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Tec-9’s for Teachers? Arming Educators Gets a Failing Grade

Jesse Hagopian

Chalk in one hand and a handgun in the other.

As a high school history teacher with a Masters in Education, I never imagined some politicians and other cultural “leaders” would be urging me to add “special forces” to my title.

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The Commercialization of Family

Ralph Nader

Family is the foundation of our American society. In many ways, the family unit is one of the last bastions of decency holding out against encroaching corporate commoditization -- the corporations can sell food, medicine, clothing, entertainment, even child and elder care, but they can't provide the love, selflessness and generosity that close family members can provide one another. But if there was a way to commercialize all those generational, biological bonds, you can be sure that profit-hungry companies and clever marketers would discover it.

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Banks and Persons

Christopher Brauchli

My object all-sublime,
I shall achieve in time-
To let the punishment fit the crime.

— Gilbert and Sullivan, The Mikado

It was just an unfortunate coincidence that the reports were almost juxtaposed-the reports of the punishment given Stephanie George and that given HSBC and UBS. Stephanie, of course, was not the first.

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Despite Exemptions, Police and Firefighters Show Labor Solidarity in Michigan Right-to-Work Battle

Michelle Chen

Michigan’s new right-to-work law has has struck a savage blow to America’s labor movement in its heartland. Unions across the state have thronged to Lansing to oppose the attack, which makes union membership optional and thus reduces labor’s bargaining clout.

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The Right’s Second Amendment Lies

Robert Parry

Right-wing resistance to meaningful gun control is driven, in part, by a false notion that America’s Founders adopted the Second Amendment because they wanted an armed population that could battle the U.S. government. The opposite is the truth, but many Americans seem to have embraced this absurd, anti-historical narrative.

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