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Talking To Other Planets Is Now Possible

http://www.everything3d2.com/UFOaliens/alien01.html All pictures and music is used for educational purpose, fair use applies. ★ Quantum technology and nonlocal devices. Here is the future as I wrote in my book in 1992. As we become a paperless society there will be no need for office buildings, and those that exist will become condominiums for the growing population. Your mobile phone is likely to become your central processing unit for all communication and entertainment. Nonlocal devices can be devices that use cloud storage and usage, no need for hard drives or programs. And nonlocal devices can be nonlocal communication devices, by the use of quantum entanglement. Which is a condition where in the separated parts of the same quantum system, each of the parts can only be described by referencing the state of the other parts. They are the same system no matter how far apart they are. This is nonlocality, or no location. Distance between the separated parts do not exist, they still are just one system. These system parts can be out of speed-of-light concact and still have instantaneous communication. An example would be a phone conversation to Mars. There would be no 15 minute delay time, the conversation to Mars would be as a phone call down the street. Or this phone call could as well be to the other side of the universe. Where the wait time for the speed of light to travel to the other side of the universe would take 15 billion years or more. As, Hi mom how are you doing? 30 billion years later, I'm doing OK and You? Using nonlocal devices you would talk as if they were next door. If there are higher intelligent being (and surely there are) this is the form of communication they use. This is likely the reason why there is no signals from other civilizations, and why SETI has not found any signals. We are not using the right communication devices to hear them. There might well be as many or more phone calls around the universe as are transatlantic calls on earth. The nonlocality of interconnective devices will lead to data immersion. Where you are places in a cocoon of data. Where your thoughts, eye movements and actions give data. With your Virtual Reality glasses on, as you walk throuh the world, maps will pop up to show you which train to take. Where you think or say a name to make a phone call or to activate anything. Everyone you meet will have an ID for you to see on screen in a FaceBook world. In otherwords you will be bathed in information. You only need to ask or think it to get the answer. The next generation with this technology will need to be able to process far greater waves of information on a continuous basis. Our generation is ill equipped to handle such a leap of technology. In devices the programes will be of a self programming nature. If it needs to adapt, it will change to that need. Adapting by restructuring bits and pieces of code as needed from the internet etc. (or possibly the galactic network as we will see later). High quality collective outcome can be achieved by trivial individual effort. A new balance can emerge in this networked society. With the world networked the computational ability is endless. If we are able to connect to the glactic network, the computational ability would be astronomical. Einstein could not get his head around nonlocality, and he along with Rosen and Podolsky wrote a famous paper come to be known as the EPR paper. They argued that nonlocality requires a faster than light connection that was in conflict with relativity, but nonlocality has been demonstrated in many quantum experiments. What if your personal computer could talk to all the other computers no matter where they are. Then the computational power is not just on our planet, but may connect to all planets that use the same technology. Just imagine you turn on your new quantum laptop computer and you are instantly connected to all known facts in the universe which is right in your hands. Coupled with cyborg technology with a quantum interface, you then become a part of the whole network and experience complete data emersion. The surprising thing is, none of this is new, in fact I wrote about this 20 years ago, but it is only now that we can start to work on this technology. Ideas are faster than reality. The future is here, and now you know.

Hurricane Sandy: Direct Hit on New York, New Jersey, Delmarva October 29 Perfect Storm Frankenstorm

Historic storm possible for Northeast United States. New model released this afternoon has the hurricane likely making landfall somewhere between the Carolinas and Maine. All copyrights belong to Fox News. No copyright infringement intended.

