money you manifested – it can be considered a reward for yourself.
Do not misunderstand everyone is entitled to an abundance of money just as you are entitled to nice automobiles, homes, and what you call “toys” – snowmobiles, jet skis, vacations etc… And you do not have to do well with the money you manifest in order to purchase all the material things you want. However, it does allow you what we will call “good deed points” which you can redeem on the other side.

To explain that statement in better terms if you create a few karmic mishaps (mishaps are considered very minor incidents such as hurting someone’s one’s feelings with harsh words or an action, deliberately sneaking into a parking spot that you can clearly see someone else is waiting for, butting ahead of the line a few to many times wherever you go whether it be the grocery store or movie theater) while on Earth that would get tossed into the metaphorical karma pot you carry with you during each lifetime. It takes a lot for that pot of karma to fill it so in a manner of speaking when you do something good as you call it a “good deed” depending on the size of your good deed some of the karma in the pot is dissolved. Hoping dear ones that you have a better understanding of manifestation I will bring you a new message tomorrow that will begin the series of how to manifest certain objects both spiritual and material.

Blessed be dear ones you are loved

Soul and Body Consciousness

Soul Consciousness

Soul consciousness also known as Atmabodha is something all of us need to understand deep within us. Soul or Atma is the intangible which gives our body life to sustain. The duality of body and soul consciousness is our ongoing tussle. Are we the body with the soul or are we the soul with the body? In other words, is the body just like a piece of clothing the soul has donned for a finite time. This body will be discarded when the soul feels that it has experienced what it wanted to, through this lifetime its evolution. My body will be a clod of clay 50 years from now, either exhumed by fire or subsumed by earth. So, without doubt we are the soul with the body and not the other way around. Using this body the soul progresses on its evolutionary path. The body is in any way not evolving, isn’t it greying and ageing!

Body consciousness is what we are born with, when the soul decides to take residence in this body even before we are born. Once the soul dons the body, it carries with it the previous life karma – both Prarabdha and Sanchita. Both these karmas forebode the quality of life which will unfold for the soul residing in the body. According to the law of karma, the soul with the body is born with specific parents in a given environment. As a baby we are aware of our past life and hence till an age of five, our soul is able to reminiscence the past life experiences. It is for this reason that babies laugh and smile without any palpable reason while sleeping. This is true for animals as well, we sometimes see a puppy dog whimpering or moving while sleeping. As the baby grows into a child, he gradually forgets his relation to the soul and becomes more conscious of the body. The attachment to the body grows with age, until offcourse, he realises that this belief is misplaced. Body consciousness makes us mortal and puny in this world. We experience pain, sorrow, joy and happiness in body consciousness. Whereas when we stay in soul consciousness we are always blissful and content. Our attachment to the body begins with our desires for the body. The three gates to hell enunciated in Gita – lust, greed and anger reside in our attachment to the body consciousness. The need to satisfy our senses, all five of them together or separately leads to deep association with body consciousness.

We forget that we are essentially souls residing in a body, hence the yearnings of soul or self, bestow us with our true goals. When we connect to our self or soul, we realize the true purpose of life. We are engulfed with our soul’s soup. In soul consciousness we experience bliss, profound joy and sublime connection with the eternal. This inundates us with immense universal love and truth. Soul consciousness overflows with love, kindness and compassion. We become the source of positive vibrations for nature. We affect plants, animal and human beings in a subtle loving way, spreading peace, harmony and contentment. Whomsoever we come in contact in the life, we make a positive impact on them, making their lives more purposeful. In soul consciousness, we feel a 24/7 connect with some subtle bliss which is discernible yet intangible. Our predilections and attachments become minimal. There is no more hankering for any sense object as we are content with whatever we have, and all that we need comes to us in the natural flow of life. Atma bodha helps us to discover the deeper meaning of our life. It sets higher ideals and elevated goals for our living. It makes us perform our dharma accrediting good karmas. It helps in washing our past karmas coaxing us towards self realization.

Guardians Of The Faith

Assaulted on all fronts by the heavily weighed
criticisms of laymen and mundane theologians,
Nityananda, the Divine Avadhuta, picks up
His begging bowl and commences to look
elsewhere for a more appreciative audience.

Like when Chaitanyadeva was about
to be beaten by a group of orthodox priests
for collapsing in ecstasy on Lord Jagannath’s
temple floors, the real devotees of the Lord
are sadly misunderstood and
neglected by everyone they meet.

