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Did you ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind only to completely forget what that purpose was?
It turns out doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.
Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing through a doorway triggers what's known as an "event boundary" in the mind, separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next.
Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.
It's not aging. It's the damn door!
Thank goodness for studies like this.
Unknown writer....Thank you for this info, Anne C M.)

PS.  And, thank you, Psychologists from Notre Dame Uni, for this concept of an "event boundary".  I would, however, suggest that there is more......
This is  an 'energy shift'!  
Very different energy fields (the vibrations) in each of the rooms could momentarily trigger a memory lapse.  Once one adapts to the new energy field, memory is restored.  
Age, my friends, has little to do with this........unless, of course, you are loosing your memory...
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Suzanne Lie: Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities, Part 6

Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – Living Multiple Realities, Part 6

Multiple Realities 6 - The Embryo of SELF

By Suzanne Lie – January 26, 2013

The Arcturians:

Our Dearest Ones,

You are now gestating your Embryo of SELF within your field of consciousness. This Embryo is the expression of your true, Multidimensional SELF who will lead you through your process of personal and planetary Ascension. Many of our Ascending Ones went through great doubt when the proposed time of Ascension came and went like a cloud crossing the sky. What you did not see was what was occurring within your SELF, as you were looking into the hologram instead of into the Truth.

This Truth is different for each one of you, which is the glory of your myriad incarnations in a world of polarity and individuality. This individuality allowed you to find a personal expression of your Being, which is somewhat unique in the Multiverse. As you have seen, there are many negative side effects of the degree of individuality that your world has experienced.

The main negative side effect is the loss of connection to your Multidimensional SELF. The individuality that your world has taught you has cast you into your own perception of reality, which is often different from that of those with whom you share your life. These varying perceptions of reality can easily cause strife, which has been so very common. However, if you now turn around inside of your SELF, you will see that this individuality is yet another version of the many illusions in which you have lived.

Inside of your SELF is the YOU who created the illusion of the separation, which led to the appearance of individuality. We speak of the illusion that whatever each one of you does, thinks, feels, desires or expresses, affects you and you only. On the other hand, when you look onto the matrix, which is the format for the illusions of separation in your world, you will see that you are all completely and infinitely connected.

Your individuality is actually your personal spark-point in the Matrix through which you are inter-connected to every other individual spark-point. Within the Embryo of your SELF you can perceive how your spark-point allows you to interact with the Matrix that connects you to every other spark-point. In fact, from within the Matrix you can see the flow of energy that is sharing its perceptions of SELF through their personal spark-point.

Therefore, we ask that you use your wonderful imagination to turn your eyes around and push open the curtain to see who is creating the illusion. Yes, the creator of your illusion is YOU. Do you see how your individuality allows each of you to see the same flow of energy in a slightly different way? Do you understand how each of you share your interpretation of the same flow and project it out through your spark-point and into the illusion of your 3D reality?

Furthermore, you each believe that you are different. Hence, you take on many different roles to create variety in the reality that you are ALL creating. However, you forgot that you ALL are creating this reality. You have forgotten that you live in a vast tapestry that is constructed of over 7-billion spark-points that are all projecting their perception onto the illusion of your physical world. You have all done such a fine job of creating your reality that you forgot that your world is an illusion.

You forgot that if you turned your mind around you could see, not the holographic picture that was created by each Spark-Point, but the Matrix of your holographic screen. In fact, we ask you to NOW turn your mind around. Turn your emotions around. Turn your perceptions around. Place your attention and intention, not on the tapestry of projected light, but on the light that is being projected out through your spark-point.

If you do so you will realize that YOU are each projectors of light. You are each movie cameras who are projecting your perceptions of reality onto the holographic tapestry of third dimensional reality. Each of you is projecting your individual experience of reality out through your individual portal, spark-point, and onto the holographic screen of the third dimensional illusion. Then, somehow, you each must find a way to pull the over 7-billion different projections into some cohesive form of reality as you know.

