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Narada Bhakti Sutras (1)

O heart born son, attentively meditate
on this doctrine of devotional love.

Now I shall divulge some of the innermost
secrets of bhakti yoga.

Out of all the varying levels of love,
devotional love for the Essence of essences
is the highest love to aspire towards.

Upon drowning in this ocean
of immortal love,
the devotee becomes consumed
in the omnipotent state of the Self-Satisfied Lord.

Upon being devoted to devotional affairs
and activities, all other activities
which induces dualistic experiences of the world
are gradually disengaged from.

Upon experiencing the richness of devotional love,
the soul can become totally silent,
and at other times,
can become totally lost in
the happiness of the Supreme Soul.

Bhakti is not bhakti if mundane lust
still controls your internal vision of reality.

By being renounced while in
devotional expressions of the heart,
you do not need to disengage yourself
from secular or spiritual community programs.

In the spirit of integrated love,
you can offer what you have within you
to the Lord and to those who are either
attached or aversive towards Him.

Single-heartedly taking on the world
for your Beloved Deity,
become as supportive of
the internal and external development of others.

Even if self-realized, it is best to maintain
your present disciplinary measures
out of fear of sliding back into mundane consciousness.

Continuing to socialize with the regulative principles
of mature spiritual responsibility
is thus a life long practice.

Bhakti may be relegated to simply being
reverent towards the Supreme Soul
or it could manifest as the enjoyment
of listening to devotional discussions.

Bhakti may be also expressed as the
unusual behavior exhibited when in communion
with the Lord's Bliss.

Like the gopis of Vraja,
a highly advanced practitioner
eternally milks the cows
of extreme attachment to the
Lord's ever youthful form.

Treating the Lord as if He
were your boyfriend,
infinite love games
are enacted for the universe's benefit.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” With Loving Relationships 12/23/12

What a great energy for today, the eve of Christmas Eve!
There is a sense of personal fulfillment, strength and independence.
Looking back on the year’s accomplishments, one can see the transparencies for personal growth, and the neon evidence of progress made in the year.
Opposing Energies: neglect, isolation, stubbornness, selfishness
The money issues connected with past few days have subsided.
On its return, is the sense of good money management and profound discipline over impulses to be caught up in the subliminal spending sprees of the season.
Congratulations all those who survived without over-spending!
Wide Awake Words™ for today: tenacity, courage, earnestness
Many circumstances revolve around loving relationships today, including the desires for love. The intent is all there, allow the energy to flow free of conditional thinking, and see what evolves.
The feeling today is a bit nostalgic and the desire to be helpful is the focal point.
Whatever you want to do today, you can achieve it with ease.
“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living”™
© 2012 The Sage Lady All Rights Reserved.


Love brings freedom. And a love that does not bring freedom is not love. Love is not domination. How can you dominate someone you love? How can you make him dependent, and still be loving? But that's what goes on happening in the world in the name of love -- something else -- a lust to power, to dominate the other. Naturally independence cannot be allowed. Every effort is made that the other should be a carbon copy of you. You are afraid of the freedom of the other, because freedom is not controllable, and freedom is not predictable. So all so-called love tries in every way to destroy freedom -- and the moment freedom is destroyed, love dies. Love is very fragile, just like a rose flower. You have to allow it to dance in the rain, in the wind, in the sun.

Love is like a bird on the wing, having the whole sky as its freedom. You can catch hold of the bird, you can put it in a beautiful golden cage, and it seems it is the same bird that was flying in freedom and had the whole sky to itself. It only appears to be the same bird. It is not -- you have killed it. You have cut its wings, you have taken away its sky. And the birds don't bother about your gold. However precious may be your cage, it is imprisonment.

And that's what we are doing with our love: we create golden cages. We are afraid because the sky is vast. The fear is that the bird may not return. To keep it under your
control it has to be imprisoned. That's how love becomes marriage. Love is a bird on the wing: marriage is a bird in a golden cage. And certainly the bird can never forgive you. You have destroyed all its beauty, all its joy, all its freedom. You have destroyed its spirit -- it is just a dead replica. But you have made one thing certain, that it
cannot escape you, that it will be always yours, that tomorrow also it will be yours, and the day after tomorrow....

