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The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Has the Blood of Connecticut Students On His Hands

Peter Dreier

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has a 62-page list of mass shootings in America since 2005. It is Wayne LaPierre's resume.The blood soaked history of mass shooting in the modern era is directly attributable to Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association he represents. (Photo: Reuters)

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If Not Now, When Is the Time to Talk about Gun Control?

Gary Younge

Friday's mass shooting at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut is shocking and horrifying – the time and the place of these massacres inevitably catch us unawares.

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A Culture That Condones The Killing Of Children And Teaches Children To Kill

Lucinda Marshall

The Sandy Hook massacre isn’t just about the need for gun control laws, it is about a culture that condones the killing of children and teaches children that killing is okay.

It is about a country addicted to violence on television and movie screens.

It is about cuts in education spending.

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Mental Health Reform as Important as Gun Reform

Ira Chernus

The national outcry for new gun laws is great. Terrific. I’m all for it."We don’t have the cultural traditions that would let us see both gun ownership and mental/emotional disturbance as societal facts, as manifestations of what the community as a whole is doing," says Chernus

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The 2nd Amendment Does NOT Equal Random Slaughter

Harvey Wasserman

The Second Amendment does NOT guarantee the right of any and all citizens to own any and all kinds of guns.

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Dear God! When Will It Stop?

Marian Wright Edelman

The horrendous news from Newtown, Connecticut has pierced our hearts. Allegedly, a black-clad man in his 20s armed with two semi-automatic handguns entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School and made an elementary school for kindergartners through fourth graders the scene of the worst mass shooting in a public school in American history. Reportedly, 20 children were shot and killed, and seven adults were shot and killed. We don’t yet know how many were wounded. We do know dozens of parents are experiencing the worst nightmare any parent could imagine.

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Why America Lets the Killings Continue

(Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)GLOUCESTER, Mass. – My wife and I learned about the Connecticut school shootings on our way home from the cemetery, where we had just finished observing the 20th anniversary of our son’s murder.

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What? Discuss Gun Laws?

In less time than it takes to fire off two 9 millimeter handguns and kill dozens of people, the politicians, from the White House on down, will be putting out public statements deploring the school shooting in Connecticut, calling it tragic, and immediately adding that "now is not the time" to discuss new gun laws. When it comes to the deplorable state of America's gun laws, it's always "mañana."

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