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The Evolution of Angels

In the spiritual world we hear repeated mention of spiritual higher beings or entities of higher realms.

These are thought to come from the 4th, 5th, 6th, or even the 9th dimensions.

These beings or entities do indeed exist, and they are a lot closer to us than many of us realise.

Many religions refer to these Higher beings/entities, quite inaccurately, as Angels. Because there is so much confusion, I shall clarify and explain the following terms, such as Higher being, Angel, Archangel.

In order to understand the new information presented here, it is of great importance to put aside all your existing ideas on the subject of angels or entities. So let's start at the very beginning:

In The Beginning

There were many planets in Creation, just like the Earth (as it was 26,000 years ago). The best description for these planets is 'Kindergarten Planet' (KP). In our Solar system there were three Kindergarten Planets, KP's:

Earth, Mars and a third one, which was destroyed by the actions of its own inhabitants.

Each KP is implanted/seeded with about 23 billion new or Baby Souls. The basic function of the KP's is to be a kind of nursery world for new or Baby Souls to have their first set of physical incarnations.

First Ascension

Once these Baby Souls reach a certain level of experience, after several incarnations on a KP, they ascend. Ascension usually occurs after approximately 10,000 Earth years.

The Base Soul

When the Baby Souls have their first ascension, they form into small groups containing 150 souls each.

This newly ascended group of 150 Baby Souls is now becomes a new entity. This new entity, once formed, is retained for all subsequent developmental steps, and this new entity is called the Base Soul.

The newly-formed Base Souls then incarnate on another planet, a planet that could best be described as an Elementary School (ES) planet.

Once incarnated onto the ES planet, these Base Souls are cared for by Baby Angels. (A Baby Angel looks after several ES planets at the same time.)

Second Ascension

When the Base Souls have reached a certain level of experience on the ES planet, after approximately 1,000 Earth years, the Base Souls may ascend for a second time.

At this point, during the Second Ascension, all Base Souls join into one of two entities, these are called

  • world-wanderer
  • sun-wanderer

These Base Souls effectively form the world/sun wanderer entities during the second ascension process.

There is also a third entity that is formed at this point, this is called a soul-sitter (a soul-sitter is a kind of junior creator).

The soul-sitter/junior creator consists of private energies which it receives from all the souls in the world/sun wanderer entities.

KP Caretaker Trinity

Each KP is assigned a world-wanderer, a sun-wanderer and a soul-sitter.

These three function together, as a trinity, effectively becoming caretakers of the KP's. All three originate from the same KP.

This trinity takes care of a KP and all the Baby Souls incarnated on it, for a period of 22 consecutive life cycles/generations.

This KP Caretaking Trinity (the world-wanderer, sun-wanderer and soul-sitter) manage, on average, about 89 planets (for 22 generations) before taking the next steps of their own evolution.

Sovereign Angels

The KP Caretaker Trinity is itself cared for by the Sovereign Angels.

The Sovereign Angels are one level above the Archangels and are responsible for the care of a minimum of 500 universes.

Third Ascension

After 22 cycles/generations, the KP Caretaker Trinity has reached the end of it's function.

At this point, the Soul Sitter leaves the trinity and continues it's own development.

The two remaining parts, the world wanderers & sun wanderers, remain together and become a new entity named a Baby Angel.

Their previous experience (as part of the KP Caretaker Trinity) is important experience for this next function as Baby Angel.

The Base Souls were able during that time to collect the experience of living within an entity.

Now the Base Souls can evaluate their time as an entity.

About 17% of them express the desire to go even further as an entity.

10% of the Base Souls, those with the highest scores, are taken and 'tied' to the so-called Prime Angel, a new entity.

The other about 7% who want to continue as an entity become the Odigos Angel(ancient greek for leader). The Odigos Angel is the leader of the group.

The remaining about 83% stay in the so-called core group of this new angel. They are the group of the new Prime Angel and the new Odigos Angel.

The Base Souls retain their full individual identity.

However, once the Base Souls are tied to a Prime Angel or an Odigos Angel, the individual Base Soul's identity must be placed to the background. Although the Base Souls are there, because they have become one with the Prime Angel, their identities are not in the fore of the entity that is the Prime/Odigos Angel.

When those within religions or the spiritual community talk about Angels, it is always the Prime Angel they are actually referring to. Each group part, each Base Soulidentity and each Odigos Angel, is always connected with their group during the incarnation.

The Prime Angel is never connected to anyone of his/her group.

The Prime Angel resides on EL6, the Odigos Angels resides on EL4.


The KP Caretaker Trinity of this planet Earth, is currently caring for the very last generation, as this particular 22 cycles comes to an end with the ascension of all mankind.

At this point, as mentioned above, the world-wanderer and sun-wanderer will themselves ascend, becoming a Baby Angel.

In the further development of the Angels, there are two general lines.

  1. Leitourgoi or Wane Angels
  2. Sovereign Angels.

The Wane Angels functions are unknown to us at this time.

An Archangel is the collective entity of 6522 Baby Angels. Archangels are on the same evolutionary line as the Sovereign Angels, but are on the 7th step of Angelic Evolution, just one level or step below the Sovereign Angels.

Sovereign Angels are responsible for a minimum of 500 universes and the proper development of all Souls incarnated within these universes, as mentioned previously.

Two levels above the Sovereign Angels are the Protoi Angels.

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