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Changing Routines

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello Son,

Changing Routines

Some people say to themselves that they have bad luck or things are always going wrong. But they do not think deeply to find the cause of the problem and the processes involved.

We in turn are stuck in routines that create the same thoughts and events.

For example, when we go shopping at the super market we go through the same way and buy mostly the same groceries as before. We are predictable as we think the same and do the same daily routine.

When we do this our thoughts are roughly the same too, hence the same outcomes are achieved in our lives. We should not complain as we have not made any real changes.

Break your routine and try to understand what ascension and moving up to the fifth dimension is all about. This is called progress and we should make progress whenever the opportunities arise. This creates a new wave of thought ideas and inspiration.

Even moving house inspires and reignites the mind to do something different. Thus creating a new wave of thinking; driving the man to achieve another goal is his life.

Remember the ripple effect we send around our area and the world; when we do the same thing over and over again, it becomes part of our vibrational pattern of the body. You are sending the same energies unless changes are made.

Mankind do not worry we are guiding you all who read these words to create an energy that will disintegrate the chaos within our minds; into a new wave of vibrations that will nourish each of you.

Your mother who awaits your return to the fifth dimension.

The Gospel Of Truth - Part 1

Receive this gospel of truth with
the joy of one who has met the Father
and who has been imbued with the power of the Logos.

Hailing from a distant region of the cosmos,
the Savior is a part of the mind of the Father.

Redeeming those who do not gnostically know the Father,
this gospel is a manifestation of the hope
that is stumbled upon by the earnest seeker.

The All seeks that which is of the All.
The Savior, being inside of the All,
is inconceivable and beyond the barrier of mortal thought.

Terror stricken and as ignorant as clouds of fog,
no one is able to see the Father
because of their erroneous ways.

Fashioning a human form out of Truth and Beauty,
the Father appeared as the Son.

Not humiliated by the nothingness of this type of form,
the Truth which He comes here to establish
is unchanging in its unrivaled beauty.

Having compassion, the errors of a human form
must be forgiven. Rooted in fog like delusions,
the Father is regarded as being another passing cloud.

Working in forgetfulness, the spiritually inactive
are made into living captives of primordial darkness.

Knowledge is the Father and the Father is Light.
Distributing knowledge to erase error
from the forgetful minds of the many,
the cessation of ignorance dawns upon
the many when the many learn to come to the Father.

This is the message of the Savior,
who openly revealed the perfections of
the Father's hidden mysteries.

Enlightening the many who came to Him,
Jesus the Christ is the Path to Truth.

The terror stricken, believing themselves to be righteous,
persecuted the Savior in order to make
the Father appear to be powerless before wreckless humanity.

Nailed to the four directions of a cross,
Jesus the Christ became the fruit
of the tree of knowledge.

Unlike in the garden of eden,
those who ate of the fruit
became full of Joy upon discovering its savoury nature.

Finding Himself in every soul and every soul in Himself,
the One Perfect Father of the All
reclaims His Perfection for All of Himself.

Enticing the wayward to come back
Home to Him with the Promise of Eternal Peace,
everything that is lacking in the All
is reinstated to the members of the All
upon obtaining Knowledge of the Father.

A quiet and gentle guide of the fallen,
He spoke the Word in the synagogues of the peoples.

Facing the orthodoxy of the bull headed,
the wise men of these schools
hated Him for Him empowering discourses.

As little children, the knowers of the Father
came to Him in order to see
the Father face to face.

Rising in glory and in giving glory,
their hearts became Living Books for the Living God;
who is the Foundation or Corner Stone of the All.

As the Book of Life,
Jesus the Christ is the reason behind salvation.

Bearing His sufferings in a good spirit,
His death becomes the cause of life for
so many converted and baptized souls.

Making the Invisible Father
visible through taking on a limited size and shape,
the cross is the testimony of resurrected faith.

Appearing as if dead, He is now clothed
in the garment of eternity.

Ridding Himself of mutable forms,
the purity of Jesus the Christ
can never be taken away from Him.

Confidently walking in a lion's den,
He passes before the living dead.

He shouts out at the audience of carnal figures
the mysteries of the Father's Heart.

Seeking to be taught, the living
must be more than living.
Learning the Truth for yourself,
receive into your spirit the Father of Eternal Turnings.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

The Present Moment

"Always respect time. Time gone shall never come back again. Realize the importance of the present and benefit from it to the maximum. Human life is a process of transition from mortal consciousness to God-consciousness. Utilize each and every breath in the recital of God's Name." ("Spiritual Gems", Shri Anandpur Publication)


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1/28/13 Radio-Show Archive!