However, each of YOU only knows reality through your own, individual interpretation of a huge collage with over 7-billion pictures. Do you understand now why there are certain pictures that do not peacefully flow into the next picture? Do you realize now why certain pictures are very big, as that spark-point wants the dominate the holographic screen, while other pictures are very small pictures as that spark-point want to be as invisible as possible?

However, not ONE of you is invisible to your Higher Expression of SELF. Not ONE of you is insignificant to your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multidimensional SELF does not exist within the holographic image that you have thought of as your reality. Your SELF flows within the matrix which is the foundation of the reality that you believe is “real.” Your SELF knows that your reality is only a holographic projection and that only YOU are real.

You are real because YOU are the projection from your Multidimensional SELF. You do not know that you are a projection onto this huge “video game” because you have become lost in your Avatar Self, your individual holographic projection. You forgot that your spark-point is a window through which you can look into the hologram, a door through which you can join the video game.

Most important, you forgot that your spark-point determines what version of the game you are playing. When you “wake up” in the morning, you find yourself in the Avatar body that you believe is your individual Self. However, you forgot that this game is a collective game, and every single input into the game is displayed onto the holographic screen that you think is YOUR world.

Your Embryo of SELF is the YOU that quietly whispers to your spark-point to remind you that you do not have to log into that holographic illusion. It is just a game. Do you want to be the one who plays the game and thinks it is real? Or, do you want to be your SELF? Your Multidimensional SELF is projecting its light through your spark-point to interact with and contribute to the tapestry of over 7-billion individual versions of the reality that is cast onto the holographic screen.

Ascension is not the video game, as this game is not real. Ascension is turning around inside your Embryo of SELF to log into your Multidimensional SELF rather than the holographic game. What would that be like, you wonder? What would it be like to awaken one morning to find yourself logged into the holographic game and realize that the game is not real? At that point will you know that YOU are real? Will you know that the Essence of each person, plant, animal and planetary structure is real?

The Multidimensional Projector who sends its light into the Matrix to be projected out through one of its myriad spark-points is real. However, each spark-point puts their personal perception of reality onto that Light. All these projections, which adhere to the tapestry of over 7-billion experiences of reality, are a holograph. Do you want to be the projection of your version of reality, or do you want to be the Multidimensional Projector who projects the Truth into the Matrix?

What would you see if you turned around inside yourself to look, not into the hologram, but into your Multidimensional Projector SELF? If you could BE your SELF you could consciously project your Light into the Matrix, then consciously receive that Multidimensional Light and project it out through your spark-point.

We are aware that you are all very attached to your holographic game. In fact, we, your Higher Expressions of SELF, are also attached to this game. We want this game to have a happy ending as much as you do. However, we know that it is a game and that it is not REAL. We also know that each spark-point is only one of over 7-billion spark-points who are projecting their version of reality onto the holographic screen.

Most of these spark-points are projecting a version of reality based on third-dimensional illusions because they have not yet remembered that they are their SELF. Hence, they only know the reality that is projected onto the holographic screen. Therefore, they do not realize that they can logout of the game whenever they are tired of being an individual that is separate from over 7-billion other individuals. They do not know that they have played this gave over and over and over and over. When the Avatar Self “dies”, they finally get to logout of the game.

Fortunately, many of you, our Ascending Ones, are projecting your Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love into the game, but you are very tired of this game. However, you do not want to lose the game. You do not want to abandon the game and let it crash. You want to WIN the game. You want to win the game by remembering that it is not real. You want to remember that YOU are the Multidimensional Projector of Light and not just another individual spark-point that believes the game is real.

In other words, you want to be the Embryo of your Multidimensional SELF. You want your Embryo SELF to ascend into another magnificent expression of YOUR immense Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love. Therefore, instead of logging back into the game each morning and forgetting your SELF, you want to start each morning login by reminding your individual Self that YOU are NOT the projection!

