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A Leap in Human Consciousness

There is an underlying urge in each of us that is pulling toward something greater, something that we are unable to grasp with the thinking mind and something we are unable to touch with our outer sense, but nonetheless it draws us like a magnet.


Deep within the human psyche there is a remembrance of a state of being that is completely free from fear, anxiety and suffering. However, the memory is fleeting, elusive, and sometimes dream-like, but it is beginning to grip humanity like never before.

The glorious revealing of this higher awareness is beyond any dream we might have dreamed and is the foundation and birthing of a new consciousness.


(Excerpt from: Reaching Beyond the Dream)


The birthing of a new consciousness is HERE and NOW! We are entering a new paradigm for which we have no precedent for. It’s not a rehashing of an old age in new clothes, and it is not a new philosophy layered on an old landscape. It’s a whole new archetype of human consciousness that has never been before, and therefore no one really knows what to expect.


But, what is certain is that we are waking up and undergoing a rebirth of our conscious awareness; we are coming out of our animal nature and connecting more to our spiritual nature and vibrating at a much higher level. In short, we are undergoing a Leap in Human Consciousness. In this new paradigm the old ways of thinking and doing, simply won’t be effective anymore.


We have a wonderful opportunity to Reach Beyond the Dream….beyond the illusions of limitation, oppression and lack and embrace the new consciousness with love as our guide.  The seed of truth has been planted within all of us and if we are to continue to evolve, we need to look at things from a broader perspective and make choices that are in alignment with love and truth.


What we choose as individuals will make a tremendous difference to the whole. Hence, the responsibility to make a positive contribution to humanity and the planet rests with each of us. As we each choose to grow and act in love, we will uplift the whole of mankind and eventually we will experience a world filled with Peace and Love.


Many people throughout the world, including ourselves and other evolutionary leaders are preparing to usher in this new era by joining collectively in mind and heart for three days from the 20th – 22nd December, 2012 with the purpose to envision a new era of expanded consciousness.  You can watch the live events as they unfold here: http://birth2012.tv


We extend an invitation to all you who are ready for real transformation and spiritual awakening to join us during those three days of love as we unite in loving all and blessing all.


Also, please join us and take a few moments and reflect back in gratitude for all the experiences that have bought us to the here and now. Let us be grateful and rejoice in the knowing that we have nothing to fear, the light will overcome the darkness and where love is there is light.


We wish you much love and blessings dear friends during this


Holy Season. May the Love of God illuminate your path in the coming year, and may you be blessed with abundant love, joy, happiness, health and prosperity.


We thank you for your support, love and kindness and we look forward sharing and getting to know you more in the New Year.  


This will be the last mid-week wisdom for this year. We will be resuming again the 16th January, 2013. In the meantime we will be posting on Facebook, so come and like our page and join us there.



Blessings and Love,
Reaching Beyond the Dream


Angelica and Terence Atman

Authors of 'Reaching Beyond the Dream'
www.atmans.co | e: admin@atmans.co |


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