My 1/28/13 interview on The Blissful Living Show is now archived online. We discussed the subject matter from my book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. To hear the show, go to the below web page; under "Blissful Living – How to Attract Money Using The Power of Your Mind"; click the arrow in the player and the show will start; or, you could click on "Download Episode" to the right of the player to bring up the little mp3 window; click "Open with" to play the file or "Save File" to save it on your computer. Here's the link:

What is the Name of God? The Many Mantras or Sacred Names of the One Nameless (Anami), Soundless (Anadi) God

What is the Name of God? The Many Mantras or Sacred Names of the One Nameless (Anami), Soundless (Anadi) God -- Simran Practice in the Sant Tradition of India,

By James Bean

The Nameless God has been given many names over the countless centuries. There are countless divine names used in various schools of spirituality. Some are given "The Five Names" (Panch Naam) consisting of five holy names of God. These are revealed at the time of Initiation into Sant Mat or Shabd Yoga meditation. These same five names have been used for centuries in certain branches of Sant Mat connected with Sant Dariya Sahib and Sant Tulsi Sahib. Others have been given another set of Five Names, a different version of Panch Naam, and these names have been used for centuries in certain branches connected with Kabir and Sant Dharam Das. Still others have been given five Sufi, Persian or Arabic names of God at the time of Initiation into Surat Shabd Yoga meditation. These five Sufi or Islamic names have the same essential meaning as the five Indian names used in Sant Mat, and, as with the Indian names, also correspond to five basic inner regions.

(In one of the Jewish Gnostic paths of antiquity, a group known as the Sethians, there was also a five-named or Panch Naam type mantra approach, only with five Hebrew names. Those were associated with certain heavenly regions: Harmoz-el, Oroia-el, Daveithai, El-eleth, and another word meaning, the "Self-Begotten One".)

Others are given the name RADHASOAMI (Ra-da-Swam-i, "Soul-Lord" or "Lord of the Soul") to use in simran practice along one's journey though all of the various states and stages within. Other Sant Mat lineages use a two-syllabled sacred word revealed at the time of Initiation, and it represents another name for the Soundless One, the Most High God.

In the classic bhajans and banis of the Sants of India appear numerous names of God. One can read verses exhorting devotees to repeat many names of the Formless One:

"Repeat the Name of Raam".
"Repeat the Name of Radhaswami".
"Repeat the Name of Hari".
"Repeat the Name of Govinda".
"Repeat the Name of Vitthala".
"Repeat the Name of Allah".
"Repeat the Name of HOO (HU)".

Many names have used by various Sants: Param-Atma, Hari, Alakh, Allah, Raam or Rama, Rahim, Agam, Purushotama, Khuda, Gobind, Panduranga, Pandhari, Vitthala, Narayana, Vitthoba, Sat Purusha, etc... Some of these names are used by various Hindu paths also, and have different meanings. As Sant Dariya Sahib once said:

"Consider the four meanings of Ram,
The first Ram (1) is our inner self.
Parashu-Ram (2) is said to be the second one.
The third one lived in Dasharath's (3) home.
The fourth Ram is the Primeval Sat Purush (4)
Call Him (Sat Purush) Ram or call Him Naam,
Ram and Naam are one.
Both are mutually indistinguishable;
Satguru's Sound Current reveals this wisdom."


1) The Life Principle that pervades everywhere, permeating, within all.

2) Parashu-Ram, the son of Sage Jamadagni, is regarded as the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

3) Ancient king of Ayodhya, the father of Ram. Rama: the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and the hero of the great epic Ramayana (Adventures of Rama).

4) The Nirguna or Formless Raam, All-Spirit. ("Dariya Sahib, Saint of Bihar", K.N. Upadhyaya, Mystics of the East Series)

For the Sants of the East, all names of the One God represent the Nameless, Formless (Nirguna) God of Love and Compassion Who is Timeless (Akal), Spirit, and Eternal (Sat).

The True Spirit of Simran Practice is Bhakti

"Simran" is a term which means "Remembrance", the spiritual practice of remembering or being mindful of God by repeating his Name. Devotees sing or chant various names for God. Higher spiritually, and more "within" is the practice of "manas jap", the mental repetition of God's name or names "with the tongue of thought" - in other words, chanting names of God within one's mind. The Sants have always placed much greater emphasis upon mental Simran over vocal chant.