YOU are the Multidimensional Projector who consciously logs into the game, consciously puts on your Avatar Self and consciously remembers that YOU are the projector and NOT the projection. Now, we would like you to also remember that your Projector SELF is one of our lower frequencies of expression. YOU are one of us, the Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters, at a lower frequency of our Multidimensional SELF.

As our lower frequency of SELF, you have created and/or maintained an individual expression so that WE can login to Planet Earth Hologram. We, your Higher SELF, want to win this game too. We do NOT want the game to end with our dark-side Avatar Self never awakening. We do NOT want to end this game with our Ascending Avatar dying before you live the glorious experience of planetary Ascension.

We realize that you, our Avatar Selves, need our help. We understand now that we made the game too difficult. We created a game to see if beings could become totally separated into individuals, and still remember their Higher Expression of SELF. This game was too difficult for anyone to win because too many dark Ones decided to never remember their light. Therefore, we have made a holographic insert into our game to assist our spark-point’s Avatar Self.

This holographic insert is the option for you to remember that YOU are OUR projection into the Matrix. We realize that if you are to win this game, you will have to remember that you are a great Multidimensional Being. Therefore, if you can turn inside to consciously perceive our magnificent Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love being projected into you, you can use your spark-point as a light portal through which YOU can be the Projector of our Higher Light and Love.

More and more of our spark-points have come to the final level of this game. This final level is known as “The Ascension Home”. We want you to know that we are projecting as much of our collective Light and Love into YOU as you can tolerate. In this manner, we are be able to awaken the sleeping Avatars, transform the dark-side Avatars and bring your Embryo of SELF into full awareness.

Dear Ascending Ones, do you understand now why you are so very tired and why you need so much sleep? Do you understand now why you are suffering so many symptoms of transformation (illness) and/or feel agitated, nervous, anxious and/or depressed? Your small, low frequency Avatar body is being stressed to the maximum.

Fortunately, YOU can merge into us, your Higher Expressions, to recharge and expand your consciousness so that you can consciously accept and project our Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love into OUR shared game. Of course, ALL life is real. However, the illusion of life is not real because it is a distortion of energy patterns. These distorted energy patterns resonate to the very low frequency of the third and fourth dimensions.

On the other hand, with this new insert, we can project our Multidimensional Light and Unconditional Love into YOU, our Embryos of SELF. Then, you can project our Light onto the 3D hologram. In this manner, you become a Multidimensional Projector of the highest frequencies of Light, which is Unconditional Love. This projection of Light and Love into you, and then into the hologram, will increasingly transmute the illusion of separation and polarity into the Truth of Unity and Oneness.

We end this transmission by reminding you to remain conscious of what you project into the hologram. You are our representatives and have the innate ability to transmute illusion into Truth. Thus, when you awaken in the morning, please take a moment to consciously remember who you really are! Carry this remembrance throughout your day. Then, when you “fall asleep”, you logout of the 3D Game and can return Home to us.

Blessings from The Arcturians and ALL your Higher Expressions of SELF

Variables of species ~ Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild - January 28, 2013

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

January 28, 2013

Blossom: Welcome my friends. Well, in Truth I could blurb on about challenges that myself and many, it seems, are experiencing … and we are talking real corkers!! I could make jokes about Ascension? What **** Ascension? … but we would be going over the same ground as our last communication. So I thought I  would steer away from all that and change the energy to a few questions that someone wrote in about … which as you know is unusual for 'us ' to do. Is that ok with you?

The Federation of Light: We would consider that which you decide this day to be most appropriate for the whole at this time. Fire away … as one would say.

Blossom: Jolly Dee! They asked "Do people look basically the same on other planets, except perhaps for details such as skin colour or size of body limbs?'

The Federation of Light: We would say that there are variables of species. Some would be unrecognizable to the human form and many would appear to be considerably distasteful in their ‘regalia’ of covering. On the other hand there are those whose radiance is purely Light form … some whose rainbow colors would astound. There are those whose appearance would certainly repulse … There are some whose appearance is very like your own.