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi for IMF and Turks

This is another video in courtesy of www.noiazomai.net and the original one can be found here http://youtu.be/jusqiOuwKOoElder Joseph speaks of political upheavals and an economic crisis. Before he died several years ago he had a vision that Greece will be impoverished and in hunger. He said that Turkey will take advantage of this weakness and attack Greece but Russia will in return attack Turkey and gain control of Constantinople and the surrounding area. Though Russia will want to keep Constantinople for themselves, they will not be able to and instead will give it over to Greece after two or three months. He mentions that the Americans and Israelis will make their move to attack Russia and push them back. (The Japanese are also mentioned.) Then, he said, a miracle will happen and angel will appear in the heavens and the armies will temporarily lose their minds, turning against each other. According to him a slaughter of three days will result in 700 million deaths. (soldiers, not women and children). This will take place near Constantinople and will leave the Poli in total ruins, but Agia Sophia will be saved. When this happens he had said, another angel will appear after several days to stop this fighting, then all will return to their homeland. Finally he says that when the Church becomes strengthened and is better organized, then the events spoken of by the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation will take place.Here are some key points: The Third World War will start with the conflict between Turkey and Greece. Jewish masons who are rulers over USA and European Union will force Turkish people into the war against Greece. In spite of Greek tremendous courage and resistance, Turkish attack will be devastating. Lots of Greeks and lots of their Russian and Serbian brothers in Christ who will volunteer to help Greeks will be dead. Turkey will charge deep inside Greece and will concur the most of the Greek territory. At the beginning, NATO and USA will not interfere into this conflict directly, but will give silent support for everything Turks do instead. The time will come that the world will think Greek people will vanish. A moment before it will be almost certain to happen, mighty Russia opens its cards in protection of Greek people and Orthodox Christianity. This takes everyone by surprise. Russian nukes are launched to Turkey. Darkness is covering Balkan peninsula and Near East. The World we know cease to exist again. At this point USA and EU join Turkey (or what's left of it) and declare global war against Russia and Greece. Vatican and the Holy Chair will announce Holy War against "schismatic" Orthodoxy. The war will be horrible. Burning people will fall from the sky. USA will suffer terrible defeat and will "blow up like balloon" (for whatever it means). Roman Catholic Church will never be able to return back to the positions it has today. Not even close. Its influence will be next to nothing. Russians will enter Constantinople, establish their own governor, but will give it all to Greeks later on green table. Greeks will hesitate to accept new territories at the start, but will accept them later and will rule over what used to be Turkish capital. Greeks will return to Constantinopolis 600 years after leaving it, as monk said. One third of Turks will lose their lives, one third will accept Orthodox Christianity and one third will move to live in "some deserts". Armenia will get its lands back. Kurd people will establish their own country.Referenceshttp://www.johnsanidopoulos.com/2010/09/prophecy-of-elder-joseph-of-vatopaidi_19.html

Hurricane Sandy 'Perfect Storm' East Coast Storm Track: Could Hurricane, Winter Storm Strike U.S.?

Sam Champion tracks the storm as it heads for the Caribbean.For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/hybrid-sandy-winter-storm-thr...

Dutchsinse Interview -- RenseRadio -- All S. E. USA in Extreme Danger

Dutchsinse Interview -- RenseRadio -- All S. E. USA in Extreme Danger http://vinesbranch.net/index.php?p=1_773_Louisiana-Sinkhole-POSSIBLE-HUG...

Breaking ALERT! HAARP 9.1 Magnatude! WARNINGS For New York! East Coast! Perfect Storm!

The perfect event caused by HAARP? To bring in FEMA, Martial Law, POSTPONE The 2012 Presidential Election?http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2012/10/9-1-haarp-maryland-to-n-e-under-the-gun-the-worst-case-scenario-as-sandy-heads-towards-millions-of-people-2485498.html

WTC Building 7 Collapse - From 23 Angles

Almost all cameras from 5:20 p.m. on 9/11 ... full archive at http://www.911conspiracy.tv/7_WTC.html

How nuclear energy works

How nuclear energy works

Strange object enters Popocatepetl captured by Mexican TV

Strange object enters Popocatepetl captured by Mexican TV

UFO Flies Into Popocatépetl Volcano Mexico

UFO Flies Into Popocatépetl Volcano Mexico


We have heard stories of UFOs hiding inside volcanoes but this is the first time we capture a UFO coming out of the crater of the Popocatepetl Volcano in the state of Puebla in Mexico. A black bird flies by at the bottom but a white sphere is seen at second :18 coming out of the volcano. Footage was captured in September of 2012 on the outskirts of the volcano. Video is courtesy of MrTigre3000 Tony Cisneros and we thank him.Video is courtesy of MrTigre3000, Skywatcher Antonio Cisneros and we thank him. Date: September, 2012Location: PUEBLA, MEXICOCourtesy of: MrTigre3000 Antonio CisnerosChannel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrTigre3000Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9J4dQJilsc&feature=plcp"Of the last times that I went to the volcano, been recording these type of bright spheres in this area."UFOs are making themselves known to populations all over the globe by posing themselves practically over every city and town in the world. It's been going on for most of 2012 but mostly there has been an increase in UFO sightings worldwide over these past three months. It's time to wake up.At GLOBAL UFO SKYWATCH, we receive UFO videos from people, worldwide.UFOs are not necessarily alien space-craft from another galaxy and/or dimension piloted by more intelligent beings than humans, since they could very well represent military terrestrial craft or natural phenomena.The objects in the videos presented herein are unidentified, thus far.At Global UFO Skywatch, we take pride in not uploading horse-shit, fraudulent videos since all material is not only captured by skywatchers from different countries from around the world but is also carefully analyzed and re-verified.Our goal here at GLOBAL UFO SKYWATCH is to gather as many UFO videos from around the world in order to analyze who is inside these craft and the reason for alien visitation, if any.If you have captured any UFOs and would like to remain anonymous, please send your video to: ProjectUfoSkywatch@rocketmail.com with the exact date and location of your sighting and let the truth be known!