There is however, more to Simran than the repeating of sacred names. Simran must be approached with the right attitude, the right spirit, for one's intent determines how successful the practice will be, and what effect it will have upon one's consciousness. Simran has never been intended to be a dry or lifeless mantra practice. The path of the Sants is a bhakti path, a path of love and devotion for the Supreme Being. Thus, the true Masters have always instructed their students to repeat God's Name with love and devotion, as a lover calling out to one's Beloved, the Lord of Love.

Guru Kabir

Keep your mind ever engrossed in the Name of the Lord
As the lover's mind is ever engrossed in his beloved.
He never forgets her for a single moment -
Through day and night he remembers her.

Happiness rests in ever-repeated simran,
Sorrow and suffering is removed by simran.
Kabir declares with utmost force and clarity:
Practise this simran and be one with the Lord.
(Kabir - The Great Mystic, by Isaac A. Ezekiel)

What, then, is the practice of the Name? It is a form of interior prayer by which a person learns to keep his or her attention always in the Lord, in every circumstance and situation, at all moments, through day and night. It is a form of inner remembrance that leads to a heightened awareness beyond the limitations of the physical world and the portals of death.

Through meditation on the Name, or Nam bhakti, one learns to draw one's attention away from the outer world.

Sant Namdev

Always be in rapport with the Lord
And enjoy true contentment -
This is the state of ineffable serenity.
There is no peace except in the Name of the Lord -
Meditate on it with one-pointed attention.

Experience the state of super-consciousness
Where the Lord's love surges
And you will see your own form
In each particle of the creation.

0 Nama, the Lord will make
The pupil of your eye his home,
And your eye will expand
To contain the entire universe.
(Saint Namdev, Mystics of the East Series)

The Simran of God's Name Will Lead One to the True Name: The Sound of God

The repetition of the holy Names is a wonderful spiritual technique. An uninterrupted inner repetition of the holy Names given by the living Master has to be practiced daily with love, devotion, and one-pointed attention. One thereby transcends one's body and is transported to the realms of Light.

The repetition develops into an ever-going spontaneous process, and one catches the unceasing inner Music which takes one to its Source, and reveals God face to face. One is, therefore, exhorted to search daily for the Source of this Unstruck Music. Whatever one does and wherever one happens to be, one is asked to be a sacrifice unto His Name and to have ardent longing to behold Him and hear His voice.

Mantras/sacred names vary from place to place, in different groups and change over time. The names (simran words, manas jap) given to initiates by a living Master are kept secret along with the meditation techniques.

There are two levels of the name of God: an alphabetical name that can be written, spoken or chanted (either verbally or mentally: jap and manas jap), and there is the True Name of God. The True Name can't be written down or spoken, for it is Celestial Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream. Some mantras mimic it to some extent, such as OOOOMMM, HUUUU, and the Gnostic vowel chant: AAAAUUUUUIIIIEEEEEEOOOO, but the real name "above every other name" is Sound, as in the Music of the Spheres, Song of Creation, Nada, Logos, Tao, AUM, Saut-i-Sarmad, Anhad Shabd or Shabd Naam. "Who else is Christ but the Sound of God." (Acts of John, Gnostic text)

Sant Dadu Dayal

From within, the indwelling Lord Himself
tells me.
"The repetition of My Name alone
is true; all else is delusion."

The Name, the essential Truth of the
three worlds, alone is efficacious.
0 Dadu.
With discrimination, repeat it exclusively
day and night, 0 mind.

At every breath be devoted to it, and
thy Beloved will meet thee one day.
Repetition is the path leading to bliss;
thus hath the Master explained.

Be dedicated to God moment by moment,
even if thou art to lose thy life.
No other way is there to support
the self.

Who is that ill-fated one preaching some
other means?
Without the Name, tell me, where can
one find a foothold? asketh Dadu.

Let not the Name be separated for
a moment from within thy heart,
0 Dadu.
Millions have been purified by
repeating God's Name alone.

Be dedicated to God while the body
is in good condition,
Else later on, when the body and mind
are worn out, thou shalt repent,
sayeth Dadu.

The whole world is full of poison; rarely
someone is free from it, 0 Dadu.
He alone will be free from poison
who is steeped in the Name
of the Supreme Lord.

Repeat the Name with the pang of
separation, and sing its glory with
love and devotion.
Fix thy mind in repetition with joy and
dedication, 0 Dadu.