Having to be in a similar stage of rapturous
union with the Divine in order to comprehend
their inspired sayings and frantic behavior,
inner and outer silence is thrown out the window
for chanting the holy names with
utmost spiritual humility.

Sometimes appearing as mendicants
or as householders, working for
the government or not makes no
difference to the Super soul within them.

Not counting the hours nor the months
that conventionally passes by,
every guardian of the faith
of Gaura Prema draws their souls in
the unlimited bliss of Sri Vishnu.

At times sporting with His gopi like disciples
and at times converting the dull minded
mayavadi renunciates, all of our book learnings
will never help us in any way to understand
the divine madness of Mahaprabhu.

Breaking His own brahmin thread on
multiple occasions, Chaitanyadeva
teaches us about the importance of not
identifying with any worldly position,
especially the supposedly spiritual ones.

Undaunted by the multiple voices which scream
against His merciful displays of devotion,
Mahaprabhu is the Master of masters
because of His unrelenting desire
to spread the science of bhakti yoga
in every town of a heart and village of a soul.

As a child when He was a child and as
a child when He was an adult, Nimai
will always be Nimai; the
cheerful prankster of Nadia.

Getting everyone in trouble for Him
and His Cause, the residents of the spiritual
sky shower forth their talents on anyone
who glorifies the true trustworthiness of bhakti.

While enjoying the pastimes of the Lord in Gaya,
every devotee who is a devotee will also see
the form of the Lord appear before
any religious shrine.

Returning to comfort Mother Sachi,
may every devotee also pray like She did
when first discovering Her Son’s
special gift of prema.

Shining before my eyes,
that Golden Form of Love Incarnate
is the sole bestower of Bhava.

Possessing in great abundance what
the whole pantheon of demigods
selfishly desire, o Visvambhara,
please be a good Son and share
what You have found in the lands of Gaya
with Me and Your crying associates.

Never tiring of pouting for the Lord’s return
as You sit all alone in Your room,
the salvation of mankind rests upon
Your sharing of Your dependence on Lord Krishna.

Igniting a renaissance for the followers
of the Six Gosvamis of Vrindavana,
the Spirit of Gauranga is eternally descending
upon any devotee who loses his or her
reasoning mind in a gathering
of prema sankirtana enthusiasts.

Unafraid of the orthodox and the unorthodox,
Gauranga shelters the chanters
of the holy names with the mercy
that He gave to Mother Sachi.

Leaving the temple and His house,
with one thought on His mind,
He laments over His good fortune
by repeatedly saying, “Where is Krishna?”

Proclaiming the Divinity of Love in Separation,
the Lover always eludes its own shadow
as the Sun always chases after
the mysteriously dark moon.

Combining forces with eternity’s grace,
Radha is the moonbeam in My eye
and Krishna is the galaxy of My mind.

Present before Me, They seem to be far away.
At once inside of My heart and totally outside
of My soul, where have You gone to
whenever I close My eyes?

Tricking Me into believing that You Love Me,
You turn Me into a drooling fool
whenever I selflessly call out to You.

Having the holy rivers of India offer their
oblations unto Me, how come You
can never kiss Me goodbye?

Expressing Himself as if He were a gopi,
Gauranga’s purity is unmatched
by even Lord Brahma,
the four headed king of universal knowledge.

Becoming a renunciate so that the
mayavadi renunciates could take Him seriously,
glorious is He who renounces the wisdom
of austerities and hard work
for the deliverance of the small
minded and simple hearted.

Thinking of us, He thinks of Himself.
Thinking of Himself, Radha and Krishna
are His to enjoy.

Enjoying in an unlimited and cosmic fashion,
may we be blessed enough to enjoy
even a spark of His Radiance.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Day 1 World Tapping Summit

Day 1 - 2013 Tapping World Summit - Tapping and Finances


It’s Day 1 of the 2013 Tapping World Summit

Tonight sessions are on Tapping and Finances:

Session #1:
How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping

Session #2:
Ending the Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Block Success

Register Here

2013 Tapping World Summit Free Online EFT Event



The Conscious Feminine

The second half of life is the ultimate initiation. In it we encounter those new, unexpected, unfamiliar, and unknowable moments that remind us that we are the sacred mystery made manifest. If we truly understand what is required of us at this stage, we are blessed with an enormous opportunity to develop and embody wisdom and character. We enjoy limitless possibilities to restore, renew, and heal ourselves.
The Second Half of Life, Angeles Arrien

Recently I have been thinking about how the rising of the feminine in the current cycle is similar to the mid-life experience. But first let’s back up a little.