Lovers are always afraid. The fear is because love comes like a breeze. You cannot produce it, it is not something to be manufactured -- it comes. But anything that comes on
its own, can go also on its own, that is a natural corollary. Love comes, and flowers blossom in you, songs arise in your heart, a desire to dance...
but with a hidden fear. What will happen if this breeze that has come to you, cool and fragrant, leaves you tomorrow?... because you are not the limit of existence. And the breeze is only a guest -- it will be with you as long as it feels to be, and it will go any moment.

This creates fear in people, and they become possessive. They start closing their doors and windows to keep the breeze in. But when your doors and windows are closed, it is not the same breeze. The coolness is lost, the fragrance is lost -- soon it is disgusting. It needs freedom, and you have taken away the freedom; it is only a corpse. In the name of love people are carrying each others' corpses, which they call marriage. And to carry corpses you have to go to a government registrar's office to make it a legal bond. Love cannot allow marriage. In an authentic world marriage will be impossible. One should love, and love intensely and love totally, and not be worried about tomorrow. If existence has been so blissful today, trust that existence will be more beautiful and
more blissful tomorrow. As your trust grows, existence becomes more and more generous towards you. More love will shower on you. More flowers of joy and ecstasy will rain
over you.

Love intensely, joyously, totally, and you will never think of creating a bondage, a contract. You will never think of making the person dependent. You will never be so
cruel -- if you love -- as to destroy the freedom of the other. You will help, you will make his sky bigger.

There is only one criterion of love: It gives freedom, and it gives unconditionally. You have experienced love for the first time, but it is not too late -- although you are
sixty-three years old. Love transforms old age into youth. If you can go on loving to the very last breath, you will remain young. Love knows no old age. Love knows no death. If you can go on loving, your love will continue beyond death too. Love is the most precious experience in life.

What Happens When I Die? - by Eric Allen Bell

Art by Alex Grey

In order to answer the question, "What happens when I die?" I feel it is important to take a look at something a bit less speculative and that is the question of what happens when we live.

There is no way to understand death if you don't know what life is. What happens between the moment you take your first breath and the moment you draw your very last?

Who is it that is looking out through your eyes?

Is it not the same quality of awareness that existed right before you read these words? Is that quality of awareness not the same quality that existed yesterday and the day before?

And that awareness, the pure state of awareness was there before you could form words or even knew your name. It is independent of personal history, of labels, of nationality of ethnicity of religion of political orientation or even a gender. This is the essential self. And the awareness of this self, even if momentary, is what is often referred to as "Self Realization".

The essential self is not contained within the boundaries of worldly identification, although it plays in those fields.

The essential self is not limited in perception by the five senses, although it enjoys experiencing them.

The self that is eternal is not limited by space and time, although it uses space and time to creatively express its essence.

The Realized Self came from nowhere and is going nowhere, but may choose different manifestations perhaps throughout the birth-life continuum.

The brain that tells the lungs to breathe will die with the body, but the Awareness that animates the organ called the brain is eternal.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your story. You are not your body.

Experience your thoughts, experience your story, experience your body, as none of it will last.

That which experiences remains constant. We can call that constant the "Self" - the real self and not that which masquerades as you.

So when you ask the question, "What happens when I die?" I would have to ask you a question in return...

Who is asking?



Eric Allen Bell

Eric Allen Bell is Founder of


Multimedia for Mystics






December 22, 2012 an easy 52 mile meditative run,” You must train your intuition-
you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide.”

The Tao of Love

A Tao traveler is converging with a higher Force. It is subtle, it takes time, but this synchronization process is unstoppable. The Tao will work on you like a magnificent sculpture. You become the gem you were born to be. All the Tao does is to remove some of the interferences that stand in the way.

When you start walking along the Tao, your frequency will start to change, you emit higher energy vibrations. The people you will attract will change with it. Some people you used to hang out with start slipping out of your life, while new like-minded friends are joining. You will be able to develop an eye to see the spiritual giants who walk the earth and you will be blessed by their presence. Sure, it takes effort to synchronize with this magnificent Force, but they will make this journey easy for you. Like a light-house in the stormy sea they will show you the way. When you are with them, you calm down; you realize that you are already home. Your fears disappear like smoke blown away by the wind. Because you know deep inside that these rocks will always be there to give you the foundation to stand on. At this stage of you life is also dawns on you what love is really all about.