While speaking or listening, giving
or taking, eating or drinking,
Repeat the Name of God at all times,
0 Dadu, thus shalt the self rest
in the inner lotus.
(Encyclopedia of Saints of India, Volume 25: Sant Dadu Dayal)

Practicing the Presence Through the Prayer of the Name

"After many births the wise seek refuge in me, seeing me everywhere and in everything." -Bhagavad Gita

"Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will cross to the other shore." -Sant Dadu Sahib

If one reads or sings the bhajans of the Sants, one will be reminded every day to repeat God's name. Most every school of mystics in the past, both East and West, has practiced some form of The Prayer of the Name, including: Essenes, Kabbalah, Gnostics, Mount Athos or Eastern Orthodoxy, Sufism, and the Sants of India. Simran is the art of repeating a name or names of God for the purpose of Remembering the Divine - Practicing the Presence of God. It is a way to remain spiritually awake in a world of slumber, a way to remain centered instead of being thrown off-center by the influence of maya - illusion. In the Path of the Saints and Mystics this spiritual exercise of repeating or chanting Names of God is done not only in meditation practice, but as often as possible throughout the day as a way to spiritualize all aspects of life, inner and outer.

This is a spiritual exercise - simran - mantra - zikhr - manas jap - that is practiced on the 'inner,' when we go within during meditation practice. Sant Namdev and other Masters have taught how important it is to develop the spiritual practice of repeating God's Name. This can be done during meditation as a way to: relax, get centered, still the thoughts of the mind, and Above All, to invoke the Positive Power to transform one's meditation through Divine Grace into the experience of God. In order to still one's thoughts, it is often necessary to retain a sacred word to focus upon. The author of a manual of Christian mysticism known as, "The Cloud of Unknowing", suggests the use of a mantra: "If you want to gather all your desire into one simple word that the mind can easily retain, choose a short word rather than a long one. A one-syllable word such as 'God' or 'Love'..." It says in, "The Cloud of Unknowing, "Why does this little prayer of one syllable such as 'God" or 'Love' pierce the heavens? Surely because it is offered with a full spirit, in the height and the depth, in the length and the breadth of the spirit of him who prays." The answer to the prayer of God's Name is God Himself-Herself-Itself.

"When doing spiritual practices, you should sit in one unflinching posture and do mental Simran only, with your inner gaze fixed. Think of nothing else except Simran. Sit in a position most comfortable to you, one in which you can sit the longest without moving; that while sitting in this position, you are to remain wide awake with your attention directed at the seat of the soul behind and between the two eyebrows; that you are to look sweetly and serenely into the middle of the darkness in front of you, repeating the Simran of five charged names slowly and at intervals. At the time of hearing the Sound Current, listen to the Sound only and do not do Simran while hearing the Sound." -- Sant Kirpal Singh

Who repeats the Lord's Name with each
Though replete, gains the merit of a fast.
Glory be to him, the center of all
pilgrimage and holy deeds!
Who repeats the Lord's Name while
engaged in worldly duties,
Remains ever in a blissful state of divine
Who remembers the Lord while treading
life's path,
Obtains at each step the fruit of holy
While indulging in pleasures or spurning
Who repeats the Name of the Lord
Is not stained by actions thus performed.
Know then, one absorbed in the Lord's
Name, 0 Tuka,
Has truly attained liberation while living.
-Sant Tukarama, Gatha 1096

If the mind stays with the Name of the
Supreme Lord even for a moment,
O Dadu,
All its karmas will be destroyed then and
there, within the twinkling of an eye.
-Sant Dadu Sahib

You should also carry out God's Simran
in such a way as to merge in Him and to
become Him.

One who by merging in the Light of the Lord
has become that Light,
no longer remains a mere human being.
Whomsoever we contemplate, Him we become.
-- Sant Kabir

Examples of Names of God

The Five Charged Names - Panch Naam in Shabd Meditation, revealed at the time of initiation
Radhasoami (Radha-Swami)
The Maha Mantra/"Great Mantra":
"Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama,
Rama Rama, Hare Hare"
[Pronounced as: Hare - ( Ha'ray), Rama - (Raa'maa) and
Krishna - ( Kri-Sh'-Naa) ]

Sant Mat History: On the Origin, Meaning, and Usage of the Sacred Name of God 'Radhasoami' (Pronounced "Radha-Swami")

Soami is Ocean and Radha its First Wave

"The founders of the faith have a few allegorical interpretations to put forward to explain the two components of the word -- Radha and Soami. The second guru says that the Supreme Being may be compared to an Ocean. A creative Ocean cannot be perceived without commotion. The first wave of the endless Ocean is Radha. The original Current is not different from but is identical with the Ocean itself and as it comes out so it is ever drawn towards it. The creative Ocean, therefore, is Soami and the first original wave just identical to the Ocean is Radha. The two together form the Supreme Ocean full of spiritual bliss and truth. Hence Radhasoami. ....

