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a meditation: pre-Aquarius full moon

AquariusWe are instruments, tuned in order to be played by great cosmic energies. One can feel the flow of energies in this meditation. We will meditate again with the full moon tonight. Hope to see you there. Until then, thank you for doing this world service meditation.

Podcast: a meditation, pre-Aquarius full moon

Webcast: a meditation: pre–Aquarius full moon

Join in the evening Full Moon meditation by going to Spirit Fire’s site and click to join at 7:55 p.m. ET

Size matters

dew drop wholenessThere’s a video of size scale that begins with a drop of dew on a leaf and then zooms out, by powers of 10, one level and image at a time until the scale is cosmic in the deep of space and then it reverses. Eventually, after frames of scale we are back to the dew drop on a  leaf in Central Park and then deep inside it. You know that video? It leaves you with a feeling of all being related. (I couldn’t find it, but found the “original” version which starts a human beings picnicking.)

So, I woke up in the middle of the night during this Aquarius full moon cycle with a similar graphic realization about scale and relatedness.

saudi-buraida-protestHumanity, on a particular scale, is like the digestive juices in our gut. We are volatile, passionate and heated in fun and anger. We act out. Another video played in my mind of a handful of women in Saudi Arabia protesting and the foment that it caused. They and their action were like digestive juices breaking down the protective thought wall of an entrenched monarchy, of harshly imposed patriarchy and enforced control. This band of yelling women, through their arrest and temporary silencing, caused a tumult and the domino effect of men taking to the streets protesting the release of the women and their children. Like digestive enzymes breaking down food, its constituents are revealed and must be assimilated by the body of which they are a part.

Then my mind’s eye saw a compost pile of leaves in the morning sun giving off a mist. The mist is devas, elementals of the earthly matter of the leaves, being transformed and liberated from being devas of dense material substance to devas of mist. As such they will experience temporary freedom as they rise up and dissipate as water molecules and become water or air devas.

The three examples reveal that within the context of scale/size of expression, the livingness expresses as it does but is always part of a greater whole and that all levels of livingness are interdependent.

On one size scale, humanity is the hot, combustible juices of the gut within the body of the our planet. But that scale and reference would only apply when we understand that our planet is part of an interdependent larger whole in which humanity is analogous to the probiotic digestive flora and bacteria of the gut. At the same time, humanity is capable of the expression of beauty and compassion. Thus when viewed from the angle of that quality, we understand that the same Heavenly Man that is our beautiful blue planet is simultaneously an interdependent part of a different and slightly larger scale whole. Zoomed out, then, beauty and compassion are revealed and now we are a part of a planet that is part of a heart center in a system greater than just one planet.

Zoom out again, and we become aware of the seething cauldron of life that planet Earth is. Spring eruptions of bugs from the soil, grass from its sleep, baby sea turtles seething from sand tomb-wombs then dashing through devouring predators to the temporary safety of the moonlit sea. There they have to survive the froth of the waves and the fish waiting to eat them. Storms, earthquakes, the heaving of tectonic plates and glaciers, lightning, and the combustibility of almost everything including atoms that come together in mini big bangs to form compounds. Stepping back, it was easy to understand the references of the Master DK to our planet and our sun being a base center (chakra) within a greater, vaster scale body of Being that includes suns of which our sun is one.

And it is so, just as I am simultaneously typing and musing, a part of me is freeing the last vestiges of supper into the energy of calories and nutrients, while a part of me is wishing love and comfort to a friend in dire pain. At the same time, I am a place holder in the body of awareness that is human consciousness within a planet growing global human consciousness like we grow bacteria in a specimen dish. But growing nonetheless and evolving to express planetary Beingness in ways that I as a place holding paramecium within our planet cannot even consider, let alone try to fathom.

leaf-cutter-ants1The ant is mighty on its scale, and is like the true Pyramid builders, capable of feats of levitation and precision that we are not. Interdependence and the nature of scale and simultaneous expression offer ripples of understanding. Cool revelation!

Another size, scale video of the planets to the galaxy

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