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Torture: An All-American Nightmare

Peter Van Buren

If you look backward you see a nightmare. If you look forward you become the nightmare.

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The Only Antidote to More Newtowns

Robert Freeman

We can be horrified at the Newtown massacre.  We can be outraged.  We can be indignant. But we can no longer honestly be surprised.


The shootings in Connecticut are of the same ilk as the ones in Aurora, Portland, Virginia Tech, Columbine, and all the rest:  a young man full of anger, weaponed up, with few connections, and nothing but despair in his heart.

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Towards a Foreign Policy for the 99 Percent

Kevin Martin

Relief, rather than elation, was probably the emotion most U.S. peace activists felt when President Barack Obama won re-election. While Obama has been very disappointing on most peace issues, Mitt Romney would have been all the worse. So what now to expect from a second Obama term?

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What If Children Mattered No Matter Where They Lived–and Died?

Peter Hart

We do not live in a world that treats all life equally. Not even close. Human beings inevitably feel certain tragedies more deeply, based on proximity to the victims, national identity, the circumstances of death and so on.An Afghan boy prays earlier this year over the grave of one of the victims of a shooting massacre carried out by U.S. soldier Robert Bales. (By Allauddin Kan, AP)

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The Soft-Core Terrorism of America's Gun Worship

Pierre Tristam

For some reason Adam Putnam, Florida’s agriculture commissioner and governor wannabe, felt compelled to hold a press conference last week to boast about the number of concealed-carry weapons license holders in the state. That number will top 1 million this week, doubling in just five years.

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This Is Not America’s Deal

Richard Eskow

Our leaders in Washington heard from the voters last month. They may need to hear from them again.

According to news reports a budget deal is coalescing around some very unattractive and unwise ideas. The deal’s centerpiece is reportedly the “chained CPI,” a back-door tool for gutting Social Security benefits that also raises taxes on all levels of income – all levels, that is, except the highest.

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Let Them Eat Bullets: The Corporate Gun Tyrants

John Atcheson

On December 13th, a mentally ill man entered an elementary school and attacked 22 students and at least one adult.

On December 14th, a mentally disturbed young man entered another elementary school and began to randomly attack students and adults.

The first one happened in Chengping China.  All of the victims of the assault are expected to live. 

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Time to Act Now To Restore Our Ravaged Mental Healthcare System

Deborah Burger

Registered nurses across the country mourn the loss of life marked by the shooting of innocents in Connecticut. This should be a clear wake up call for the White House, Congress, and state and local legislators to take action to address causes of the violence, including restoring the devastating cuts that have occurred to mental health services across the U.S.(Photot: Courtesy of National Nurses United)

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New Press Freedom Group is Launched to Block US Government Attacks

Glenn Greenwald

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the steps taken by the US government to pressure large corporations to choke off the finances and other means of support for WikiLeaks in retaliation for the group's exposure of substantial government deceit, wrongdoing and illegality.

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NYPD for Hire: How Uniformed New York Cops Moonlight for Banks

Naomi Wolf

I was surprised two weeks ago to walk into my local TD Bank, on Greenwich Avenue in the West Village, New York to find that the security officer who was usually standing by, on alert, had been replaced by a uniformed, armed, radio-carrying New York Police Department officer, Officer Battle. I confirmed from him that he was, in fact, an NYPD officer – and was working part-time for TD bank.

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