"Radhasoami faith is the religion of pure and spiritual love. Love denotes two components, the Beloved and the lover. The prime Source of all love and spiritual energy is the Beloved and is therefore known as Soami. The first wave of love and spiritual energy arising from its Source and then being attracted towards it again, is the lover and therefore is known as Radha. The Supreme Love is Radhasoami, identifying both the components and fusing them into one." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Radhasoami Faith, A Historical Study)

"In the Radhasoami Faith, this Supreme Being is called 'Radhasoami'. The exponents of this faith hold that this holy name has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself and as it is refulgently resounding within the higher spheres, it can be heard by a person who practises Surat Shabd Yoga. The second Guru used to address his Guru as 'Radhasoami Saheb'. When Hazur Maharaj practised the spiritual exercise of Surat Shabd Yoga and attained the highest spiritual Truth, He listened internally the refulgent resonance of Radhasoami incessantly resounding in the first and highest region of creation and found his Guru identical with the Highest Spiritual Being. He was then filled with divine grace and holy light of love. As such, He addressed Him as 'Radhasoami Saheb' and considered Him to be the incarnation of the Supreme Being. .... It was Huzur Maharaj who revealed the name Radhasoami after he realized in His deep meditation (Abhyas) not only that Soami Ji Maharaj was identical with Radhasoami, the Supreme Being, but also that Radhasoami is an ever reverberating Sound coming from the Highest Abode." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"RADHASOAMI Nam was revealed by the Supreme Being Himself. When the humble devotees of Soamiji Maharaj, as a result of their successful Abhyas ([meditation] devotional practices) and Satsang, came to realize His exalted position and immense spiritual powers, and when He too, in His grace and mercy, enabled them to recognize Him, they started addressing Him by the appellation of RADHASOAMI, the Name of the Original Abode from where He made His advent to this world, for showering His grace on Jivas [souls] in this Kali Yuga." (Radhasoami Sahia Bhoomika -- Preface to the Sar Bachan Poetry, by Huzur Maharaj)

"Soamiji tested His disciple and He found that Hazur was capable of spreading His spiritual message. The disciple had realized the Master; and the Master had also recognized the spiritual perfection and glow of the disciple. He recognized in Hazur Maharaj His own spiritual counterpart and on a special request of Hazur, Soamiji Maharaj established the Satsang in 1861. In all eternal radiance Soamiji Maharaj bestowed upon him the most precious and sacred gift -- the revelation of the name 'Radhasoami'. It was the name that Hazur gave to Soamiji Maharaj after the [inner] realization that his Guru was identical with the Supreme Being. The object of Hazur's life had been achieved and he felt contented as never before. Later in 1866, at Hazur Maharaj's stance, Soamiji Maharaj revealed the holy name 'Radhasoami' to His followers." (Agam Prasad Mathur, Petals of Love)

"The Radhasoami mat or Faith derives its name from its original founder, the Supreme Being, Radhasoami, who appeared in this world in human form and designated Himself Sant Sat Guru or perfect Saint or True Guide and Preceptor, and preached holy doctrines to the sincere Enquirer of Truth for the deliverance of their spirit from the bondage of body and surroundings, as well as from the pains and pleasures of this world, and for the ultimate admission (of their spirit entity) into the Holy Presence of the Supreme Being after traversing and breaking through the trammels and impediments in the material spheres." (Huzur Maharaj, Radhasoami Mat Prakash -- Being a Message of Eternal Peace and Joy to All Nations -- Originally written by Hazur Maharaj in English and published in 1897)


"Radhasoami Naam -- whoever recites gets across the ocean of life; troubles vanish, bliss abides, and gone's complete all strife." (Soami Ji Maharaj, Manglacharan, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Book One)

Chanting the Name Radhasoami

"You have to walk with Me, with My spirit, with My radiation. Receive My radiation first, then you can enjoy every radiation with right understanding and without being submerged and drowned in the current of attraction and repulsion they call Maya [illusion].

Always carry My reflection. My aura or reflection is the sum total energy and My spirit of the universe. I am all strength and courage. I am all love and mercy. I am the potential of all talents. I am the source of all riches. I am the light of all wisdom. I am that truth of all truths.