In this Universe alone there are so many species. Creators are always creating! If you were to consider how many different species you are able to view on planet Earth alone ... imagine then … if you can … the vast amount there must be in ALL THAT IS.

Blossom: Thanks for that. To continue on in that vein … 'Are civilizations on other planets mostly more spiritually advanced, or less advanced, than our own?'

The Federation of Light: Now there is a question to ponder upon. Life itself continues to evolve. New life is always being created as new planets emerge from depths of nothingness. Therefore it is not generally possible to answer this. There are indeed many who are greatly advanced from that of your planet Earth. In the millions.

Blossom: What? The millions?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. Perhaps you are naïve dearest Blossom of the magnitude of the ‘ISness’?

Blossom: Clearly I am!! Pray continue.

The Federation of Light: It is beyond words once again to try to explain that which you have asked. For you on Earth sometimes look up at the stars and FEEL in awe of all that you can see … let alone having any idea of all that you cannot see.

Yet consider this … ALL … ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING IS YOU ... Because YOU are part of it all.

Blossom: So would you say that a part of my Higher self is part of a Being of Light on some planet as well as part of some monstrous looking giant ant on another?

… You are hesitating with your answer?

The Federation of Light: Because of trying to put such a complex matter into simple ‘yes or no’ form. Let us try.

You are ONE energy. There is only ONE energy. Yet there are vibrational levels of that ONE energy. So it may be that your segment of self that is YOU that you KNOW NOW here on Earth … is on a Higher vibration of say … a species of consciousLESS giant ants.

Blossom: ConsiousLESS? Is there such a planet of such living things? … Are they living if they have no consciousNESS? Far out … that leads into what is consciousNESS? Let alone … consciousLESS! … Oh hello … brain blowout coming up!

The Federation of Light: We do not find that it serves to blow your brains out! Yet we find it serves to do our upmost to assist in ones inquiries to a certain degree … depending on subject matter.

So when you ask is there such a thing as consciousLESS Beings on a planet we would answer … There is everything that is possible going on … and keep in mind there is nothing that is impossible.

Let us try and keep to the matter asked. Your aim … if you like … is to reach the Highest level of Love there is. You came from it … You are it … yet ‘The game’ …

Blossom: I always FEEL odd when you call our existence ‘a game’ or ‘experiment’ yet I do ‘Get it’.

The Federation of Light: To continue … 'The Game’ takes from you all that you are ... in order to get back to it .

Blossom: Remind me not to put it on my Christmas list. I mean really … what is the point? Were some Higher Beings just bored one day and thought “I know … let’s create a planet where the Beings upon it can’t remember who they are and blindly they have to find their way back home?’

The Federation of Light: You were created in order to be an expression of THE CREATOR. From the aspect of the creators of the Human Being … as you know from past communications … you were an experiment of free will …

Blossom: Which you say went up the Swanee!!

The Federation of Light: And due to this … we offer you the paddle! For we cannot sit by and watch your planet … nor the Beings upon it … destroy itself. This has happened before and it serves not the whole plan.

Blossom: Which is?

The Federation of Light: To bring you home.

Blossom: I daren’t ask … and then what? … for fear of human combustion occurring!! Back to … am I part of the Light Being and the Giant ant?

The Federation of Light: Of course … yet that which you CHOOSE to experience at one given time within your consciousness is that which at that given time you FEEL you are.

Understand that another part of your Higher self is allowing an aspect of itself to experience something completely different … yet it is still part of you … still part of your Higher self.

Blossom: So would you say our Higher self is the part of us that is our God self? ... GULP!

The Federation of Light: No.

Blossom: Oh! I thought you were going to say yes. What then … if you are able to express in words … is the difference between our Higher self and our God self?

The Federation of Light: Your Higher self is accessible to you … from you …. Your God self IS YOU.