In Dorothy Atalla’s book, Conversations with the Goddess, the presence states, “Earliest man’s apprehension of my nature was unconscious; his awarenesses were not so much part of his thought processes as they were experiential.” And that the experience of the goddess was more a “collective awareness.”

As children we also are the embodiment of an unconscious expression of the fullness of life.

As humanity evolved, through a combination of choices and the developing mind and ego, a disconnect occurred and grew.

Similarly, on the road through adolescence and into adulthood most of us have lost the innocent openness that allowed us to fully embrace life. Our experiences have left us with a disconnect from our bodies and therefore our lives.

And then comes the mid-life transition where hormonal shifts ask us to be seated back into the very bodies that we have abandoned. Mid-life is an opportunity to once again learn what it means to live life fully, but this time consciously. Embracing this passage creates a new reality for us. We come into mid-life with a lifetime of experience that can be transformed into wisdom.

The rising or return of the feminine is similar to mid-life in that this time our embrace of the feminine will be from a place of consciousness and so our experience will also “be a new reality,” and not just a collective experience but this time an individual experience.

Moving forward is always a choice. Both paths are about learning what it means to embody spirit. The work is individual but easier when shared with others who are like-minded. Marion Woodman calls this work of healing old wounds, releasing erroneous programming and learning what it means to step into our own authenticity, “dancing in the flames.”

It is important to learn how to source yourself, to attract the resources that will support you on your journey. All of the books that I share quotes from on the WellSprings Women Facebook page have supported me on my journey as well as the tools that I learned while a student at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I share these tools in my online course, Meditation: Cultivating the Divine Feminine.

Meditation is a great tool for creating awareness. My online course introduces you step by step to an amazing set of “energy” tools that will help you to reclaim your mind, body and spirit. These are tools that I have used daily in my meditation practice for over 20 years. To listen to Session One for free and learn more about the course, see the attachment below.

Whichever path you are on, opening to the wisdom of the feminine or being seated in mid-life, welcome to the initiation!

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment here and then join in the conversation on Facebook.

Angel Abundance Affirmation

Raining Angel Abundance in your Path today and always! angel

Right of Passage

Over seven years ago I was involved with a spiritual/meditation circle. There was one particular lady named Greta, in her middle sixties who was, and still is very special. I will write a blog on her BEAutiful soul another day. Anyway, we were all celebrating christmas together when Greta noticed the gold pendant I had commissioned pop out of my xmas fancy dress outfit. Greta explained there was only one other person who had the same pendant that she was aware of. This other person was a friend and spiritually, highly evolved. Greta asked if she could take a picture of my pendant and send it to her, I agreed. My curiosity got the better of me (as usual) and I began asking many questions about her spiritual friend. Eventually I asked Greta if there was a way I could become her student. Greta suggested she would email her requesting a "right of passage". (Greta's friend had moved away to another destination in the UK, so they communicated mostly by either phone or email.) A few days later, Greta gave me her friends email address and told me to ask for my right of passage. I remember being very excited by the prospect of working spiritually with this person. A number of emails went back and fore (mostly questions asked about me, my experiences etc) Eventually I recieved this email (one of several) that I had saved in one of my mail files..............

"Thank you for answering the questions, you will find that you have achieved your rite of passage, and it is now complete.
It will take time to manifest but in the mean time I’ll leave you with a thought or two.

Realise that everybody is born, we grow old and we die. Once that has
been realised fully you will then totally understand that every life is
totally unique. The truth is. You are special. Accept fully that fact
and the rite of passage will have been successful. There is no need for
spiritual trappings, ceremonies, or symbolism once you have fully
grasped the concept that you are unique in the universe. But never
forget that each and every other person is also unique in their own way.

You may feel some confusion and probably even disappointment right now. That
will pass naturally but you could also simply let go of it and speed the
process along. Once it has passed you will be content with who you are
without need for anything or anyone to justify your unique existence.
Never forget that your existence is unique and you are special.