We all crave love yet our relationships don't always reflect that. To experience a true loving relationship you need to be able to love yourself unconditionally. Few of us have that ability. Walking the Tao enables you to reach that stage. Walking in the presence of these spiritual giants melts your psychological blocks away. You start discovering the endless cravings in you, the projection of your desires onto others, which stand in the way of appreciating your loved ones the way they really are. A spiritual journey is a course in advanced psychology. Cravings, projections, frustrations and unfulfilled desires are dropped by the wayside just because you are way too busy creating, loving and caring for others. Along the Tao there is nothing but love. You also realize that with every step you take the spiritual giants fade away and you start attracting the soul siblings who are looking up to you instead. It dawns on you that the spiritual giant is in fact you.

Once the Tao gets a hold of you your journey towards wholeness is near. You will be amazed how personalities can adjust once this synchronization process takes over. Driven people discover the joy of serving others. Weakness turns into strength, arrogance melts into humbleness, sadness is overcome by joy. The sinner grows up to be a saint. Discover this experience for yourself. It is a little like spring-cleaning, once you get started you will continue polishing until everything sparkles like a diamond in the bright sun. All impurities are melted away just because this is what the synchronization process is all about. Find out for yourself that the advanced psychology course is very simple indeed: when everything is said and done there is only love and nothing but.

By Christian and Su Zhen

Spiritual Equality

I worked with a friend of mine today whose spiritual beliefs are different than mine. We have always found a way to be polite about each others' beliefs, and I'm thankful for the shared consideration coming from both of us. I respect most peoples' opinions about spiritual matters, but I do have to say that the one thing that rubs me the wrong way is if those people, even if they're being polite, try to make me feel that I'm not doing the right thing for my spirit. I have traveled quite the journey when it comes to these matters, and I know that I don't know everything there is to know about us as spirits living in the physical form. I also don't say that my way is the way for all others...because I know it's not. I don't believe that there is one true way. All of us have our own path. I'm accepting of that...I love that! This isn't a blog that's meant to go into a deep description of what I believe. In fact, if it did that, I feel it would be defeating the purpose of even writing it. The whole point of me writing this for all of you to see is to simply say that I respect you for believing what you do. I don't have to agree, and you don't have to agree with me, but I'm at complete peace with this!!! As long as whatever you believe helps bring you peace and doesn't cause harm to others, then you have my complete love and blessing sent your way! Isn't this what spirituality is all about? Being connected to one another through love, not religion?

Srimad Bhagavatam - First Canto, Ch.10

After installing Maharaja Yudhistira as the Virtuous King
of the Earth and after seeing everyone in every corner
of the Earth prosper spiritually and materially,
Lord Hari decided to leave the presence
of the King and His family for Dvaraka.

Exchanging obeisances with one another,
Sri Krishna was the object
of everyone's deepest affections and sentiments.

Fainting out of ecstatic separation from the Lord,
Sri Krishna's associates could not bear
the prospect of not being able to see
their Lord in such a kind and close manner.

If sages who have only heard of the glories
of Mukunda just once from the mouths
of pure devotees could no longer
peacefully live with themselves afterwards;
just imagine how the Pandavas were feeling
after having seen His Face shine before them
and after having touched, conversed and dined with Him.

Spiritually melting on the spot of time and circumstance
because of an intense attraction for His Loving Face of Eternity,
all of His associates were as if stunned by the brahmajyoti.

No one could take their eyes away
from Him and His transcendental form.

Running outside of their palaces,
all of Sri Krishna's female associates
ran towards Him with tear stricken faces.
Unable to stop themselves from crying,
Lord Hari never looked so beautiful.

While leaving the sacred grounds of Hastinapura,
Lord Hari's devotees and family members
sounded forth an instrumental display of affection
and showered flowers upon Him
from the rooftops of the royal palaces.

Arjuna, the warrior of true spirituality,
protected Sri Krishna's head
by placing an umbrella of jewels over it.