Blossom: Mmm … is there a rocket scientist in the house?  If my Higher self is accessible TO me … FROM me …. And my God self IS me …  Eh … der??

The Federation of Light: Your God self is YOUR essence. Each one of you here on Earth … every living thing IS GOD. GOD has TO BE in EVERYTHING for without GOD nothing would exist.

Blossom: I need to say here that my interpretation of GOD is LOVE ENERGY.

The Federation of Light: Your Higher self however is a more tangible aspect … yet we use that word' tangible' in comparison to the God aspect. Dearest one’s ... it is so very complicated … for there can be the Higher soul self and there can then be also the Group Higher self … There are so many many many levels of existence within all the many many levels of LOVE ENERGY.

Blossom: To be honest … without reading all this back … I am not really sure if we are any further forward or not on the matter. Yet I will continue. ' Is spiritual advancement necessarily a function of technological advancement?'

The Federation of Light: No. As you will KNOW from matters upon your Earth plane. It would depend entirely upon whose hands the ‘blueprint’ for such technological advancement falls into. We can sense that your brain is almost about to blow Blossom?

Blossom: Well we usually do the hour so ... happy to go for another ten minutes .

The Federation of Light: May we suggest then that we ‘Lighten up’ the load for that time?

Blossom: Sure … that would suit me fine … Lighten away!

The Federation of Light: Dearest friends … our brothers /sisters/family. KNOW of this in your heart . Many of you are experiencing great contrasts within that which you KNOW as Love and that which is presenting itself very differently from that KNOWING.

Watch yourselves as you ‘come through into the other side’. For all that you are experiencing on a deep level of your soul is your guidance radar and ...


Blossom: Whoa … That’s so good to hear.

The Federation of Light: Are you not yourself Blossom … challenging the fact that anything actually happened on the Dec 21st date as we have expressed to you?

Blossom: Indeed … indeed. And one more for the very bumpy road … indeed!

The Federation of Light: In these times of self-doubt and when your heart cries … and your minds confusion takes over …

STOP! Close your eyes … breath … see the Golden Light within you … See it surround your Being … Breath again … in this Golden Light of Love … this Light of who you are … And KNOW … LOVE.

KNOW that all promises … imaginings and dreams of a NEW WORLD … A GOLDEN AGE … are at your fingertips … KEEP ON KEEPING ON.

Blossom: If I had a dollar for the times I‘ve said that lately … yet it’s all I know to do.

The Federation of Light: YOU WILL KNOW ‘The promised Land’ … for it is yours.


This KNOWING is the KEY. This KNOWING is what allows you to ‘get there’.

And each and every one of you … in your own time … shall arrive.

Blossom: Phew ! Thanks for today …Thanks for it all. In a word … THANKS!

In Love and Light.

Hilarion: Align Yourselves with this Vision of a New You, a Being of Light and of Love

As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – January 27, 2013

Beloved Ones,

As each of you move deeper into the inner recesses of your Being, you are finding the opportunities to bring to the surface that which needs completion. During these times, give compassion to yourselves and all those who are involved in whatever situations come up. This is a time of bringing deeper understanding and knowledge from within you and for bringing peace and equilibrium in order that you may experience a greater lightness of being as you connect to the well of creativity and abundance that bubbles just beneath the surface.

You are in the process of reconnection with your God/Goddess aspects of the divine within you. As you do this deep work upon yourselves, there will be many moments of spontaneous feelings of joy that burst forth, seemingly out of nowhere. This is the process of recalibration and reconnection with the purity and innocence that is at the core of your true nature. Allow and enjoy these fleeting moments and store these feelings of Oneness and unity with all that exists in this World, so that you might utilize those moments and build upon those feelings, for it is these feelings which are creating the new paradigm of your new World.