All exist in Me as they are part of Me and I exist in all of them. They are nothing but Me. You will see that I am vibrating everywhere, not only as light waves but also as sound waves, as the creative force, as the procreative force, as the force of all expansion.

I am the creative force, 'Ra'.

I am the expanding force, 'Dha'.

I come back with all the vibrations, 'Soa'.

I become again one with you all and you feel one with Me as 'Mi'.

Ra Dha Swam i.

(Radhaswami, Ra-Dha-Swam-e, Radhasoami).









Chant this Name, this is Me in sound form.

Enjoy Me in sound form, as the magnetic field of love.

(Discourses of Sree Mentu Maharaj, Volume One)

Prem Bani Radhasoami of Huzur Maharaj

The Supreme Father Radhasoami Dayal [Merciful Lord of the Soul] loves you dearly.

He will redeem you in a moment.
Believe what I say is true.

Know that Radhasoami is your True Beloved.
His heart is overflowing with compassion for souls.
He imparts them his own strength and redeems them.

Have no anxiety or worry in your mind now.



........ every moment.

Always utter 'RADHASOAMI',
the Name of the Merciful Supreme Being.
Then only will mind and Kal become powerless against you.

Radhasoami is my most Beloved Lord.
None other than Him comes to mind.

I sing praises of Radhasoami again and again
and shall remain at His holy feet ever alert and vigilant.

I discard all the evil tendencies of the mind
and enshrine RADHASOAMI Nam in my heart.

I sing 'RADHASOAMI', 'RADHASOAMI',......every moment.

(Huzur Maharaj, Prem Bani Radhasoami, Volume One)

The Sar Bachan of Swami Ji Maharaj

Radhasoami has imparted a unique message.
The moment I utter the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI',
all my doubts and misgivings are dispelled.
Radhasoami has taken me in His lap.
Radhasoami will also redeem you.
Repeat the Holy Word 'RADHASOAMI' all the time.
Recite 'RADHASOAMI' all the twenty four hours.
Radhasoami dwells in my heart every moment.

(Swami Ji Maharaj, Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Book One)

A Message About Twin Flames & Sacred Relationships

NOTE: After growing and evolving further on my own path, I’ve decided to drop the label ‘Twin Flame Relationships’ in preference for ‘Holy Relationships’ or ‘Sacred Relationships’. At this stage in my journey this now seems more appropriate, as I’m starting to understand that my True Heart’s Beloved is not something attached to any one form, or person… rather it’s the journey, first and foremost, to reunite with the Soul or mate within.

I believe the ‘Twin Flame Journey’ is the unification with, and return to our OWN wholeness (Divine Holiness)… and that where we’re at on that journey can be both assisted and reflected back to us… by One with who we are contracted to evolve and grow with in the context of a Sacred/Holy Relationship.

Sacred Relationships are not always easy human relationships, initially at least.

Their focus is not about romance (although romance can be an aspect of it), but about assisting each other to heal so we may return to the realisation of (w)holiness.

When a person comes into our life who we feel we instantly recognise on a heart and soul level… it may be that we have experienced lifetimes with them before which encompassed human drama, pain, grief, unrequited love, war, loss, violence, betrayal… as well as love, passion, longing, affection, recognition, fondness, family connections and more.

That person, may have chosen to act as one of the leading characters in our earthly play over many past lives, so that when we meet again, a lot of personal/ancestral karma, painful feelings, soul memories and paradoxical emotions of love, may re-surface, to be cleared.

It is worth remembering here that before unification in TRUE love can begin, we must burn up everything between us that is NOT Love.

Fear must be released, old drama must be acted out, transmuted with loving awareness, and seen as just part of the illusionary dream we volunteered to play.

This is a process and it takes time, and patience.

It takes a lot of letting go, and a HUGE amount of Trust and Surrender.

Mostly it requires compassion, forgiveness and finally, the recognition that there was never anything to forgive.

Only you can complete the inner work to balance, ground and heal.

But all sacred relationships are designed to assist you, by shining a spotlight on every wound you still hold to.

You assist each other on the journey back to (w)holiness.

You will show one another the illusionary wounds you are ready to heal.

Those wounds being your belief that you were ever separated from Love.

This is Holy, sacred work ~ the ultimate act of Love is to heal one another.

In the past, unification with your true heart’s Beloved (your own Soul), has been thwarted because when we finally reunite in true love, this union acts as a mighty catalyst, creating a vortex of energy which is powerful enough to radically alter the world as we currently know it.