Uddhava and other intimate friends of the Lord
began to fan the Lord with their devotion
as He embarked upon His chariot of resilient efforts.

Receiving so many benedictions
and blessings from His relatives,
Sri Krishna gave them all the power
or strength needed to glorify Him
in such a nice and befitting way.

Becoming poets because of their devotional
ecstasy, the ladies of Hastinapura
talked about Lord Hari as if there were
no other object of meditation to focus on.

Such talks were more attractive
and empowering than
the ritualistic prayers of the Vedas.

Existing before the modes of nature
controlled our hearts,
He alone is the Original Nature
and Lover of all living entities.

Being re-absorbed
into His expanded energies,
liberated and conditioned souls
are dependent on His mercy.

Having perceived His transcendental form
because of being close to pure devotees
who have mastered their inclinations
towards sense gratification,
our lives are purified by the
Lord's Infinitely Caring Eyes.

O dear associates,
the Personality of Godhead's pastimes
are so attractive to everyone
because of their eternal nature
and eternal relishability.

Appearing to us out of our distress,
His various forms throughout the yugas
are as sublime as His variegated words.

The inhabitants of Dvaraka are blessed
beyond measure due to having
the Lord there to smile at them
and to accept their marriage proposals.

Pious because of being kissed by Sri Krishna,
the gopis must be fuming with jealousy by now.

Sometimes stealing His wives
such as Rukmini and Jambavati
from kings of illusory pleasures,
they are the most fortunate wives
of the universe; for they have
Lord Hari as a husband.

Travelling a distance with Him,
the Pandavas finally left
the personal association of Lord Hari
and returned to their respective kingdoms
with hearts that were mixed with joy and sorrow.

Copyright - The Blue Cross And Shining Sunset Academy

Mary's Message (Channeled)

Beloved and sacred children of this earth, my peace is with you. My love is with you all, regardless of belief or spiritual orientation. Whether you see me as Mary or some other benevolent loving spiritual Mother, no matter for I am the Divine Mother of all and my Spirit of love is with you.

I walk this pathway with you upon this new earth—whose consciousness is being reformed just as it is being reformed within each and every one of you.

The leaves of a past existence and difficulty, that so many of you have passed through this last year, is indeed over and new seeds of peace have been planted within each of you so that all hardship can be released, so that peace can be known, and love can be received.

I walk with you on the snowy landscape of the purity of your being, that has always been your truth. I walk with each of you on the terrain that this new year can bring.
The old has broken away, or fallen, so that something new can be born, and what is born is truth; what remains is the truth of your being, your essence, and your love.

Even as difficulty may have visited you it occurred so that what was fallow, born of falsehood and illusions, could be cleared and the truth would be known. Only love remains now, to illuminate you, for there is only love that exists within the field of consciousness that is Spirit's light.

My voice is heard inside of your heart, that coaxes and urges you each to embrace more love and joy in the coming times. You heart has these seeds of truth within it, and has had since the beginning. These seeds are your remembrance of heaven, of the heaven that exists within Our love—your Divine Father and I. These seeds stir you to turn away from lack, hardship, and pain, as well as that which does not bring harmony and love into your lives.

You were born in joy, in Spirit, and it is to this joy that you return now. Those seeds within your heart are awakening and reminding you that you rest within Divine Spirit, and that your true existence is to live within joy and light. These seeds, this remembrance, is stirring you to embrace more that brings you joy, a sense of peace, and self-loving in each day. You will find yourselves increasingly turning away from disharmony, disturbance, and falsehood, and instead turning more fully to the question, inside of you, that asks you what would bring to you the most joy and peace in each day.

It is alright to turn from, with love, that which you have outgrown or that no longer brings harmony or joy to you. You are being guided through my love to open to a higher level of Self that would encourage you to grow, experience, and express yourself and your life in ways that bring you into alignment with your truth, that bring you into alignment with the sacred spirit that is you and that knows the eternal being that you are, that is centered within Our love.

This is, and has been, a time of radical shift, not for the purpose of destruction, decay, or loss but for love to open up more fully within you, for light to shine through you, and for a true reality to be embraced. That reality is love, Our love, and Our love is Everything that rests within you; it is everything that you are and everything that you most wish to experience on the deepest levels of your being.