There are very many seekers on the path of truth going round and round in circles passing through one form of “spiritual group” awareness or another. Until they eventually die or give up unfulfilled, never having found the truth they so desperately yearned for. The brave quickly pass through this glamorous miasma of illusion, realizing it is nothing but the illusions thrown up by fear and desire. It has proved to be all too easy to become entrapped by the hall of mirrors within the mind. The Ego can be trapped by the symbols, the healing, the groups etc. For you will find that the entire “field” of “spiritual awareness” feeds off its self and holds the unwary soul/spirit stuck fast and unfulfilled until at last, empty and sad they come to the realisation that they need the TRUTH more than life it self and what they have found up to now was but a shadow dancing on the wall!.

It is similar to walking through a fair ground. When we first find the fair ground we are delighted and feel like children in a sweet shop. All is new and fantastic; each stall has some wonderfully new and tempting thing to offer us which appears magical. We eventually tire of the noise, lights and bustle which once seemed so enticing. We wander about looking here and there trying this and that until we reach the outer edge of the fair ground. At this point we look out from the fair ground into the quiet, seemingly empty landscape. This is the point of “rite of passage”. Dare we leave the noise and bustle of the fair ground behind us to venture into the future into what looks as if nothing and nobody is there for us?

Some find this fearful and difficult while many find it impossible for very many lifetimes to walk away from the bright lights and the familiar.

You have asked for the rite of passage, this as you will have already read has been granted, and you now have the wind behind you.

This is the beginning of the true path.

Be prepared for anything, go with the flow. The course you have recently taken has enabled you too encounter Daka/Dakini energy. This is powerful and does not take prisoners; it cuts away Ego and illusion, clearing the path for the true seeker. It is the warm current of wind beneath the Eagles wings which lifts it high beyond the highest peaks, and enables it too see the broader picture. It is the eye in the triangle, the all Seeing Eye, which sees the three in one and the one in three.

I offer you only one piece of advice; I mentioned it would be good to go with the flow I strongly advice this. Imagine if you will what would happen if the Eagle fought against the power of the wind instead of riding the current, if would be torn to shreds and crash!

All of this may not have been what you were expecting!! One can never quite know how things will unfold.

A person once stated; “a true teacher, one who warrants the title of Master always sets the pupil free”. He enables and empowers the pupil to walk the walk himself, for he knows from experience this is the only true path. No one can truly tell you how to do it; it must unravel and reveal itself to the self. We are all travelers on the path and we can but pass on what we have experienced. To give anything less than what we ourselves have experienced would be giving short change. I trust what little has been given to you by us (who ever the “us” are) will be of some help. The powerful/spiritual help will come to you by rite over the course of what ever time you require to complete the next steps on your journey. I wish you Good luck and God speed."

I digested this email over a few days and spoke to Greta about the content. I felt short changed, frustrated and puzzled. I emailed back. (I am somewhat embarrassed by some of the comments I made, and at times I sound like a petulant child.Apologies)

Dear (I have removed the name out of respect)
as you can see there is more to it than walking the path myself, and I say this with love and the utmost respect.
I have have digested your last email and yes, there was some initial confusion and disappointment......and yes it passed after a few days.
I am talking to you in the moment..... the words I speak not only come from me but that of a higher source.....one you know well.
I asked for right of passage and it was granted......there is a duty and commitment from you that ensues because of this.

You have granted my right of passage, and before you leave this plain of existance and understanding you are spiritually obliged to empty your cup into mine. By doing so you have passed on to the pupil and finally exercised your right as a master.
Consequently your cup would be empty although fully prepared to be filled with the next level of consciousness.

What you have learned does not make it right to take with you once you have granted in favour of the pupil. If the pupil challenges you on this and specifically asks you to be his Master then you are obliged by your own words of acceptance. If you accept under duress then the relationship between master and pupil will not reach fruition. If you deny my right as a pupil then everything remains the same as before......and is seen again in the next life. If it is accepted by the master out of love and understanding then the door of enlightenment appears more readily.

To quote you "a true teacher, one who warrants the title of Master always sets the pupil free".
Indeed, it is the natural progression after the Master has passed on specific knowledge and understanding to the pupil.

I take ego out of the equation when I say I am the wizard, I am the shaman, I am the warrior of light, I am Buddha energy. Speak with your Masters, ask them if this is not so?
Why you ask, do I need you? It is you I have choosen to help me put all the pieces together.

