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Spiritual Light And Its Effect On The Brain And Nervous System How We Experience Energy Sensitivity

by Mashub

Beloved ones, the higher vibrations of God's light are streaming forth into physical matter, rapidly transforming the physical and energetic structure of the human body.

At the present time, light has activated a process of transformation and transfiguration within the energy body of the Earth. This transformation process is interacting with the miraculous divine organic processes of life that exist within all living things on the Earth.

Your nervous system is one of the most miraculous creations imaginable in God's creation. From the highest reaches of the spiritual planes, your soul essence is translated in to physical form, mainly through the nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

Spiritual light has several distinct effects on these systems of the body, as the frequency of light increases, the cells, atoms and molecules within these systems are accelerated and refined.
Spiritual Light Produces Heat

One of the major light body symptoms that people are experiencing right now has to do with inflammation. Spiritual light moves through the body and opens areas of the body that have been closed, traumatized or blocked.

These areas of blockage may be physically, emotionally, or energetically based. Some areas of the body mind and spirit may have accumulated injury or trauma either in the present lifetime or during other incarnations.

When light contacts an area that has been more closed, the tissues and cells begin releasing the source of what caused the initial blockage. The releasing process can cause heat, and can accelerate the movement of kundalini energy along the spine. The result can be mysterious pains that seem to have no apparent cause.

Sometimes the original source of the blockage is available to consciousness, as you will suddenly feel sad for no apparent reason, or you will notice unfamiliar memories surfacing.

Other times you may have no conscious understanding of how the original blockage occurred, except that you are feeling pain.
Spiritual Light and the Chakras

The current frequencies of spiritual light that are coming to the Earth have not yet reached their full capacity. This allows for a gradual period of adaptation so that our physical and energy bodies can grow into the new vibrational atmosphere that is developing on the Earth.

For many people, the higher vibrations of spiritual light are activating and awakening the upper energy centers of the body, known as the crown chakra, the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

The light body symptoms associated with the opening of these three energy centers can be quite alarming, as they often manifest in neurological or dental symptoms and unexpected changes in consciousness.

The upper energy centers are deeply connected with the nervous and endocrine systems, and their locations correspond to specific glands and nerves within the body.
Light Body Symptoms Associated With the Upper Chakras

As they receive greater infusions of spiritual light, the transformation process can produce light body symptoms such as:

Jaw pain
Neck pain
Dental pain
Blurred vision
Ringing in the ears
Skin rashes

As you can see, some of these symptoms can be alarming or even cause severe pain. It is important to work with health professions to discern what symptoms may be a medical symptom of illness, and what symptoms may be transformational in nature.

Often times there are no clear answers, which is why it is so important to attune to inner guidance, and to develop an inner sense of trust in the process.
Spiritual Light and Purification

The increasing spiritual light on the Earth infuses the organism and accelerates the process of purification, even for those who are not aware of the process or consciously participating in it.

Purification is a miraculous divine process which separates energies of light and energies of darkness, causing the energies of darkness to rise to the surface of the body and consciousness, and to be released.

Purification requires the presence of physically embodied light, which in previous times was available to a select few through teachers and spiritual practices. Now, at the present time on the Earth, all of physical reality is beginning to vibrate with the higher dimensions of light which is activating purification on the world stage.

This effect is happening everywhere, though is stronger in some locations that others, depending on the consciousness of souls and the consciousness of the Earth in various locations.

The effect of greater light is twofold. It opens consciousness, and also brings to consciousness what was previously hidden, forgotten or repressed.

Light can bring a feeling of expansiveness so that the physical body feels more open, and at the same time, can accentuate the awareness of areas of blockage within the body, so that you feel more pain, more restriction, and more "stuckness".
Ways to Respond to Light Body Symptoms

Many light body symptoms must simply be endured until they end, however there are things you can do to help reduce the discomfort you may be feeling.

Your symptoms may correspond with or be manifested as similar to known medical, dental or neurological problems. It may be useful to explore alternative or medical treatment options for your symptoms, as these may help reduce pain.

Depending on the state of your overall health, you may want to undertake a cleanse, either with herbs or through the use of colonics, or both. In some cases this can open the elimination pathways of your body so that release more easily what is being purified.

Since light can also intensify the experience of heat in the body, it may be useful to receive acupuncture or other energy based healing methods that can help balance the energy fields and allow for a smooth communication between the energetic pathways of the body.

For some people, the experience of greater heat in the body causes them to feel cold all the time. This is related to the physical body developing a vibrational state that is different from the surrounding environment, and needing the support of warmth to help maintain the new vibration.

Sometimes placing ice or cool compresses on areas of the body which are painful or inflamed may help to reduce pain or discomfort.
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