So, my sacred children rest within My heart, rest within a love that has always been and is with you now—through your Divine Father and I.

Rest within a love that your spirit and soul has always known and have peace; then peace will come and touch your life in such a way that will bring harmony to each new moment and bring peace into your daily lives.

And so it is.

Blessings from Mother Mary, the carrier of peace unto this earth. Blessed be.

Channel: Rev Sally Jordan Austin (Morning Star)

Solstice Sunrise



The solstice sunrise
Offers its blessings

A new earth
Births itself

Even as the old world
Fades and dies

Copyright © 2012 by Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.

Sol Luckman is a prolific visual artist and critically acclaimed author of fiction and nonfiction. His numerous books include the international bestselling CONSCIOUS HEALING: BOOK ONE ON THE REGENETICS METHOD and POTENTIATE YOUR DNA: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO HEALING & TRANSFORMATION WITH THE REGENETICS METHOD. Sol is also author of the BEGINNER’S LUKE Series of seriocomic novels that hilariously foreground the role of imagination in creating our individual and collective reality. You can learn more about Sol’s nonfiction, fiction and art at www.CrowRising.com.

E Booklet: The Inner Journey of the Soul back to its Origin

E Booklet: The Inner Journey of the Soul back to its Origin, by George Arnsby Jones: http://www.scribd.com/doc/117712777/The-Inner-Journey-of-the-Soul-back-to-its-Origin


one stands up
and one steps forward
and opens a way
and there it is
the world
and not the whole world
but the little world, immediate
and just at the skins
of your fingertips
and it is not money
you are giving
it is you
and it is not
measured, it is
spontaneous and courageous
and whole
like a gift of fruit
from the field of summer
or a loaf of bread
at a holy communion
and there is no
thank you contained in words
and there is
no pay back, or retribution
no compensation for this
and everything about it
that was ever
blue is covered
with a gossamer
of gold
and everything
that was gray
is crowned
with a halo
and so, there it is
that little world, penetrated
like children’s eyes
by a dream of eternity
and you…
you dance


Two days ago my friend & editor Thanos Kalamidas emailed from Helsinki telling me that the downloads for my free ebook LIFE IN THE AGE OF EXTINCTIONS has topped 14,000: 14,000 downloads in three week, 14,000 in 21 days. If you are one of those already reading—a BIG THANK YOU! If you have not claimed your copy of the book, remember it is free—A Gift Without A Price Tag—and you can download using the following link:


If the book speaks to you, please pay it forward and share this invitation and link with others.

In solidarity for the Earth

Remove Black Magic

Remove Black Magic

This is a poor understood phenomena in this new age, but is an ancient practice that dates since the beginning of times. Spiritual people is always seeking goodness and positivism in all they wish to achieve and that is a good attitude of mental awareness and conditioning of mind, but it is not wise to overlook that the same laws that may apply to create good things in life can be turn around and create misery and mischief in other people's lives.

I will use the term Black Magic as a general connotation that includes Witchcraft, Voodoo, Satanic Rituals, Santeria, Evil Shamanism, Sorcery, Black Tantra, Hoodoo, ceremonial black magic, etc.

Before explaining the dark art of Black Magic it is important to know why people resort to the evil practice that is against God's law. When a lost soul or evil minded person desire to harm another out of hatred, jealousy, envy, desire of revenge or to control the life or destiny of others will many times resort to Black Magic to attain their objectives.

What are some of the consequences of someone under the influence of Black Magic?

- Destroyed Love relationships of all types (Husband and wife, Brother and sister, mother and son, etc)

- Destroyed Vitality and Wellbeing to function in life.

- Manifestation of several Psychological Disorders

- Negative thoughts and feelings that are not self generated but seem to be one's own.

- New destructive behaviors and addictions

- Stagnated Business and Financial ruin

- Unexpected Accidents

- Long streak of Bad Luck

- Lost of personal will and becoming a puppet for others

- Great depression that may end in thoughts suicide

- Illness or Ailments that can't be fully explain by medical doctors

- Death

All these may be consequences of black magic whether you believe in black magic or not. “Believe is not a requisite for black magic to become real” as it uses the universal laws that affects both the awake and the blind. If you are suffering for any of those symptoms and you suspect black magic, this is an emergency so please get a consultation with us as soon as possible.