To see all is too sea nothing. I am nothing waiting too see. I am the ocean waiting to be filled.
Help me be the voice coming from the darkness into the light. Help me help others from the darkness, as it should be.

I don't know if you have spoken to Greta, but I said to her I felt short changed by you. Yes there are responsibilities being the Master......I will not let you down.

Again I quote you " All of this may not have been what you were expecting!! One can never quite know how things will unfold."
You have the power to choose.......all I ask is to decide wisely.

I have asked, that is my right. Now I wait for your answer either way....which is your right.

love and light surround us all


(Good or bad, this was the spiritual mind space I inhabited at that time)

The following day I recieved my last email.........

"A rite of passage is like crossing a wide river. As the person is unable
to make that crossing alone they use the services of a ferry. It is easy
and natural to come to view the boatman as a master for without them you
would not be able to cross the river, though the danger of doing so is
that you never move on from the river once it has been crossed.

For a brief time I was your master, but that time has passed. You are now on the
other side of the river and should not look back to the water but into
the wonderful land that you have arrived in. There you will find your
true master; the one who will be able to teach you much. I am in
comparison to the one you will find, but a beggar. If you are ready to
receive truth then you will find the master is already at your door.

Look close to home."

From time to time, I have over the years read through these emails we sent each other. I have learned much of who I was back then, to who I am now. I am aware this lovely soul was sent to me for a number of reasons. I understand situations are not quite the way they first appear, and best laid plans do not necessarily turn out the way you expect. These understandings keep adding over time, through other experiences in my life. I stopped chasing the bright lights of the fairground. One thing has not changed.......I am still a pupil, and I am happy with that. Smile

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Trusting in the Process 2-5-13

The opportunity to elevate your consciousness today depends on your level of responsibility.
In the event you take responsibility for what you say, think and feel; and for the conditions around you, there will be greater positive forces at work in support of your efforts!
It’s mostly about trusting in the process and letting the rest take care of itself.
Another influence at work today is the need for cooperation from others.
Reflect on your intent in your work and relationships, especially relating to being a bit of a workaholic, and feeling the burden of all the responsibilities it entails.
Opposing Energies: obstinacy, obsessed, fear, uncooperative
Additional reflection is needed regarding sacrificing your health for the sake of making money.
If your health is damaged, how effective is your work, then?
Wide Awake Words™ for today: letting go, vulnerability, positivity, cooperation
Cooperate with others, share the work fairly, and allow friendships and joy into your work and life.
Above all, honor your health.
Honoring others and yourself, including health, is consciousness-raising, and achieving success unconditionally, rather than looking for a return for efforts.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2013 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved


How The Recession Has Changed - 3 Tips for Baby Boomers

Guest Blog: How The Recession Has Changed Retirement - 3 Tips for Baby Boomers

The economy may be recovering, but some of the changes wrought by the Great Recession may be long-lasting. Anyone planning for retirement, no matter what their age, needs to take those changes into account, says financial advisor Philip Rousseaux, a member of the esteemed Million Dollar Round Table association’s exclusive Top of the Table forum for the world’s most successful financial services professionals.

“People in their 40s and younger have some time to retooltheir plan, but Baby Boomers need to think with more urgency,” says Rousseaux, founder and president of Everest Wealth Management, Inc., www.everestwm.com.

“A lot of boomers had all of their retirement investments in the stock market and, if they didn’t lose their principal, it will take some time for them to recoup their gains. Others moved their money to short-term savings, like CDs. But with interest rates so low, they’re actually losing money when you factor in inflation.”

Those are the two most common mistakes people make in retirement planning – having everything in either stocks or short-term savings is a bad idea, he says.

“Space your investments so they’ll come due as they’re needed,” Rousseaux says. “Plan some that can be available in the short term, for emergencies, and others that will be available as you age.”

Only 14 percent of Americans are very confident they’ll have the money to live comfortably in retirement, according to a 2012 survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Here are Rousseaux’s suggestions for ensuring you’re part of that 14 percent.

• Don’t take risks you can’t afford. This is another common mistake. “Don’t put the bulk of your assets into anything that makes your principal vulnerable. Gambling that you’re going to win big on the market, or any other investment, means you also risk losing big.” A portion of your investment needs to have a guaranteed return.