As you uncover more of what has been keeping you from moving forward with zest, with passion and vitality, be willing to allow the insights to flow through you as you recognize and observe the patterns that have kept you a prisoner in your own consciousness. Keep a journal and record these gems of inspiration and insight. They are keys to unlock the doors to your greater remembrance. Know that you always walk enfolded in the embrace of your Family of Light and that all that occurs is a part of your greater unfolding.

You are as beautiful rosebuds, gently unfurling and opening your petals to the Sun of a new day, a new dawn, a new beginning. As you allow the goodness of your true nature to emerge, you will blossom into a radiance that is clearly visible and discernible to those around you. Your Light is permeating your every cell and glowing with a radiance that is unmistakable. Align yourselves with this vision of a new you, a Being of Light and of Love, who is totally unafraid to let their Light shine and as One who walks their daily path with innate dignity and the highest integrity.

By following these steps, you are enabling others around you to empower themselves and open more fully to their own awakenings. It is now time for our Beloved Lightworkers around the World to let go of all inner sufferings and perceptions that no longer serve you. Enjoy the peace that abides within you, open to the new ideas and opportunities that present themselves each day and follow your own heart in all things.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

Blossom's 20th January, 2013 channelling + A very IMPORTANT reminder

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

Blossom June 6, 2012

January 20, 2013

Blossom: Here we are again then! Hello my friends. Straight to the point … Someone wrote in to ask something regarding ‘A COURSE IN MIRACLES’ where there is mention of ‘The Teachers of Teachers’ and wondered if this was you as you say you are the Overseers of the Overseers. Are you the afore mentioned?
The Federation of Light: Welcome to all. We would advise that we are not.
Blossom: Oh well … That’s that then. Thanks. Bye! Would you care to elaborate … as it isn’t all that clear who you are. You just say the Overseers of the Overseers … any more info you would care to share at all?
The Federation of Light: We sincerely desire to lift your vibration. We deeply KNOW that this shall be done through the knowledge that each one of you holds within yourselves. We indeed overlook/oversee ALL that is put forth regarding matters in … not just your world … but many.
Blossom: So are you saying you are like a High Council and what you say goes?
The Federation of Light: In the realms in which we reside there is not the same agenda as is applied in your Earthly terms of ‘ruling the roost.’ In that … decisions made are a general consensus for the overall benefit of mankind … in this instance.
Blossom: I am picking up a little difficulty in you trying to express what you wish to say.
The Federation of Light: This is correct dear friend. From where we ‘stand’ … with all respect for where you ‘stand’ … there is a vast difference in vibrational energies of understanding. Therefore it is sometimes difficult to portray to you how things are for us … regarding matters for you. We have expressed so many times before that words are often inadequate to portray that which we wish to share with you … and much of this has to do with the difference in vibration … which also interferes with the difference in understanding.
Blossom: At this moment I am getting a visual of being in the presence ‘somewhere’ of “LIGHT BEINGS” … for want of a better word and I am presuming this is you. I see myself just there and nothing being said … just a FEELING of KNOWING …  No words needed.
The Federation of Light: And this is the very reason why so much is misconstrued. Much of which we say is taken on board and for this we are grateful. Yet much ‘goes to seed’ because of the resonance in which any one given soul resides within themselves. 
Blossom: This is a bit odd. For I can FEEL your presence so strongly today and it’s sort of interfering with words because of the said ‘FEELING’.
The Federation of Light: Yet this is our exact desire dearest soul. We ask that now … within your BEINGS to FEEL our presence. We have asked you let go of hope and replace it with the KNOWING. In the same way we ask now that you FEEL us … WITH YOU … because WE ARE. And through this FEELING you will ‘GET ‘the ‘KNOWING’.
Blossom: Ok. Yet many write in wishing they had the contact with you that I have. They talk to you in their minds and long to be heard by you and for you to reply. So I would imagine that those people that are reading this now would say … ‘but we have been trying and you don’t listen!’