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic is the conscious use of mind, spirit and matter to program energy and vibration to create a negative manifestation in the mind, spirit and matter of another person.

How can these programmed energies can affect another person?

Everything is energy and is a fact even confirm by science. Also energy is everywhere but most of all it is the canvas that interconnects us all. These connections are the ones that the black magician uses to “transmit” his spells or programmed energies and vibrations to others.

What tools are used to create black magic?

There are many forms to program energies and vibrations or to cast an evil spell as is known in the trade, from the most simple to the most complex such as:

1- Using the mind with evil intentions and emotions to desire a negative outcome on another person. Depending how much emotion such as hate or envy is qualified in the intention will depend the results on the other person. This may qualify as what people commonly know as the evil eye.

2- Same as number one but now the person touches the person or their personal objects with the same intentions so they can continuously transmit the black magic intentions wherever the person goes or lives. It is like a subliminal evil message in the form of qualified evil energy with a desire end. In short black magic.

3- Same as number two but this time the person consciously starts to create evil affirmations and decrees in his/her mind against the victim and also to do personal rituals of all sort to focus their evil fascination on the person they want to harm.

4- Same as number three but now the person looks for “professional” help. This can happen many ways such us a visit to a psychic reader with low moral standards to a full time black magician. These days there are many magazines and in the internet that publicly advertise all kind of black magic spells from binding a person, creating false love, attracting people, making impotent others, back luck, breaking marriages, placing curses and much more. The reality is that there are some black magicians that are truly train and can harm others and even kill someone with their practices.

Depending of the grade of ability and training of the black magician the greater the result of the black magic will manifest in the victim. There are some black magicians or evil witches that belong a long family lineage of black magicians and that have practice the art all their lives. Many of them belong to covens or satanic sects where they unite together with one single purpose to destroy one or many unaware victims. They charge great amounts of money that people are willing to pay to destroy their enemies and attain her ego driven desires. Most of the time if the victim don't find help from a white wizard, saint or truly enlighten being their lives change dramatically loosing love ones, business, becoming ill, etc, thinking that it was just bad luck or destiny as they can't find any rational explanation. The reality is that there is no rational explanation, but a metaphysical explanation for these events that only one who sees beyond the veil can see.

What can a victim of Black Magic do?

There are many options for the victim and depending on the decisions and help they get they will attain similar results. The reality is that a person without metaphysical skills and white magical training won't be able to truly be free from a heavy case of witchcraft or black magic. Furthermore there are different types of Black Magic from different cultures that work very different from one to another so only a true white wizard or holy men that knows all these can truly overcome the odds.

- Those who are not spiritual attend to their friends, mentors, psychologist, psychiatrics, doctors trying to get rational explanations and solutions to their problems. Many times they get into despair when they see that their new plans of action are not working and one way or another their lives cannot get in balance and harmony.

- Those who are religious will attend to their priest or spiritual figures to try to get a solution to their problems. If they find a truly good hearted being that can guide them to strength their faith towards God, they may find some relieve and peace and at times feel more protected. Jesus said: “I am not of this world” and he was referring that this material world is dominated by Satan who has control over the egos and desires of all of those who seek material pursuits and happiness. Even though the person may start trying to help himself or herself through prayer and other practices the reality is that the enemy is more prepare, has bigger numbers, and Satan is at their side manipulating people and events around the person. These struggles gets too great for many and leave their faith aside in sadness of not seeing changes in their lives.

- Those who are spiritual will practice affirmations, prayers, decrees, meditations, practicing rituals learned from books, attending seminars from popular gurus to get help, creative visualizations, positive thinking, reiki, healings, etc. This group is even more lost than the religious one because at least they are asking God and trying to strength their faith, while this group is only trying to create white magic of positive program energies in their lives to change what is happening to them. There is no match between a new ager that has a regular life, family, work, friends, problems, etc, and a fully dedicated black magician that live only to do that kind of work that actually is their well pay job. As soon as the black magician sees that the person is trying all these techniques and is being attack the black magician will become very excited with the prospect of battle and will bring all their big guns until the person is brought to their needs. For them these types of situations are challenges to prove themselves, bust their egos and show of their power.