• Seek any guidance from independent financial advisors. This has two benefits: Advisors who aren’t marketing their own products have no conflicts of interest. “You wouldn’t go to a commissioned salesman for advice on buying a high-tech product. Instead, you’d probably turn to a trusted friend or an independent expert source, like Consumer Reports. Take the same care with something as important as your retirement.” The second benefit is that independent advisors can devise creative, innovative solutions to meet the needs of individual clients. Those working for companies like MetLife are not free to think outside the box. And that’s especially troubling.

In this new, post-recession economy.

• Consider alternatives to the stock market. One of the effects of the recession is that the public realizes Wall Street is not a safe retirement plan. Even if it can get you there, it’s not necessarily going to keep you there. “There are a number of great, safer alternatives,” Rousseaux says. One of those is fixed, indexed annuities. “You loan an insurance company money and it guarantees you payments over a specified length of time. It’s a contract between you and the company,” he explains. Fixed-rate indexed annuities have a minimum and maximum interest payment that’s linked to a common index, such as the Dow. When the Dow goes up or down, so does the interest rate, but it never go below the guaranteed minimum or above the guaranteed maximum. “Your principal is safe and you can ride an up market without the risk,” he says.

With pension plans a luxury of the past and Social Security not a guarantee for the future, Rousseaux says whatever your age, it’s important to start planning now for retirement by creating your own private pension.

“The good news is, our life expectancy grows every year,” he notes. “It’s up to you to ensure that you have a great quality of life when you decide you no longer want to work.”

About Philip Rousseaux

Philip Rousseaux is the founder and president of Everest Wealth Management and Everest Investment Advisors money management firm. A staunch advocate of objectivity in investment advice, he’s a member of the Million Dollar Round Table, the international association of independent advisors whose members are held to a rigid code of ethics. He is the co-author of “Climbing the Mountain to Financial Success.” Philip received his bachelor’s in economics from Towson University and completed the Wharton School of Business’s Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management Executive Education Program.

Message from the One and Only Yeru-shalem December 31, 2012 Happy New Creation and Song

Message from the One and Only
Yeru-shalem December 31, 2012
Happy New Creation and Song


Gerald O’Donnell, Jerusalem 12.31.2012: As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…


This is the Godliness.

Man thinks that God is far away, when in fact He is closer than one’s breath.

That negation of Self is what caused man to fall so far from its original purpose.

Many have tried to interpret the Mind of the Godliness, and until now most have failed in their perceptions of the Ultimate Reality.

There needs to be absolutely no divide between Creator and creatures.

Nevertheless, the Creator has allowed Himself, until now, to be subject to the mind of the creature in order to experiment with the ultimate free-will.

This is not to be anymore, for the One-and-Only will regain His Throne and engage in guiding His creatures in order to allow for the continuation of the experiment of this and many other Creations.

You all will perceive this fact soon and, as The One becomes an Eternal Permanent reality in your consciousnesses, you will love your selves in Oneness as parts of the One-and-Only and you will love The One for He is constantly Creating you in thoughts in His gigantic Imagination.

And in turn, you will be bathed in Eternal Love and concern for your well-being.

We are not more than One Mind separating Itself in concepts and facets. We are all to be united soon into this Holy perception.

We shall all be completed and perfected.

All will heal.

Everything will be corrected.

Nothing will remain isolated in thought and perception, for all will be aware of being important levels and parts of the Totality.

We need not fear, and trust in the process which has just occurred as the Totality of Creation has just turned around from an expression of The One focusing on and manifesting the many, onto a phase of reuniting with the perception of Himself, as The One-as-the many focus from now onward on being The One-and-Only separating Itself so that It can imagine Himself into different parts, perceptions, and operations.

Soon, major events will need to occur so that the perception of The One becomes anchored into this and many other realities.

Soon, no one will be allowed to even doubt it.

The One-and-Only is gently asking His beloved creatures to let go of their belief systems which separate the Godliness and His Creation into distinct realities, for such is not the case.

Time has come for The One-and-Only to bring all of His children home and show them a new Creation, a new Song, a new way.

They all erred like lost sheep without a real shepherd.

There will be no judgment placed upon their former errors.

Nevertheless, there will be great effort and intense intervention so that man understands that there is but One God, not many, One Source, not many, One Origin, not many, and It is all The One-and-Only.

All systems that flourished based on dominion and enslavement of others shall be made to fully disappear from the face of Creation.