This is why many of you are reuniting with THE Beloved, right now.

It is simply time.

When you meet your Beloved – on the either the inner or outer plane, it is because you are ready to wake up.

It will be one of the biggest awakenings you are likely to encounter in this lifetime.

One that will lead you to experience and learn first hand, whilst still embodied here on earth, the intimate teaching of The Nature of True, Divine and Unconditional Love.

But only you can know if you have met your true Divine counterpart.

Your heart, soul and intuition will guide you.

Your mind – to the extent it holds on to any remaining echoes of fear – will fight to keep you apart.

Yet once you recognise the truth of your own perfection.

Once you recognise that neither of you stand above, nor below one another, but together as true equals in Love, a clear pathway of light will open up before you.

This golden path will return you both to the Sun of Divine Illumination.

Remember, you have never walked alone, though it has often felt that way.

You have always walked your path together.

Ultimately, you will merge back into the great fire of passion and Love from which you were all created.


Holy Child of God,

Patience. All is Well.
The fears you feel are of the mind.

Tune into your heart if you wish to receive
the Truth full answer.

You are Safe, in God’s hands.
And so is your True hearts Love.

No one can separate the bond that flows between you,
for it is Eternal.

You are connected through all time, all levels and this Dear One, is why there has been so much Karma to clear between you, so many fears to be shed, so much pain that was neccessary to be burned up inside your heart, and washed away in tears, before pure Love could emerge.

Beloved, be delighted and overjoyed, for so much that held you apart from experiencing TRUE love, has been released… your unification is imminent.

You will be reunited and this time it will be clearer, stronger, more grounded and harmonious than before.

Yes there is still work to do, you are eternal remember.

But my children, be joyous and happy.
You could never loose one another, for you are always connected in heart and soul.

The physical is just a fleeting experience that shall pass away.

But Love is beyond all time, it will never fade,
it can never be lost, it is constant and all enduring.

Trust in Love …Love will pave the way.

“Lovers do not finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.” ~ Rumi.

Core Essence

Our certainty lies in our perceived experience not in the event so much as in how we are geared to experience the event, this being why each individual of a singular event will interpret it differently from the other witnesses, as each of us filters what we see through the experiences of a lifetime, as such this is also the one purpose that we serve perfectly and without error. It is who we are.
We may alter the way that we perceive, for we do it all of the time, but we cannot alter our fundamental base of being, as we are who we are regardless of circumstance. Upon this we can only build, increasing our capacity, ever learning, and yet never to affect our core being. I’ve heard the core called the higher self, Christ consciousness, the still quiet voice. The somewhat infamous ego sense of self is not the end all in our personality, for the core essence is ever present as a quiet observer of life. This may strike you as your conscience, which is close to the truth, but limited fundamentally, for it suggests judgment which the core displays not at all. The core does nudge us in the right direction in very subtle ways, filling us at times with inspiration and whole new aspirations.
The foremost way to realize core essence is through meditation. Simply pay attention to the process of breathing and release your thoughts to the breath. Discard anything that may bleed through your quieted mind and attempt to maintain your attention upon your breath. This has been called existing in the now and the comfortable feeling that this produces is the essence of your core, being a place where future worries or past fears cannot be maintained.
Your permanence is your core essence and it is completely unalterable, nonjudgmental, quietly observing the process of life from an aspect quite foreign to the ego. Imagine living in constant gratitude in each and every moment, approaching each moment in a state of perfect joy, living solely for the here and now, unfettered by the past or imaginings of the future. You have probably associated with individuals who live in this way. It is the individual who seems completely unaffected by the surrounding events, like the proverbial calm in the storm. This is the gift of the here and now, for your core essence is present at all times in the here and now, as such is the source of all joy. May you always live in the present and may your joys be everlasting.

Manifestation Circle



The energy for manifesting is available now, in you, and yet when we come together it gets MAGNIFIED.

We invite you to put your attention on THREE THINGS you want. Write your three things in the comments and this will increase your Attraction Intention.

This signals the Universe and sets magic in motion. We can really put infinite things in the circle, but doing it in threes helps keep our focus.

Our three things: Opportunities to bring more Light into the Media, teamwork with more amazing folks, school systems that foster genuine happiness.

What are YOUR three things? LIST THEM IN THE COMMENTS!!
(They don't need to make sense to anyone but you.... Smile

Please spread this post so others can assist and experience the active energies!

