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A Second Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

The centaur has long represented Sagittarius. This mythic being is a symbol of our duality: half horse, half man. Its front hooves leaping and the arrow pointed toward the heavens represent our innate heritage and source: celestial, and our destined enlightenment. We are transcendence immanent. We are heart-mind not a heart and a mind. We are spiritual beingness living a creative life expression in form. Yet form is spirit, and spirit is simply uncognized form.

The scale of the constellation Sagittarius including various nebulae, its position near the Milky Way galactic center, and its traditional symbolism all point us toward the greater vision and view of humanity and its potential. Engage it! and enjoy the meditation.

Downloadable Podcast: Another Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

Webcast: Another Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

Sagittarius Full Moon Meditation

Did you know that Sagittarius lies near the galactic center of the Milky Way? It’s emanations of light and quality are immense. This full moon meditation begins with a mini lecture and stunning imagery about the Sagittarius as the nursery of stars and nebulae that it is and its relation to human consciousness in these amazing times of change.

This is a powerful meditation. Galactic in proportion. Enjoy the it and thank you for adding your light to it.

Webcast: Sagittarius Full Moon mini lecture and meditation

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