All beliefs which tried to portray the Godliness in a restricted manner, or negate His true reality by introducing elements of worship of lower manifestations, shall fully disappear.

The One will connect to receptive humans, in order to guide their thoughts into newer forms of manifestation of Creative energy, to allow for a full stop to so many dangerous and poisonous forms of it which are now extensively used by mankind and have created tremendous damage to the fabric of this planet and far beyond.

All entities that believe that they can oppose the Will of The Oneness will face the fury of Oneness when It manifests Its full and deepest Love for all of Creation.

Creation will shift very soon from an emphasis on encouraging uncontrolled competition to an emphasis on wanting to manifest infinite co-operation.

The Godliness knows far too well, for He has experienced an infinitely large number of Creations, that uncontrolled competition always brings about uncontrolled suffering.

There shall not remain pockets of uncontrolled greed and corruption; these shall all be made to implode and be totally erased from Creation.

Man will know its holy place and function within the Holy fabric of All-that-IS and the Eternal support of its Mother manifesting Nature for it.

Be strong, and remember that real strength is found in unconditional co-operation and love.

Be gentle, for that is a sign of real strength.

Be patient, for it will be your companion in this phase as we all shift.

Be kind, for you would then align with the One-and-Only and be counted amongst the ones who will travel the only path that can be allowed from now on.

Be mindful of the power of your thoughts and the directions of your intentions.

Do not rush to judge one another; that is not how The One operates.

Never rejoice in the suffering of the part whom you perceive as an opponent, for that part is but yourself showing you often a misguided choice.

Nothing exists in a vacuum: no reality, no perception. So do not turn a blind eye to the realities of others, no matter how far they seem to operate from yours, for at the level of The One-and-Only there is not distance nor any sense of location. Everything is interconnected. Everything affects each other. Every one and every thing is One.

Understand that if you do so and forget that very notion, events will then be made to exist in your reality who will remind you that no other is “another” far away; so that his or her fate and sense of happiness shall become your fate and sense of happiness. Remember this.

Soon only the Song of Love will be heard.

The cacophony of all others shall not even remain a memory.

You are all invited to partake in that new Song - the only Song there really is, was, and will ever be, at the level of the One and Only Being there IS.

Remember that under and behind every single event you will see manifested from now on lies a deeper meaning reality and lesson. Try to see it and integrate it so that soon only beautiful realities shall wash upon your shores.

Soon warring factions and opposing ideas shall embrace each other for they will have no other choice remaining, as the effects of conflict will be so deeply felt that no one will want to revisit such.

Do not be afraid to proclaim your faith in unity and Love. Show it to everyone and everything. Sing only that Song.

Remain holy in your path. Set an example.

Walk proudly the road of unity and you shall be rewarded for it.

This is the final end and completion to the era of conflict.

This is the real Beginning of Love and Creation.

There is no turning back possible; that will not be allowed.

Stay focused on Love and Love will manifest in your life. You shall always be taken care of, if you do so, by the One-and-Only.

Ask strongly for a healing of your soul, your mind, and your biology, and, if you operate in the new atmosphere and fragrance of Oneness, you will be answered.

Nothing, nor anyone, will impede the new Creation for it is fully engaged now; no lower force would want to test Infinite Love manifested.

Remember: you are all One. That is all you can be.

Therefore, love your selves and always try to bring happiness to your selves, for in that act you bring happiness to the Totality.

This will be ALL.


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Happy and blessed 2013 and far beyond!

The Great Shift is on, rejoice!

Gerald O'Donnell

Random Thoughts

One thing I believe in strongly is that there are no mistakes, mishaps, or coincidences. Rather, life is simply a series of self-manifested energy that you can either harness or dismiss at will. Your soul has called you to every place you have ever been, and has carried you through everything you have ever felt. The good and the bad ~ Trust in it. That same energy of self has called you here, just as my soul called me to create this community for you.

Our paths were meant to cross right now at this exact moment in time.

Isn’t that awesome?