Love and Light,

Angelique heart

The human experience.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Its quite easy when following a conscious spiritual path to expect things to be perfect, to forget that we are having a human experience here on Earth in order to learn and grow and remember who we really are. Being conscious and true to oneself and one’s ideals doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to be human and to make ‘mistakes’. In reality there are no mistakes as everything is a learning experience.

Its also very easy to take things too seriously in our seeking and conscious living. Its important to remember why we are here … to remember who we truly are, to remember love and lose the fear-based elements. We have a choice … our human experience can be miserable or it can be happy. We can suffer or we can choose not to.

But we ARE human. We are all learning. No-one is ‘PERFECT’ in a human sense. Its ok to be yourself and its ok for others to be themselves too. Everyone is learning, everyone is entitled to be who they are. Following a conscious path means being non-judgemental and that gives us a responsibilty to accept others and their paths without judgement and prejudice. We don’t know the soul path of another human being and we don’t know the lessons they have agreed to learn. But we all have one thing in common – we are HUMAN! We are here to LIVE! We are here to GROW! We are here to ENJOY! We are here to remember LOVE!

So let your hair down and enjoy this human life!

Any Change for You since 21-12-12?

Do You feel different since the Shift on 21-12-12?

I feel a more peaceful Energy, I feel more Positive myself and more able to share Love and Light to others even more, also less graving of some foods, eat more "light" food, sometimes I do have graving for black chocolat ;-), most of the time only drink water all day and no graving for other kind of drinks, feel more connected, see more signs (almost every day), time goes more slow than before......

What is your experience? Do you feel something different? Or don't you feel any kind of change?

Please, share your thoughts and experiences!

Love and Light,

Angelique heart

What are YOU waiting for?

An explorer, captain, and crew set out for an adventure on the open seas. An adventure that promises treasure beyond their wildest dreams… an adventure that provides no guarantee of safety… an adventure that will be unlike any adventure before it. For everyone on the boat, the roles are defined and set; Captain drives the boat to where they need to be, crew sets the stage for what is about to happen and the explorer jumps into the murky waters to search for what may lie below. The exact same boat. The exact same waters. The exact same mission.

Who do you feel has the easiest role?

For some, they feel it’s the Captain who has the easiest role. All he has to do is drive the boat to where it needs to be. Some feel it’s the Crew. They don’t have the risk of going into the water or the responsibility of finding the proper location. Others yet, feel it’s the Explorer with the easiest role, as all he has to do is jump in and look around.

All of the above is perfectly true, except for one big thing; each individuals intention.


A vessel for the third dimension

Message from Ascended Master Saida Khatoon
Channelled by Shazi
Further Reading: Signpost to the Source

Hello son,

A vessel for the third dimension

We remind you that the bigger picture is coming soon, and releasing the reality we live in is essential to move to the fifth dimension.

Millions around the world are having unusual experiences as they come to terms with their soul or higher consciousness. For some it is an exciting moment, for others it is hugely disappointing to realise that the world is not what it seems to be. But once these feelings are put aside we can experience new things as we come into contact with our real self.

The body we reside in is not our real self but a vessel for the third dimension in habituating this world. The real body is our soul or spirit that freely floats around other dimensions when we sleep.

If we consciously realise this our path to ascension will accelerate; as we will begin to let go of the attachments or material things that weigh us down. The fifth dimension is like a floating world free of any emotional baggage. It is the very reason and important to spend as much time as possible in developing the right frame of mind to ascend. This means slowly detaching ourselves from the material world at regular times. This does not mean we neglect our duties as parents or with family.

Once we have acknowledged that our real self is not the body we reside in, we must now release all the fear and anxiety inside of us. If we analyse in minute detail and ask ourselves what we are afraid of, one of the answers will be about money.

The dark entities have led to believe that money is all important in life and having none will cause hardship, embarrassment and hunger. This is what they want you to believe. But no, it is the Creator who feeds you and takes care of your daily requirements, we remind you.

We gave this example as this is appropriate for these times of chaotic expenditure. However, whatever your fear is except this as a third dimensional thinking.

I repeat these words again; fear is only part of third dimensional thinking; so except it without feeling disappointed with yourselves. I too and many billions of people around the world have all felt fear in their lives. But it is time to say to yourself “this is not me but the third dimension I live in”.

When we begin to understand this, then we can slowly free our minds and begin to float freely around the world.

Your mother with great delight that all of you reading these words are beginning to understand the illusion we live in. I present you with scented flowers, they are so beautiful.
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