100 Years Of EVIL

Minister Louis Farrakhan quotes Ron Paul - discusses the Federal Reserve and it's worsening evil influence over society during its' 100 years of existence.

Interacting with Tiny Ball of Light

Interacting with Tiny Ball of Light , my house would be full of these little lights before abduction i,v seen these lights manifest into Greys their really fallen angels

FEMA Coffins On Masonic Trucks Coming To YOUR Neighborhood Soon!!! Make Viral!!!

FEMA coffins designed for you and you family are being shipped on Masonic trucks, and are headed to your neighborhoods soon! Fight The NWO! Power To The People! Uploaded with permission from original Author FilteredInc.

John Keel - The Men-In-Black (1989) 1 of 6

John Keel - The Men-In-Black (1989) 1 of 6

OVNI -UFO landing in the mountains)) Mexico City Tijuana Up

este objeto parece ser grande pues al aparentar esconderse en las montaas se calibraria su tamao ,y bueno es muy parecido a los que ya e tomado , nocturnos solo es uno mas de los registros de noche , aclaro que el objeto va directamente a el lado de USA y justo en la zona de donde vigilan los helicopteros parece aterrizar

Mysterious Beast Slaughters Bunnies?

Mysterious Beast Slaughters Bunnies Kharkiv, Ukraine. A russian man wakes and is met with a terrifying sight. his rabbit farm has been raided overnight by what he suspect to have been a Chupacabra. Chupacabra (goat sucker) is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. i have no idea how it made it all the way to the Ukraine, but regardless, 73 of the poor critters were found dead. Some were aledgedly smothered in their cells, while most of them were found scattered around the yard. all with neck injuries and broken bones. Foot prints similar to those made by a dog were spotted. the beast just nudged the gate a bit and made it's way in, while the two guard dogs never made a sound. almost as if they were too scared.

'Syrian opposition will not observe the truce' [Webster Tarpley © PressTV]

Syria's General Command of Army has announced nationwide truce for Eid al-Adha holidays, though warning that it 'reserves the right' to respond if insurgents do not respect the ceasefire. The General Command said on Thursday it would also respond to "terrorist groups trying to reinforce their positions by arming themselves and getting reinforcements" as well as neighboring countries facilitating the smuggling of fighters across borders during that period. According to Syrian army sources, the truce will enter into effect on Friday morning and last until Monday. UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi had earlier proposed the ceasefire between the Syrian government forces and the insurgents during the four-day Eid al-Adha holiday. The heads of the Arab League and the United Nations also issued a joint call to the parties involved in the unrest in Syria, urging them to observe the truce. The Syrian government had earlier announced that it would support the truce proposal only if the Western countries and their regional allies stopped supporting and financing the insurgents. Press TV has conducted an interview with Webster Griffin Tarpley, author and historian, to further discuss the issue.

Mass UFO sighting in Southern Illinois 2012

Several witnesses observed an unidentified aerial object in the skies over southwestern Illinois on the night of Tuesday, October 23.According to the Monroe County Independent, residents of Hecker, IL saw the bright UFO in the sky at approximately 7:00 pm. KPLR News 11 reports that the strange object was seen in both Monroe County and St. Clair County. According to witnesses, the stationary object hovered in the sky and "twinkled" with red, green, blue, and orange light. Some have even said the object was rotating. And according to the local Fox affiliate, KTVI, witnesses also describe the UFO as being larger than a planet, "but it definitely was not the Moon." Freeburg, IL resident Judy Rachell told KTVI that she and her husband observed this same UFO back in early October. To her, the object looked like "the sun had shrunken down to . . . the size of a soccer ball."FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

'Zeitgeist Revolution' [Peter Joseph © Breaking The Set]

Abby Martin talks to Independent Filmmaker Peter Joseph, about the Zeitgeist movement and humanity's capacity to evolve beyond current social structures. LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/BreakingTheSet FOLLOW Abby Martin @ http://twitter.com/AbbyMartin


