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Our Thoughts Create Our Day ~ Tara Mary

                                *~*       BLESSINGS  of  PEACE  and  LOVE       *~*

                      Our aura that surrounds our body contains the energy of our thoughts, actions,
                              sickness, and also our attitudes, to name a few aspects of our life.

                      Through the action of our thoughts each day, we can either expand the light we
                      hold within our aura, or contract it with feelings of hopelessness and failure.

                      A good exercise to feel how your aura expands with positive thoughts of love,
                      kindness and peace, is to close your eyes and focus on those feelings.
                      What do you feel?     Can you feel your body getting lighter?    Are you feeling
                      happy and content?    You may even feel your spiritual light expanding around
                      you.     This is positive energy that surrounds you and creates a healing and
                      loving personal environment for your inner and outer world.

                      The opposite occurs when you close your eyes and focus on images of fear
                      and hopelessness.    You will be able to feel your aura contracting, like a
                      shrinking feeling.  Your spiritual light is less now and you have become more
                      'physical' and earthbound than the feeling of having more spiritual light which
                      is an uplifting and lighter feeling.

                      When we first wake up in the morning we never know exactly how we are going
                      to feel.   We can make a choice to introduce a positive thought to direct the way
                      in which we would like our day to be.    Here are some examples:

                       A day of peace.
                       A day for spiritual insight and problem solving.
                       A day when you gain independence from any negative influence.
                       A day of healing.
                       A day of reconciling differences with a family member.
                       A day to find a job, or to find a new place to live.

                      In order to change any aspect of our life, we need to bring into our aura the energy
                      that is needed to assist these changes we are seeking.

                      If it doesn't happen in this day, make it a daily practice of building that positive        

                      thought energy so that it becomes part of You. Strong thought-form creates changes

                      in our outer life.    That is the basis of all creation.


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