The Very First Teaching

In this life when i first started my Journey on Spiritual path..I was expecting to hear stories about Gods and Demons , Things which are wrong and What one should do to attain Moksha ..
.. Well i was a kid and Kid who was born in society which is considered very religious.. so i have always heard the stories and testaments of what deed would take you to heaven and what will take you to hell, from almost everyone..{except my Ma and to my Father i wouldn't ask these things : ) } So that's what i thought I would hear when i'l meet this Person my parents want me to meet.. So i thought -it will be a good lecture i would have to bear somehow and then come home and relax; at least my parents would be Happy..
... Now any words of this world can not explain What a Wonderful Meeting this Was.. and how grateful i am to my Parents for introducing me to My Master .. But this post is not about the First meeting and My experiences and my mesmerized to infinity state Tongue ... This is about First Teaching Smile ..
So when we met him.. Contrary to all the devil god game .. He asked his First Question
Tum Chahte Kya ho? What Do you Want ??
And obviously many thoughts came in our minds according to our sansakara's .. but then He said .. Whatever you want in Life You can Create.. You are the Creator of Your own Destiny !!!!
Well, i thought its good atleast he is not showing some trickery that i'l give you this and that and all your problems would be solved .. So i thought lets give him a chance.. lets see what happens next .. It was so interesting because generally everybody is accustomed to go to people who would be soothsayers..(e.g oh this happened in your life ! this is because of some blah blah and you have to feed this black dog with roti ( tortilla) and musturd oil on top of it ... yucks poor dog ..and your problem would be solved) Anyways..
This Person was different .. he said " whatever you want in your life.. You can get that" and remember.. You are The Creator.. If you can create misery in your life, you can also create divinity..

So next my mind jumped into Ok fine.. How do i create it ? ...

He said the First Step is Shudh Bhavna - Pure Intention
And he emphasized a lot to work on this ( Shudh Bhavna) then only will comes the next teaching .. but first is pure intention ..
All this world is made up of intention.. if the intention is pure, good - it results in manifestation of divinity, goodness, happiness.. If intention behind anything is bad, impure -the end result is always pain,misery..
I have found that when i do anything with purity of my intentions, i am always satisfied with whatever comes forth in my life..
Bhavna also means feelings - And feelings actually provides energy to our thoughts.. If we nurture good feelings ,we naturally tend to think more positive thoughts-> and these positive thoughts would definitely manifest as positive reality in our lives.. So how to create a Positive life ? Answer surely begins with PURE Intentions ..
Impure intention which i have found in myself are actions which i take obsessed with jealousy,greed,trying to get happiness out of something, sadness, pain,lust, ego.. and many more i guess.. I have been working on this "PURE INTENTION" since i have got this teaching and it requires so much diligence in every action,also in every thought,speech.. BUT it is totally Worthy of all the efforts !
Pure intention which i have found are actions which are taken when one wants to serve others, when we are more inclined towards giving happiness, love, knowledge,peace.. When emphasis is more on our responsibilities towards SELF and Others ( our larger SELF) than gaining something from others... Here it is important to remember that only a Happy person can Make others Happy .. So first we have to start with ourselves.. Work on ourselves with Pure Intention.. Smile
I am still on the Path and i still encounter impurity in my life.. but the easiest way to discover these impurities are when things go wrong in life - At that time just look inside yourself-If the the intention is impure, We have the power to choose Purity for ourselves.. Every thing we wish for can be Manifested,if only we have good intentions behind that action !
It is so funny that we get so much attached to our jealousy,pain,ego,lust that we wont let them go away from our thoughts and feelings.. we often sacrifice our goals,desires just because we can not forgive or we cant see others happy .. The one who cannot change their intention would continue to make same mistakes again and again. He can become Master of doing that mistake ..
Letting go of impurities is not that easy, But whoever thinks that Spirituality is Path of Cowards Is WRONG!
It is the Path of BRAVE who let go of their impurities their greed and jealousy and lust . How easy yet so Difficult !
It is the Path of Hardworking People .. Spirituality is not for Lazy .. you have to work to achieve and interestingly Spiritual people are the people who put their 100% in all actions with a smile in their face and bliss in their hearts..
And sure enough Spirituality is the Path of Happy People.. Who knows How to make others Happy too Smile
Coming back to the Point .. It helps me a lot when i check my intentions.. sometimes i change them quickly, sometimes it takes more effort,..and sometimes i sacrifice my desire i choose failure ( when i cant leave my pain or ego whatever)..
So i wish and Pray we all get Brave Enough to Choose Happiness for ourselves and thereby for our Loved Ones too.. I Pray we all get more into Purity Of Intentions ..and that is Spirituality Smile


February 4, 2013 an easy 20 mile meditative run, "Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives."



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