- Those that see that the battle against a black magician is a lost cause will seek professional help and that is a very tricky part as to find a real being that can help them is not easy. Many times the fall pray of a black magician that promises to break the curses and black magic and at the end the black magician place spells on the victim so they continue to get help for them and pay for their services for a long time. Other times the same black magician will actually get excited to meet the challenge as they are not always friends among themselves who practices different kinds of black magic but knowingly or unknowingly under the same boss: Satan. This will make a greater mess of things because the attacker will intensify their attacks on the victim so the victim knows is not working and stop going to the black magician. If the black magician it self see himself or herself loosing he or she will nor risk it for the victim and all the chaos created will befall upon the victim at the end.

There are some unscrupulous people that advertise that for $20 or $50 dollars they can take curses and black magic from a person and the reality is that if they where actually doing the job and facing the evil black magicians and their minions in confrontations that may last from days to weeks to free the victim's soul from their claws they will soon see that their time and efforts are not being compensated for the great amount of work. Lets see this example:

A witch is paid handsomely to destroy the marriage of a couple so another can have her husband. Once payment is made a contract is created at inner levels and the sorcerer will start working on the spell. I will not go over the atrocities they commit to make these spells that involve killing animals, blood, alcohol, pictures, hair, nails, personal objects of the victim, urine, long trance rituals, conjuration of demons, succubus and incubus, vampires, evil souls, ghouls and much more depending of the lineage. All of those elements create an immense programmed evil energy that a single untrained person cannot even imagine. It is like comparing the example number one in the topic “what is black magic?” above being a kid's party balloon to what I just explain here being the biggest hot air balloon. Once all that black magic is release against the unsuspected victim it will created severe repercussions in the victims life even of those non-believers who are the easiest victims because they will never seek help for what they don't believe.

If this same black witch feels that the person is seeking help the witch will not only reinforce the black magic but will send her evil minions (demons most of the time) to attack the person to be around them and influence their minds and emotions and also to attack any one that dares to help them.

If the witch finds out that the person hired another witch to help them the war will begin as explain before. If the battle is to great the witch will consult with her coven and get more witches involve, or the black magician will call upon their sect to make another satanic ritual and sacrifice. Their strength in numbers will decide the outcome and who wins, but being a selfish being the one helping the victim will never put themselves in danger and give up soon enough. After all they just care about the money.

Behind the scenes the same master who is Satan laughs at all this as he gains from the confrontation because suffering, destruction, hate, anger and more just feeds him and make him stronger and he only care for himself no one else.

Great evil black magicians not only have support of covens and their own apprentices that can summon up hundreds or more of them, but their past evil family lineage, and all the contracts made with Satan that give them magical power, troops of demons and other minions.

What is a true solution for a case of Black Magic deeply affecting your life?

First and above all God is the highest solution as against God who can prevail? Someone that truly want to help you will have to have God at his side, because it does not matter how many years of white magical training or spiritual training may have if the person is not one with God in mind and heart and being, then the fallen one cannot be brought to defeat and the black magic will prevail.

When facing black magic we are facing all that has been explain above, and it is a great cause to free someone's life from evil and suffering. In hard cases there are three components to be face:

1- The person who originated the black magic

2- The person doing the black magic

3- The source of the black magic

The first one is the one who wants to harm you and pays for the services of a black magician. The second one is the actual black magician and assistants that create the ritual of black magic an unleash it. The third one is the demons, disincarnated witches and sometimes Satan himself.

To be able to do this a person has to be “fully truly clairvoyant” to be able to see these three components and neutralized them. If one of the components is not fully dealt with the black magic will continue as the number one can do it again, or the evil number two will assign the case to some else o the number three with just continue to destroy the life of the person just for pleasure and gratification from the suffering and evil.

God himself is the revealer to us of all this components and God himself has given us the tools to neutralize all of the three components. That is why we are truly successful when other have failed or lost We Cyndarion Ainiu and Galitica Maitreya as messengers from God for these New Age, have this mission among other missions such as Healing, Teaching, Awaken People to the reality of God, etc. that God has appointed to us in this life and is to truly free and help others that are suffering from Black Magic that have existed for centuries bringing ruin and despair in this world. This is a task that I accepted and perform with all my heart and will under God.