The Federation of Light: And we would reply in fullness of our being … ‘we do hear and we do listen.’  The fact that you do not ‘receive’ our reply is not an easy matter to describe. Some are more susceptible to being on the receiving end. Shall we say their ‘wiring’ is more finally tuned for this purpose at this stage?
Blossom: And some would say ‘That’s not fair!’
The Federation of Light: And some would accept the different positions of many souls and the roles that they play at this time. We say to you in all fairness … that in your future days each one that so chooses shall be able to communicate with those of a Higher vibration. Yet one must appreciate also that it is up to the individual to keep on track in their mission to uplift themselves and all … in order to be able to do so.
Please be aware we are not stating that one MUST. It is not for us to dictate to another what they MUST do. We merely offer guidance to show you the easiest way home. Some choose the more difficult path and it is certainly not our position to interfere. However … dearest souls … we desire you to KNOW of the rewards of walking home. You … all of you that have volunteered to be here to see this through ... HAD to be the strongest of the strong … and many times you feel so weak.
You have placed yourselves in a situation that has at times almost drained your very life force from you. You have so courageously chosen to be of a vibration that continually tries to drag you under … and sometimes you feel you have lost the will to pull yourselves out of the mud and up onto safer territory. This which you have chosen to do … FOR THE SAKE OF MANKIND shall not go unrewarded. We do not mean that one does it for the rewards … not in that sense. We mean that the FEELING of the GREATEST LOVE WITHIN THE SELF shall be returned to you a thousand fold for ALL the effort you have put into this enormously complicated …. yet DIVINE PLAN.
When it is complete and you find yourselves in this position of KNOWING the TRUTH of it all and why you volunteered … the very fact that you were part of it and gave of your all to it … will be reward in itself.
Take a few deep breaths at this point now dear friends … take a pause now from reading our words and breathe deeply for a few moments  ... And in those moments KNOW … that this so called ‘uphill struggle’  … is no such thing. It is that which you committed to a long time ago in order to lift this planet of YOURS into its rightful position once again.
Blossom: Yet … even though you say ‘The Change’ has taken place … it still … more often than not … for me anyway … can FEEL like an ongoing battle to stay cheery. When it shouldn’t have to be a struggle … it should be of great ease shouldn’t it … by now?
The Federation of Light: You say this is how it is for you. Yet are you not struggling Blossom with lower energies that are presented to you in the form of other souls displaying their ego as a male peacock would?
Blossom: Oh indeed. Nicely put. I cannot remember a time when so many people have pushed my buttons  … and I thought I was supposed to have become a more understanding BEING since the said ‘Change’ … yet I find myself so short fused with quite a lot of people and at times wonder where the ‘understanding patient  Blossom’  disappeared to … and indeed when she shall return !
The Federation of Light: Yet we would interpret this quite differently. Can you not therefore establish quite clearly those that are not of the same vibration as you?
Blossom: That’s what I am saying … and yet instead of being able to simply send them Golden Rays to assist them to get to a Higher frequency … that I felt I used to do …  I find myself … once alone … verbalising very distinctly that which I Truly think which I could not possibly say to their face. It is so unlike me … yet happening a lot. I am not happy with me for behaving so … as I say … where has my ‘understanding’ gone?
The Federation of Light: The reason not only you … yet many … are being triggered so ... is because the degree of vibration is so much more obvious to the soul that it can strike a frequency of such discord … This is leading on into a ‘segregation of souls’.
Blossom: Yet for a long time now my best mate and I have a laugh about how few friends we choose to have in our circle for this very reason … so this isn’t necessarily news is it?
The Federation of Light: It is new in its ‘discerning process’. For it has now become so much more obvious.
Blossom: Yet you know … one can FEEL a bit ‘up themselves’ if you’ll excuse the expression … because sometimes it can FEEL a bit ‘snobby’ … maybe that’s not the right word … yet it just doesn’t always FEEL right that one doesn’t want to spend time with certain people because we are not on the same wave length . Shouldn’t I be more tolerant? You see? That in itself sounds so like I think I am ‘holier than thou’ … and that FEELS wrong.