You may be interested in the following:2012 The Coming Invasion - Will You Survive?http://e357frrly8jj0zjndth31lx8gq.hop.clickbank.net/UFOs Disclosed - Unidentified Flying Objectshttp://01e73opi1me5x-jnvlgc55wly3.hop.clickbank.net/original video can be found athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_videoeditor&v=ruQ8wrNcYIMufo sightings 2012 this week today ufos documentary amazing unidentified flying object los angeles hunters tv new york fake NASA january february march april may june july august september october november december 2011 alien aliens space moon secret revealed "UFO (band)" "UFO Club (Organization)" dial 911 for ufos unbelievable crazy insane anonymousfo russia china brazil hoax

Mass UFO sighting in Hecker, Southern Illinois 23 October 2012

http://silentobserver68.blogspot.comRead the Article:http://silentobserver68.blogspot.com/2012/10/mass-ufo-sighting-in-hecker-video.htmlAccording to the Monroe County Independent a man spotted a unidentified flying object northeast of Hecker, IL on Tuesday 23 October 2012 just after 7pm. County police patrolled the area near Paderborn.Officers say the object remained stationary and twinkled with red, green, blue and orange light.Around 8pm the object was joined by a second light that appeared closer to the horizon and near Freeburg. According to witnesses that object also appeared to twinkle with red, green, blue and orange light.Scott Air Force Base did not report any aircraft flying in the area.

Ancient Aliens Star, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos Animated

Hi my friends, this is Mr.Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the star of the Documentary series "Ancient Aliens" which is broadcasted through History Channel. The idea of this project is to understand the constraints that I have when I'm doing a total 3D project from scratch to End, specially in rendering process. On the way, I had to move on to Max's scripting capabilities to sometime to get over certain difficulties . The whole scene setup and animation was done within 3DsMax. Which I used CAT for animation and ClothFX for cloth simulation and Shave and a Haircut (3DsMax's inbuilt hair tools) to groom the hair. Rendered in mental ray (75 hrs). If you have any question regarding the project, please leave below. Thanks a lot for your time.Learn about Ancient Aliens Documentary : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_AliensLearn about Mr.Giorgio A. Tsoukalos : http://www.legendarytimes.com/giorgio/Music Hibou Music Library

CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

CIA operators were denied request for help during Benghazi attack, sources say

'Goodbye, German Gold' [Dominic Frisby © KeiserReport]

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss how it is that Gordon Brown's Bottom turned into an audit the gold movement in Germany. They also discuss the mother of all bond bubbles getting set to burst and all that will be left in the Bank of England 'gold' vaults are a big pile of gilts. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dominic Frisby, author of Life After the State, about Germany's gold quest, the future of relations between the US and Germany if the gold is not there and about 'life after the state.'
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THE FREEDOM ROAD: In "Road to Freedom" David Icke gives a keynote lecture reveals many secrets where hidden by those who govern us and manipulate. Among other things, talks about the Freemasons and the Illuminati and its relationship with many of the U.S. Presidents. En "Camino a la Libertad" David Icke nos ofrece una magistral conferencia donde desvela numerosos secretos ocultos por aquellos que nos gobiernan y manipulan. Entre otras cosas, nos habla sobre la masonería y los iluminatis y su relación con muchos de los presidentes de EE.UU.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

Special music for relaxation, meditation and healing. Are frequencies that affect the balance and harmony of the body, restoring energy patterns. Among other tunes are Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana and music with dolphins and whales. Música especial para relajarse, meditar y sanar. Son frecuencias que inciden en el equilibrio y la armonía del cuerpo, restableciendo los patrones energéticos. Entre otras, se encuentran melodías de Ahu Saglam, Arnica Montana y música con delfines y ballenas. RELAJACIÓN MÚSICA, MÚSICA RELAX, MÚSICA MEDITACIÓN, MEDITATION MUSIC, FRECUENCIAS SANADORAS, MUSICA ALTERNATIVA, MUSICA SANADORA, MUSICA PARA SANAR EL ALMA, HEALING MUSIC, MUSIC FOR HEALING,healing frequency, FREQUENCY TO HEAL, MUSICA ESPIRITUAL, SPIRITUAL MUSIC, MUSICA DELFINES, DOLPHIN MUSIC, MUSICA NEW AGE, MUSICA REIKI, MUSICA YOGA, MUSICA DE BALLENAS, RELAX MUSIC FRECUENCIAS SAGRADAS SOLFEGGIO