If you feel you need help because you feel or know that are a victim to Black Magic in any form or degree of strength, please contact us and we will see if we are authorized to help you.


God Bless us all,

Cyndarion and Galitica

A Letter for Mom and Dad From Camp Heaven

Dear Mom & Dad,

This is the first chance I had to write to you. I'm sorry if I made you worry. I want you to know that all is well and I arrived safe and sound at Camp Heaven. Everything around me is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. The trip was short. I got here in no time at all after I fell asleep. I miss you so very much. I was told to tell you not to worry because I would be seeing you soon. Please pass this letter on to all my relatives, friends at home, and at school. When I arrived, there was this huge gate, standing there was a Beautiful Angel who had very wide wings protruding from his shoulders. He was wearing a whiter than snow robe with a golden sash around his waste. A halo circled above his head; his whole being glowed as bright as the sun. I was able to see his face which was unlike any face I had ever seen before...perfect, soft, and gentle. He greeted me with a loving smile. I asked him who he was; he told me that his name is Gabriel and is an exalted Archangel and Messenger of God. He extended his arms to me; I fell right into them. He embraced and held me tight then said: "Welcome home child!" As he held my body close to his, I felt this profound and undescribable love, peace, and joy flow through my entire body like nothing I had ever felt before. Mom and Dad, don't feel bad but the love I felt was 1000 times stronger than when you held and hugged me. He spoke and said: "Come, all your brothers and sisters are eager to see and greet you. He told me to hold on to his cloak; we traveled through the air and instantly landed on this wonderful outdoor arena that looked like a King's Palace all shiny and bright. A large group of men, women, and children had gathered. There were all these different kinds of animals just milling around and doggies too. I was so thrilled to see doggies. I saw lots of Black Labs, just like our Smoky Bear. Gabriel put his arm around my shoulder and exclaimed to the crowd: "Children, this is your new brother, welcome him home!" The crowd cheered and applauded louder than people at a sporting event stadium. Everybody came to greet me...they all gave me lots of hugs and kisses. I felt like a Super Star! Gabriel then said: "OK, enough kissing and hugging, it's time to celebrate!" I started hearing the sound of beautiful music playing but didn't know where it was coming from. I looked up; descending from the sky was a large group of Celestial Angels; they were playing this beautiful inspiring music. Eash of them were playing different instuments: trumpets, harps, bells, and others instruments I had never heard or seen before. The music permeated the entire palace. Then, all of a sudden, I see this gigantic table and chairs appear in the center of the palace that glistened like diamonds and gold. The table was longer than a football field and was filled with an huge asortment of food and treats. I never saw such a display of food on one table before. Gabriel, seated at the head table; stands, liftes his wine glass and says" " Children, I hereby propose a toast to welcome the arrival of God's new adopted son, our new brother, and new addition to The Family of God!...Michael! the crowd , lifted their glasses way high and shouted: "Here! Here!" They all sipped the wine; the Angels then started playing this tremendous sounding celebrative song. Everyone started shouting: "Welcome Home Michael! Welcome Home! Michael!" Gabriel then said: "OK. It's now time for us to eat, drink, and be merry! Let the celebration and feast begin!" Mom and Dad, it's more wonderful here than anybody could possibly ever imagine or even explain. Although I miss you and all my friends very much please know that I am as happy as I ever could possible be. Gabriel tells me that that this is my New Home and Family and can stay here forever and never have to worry about being sick, growing old, or have bad things happen to anybody ever again. Please be well and take care of yourself. I truly am in Heaven. Here is where I've always wanted to be and here is where I belong! I will write again soon.

You son, Michael

Posted by Milton Lopez Delgado

"The Objects of Love"

Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person; it is how a person relates to the world as a whole. If a person Loves only one other person, or family and friends, his Love is not Love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism.
If I truly Love one person I Love all persons, I Love the world, I Love life. If I can say to somebody else, "I Love You," I must be able to say,"I Love in you everybody, I Love through you the world, and foremost, I Love in you also mySelf."
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