The Federation of Light: What one would do well to understand is that ‘The Change’ is now working its magic …oh so very subtly behind the scenes. The disturbances that it is causing to the soul self can be disturbing indeed! That is why it must be so gradual and subtle … See how this is affecting you? … Imagine if it was a MIGHTY CHANGE IN ONE BLAST … it would set many of you into a place of such confusion that one could ‘lose their marbles altogether’… as you would say in your world.
This FEELING of ‘difference’ … this point of ‘difference’ … shall settle. Did not your dear friend White Cloud speak of a shift taking place as a jar of sand being shaken up** … It takes time for it all to settle again … each grain in a new place with a new perspective ... a new outlook … settling next to a different grain of sand from that which it was used to?
Blossom: Yes … I remember that one well. I find it so helpful.
The Federation of Light: We remind you of this because we KNOW how helpful! The sand is settling … the water is still a little murky … yet settling it is.
Blossom: And as usual … once it has settled … it won’t’ be very long before another one!!
The Federation of Light: 
Allow that KNOWING to see you through. We are aware by the energy LIGHTFLOW how much of a strain this can be for you at times.
For what you KNOW now … even though you think you don’t … will be KNOWN on a level that will be apparent and transparent. Imagine now that FEELING … Keep imagining that FEELING when all around your globe the heart beat is in rhythm with the beat of your Mother Earth and you literally FEEL that heart as ONE heart.
It shall be a synchronistic natural happening and the Wave of Love that shall be sent out and FELT will measurably change the vibration and lift everything into another shift!
Blossom: Yes and we keep on keeping on. It seems the best thing to do! For me I find it so comforting to know that there are so many that FEEL the same as I do. Some do, some don’t. It matters not … Yet I have to say that KNOWING that I am not alone in all of this … KNOWING that others struggle with  it all as I do sometimes … gives me the encouragement to carry on … because if they can … I can. WE ARE WARRIORS OF LIGHT INDEED. I AM SO VERY PROUD TO BE PART OF THIS BROTHER/SISTERHOOD OF LOVE. Let’s face it folks … we ‘aint doing bad considering the task we undertook.
KNOW our Light and Love strength is pouring down upon you. We do all we can to uplift even though much is incognito at this time … for this is the way it must be … for now.
Remain in your Light dearest friends … allow it to shine within you … filling you with a FEELING of upliftment and DIVINE LOVE.
Blossom: And we Love you. In Love and thanks. xxx
** This is the excerpt that White Cloud spoke of regarding shifts . Taken from Walking in the Light and The Love.
When a change is taking place it is necessary for this turmoil and the stirring up of all things so that the shift can take place. If you can imagine sand on the bottom of the jug, if this whirlwind did not take place the sand would stay the same. All the grains of sand would remain next to the same grain of sand that it has been next to for a long time. With this stirring up it makes the sand rise. If you look into the jug for a while it is cloudy and murky  and not attractive to the eye at all. When the whirlpool begins to slow down because it has reached its peak, then how differently all the little grains of sand settle. They settle next to a different grain of sand. My friends, do you not see that all this sand has always been part of the same group in the same jug? Now because of the change required, when it is settled it is still part of the same group, except that it has somebody new to talk to so life isn’t so boring looking out of the same piece of glass!

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Just correcting the date error for the interview with Stephen Cook . It is Sunday 20th not 19th .. Quite soon in fact. I think we all get about 15mins so it should be interesting .
So as I reminder it was meant to read:
Just letting you know I will be on a blog talk radio interview along with other guests such as Mike Quinsey, Wes Annac, John Smallman and the whole In Light Radio team!
Stephen Cook will be hosting a special LIVE radio program this Sunday 20th.8pm NYC time, 5pm Pacific - which is 11am Monday 21stth QLD AUS time….
Books and Cd's are available on my website.
Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays.
Blossom G.
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